The Storage Facility

by Steve August

Copyright© 2018 by Steve August

Fiction Sex Story: Four men meet at a trade show and find that they share a common interest. Together they buy a storage facility for their shared pleasure.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   MaleDom   .

It all began about ten years ago. Four men James, Lynn, Jack and Andrew had gone to a trade show in Dallas. Each of them had a booth displaying different photo equipment as well as pictures of models. Though they were all in different aspects of the photography industry. James sold lighting equipment, Lynn sold cameras, Jack was a photography / video expert, and Andrew sold developing chemicals for the more old fashioned cameras. Between sessions of the trade show, the three of them began talking about their interests. Though none of them said it out right it was clear that they were all interested in young girls.

After the trade show was over they started meeting occasionally even though none of them lived in the same town. It was at these clandestine meetings that they began hatching plans to share their interests. All of them lived in small unincorporated towns where they pretty much kept to themselves and none of them were married. They would get together on Saturday’s and drive through some of the small to medium size towns where none of them lived. In one town they found a set of storage buildings that were climate controlled. They pulled into the parking area and went in to talk to the manager. The manager/owner took them on a short tour of the facility. There they found the perfect place. It had a large garage door and a smaller walk in door as well. Best of all because it was climate controlled with extra thick insulation in the walls and doors it was almost completely sound proof. You would literally have to be standing by the door to hear anything except possibly a high pitched scream. Even then it was doubtful that it would be more than a whisper.

The three men talked it over as they returned to the place where they had met to go on this little trip. All three of them decided they would create a shell corporation that they could use to purchase the whole facility. Then if they needed to they could have not just the one room but the whole facility (there were ten similarly equipped rooms).

Once they had made the deal to buy the place, they talked to the only three people who had leases at the facility. All three of them were farmers and were only using it to store seasonal equipment that they needed in spring and fall. That meant that there wouldn’t be anyone around for most of the year and they could make a little extra money also.

They began independently scoping out young girls as they traveled doing their business all over, for obvious reasons they didn’t want to take girls from the towns where they lived or where the facility was located. It was nearly a month before they found the first girl. Lynn was the one to find her, with promises of making her a top model. He had lured her into meeting him at the park in her hometown. Using a state of the art digital cameras, like the ones he sold, he had her model for him in the park. He offered her a soda while they took a short break, laced with a drug, which she drank. He took a few more pictures of her as the drug worked its way through her system. When she passed out, he loaded her into a van and tied her up.

As he headed at of town he called the other three men and told them he would have her at the facility at 7:30 in the evening. He arrived fifteen minutes early, drove around to the back door of the building they intended to use. Carefully he took her inside and placed her on the bed they had previously set up at the back of the room. The other three men arrived just as the drug was wearing off and she was beginning to come back to her senses.

Not in her right mind yet she mumbled “what’s going on?” I told her “I promised you that you would be a top model. This is where you are going to model for us. Jack will even star you in a video. You would like to be a star wouldn’t you.”

“What do I have to do?” she asked. “To start with we are going to take pictures of you “ I told her. We took her to an adjoining part of the building. It was set up to resemble a class room. Not wanting to rush her, we had her pose in the clothes she was wearing, as if she were at school. Next we took her back to the bed room area where we had started. We took several more pictures and then with both camera and video we had her undress. She was reluctant to do this part but we told her, untruthfully, that we were only taking pictures and video and there was nothing to worry about. First she took off her shoes and socks. Her shirt came next, and she was visibly nervous about posing in just little bra and pants. We took several pictures of her like that until she had relaxed. She was getting into posing that way when we had her take off her pants. Again she got nervous about posing, now however she only had on her bra and panties. We took more pictures until she relaxed again and we could coax her into taking off her bra, she had cute little tits that stuck out about two inches. At this point we had her do a little more than just pose. We told her to rub her boobs’ with her hands. It was apparent that she had never touched herself like that before. We gave her advice about how to stroke herself to get the greatest effect, not only for the pictures but what would come later, though she still didn’t know about that. The rubbing of her breast had had the desired effect. Her breathing had quickened and her nipples were stiffened. We had her remove her panties then. After a few more pictures we told her to lay down on the bed and spread her legs. (I should mention that we had told her that if she took her clothes off we would as well)

We took several more pictures of her fingering herself and some video as well. We told her to keep rubbing herself while we got undress ourselves. One of the four of us kept the video on her at all times. Her eyes widened when she saw our cocks. Three of us walked over to her allowing her to watch us as we did. She was curious like most girls who had never seen a naked man before. We allowed her to explore our bodies with her hands at her own pace for now. Which she did by first touching our chest then our cocks and balls. We asked her if she had liked how we felt. She only nodded her head. We then asked her if she had liked rubbing her privates and how it had made her feel. She told us “it feels weird and kinda tingly.” “But is it a good tingly or does it feel bad” we asked. “I ... I’m not sure” she said being honest. “Maybe if one of us does it it will feel better “ we suggested. “Would you like to try “ Lynn suggested. She nodded her head in acceptance. Lynn, since he was the one to make the suggestion, got between her legs. She had expected him to simply reach over her leg to touch her but he was between instead. The hood of her love button was not quite out yet but as he rubbed it came out to play. Once it was fully emerged and he had started to rub it she gasped. Her breathing became more and more ragged and when he moved up and put his tongue to it her hips began to shake. She moaned softly in her first little girl climax. Now that she was fully stimulated we could begin the real video we had planned.

Jack said to her “okay here is how the video will go. First “ he said handing her a t-shirt “you are laying in bed asleep and we will have a little shot of you laying in the bed eyes closed. Then we will move to the class room as if you are dreaming that you are at school naked. Then “ he said pointing at James “your teacher will take you and lay you across his desk and begin to rub your chest as he is doing that your principal who also happens to be your dad “ indicating Lynn “will come in and rub your privates”. “Any questions?” They all shook their heads.

The bedroom scene went as he had told her but when it came to the class room scene just to add a little flourish James bent over as Lynn was rubbing her sex and sucked on her nipple. The double stimulation caused her to quiver with the beginnings of an orgasm.

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