Picnic Area Park Up

by BA Katie

Copyright© 2018 by BA Katie

Erotica Sex Story: BA Cabin crew member Katie gets more than she bargained for when she excepts the kind offer of a lift to Ramsgate from the new co-pilot. He's been thinking about fucking her all day in her uniform, with his hands up her uniform skirt he discovers she is wearing stocking, and the sex gets very steamy !!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Workplace   White Female   Oral Sex   .

Fucking In The Picnic Area Park Up.

It was Friday and I had been flying the Amsterdam shuttle all day and looking forward to my weekend away to see friends in Ramsgate. I had planned to go by train straight after work which meant catching the Dockland light railway from London City to Stratford International then a connection to Ramsgate. I was doing the last bit of cleaning up in the galley after our final arrival at London City ready for the handover to the follow on crew when Jason came back for a chat. He was a new first officer with British Airways, looking very smart in his black uniform with three silver stripes around the arms. He was a nice guy in his mid-thirties, speaks with a soft public school accent, short fair hair, a cute face and painfully shy. He had been hitting on me all day which was funny, I was quite flattered with the attention as he was good looking.

“What are you doing tonight then Katie?” he said a bit nervous

“I’m off to see friends in Ramsgate after work, I haven’t been back in a while so looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

“How are you getting there?”

I then explained about my travel plans and how I would arrive around 9pm

“Well that’s silly. I’m driving back to Canterbury after we finish up. here would you like a lift? I can drop you off and it’s not far out of my way.”

I didn’t relish the thought of getting a train straight after work at peak rush hour on a Friday night.

“Are you sure you don’t mind? that would be great if you could.” feeling very pleased about not having to do the train thing

“It’s no bother honestly Katie, I would be glad to, why don’t you meet me in the staff car park when you finish up here, I need to go into flight operations first to finish our paperwork.”

“OK I will see you there.”

I quickly finished up what I was doing grab my hand bag and headed outside into the staff car park. I can see Jason sitting in a rather nice dark blue BMW, he pops the boot and I put my overnight bag in boot.

“Wow nice car!” I opened the door and slid myself into the black leather seats.

“Thanks it was the first thing I bought we I got my Job with BA.”He starts the car and we set off, I doesn’t take long before we are speeding down the M2 towards the east Kent coast.”Thanks Jason, I would still be on my way to Stratford if you hadn’t given me a lift.”

“It’s fine I didn’t have much planned this evening and anything to help a pretty girl out like you.” he then blushes, I lean over and give him a peek on the cheek He blushes’ even more as I give him a cheeky inviting smile

“I like the smell of your perfume Katie what is it?”

“Its Laura Biagiotti Venezia,” as I pull down the sun visor and touch up my lip stick and lip gloss I turn to him “You are very shy aren’t you Jason?”

“Yes I am around you.” he smiles who wouldn’t be”

“I keep catching a whiff of your perfume Katie you look and smelling irresistible.” he blushes again”Feeling slightly mischievous and very bored with the drive I decide to have a little fun

“I see Erm let’s see how irresistible I am then!” I start to stroke my nylon clad knees and open my legs slightly “Are these irresistible then? hehehe” I giggle and grin at Jason

“Oh I Know what if I pull my skirt up slightly so you can see a little bit more Jason? “I reach for the hem of my pinstripe uniform skirt and pull it up slightly showing more of my nylon coved thighs “Should I stop here? or here or what about here? hehehe” I reveal the plain top of my stockings

“Blimey Katie!!!” he glances down for a second “What are you doing?”

“Seeing how irresistible I am.” I giggle “Why don’t you put your hand on my Knee and feel for yourself.”

Jason needs no more encouragement, he leans across with his left hand and places his hands on my right knee and starts to stroke it “Wow they feel nice where did you buy those?” running his hand up my legs” From the internet at Stockings HQ I buy most of my stockings from their, they are Cevin Capri proper nylons.”

“Well they feel amazing Katie I had no idea you wear those under you uniform.”

Listening to the traffic reports on the radio it sounds like the A299 Thanet way is very slow with the usual Friday evening traffic and Jason decides to leave the motorway at the next junction, and takes an alternative route through the back roads to Ramsgate. We head down the A290 Clapham Hill Rd towards Canterbury. It’s a much nicer road though the country side, as we drive through small villages and towns, I had never been this way before and was starting to enjoy the journey when I noticed Jason had put his hand back on my knee.

“Is that ok Katie, my hand there like that?”

“Fine by me I guess.”

I look across and smile at him. I can’t help noticing he now has an erection in his trousers. I place my hand on his leg and begin to move my hand up, slowly, gently stroking the inside of his thigh. With my other hand I pull my skirt up again to reveal my plain stocking top again. Still driving with his right hand I can feel his left hand moving up my leg over my stocking top to my suspender strap and onto my bare thigh, I move my hand onto the bulge in his trousers and start to stroke it for him, he continues to stroke my leg. “That feels really nice Katie”

Finding the zip on his trousers, slowly un zip him putting my hand inside his trousers and stroke him through his blue boxer shorts, he pauses for a second to catch his breath, “Katie do you want to stop somewhere?” I look at him “do you know somewhere then?” “Yes I know a quiet little spot not far from here” “OK”

I take my hand out of his trousers pick up my phone from my handbag on the floor of the car and start to text my friend “Running late do traffic will call you in a bit” Jason takes the next left turn and we continue down a long road under the cover of trees for about1.5 miles into the Blean Woods National Park area. After a while we come across another sign post displaying the way to the car park. We turn right up a gravel road into a small clearing and an empty gravel car park and picnic area. Jason drives slowly across the tyres of the car crunching on the gravel as he backs his car in the far corner and parks up, he turns the engine off.

It’s now dusk the sun is setting through the trees, the light is starting to disappear. I release my seat belt, Jason releases his, I lean forward from my seat, take my jacket off and throw it on the back seats. It is so quiet outside, not a sound to be heard, nothing for miles around. I take my red and black uniform scarf off and put it in the side pocket of the door and settle back in the big comfortable black leather seats. “Now then where were we”

Jason leans towards me and kisses me on the cheek, “You smell amazing Katie” I put my hand on his knee and kiss him softly on the lips

“God you taste good Katie.” I grin back at him with big blue glisten eyes Our lips meet again and I close my eyes this time. The touch was surprisingly soft, slightly uncertain, and gentle. Lingering wetness from our innocent kiss before cool on my red lips. A cold reminder of what just passed, and a promise of things to come. We kissed again, this time with more passion and certainty. Heat passed between us, our breaths trapped by our lips. Previously soft touches become more desperate, Jason’s tongue teasing and trapping mine as he rolls his tongue around in my mouth.

His Fingers twisting into my blonde hair, pulling me even closer as I do the same. A silence enveloping us, accompanied only by the rush of blood and sounds of our lips parting for breath. Again our lips meet each time more and more passionate my heart fluttering deep inside me, our sense and urges uncontrollable. We pause for a moment I lift my bottom off the seat pull my skirt up just above my stocking tops parting my legs slightly for him, then back to more kissing.

With my eyes closed again I reach down for his hand, fumbling awkwardly around I find it and place it on my leg near my stocking top. His other hand still on the back of my head stroking my blonde hair. I have one arm on his shoulder, with the other I place my hand on his thigh, find his erection, follow it upwards, leading me to his still open trousers zip, I slowly work my hand inside his trousers as we kiss, find his boxer shorts, pull them down at the front slightly and gently rub the end of his cock with my fingers tips. Jason is gently stroking my leg I take my hand out of his trousers for a second, with my eyes still closed as we continue kissing I find his hand, open my legs a little further and place it between my legs on my panties near my pussy “I want you to touch me there Jason.”

Eyes still closed I’m straight back in his trousers rubbing the very tip of his already wet cock with my thumb as he gently rubs my pussy with his finger tips through my knickers. All I can hear is the sound of us moving around on the leather seats as we play with each other.

We stop kissing for a second, I smile at Jason, reach down and undo the top button on his trousers, I pull his boxer shorts down further and release cock, I lick my finger tips, then gently rub the end of his cock in a circular motion. I reposition myself in the seat, wrap my small hand around his cock and start to pull him off with longer strokes. “God Katie that feels so good to have your hand tight around my cock like that.” he closes his eyes again Jason is begging me to suck his hard cock, I sink further down into my seat then lean across his lap, wrap my lips around the head of his cock, before sinking down and devouring it deep in my warm wet mouth which makes him gasp. With me teasing his cock by alternating between giving the tip gentle licks with my Tongue and wrapping my lips tight around his shaft, taking it deep in my mouth down I go with long sucking motions fucking him with my mouth until I almost gag then back up for air. My nipples are yearning for some attention so with my free hand I undo several buttons on my blouse slip my hand inside and pull my bra down, gently pinch my nipples while sucking Jason off.

“Fuck that’s it Katie don’t stop.” he is running his fingers though my hair again, I suck his cock harder now. I’m making him want me so fucking bad, sat there in my uniform showing my nylon covered legs and stocking tops. I look up at Jason again with big blue eyes that are begging him to fuck me right now “Let’s get in the back of the car Jason”

I pull my bra up, open the car door, step out in my heels, it’s now dark and very cold I open the back door slide in to the leather seats and close the door with a clunk, move my jacket onto the parcel shelf and get myself comfortable on the back seat. Jason slides in the other side and sits beside me as we wait for the interior lights to dim. “Are you sure no one can see us Jason”

“I’m Positive Katie, there is no one for miles around, we are in the middle of nowhere.”

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