How my brother & his friends fucked me for many years

by Gapped Brother

Copyright© 2018 by Gapped Brother

Incest Sex Story: This is a true story about me and my brother and our sexual relationship that went on for many many years. I let him do it and his friends fuck me, as well lots of other things, because I enjoyed it.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Teenagers   Consensual   Pedophilia   Romantic   Gay   BiSexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   First   Fisting   Sex Toys   Spitting   Water Sports   .

I was in sexual relationship with my older brother who was 9 years older than me, “we will call him Anthony” for many many years. I can’t disclose what age I was when it started because of The age rules but feel free to message me to find out. One of the best memories I have is of me giving him blow jobs in our bedroom and seeing if he could squirt in my mouth before mom came in. He said I was actually the one started doing it He said he probably should have stopped me but Every time he would be naked to change or something I would run up and just start sucking him. He said the first time it caught him so off guard he didn’t know what to do and before he knew it He was cumming. Once I became a little older we started to have complete sex. He even let his best friend “Jon” join alot.

And even let his other 2 friends join in “Scotty & Gary” on some drunk nights. That’s where I really learned to take It without making noise. Which Anthony loved cause he wud tell them That’s cause he done gapped me. And they Would try even harder to get me to make noise or say stop. I never would. I liked It cause Anthony liked It. And when he told me to lay there, shut up and keep my hole relaxed. I did just that. And It was fun tho even if they wud get a lil crazy with the whole see if he take this game. Or how they wud make me all 4 of them slave. I drank pee. Licked spit up. They would have me say stuff I liked and wanted more of. Then beg for more. I’m still so disappointed no of us got the idea for double penetration. They all loved doing what l Anthony told them too. Anthony’s favorite thing to do was feel someone’s dick while it was inside me or hold my hole open while they Fucked me. Or he have 2 of them holding me open, one for each side. They played a game that they had to get me so open with just their dick the next ones dick wouldn’t touch anything when it was inside me. It was fun cause of course I kinda picked who won. Tho it was hard to beat Anthony. His dick was by far the thickest. There Were good times and some bad. He drank alot and sometimes he got carried away with always wanting to be inside me. Or have me try something new out to do. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Well one thing that u might think is bad is now my anus is forever Kinda gapped. Like not crazy wide open. I’ll just say it’s Big and I can put whatever I want it in. My brother purposely would stretch me out besides taking his 9’ pop can wide dick “for real on the size too” he would stretch me out with his fingers in my hole with his dick. Sometimes making me sleep with random things inside me.

At first It was So I could stay quiet while he was Fucking me.Tho I have to admit the noise was from enjoying it not from pain. But then it was because I was his, that my hole belonged to him and He wanted a gapped hole to play in. So he could just pop his dick in whenever He wanted. He made his best friend sleep with half his hand in me one time for the entire night and wouldn’t let him take it out till late morning when after playing with my hole enough he had it swollen up and puffy. He loved the idea of me not being able to get off unless he was the one there doing it. And the fact dick by itself wouldn’t be good enough for me . when I was 14 his best friend Jon spent the night One time while my brother was away for the weekend. Tho he had joined in alot with Anthony he stayed quiet And took lead from my brother or just did what Anthony would order him to do. Which was Alot wild stuff. “Again message for details” Well he turned out to be The biggest freak and perv outta us all. As he lay on the bottom bunk he asked me if I missed my brother and of course I said yes and then he asked me if I liked what my brother does to me and I said yes and then he asked would like for him to do those things to me tonight. He didn’t waste time getting on me, I was turned on, but felt bad cause I knew Anthony wouldn’t like it. But I let him. And he fucked and fisted me that night. I enjoyed it. Esp the fist. His hands are small and it seemed to go right in. Best feeling ever when u get to the wrist and it popped in. Fills u in ways I can’t describe. I guess Anthony wasn’t into it or honestly just didn’t think to fist me cause as big as he was with the whole gapping me thing that would have been right up his alley.But Jon had been waiting for his moment. He said he knew I had been ready for some time now but he wanted to do it alone without Anthony. It was a very sensual experience with Jon that night. I felt like he was now my friend and not just my brothers. But So I wasn’t fisted again till I was 27 and then that was during a 3sum after sum drinks and one thing I knew I was having my hole played with by the guys. “Bf and his insanely hung cousin. My BF was showing off my hole and they had seeing what they cud fit in it. Luckily all they had was a water bottle and pop bottle and beer can. Next thing I herd was the cousin tell my bf.. Ur right. His hole is great. I just pushed my hand and it went straight in. I will be honest. With the poppers and booze and the way they had been working my hole out I didn’t know he had his hand in me. But fun times. Wasn’t fisted again til

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