The Wife and the Woman Next Door

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: My wife has totally changed from a once a month if I was lucky to an every night sex slut, since making friends with the woman next door.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Sharing   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

My wife Terri has changed since making friends with the woman next door. She gone from being a once a month girl to sex every evening.

It all started a few weeks ago when she told me what happened and how it is still going on. Terri is 38 and pretty reserved and shy when it comes to sex. 34 b tits, long sexy legs and long dark brown hair. We’ve been married for 7 years and have 3 kids between us from previous marriages but none between us.

Anyway, one evening laying in bed, Terri starts playing with my cock which was out of character and we ended up making love. Next night she did it again so after we made love, I asked her what was making her so horny?

Her reply surprised me as she told me it was because of Sue her new friend next door. I started playing with her pussy again and told her to tell more.

“You won’t get angry with me will you”? She stunned me by saying.

“Of course not babe, I love it when your so horny so whatever it is I want to hear more”. She then started telling me what happened.

“Well, you know Sue likes to drink wine. She opened a bottle a few weeks ago while we were chatting in her kitchen, we were both getting a bit tipsy and the chat got round to sex.”

“Really, go on babe I’m all ears”.

While she was talking, she had hold of my cock and I was stroking her pussy and fingering her as she seemed to be getting really wet while telling me what happened.

“She told me, her husband had a very big cock and asked me about you and your cock. I told her it was about 6 inches and that we only made love once a month, cos of me not feeling like it. Then she asked me if I liked girls and I said no of course not! I’m married. She then said she and her husband Jim had joined a sex club and had got into group sex. She said they liked to watch and be watched while everyone was having sex with each other in the same room.”

“What club is this babe”?

“I don’t know, but it’s in someone’s house and they go once a month. She said Jim’s a bit of a celebrity there cos his cock is so big and they all want to watch us play and especially when he fucks her in front of the group.”

“Wow that sounds like a good club, so is that why your always so horny now, you want us to join too”?

“No, that’s not what I want, let me tell you what happened. We had two bottles of wine and then she asked me if I had and sexy pictures of us. I told her, No we didn’t do anything like that, then she said we do, do you want to see his cock? I was shocked but cos the wine I said OK. She opened her phone and let me see her naughty pictures of Jim and all these couples watching her wanking and sucking her husband’s cock. It was huge babe, like my arm and fat too.”

Terri was seriously wet and I had 3 fingers up her while she was wanking my cock as she spoke.

“Go on babe”

She had her arm around my shoulder while we sat on the sofa going through the pictures and I asked her how she could get such a big cock up her as she was smaller than me. Sue is only 5 ft but has big 38c tits but slim and sexy. Her tits were pressing in my arm and I could feel her nipples getting hard and she seemed to be rubbing them into my arm. She asked me if I liked the pictures and if they turned me on? I told her they did and next thing I remember was her kissing me on my mouth and her hand was holding my boobs.

I started to cum as Terri told me what happened and she blurted out

“OMG BABE you came so fast!”.

“It’s your story babe, it turned me on so much I had to cum.”

“But that was just the start, you do want me to tell you the rest”? she said

“Of course babe, please tell me more and you can go see Sue as much as you like, just make sure to tell me all the details OK?”

“Ok, but you promise you won’t get angry with me?”

“I promise”

Terri continues “Well, Sue was feeling my boobs and kissing me and because of the wine I just let her continue and was kissing her back. I let her open my blouse and suck my boobs and then she put her hand on my leg and was rubbing my legs and I just lay back letting her explore me. She pushed my skirt up and rubbed my pussy and was fingering me under my knickers and made me come.”

Terri then came shuddering as I had 4 fingers in her pussy and was sucking her nipples as she told me her story. I let her calm down and then asked her if that was all that happened?

“NO, Sue was between my legs and had pulled my knickers to the side and was licking me and made me cum a second time with her tongue.”

Fucking hell Terri, and that was just the first time?”

“Yes, I was a bit embarrassed to see her the next day but she came round here and we had another chat and she said how sorry she was, and it was the wine etc. I told her I had never done anything like that before and we both laughed and said friends secret OK.

Then the next day I went to see Sue and she invited me in. As she was already drinking a glass of wine, she offered me one as well. I accepted and she told me Jim was home today and watching TV in the lounge. We chatted a bit more and then she told me she couldn’t stop thinking about what we did together the other day.

I asked Sue if she told her husband and she told me, No it was our secret. Jim then called Sue, asking for a beer. So Sue took him a beer from the fridge and she seemed to be gone a for long time.

Then I heard her calling me from the lounge, so I walked in and she was sitting on the sofa next to her husband Jim. I told them I better be going but Sue told me to shut up and sit down. She said she knew I had nothing to do that day so stay and have another drink with them.

I don’t know why babe, but I sat in the armchair and Sue went to get the bottle of wine from the kitchen and topped up my glass.

She then went back to sit next to her husband and he started small talking with me as Sue was cuddling up to him. I felt a bit uneasy but Sue just laughed and told Jim, I was really shy but liked our club pictures from last month. I couldn’t believe she told him that and started to splutter and nearly spilt my wine.

“Really” Jim said, so would you and your husband be interested in coming to our club next week”?

I told him I didn’t know and we haven’t discussed it.

Sue had started fondling her husband’s cock over his trousers and was still chatting as if it were perfectly normal. I didn’t know where to look but was sort of turned on at the same time. Jim didn’t even stop her, in fact they both seemed to enjoy my obvious uncomfortableness at what they were doing.

Sue then said, “You want to see it don’t you Terri”?

“What! See what”, I said not believing what Sue just said.

“Jim’s cock of course, I know you really want to”.

“With that she unzipped him and reached inside. As she pulled it out, it was only semi hard but was so big. I just sat there and stared as Sue started wanking him and he just lay back staring at me smiling. I took another gulp of wine and watched as Sue made him fully erect. She played with him and started licking the head. It must have been as long as her forearm with a head that she could only just get in her mouth.

This went on for about 5 minutes until Jim told me to come closer so I could see better. I felt myself getting up and walking across the room. Jim grabbed my hand and pulled me down so I was kneeling on the carpet in front of them. She was kneeling down on the sofa holding his cock and sucking the head. Her tits were hanging down and Jim was cupping and squeezing them. His hand then went down under her belly and between Sues legs. Sue moaned out load as he obviously fingered her and I just sat there open mouthed watching them do it in front of me on the sofa”.

Sue looked up and said, “Go on Terri you can touch it”.

“I don’t know what came over me but I reached forward and started wanking his cock and exploring his huge balls. They were twice as big as yours babe.”

I was now rock hard again as Terri told me her story and pulled her on top of me and pushed it inside. I had never known myself to be so fucking hard and for her to be so wet.

“Go on babe, this is the horniest story I’ve ever heard”.

Terri continues “I was playing with his cock and he was fingering Sue and he asked me if I like to watch”?

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