The Boat Trip

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: We go on an adults only boat trip / sunset cruise in Greece while on holiday. A real swinging party.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Swinging   Oriental Female   Black Couple   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Squirting   .

We were in Greece and decided to go on a boat trip round the islands. My wife Sue was 26 and we had been married a couple of years. Sue was slim and sexy with really nice breasts and big nipples. She was easily aroused and she knew I loved to watch her flirt. We had just started swinging at clubs in the UK, so up for some fun if the situation arose.

The boat was quite big, about 25 metres long, old and wooden with a large sail and small engine. Everyone had boarded and were on the upper deck. Inside were seating down each side and the boat driver had a raised chair and big steering wheel and electronics console. At the front end was a hatch leading to a toilet and a downstairs cabin with a bed. The captain was a big older man in his 60’s and I assumed his two sons were the crew. They were both bronze gods and were very hunky so must have had loads of girls after them, probably about 26 and 28 years of age.

The rest of the boat party were 4 other couples. A young couple from Italy 20 something like us, a black couple from the USA in their 30’s. The other two couples were from Croatia and also 28 to 30 ish.

The boat cruise was advertised as a “Couples only adult cruise” and visiting some islands with stops at beautiful bays for swimming and snorkelling. The evening was to be a sunset at a private cove with a meal of fresh fish, lobsters and as much wine or beer we desired.

As we set sail and left the harbour, one of the crew who spoke very good English, told everyone, where we were going and what we could and could not do on board. Basically he said we must not have sex on the outside decks if any other boats were within visual range. Everything else was allowed except drunken or abusive behaviour. He then opened the bar and offered drinks water, a special punch drink and Viagra.

The first island we stopped at was only a short sail of 30 minutes and the sea was so clear, blue with 1000’s of colourful fish over a coral reef. Most of us donned the yellow life vests and snorkelling gear and were jumping in the water.

However, Sue was not a great swimmer so decided to stay on board with one of the Croatian couples. Anyway, I was swimming around looking at all the fish and the other couples in the water. Some of the girls were topless and there were some couples already playing and feeling each other in the water.

I looked back at the boat and saw that Sue was standing near the rear swimming platform and one of the crew was helping her put the life vest on. Interesting, I thought, so I snorkelled closer to the boat to see what was going on. One of the young Greek guys was fiddling around with the strap and buckle that went between her legs. He seemed to be readjusting it and Sue had to stand with her legs open while he sorted it out.

Then the Greek guy gets in the water and is helping Sue down the small ladder but he was holding her steady and touching her hips, legs arse and more. As soon as she was in the water she started splashing around and I was looking from under the water, she looked like a frog trying to swim back to safety. The crew member was still quite close and as soon as Sue got the chance, she grabbed him around the neck and wrapped her legs around his waist.

It looked funny from under the water as Sue was literally clinging to him as if she was scared to death. As he was about 10 feet from the boat, he had to try to swim back with Sue hanging onto him. I was hovering around in the water like a shark, trying to get close enough to watch and did not want to bring any attention to myself. He had his arm around her and was clearly having a really good feel of her arse and tits.

This went on for about 5 minutes and then they reached the ladder and he was helping Sue back on the boat with his brother.

I snorkelled around a bit longer but could not see what was happening on the boat. I saw they had taken her life vest off and Sue was standing at the back wrapped in a towel, then they all disappeared inside, so after another 15 minutes or so, I swam back to the boat and climbed aboard.

Sue was nowhere to be seen so I asked the couple who stayed on board where she was and they pointed to the hatch. Suddenly the hatch opened and one of the Greek guys came out and he said to me, your wife is a bit sea sick and laying down in the cabin. I said OK thanks and started to dry myself off.

The other couple were sitting right next to the hatch and were giggling and playing with each other and drinking wine. They were also looking through a small gap between the hatch and bulkhead. They kept smiling and glancing at me, so I moved closer and introduced myself, “Hi I’m Jim”. They responded in broken English and smiled at me again.

The couple kept looking at me and through the gap so I asked, “Can you see Sue, my wife down there”?

Just as I asked them, the hatch opened and the second Greek guy came out, smiled and thumbed up at his brother now driving the boat. I was in a bit of a shock so I went down the hatch and saw Sue laying on the bed with her bra off and bikini bottoms off hanging off one leg.

“Fucking hell Sue, are you OK? What happened”?

Sue is pulling her bottoms back on and reached for her bra. “He told me the fish were beautiful and it would be a real shame not to get in the water and swim with them. He said he would help me and got the life jacket and started to hook it all up, but he had to keep adjusting the strap and he was so close and pulling it tight into my pussy, and I felt him touch me a couple of times. Then when we were in the water, but I got scared and wanted to get out. I just grabbed him and he was holding me as I could not swim in the life jacket”.

“Yes I saw that, you had your legs wrapped around his waist”.

“Yes and he started touching my tits and as nobody could see, he fingered me. I couldn’t stop him! He just held me tight and repeating, “You like this”? I could not get away and it started to feel really nice so I just clung to him and let him feel my tits and finger me. My leg was over his cock and I could feel it growing and getting hard. When we got back on the boat, he said something to his brother in Greek and he got me a towel. I asked where the toilet was and he brought me down here. When I came out from taking a pee, he said, Why, don’t I lay here for a while as it’s really hot on deck. Then I started feeling dreamy and weird and wanting to sit down. He sat next to me and then he had his arm around me and started kissing me and pushing me down on the bed.

His cock was out and he made me hold him ... it was so big babe. Then he made me suck it and he undid my bra and pulled my knickers down. He positioned himself on top and had his face between my legs licking my pussy. It all happened so fast and then he came in my mouth and jumped up and said wait here.

I was feeling really high and then the other guy was coming down the stairs. I was still laying there with legs open and he just got on top of me and started kissing my tits and snogging me. His cock was inside me in no time and he stated fucking me really fast. I knew it was wrong but I knew you were nearby and would be back on the boat soon and here you are”.

“So you have been fucked by the two crew already and it’s only an hour or so out of port”!

No Sue said, only one of them fucked me.

“LOL and you had an audience, remember that couple who stayed on board, they were watching through a crack at the top of the hatch”.

I pointed up the stairs and the couple were staring down at us as I had not closed the hatch. They waved so we both waved back and I said, “You want to join us”?

Sue looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled as Sue was started to play with my hardening cock. The couple came down and we moved to one side of the bed as the whole area was only a double bed size and it tapered in at the end making it even smaller.

The girl slid next to Sue and said, “We saw the Greek guys come down here with you and we got so turned on watching. This is our first time on a sex boat and my husband has never seen another couple of guys do what they did to you”. Sue reached over to the girl and said “You have such beautiful breasts, can I feel them? By the way, I’m Sue and this is my husband James”.

“We are Ivana and Gert and yes you can touch them”.

Sue reached out and cups her tits and then places a hand inside her top. Ivana lays back and just lets Sue explore and very soon, Sue is kissing Ivana on the mouth and has pulled her bra up so both tits are exposed.

Ivana is also rubbing Sue’s tits so I undo the clip and take her bra off. My cock is already hard as the Viagra etc. was working and I started stroking Sue’s legs and hips. Ivana was letting Sue suck her nipples and had her legs open letting Sue rub over her pussy.

Sue has now removed Ivana’s bra and her tits were incredible. Much bigger than Sue’s and about 36 b with big juicy nipples. She has a finger inside Ivana’s bikini bottoms and is sliding into her slit.

Gert is rubbing his cock and watching me rub mine and the girls next to us and then I see his wife reach over and start to wank him as well. Sue sees what’s happening and rubs Gerts leg and balls. Gert kneels on the bed and lets both girls fondle and play with his cock and balls.

His cock was similar to mine at 6 inches but he was circumcised and had a large mushroom shaped head. Sue was pushing Ivana’s head towards her husband’s cock and she could see Gert was OK with our little group session.

Ivana starts sucking her husband as Sue is playing with her pussy and his balls. I am wanking like crazy and Ivana is watching me so I grab her free hand and place it on my cock. She seemed a bit hesitant but Gert gave her the OK I assume as he said something to her in their own language.

She starts wanking my cock so I help Sue by playing with Ivana’s tits. Then Ivana comes as Sue had been fingering her and I suppose all this new action must have sent her over the edge.

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