My Mate Joins Me With My Ex Wife

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

True Sex Story: My mate always fancied my sexy Thai ex wife. So I arranged a meeting and suprised her by having my mate turn up as well. Naughty threesome fun in a pub and the back of his campervan.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Group Sex   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Public Sex   .

This story is about my old mate Ben and what happened with us and my Thai ex-wife Sian, who still lives in the UK.

When I was back in England in January, I looked up my old mate Ben and we got together for a couple of beers and chat about old times. Now Ben is a real “man slut” and has had more women, than anyone else, I have ever met or known in the UK. We must be talking several hundred and he still attends various sex clubs, gang-bangs and saunas every week. Our chats are always about his or my latest adventures.

Anyway we started talking about, what I used to get up to with my ex-wife when we were living in Thailand. Ben loved hearing about all our exploits of threesomes, lady-boys and girls or guys we took home to have fun with.

My ex Sian is nearly 50 now but still very sexy, 4′ 10″ in height and size 8 with great tits and long sensitive nipples. She re-married 12 years ago and has a child with her new husband but she’s still a real horny bitch. I still hear stories on the Thai Grapevine about, how she still has different boyfriends and goes out to casinos at nights and weekends. I have no idea if her husband knows what goes on but he still lets her go out most evenings with her slutty Thai friends to do her own thing.

A few years ago, whenever I used to bump into her in the town, she would always want to chat and try to get me to meet up with her but as I was re-married, I never took her up on it. I did tell her that maybe one day, I would love to have some fun with her again as I really missed the sex and threesomes. Then I mentioned to her that a couple of my old mates were also interested in her.

She jokingly said, she was getting too old for that but still wanted to know who they were so I told her, “Ben and Gary”.

She smiled and said, “So you want to watch me with your mates then?”

I said, “Well that would nice but what about your husband?”

She said, “He let’s me go out with my friends and if we get picked up, he likes to make love to me after I come home from having sex ... Just like you did LOL”.

“Really ... I’ll have to arrange something then”.

Fast forward and here I am telling Ben that she could be up for some threesome fun.

“When you going back to Thailand”? He asked all excitedly.

“Can you set something up?, we can go off somewhere in my car”?

I told him, I would see if I could get her to meet up with me over the next week or so. Later that afternoon, I kept thinking about what fun it would be watching Ben making out with my ex, so I sent her a text to see if she could meet up with me.

About an hour later she answered and said, “Yes, why not.” I said, “Okay, can you meet me at Starbucks in town at 12 lunch time tomorrow afternoon”?

I phoned Ben and told him the arrangements, he was well excited. I got him primed up to phone me at about 12:30 and to say, “He was in town and, would we like to meet up for a chat”.

Next day, I’m waiting in Starbucks and Sian my ex-wife, turns up wearing a shiny silver knee length skirt and a sexy loose fitting white button up blouse showing off her still shapely tits. She still looked really sexy for her age and I’m sure she had dressed up to turn me on and get me in bed.

I told her, she looked really nice and she said thanks then asked me where my wife was?

I told her I was recently divorced again and her eyes lit up. Anyway, we started chatting about old times and why I was divorced again. Dead on 12.30 the pre-arranged phone call came from Ben.

I answered, “Hi Ben mate, how you doing? You got my message that I’m back in the UK for a couple of weeks”?

Ben – “Yes great to hear you’re back for a while but I am only free today to meet up as I’m off to Spain with my family tomorrow”.

Me - “Well mate, you’ll never guess who I’m sitting with right now at Starbucks having a coffee ... Sian my ex”.

Ben- “Really, let me say hello to her.”

I pass the phone to my ex and she looks at me and smiles.

Ben- “Hi Sian, long time no see. Must be 12 or 13 years. How you doing? I hear your still living in Bedford now”.

Sian – “Yes and I have a daughter, she’s 12”.

Ben - Listen Sian, I’m flying to Spain on holiday tomorrow and wanted to meet up with Dave today ... Is it OK with you or did you need to see him alone today”?

Sian– “Well I don’t mind ... if you can only see him today”.

I took the phone back and told Ben, “OK mate, come on over, we can meet at the pub by the river and have a drink and chat together”.

I hang up and said to Sian, “Hope you don’t mind as I won’t get to see him again till next year now”.

“No it’s OK, maybe we can get together again before you fly back to Thailand, shall we go to the pub on the river then”?

“Yes OK, he said he will be here about 1 pm so we can get a couple of drinks in and have a chat before he arrives”.

At the pub we grab a corner booth and I order a couple of bottles of wine as I know she likes to drink. I start asking her about her latest boyfriend and she told me she was seeing her husband’s mate.

“Does he know you’re fucking his mate”?

“Yes because his mate Rob is staying with us at our house and we all, well, you know ... sleep together or I sleep in his room with him some nights”.

“So this Rob guy is fucking you all night and your husband is in the next room”!

“Yes ... he says he loves hearing me cum and that his mate is making love to me in the other room. Then I go in to see him when Rob is finished and his cum is still inside my pussy. He likes me to sit on his face and he makes me tell him what Rob did to me”.

“And then what happens”? I asked her.

“Well, he fucks me while he calls me names like dirty bitch or cheating slut and stuff and he comes really quickly LOL, then sends me back to Rob’s room”.

“So Rob fucks you some more then”?

Just as I am getting into all the horny details, Ben walks in and joins us in the corner booth.

“Hi Ben, what you drinking mate”?

“Just a Carlsberg please”.

“Hi Sian, nice to see you again after all this time”.

I go to the bar and get Ben a drink and on my return he has taken my place sitting next to my ex on the bench seat, Sian was in the corner. I sat opposite them and we started chatting again. The conversation soon turned to sex and I said that Sian was in an interesting arrangement with her husband and his mate Rob who was living with them.

Ben giggled and said, “Really, So Sian, please tell us more?”

Sian – “What! No, I can’t”.

“Go on babe, don’t be shy, Ben knows all about what we used to do together. He tells me all his stories and I tell him mine and all about our adventures in Bangkok, like when we used to go pick up a guy from a bar and then find a bar girl for me and go back to our apartment. He loves all those stories, they really turned him on”.

Sian - “ I can see that ... he’s touching his cock already ... I can see him under the table”!

She stares down at Ben’s lap, then smiles at me and says... “I think he is hard already!”

Ben smiles at me so I said to Sian, “Really, you remember I told you a while ago the Ben fancied you? Why don’t you see if his cock is really hard? Nobody can see your hand under the table.

Sian – “You want me to touch his cock here in the pub! OMG I need another bottle of wine. You know ... Rob and my husband both asked me where I was going today”.

“So what did you tell them”?

“I told them, to see you”.

“Really, that was not a very good idea! They could get really jealous, remember that last time a few years ago, when we met up in town and I gave you a lift home and he went nuts ... So who fucked you last night Sian?

“Both of them together ... Cos they knew I was coming to see you today. They took turns all night making me promise to tell them everything you do to me today. I not sleep last night and Rob likes to finger my bum all the time, even when I make love with husband.

Ben is staring open mouthed and was speechless, so I said to him, “See, she loves threesomes and even her hubby and this Rob guy knows she’s out with me today”.

“Are you getting horny babe? I bet your pussy’s getting wet now”.

“Hey Ben, show her your cock under the table and we will try to get her to wank you”.

Sian stares at me in shock, so I reach down under the table and touch her knee and leg. She jumps and I said, “Go on Ben, show her your cock”.

Ben looked around the pub and cautiously unbuttoned his trousers and released his cock. My ex was staring at him as I slid my hand up her thigh and opened her legs a bit ... She grabbed my hand to stop me going further and then took another drink of wine.

“Pour me another glass please”? She asked.

She let go of my hand as Ben poured her another drink. I slid it up between her legs again, as far as I could but because I was opposite her, the table restricted how far I could reach.

“Tell you what, why don’t I sit next to you Sian and you can sit in the middle. Then we can all see what’s going on in the pub and we can play under the table”.

I got up as Ben quickly covered his cock and moved his legs so I could climb in and sit in the corner next to Sian. As soon as I sat down I placed my right hand on her thigh and slid it up under her skirt to her knickers.

“Ooohhh nice silky knickers babe and I can feel you’re wet already”.

Ben had sat back down and was watching me rub her inner thigh and pussy under the table.

“Get it out again mate, I want to see her wanking you under the table”.

Sian was like a trapped bird but I knew she was game and had already drunk a bottle of wine and now onto her 2nd bottle, so I moved my hand up her inner thigh and she parted her legs a bit.

“That’s better Sian”, I ran my finger up and down the outside of her silky knickers.

“People are watching us” she said.

“Don’t worry, they can’t see anything babe. Just keep looking at your phone or better still, tell us what this Rob guy and your husband will do to you later when you get home. It’s probably gonna be late as they know you’re with me now”.

She closed her eyes and I noticed Ben had hold of her wrist and was moving her hand onto his cock.

“Oh My God” she says,

So I press her pussy and start to tease her clit over her knickers. She has hold of Ben’s cock and is squeezing and exploring it with her small hands.

“This is so naughty and he’s really hard” she whispers to me.

“Just play with him for a bit babe, we can all go for a drive soon”.

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