Asian Wife Goes With Her Dad's Friend

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

True Sex Story: My wife had to fly back to the Philippines urgently alone as her dad was very sick. She messaged me that her dad's best friend fancied her. We kept in touch while the events unfolded by texting.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Group Sex   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

This is a true story that happened several years ago but rather than re-edit it all to the past tense, I’m reposting it on this site, exactly as it was written at the time.

I just can’t sleep or stop wanking. My wife just called me from the Philippines and told me one of her dad’s friend had turned up and taken her out in his pick up truck.

I better back track quickly and explain what happened. We live in the UK and she got this phone call last week saying her father was really ill and in hospital. She said she had to fly home to be with her mum as it was very serious and they were fearing for the worst.

We booked her a flight to Cebu ASAP and she flew out 3 days ago. I couldn’t go, because of work and costs, so she went alone.

Anyway, we were in touch via WhatsApp several times a day and either message each other or do a video call.

Well, she tells me yesterday, that her father’s best mate fancied her and he kept coming on to her at the house and the hospital. Now we are not full on swingers but we have had a few group play sessions at the swinger / fetish clubs and do play as a couple. so I told her to do what ever she felt comfortable with ... on condition that she tells me everything later.

You have to understand, we have this game we play in the clubs or a crowded pub or nightclub. I love watching her flirt with strangers and we pretend, she’s alone and she tells them she’s married but alone that evening and I just watch from somewhere else in the club.

Now my missus is 28 and a real looker, slim and a small size 8 figure with beautiful 34 B tits with very sensitive nipples. If fact, as soon I or anyone I let touch her tits, she goes into a sort of sexual dreamland and starts moaning and getting wet. It’s really amazing cos she goes all weird and can’t stop herself from touching herself and eventually masturbating herself to orgasm.

I’m 20 years older and I have to admit, a real Cuck I suppose. I get so fucking turned on when I see a strange guy coming on to her and when he touches her leg or waist and then touches her tits and she starts to melt into the situation it makes my gut turn over and I get so fucking hard and want to see her get fucked.

So back to what’s happening, she’s over in the Philippines and about an hour ago told me this old friend of her dad’s, gave her and her mum and 3 sisters a lift home, in his pick up truck, after the evening hospital visit.

She was texting me what happened cos her mum and sisters were in the car and when they arrived home, he told them all, he was taking my wife back to his house to meet his wife.

Apparently, that was just an excuse to get her alone and away from her family.

I was waiting for the next message and my heart was beating so fast. My palms were wet and my cock was already twitching. I couldn’t wait, so I sent her a another quick message.

“Hey babe, you OK, what’s happening”?

A few minutes later she messages me back, “We’re driving and he keeps telling me how beautiful and sexy I am, he says he wants to take me to the beach road view point. I’ll update again soon”.

That was the last message about 30 minutes ago and I need to know what’s going on. My cock is out and I’ve been wanking and waiting and going out of my mind thinking, what the fuck is going on?

I send another message, “Hey babe, can you call me via WhatsApp and leave the phone on in the car somewhere, so I can listen in?”

“LOL, yes OK, but you call me as we’re driving and I will answer and leave it on. He touched my leg and said he knows I’m married but he fancied me since I was 16! Then he got my hand and put it on his cock. What shall I do babe, he wants me to have sex with him?”

I rang her straight back but it went to some stupid message saying unavailable!

Shit ... Maybe she’s not in range, no signal ... Fuck. I have to call her again. This time she answered, but she seems to be sounding all strange.

“You OK babe, you sound strange”?

“Eeeeerrr ... Yes I’m OK ... we’re just driving home ... from the hospital ... with my mum and sisters”.

I immediately knew, she was telling me “old news”, as he was obviously listening and didn’t know, that I already knew he was alone in the car with my wife.

I asked her if she had touched his cock yet?

She responded, “Yes babe ... and I ‘ll tell you how Dad is tomorrow OK. So call you later or in the morning, love you.”

She pretended to hang up but I could still hear the road noise and him talking to her in Tagalog or whatever the native language is called.

I could hear they were driving along and then I heard her sigh and knew he must have touched her tits or her legs as I recognised her sounds. More sighs and moans and then I heard it go all quiet and the engine switched off.

I am, as tense as fuck and my cock is rock hard. Silence ... what’s going on ... I can hear some moving around and then more moaning and sighs.

What the fuck is he doing to her... ? Is she letting him finger her? ... Is she touching his cock? Fuck me, I need to know what’s going on, it’s driving me nuts, making me feel so fucking horny.

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