The Mansion by the Lake

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Story about a furniture moving job I had to do for a sexy Japanese woman living in an exclusive apartment in a converted mansion. Her step son and husband held wild sex dinner parties. I caught her masturbating and things progressed from there.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Water Sports   .

Part 1

A few years ago I was working for a home removal company and had a very interesting experience with a beautiful and really sexy looking Japanese lady who lived in this huge mansion that was converted into apartments.

These apartments were amazing and there were only 8 residences in the whole building, the developer could easily have converted it into many more individual units but these 8 were very exclusive and high class.

Some of the apartments overlooked the trees and manicured grounds which covered at least 200 or more acres and some overlooked this huge lake that was about the same size as the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park.

I was sent with another guy to move this stunning Asian woman from one apartment to another bigger apartment on the same floor and with better views of the lake and grounds. The apartment she was living in now was massive to say the least, with 3 bedrooms, huge kitchen, separate dining room that was 40 feet by 30 feet alone. The dining table was 25 feet long and 6 feet wide. How they got that table up into a 3rd floor apartment seemed impossible but we knew it must have come in through a window using a crane or pulley system from outside.

The lounge was about the same size again, but with 2 long white leather curved sofas and chairs. Glass cabinets full of expensive antique ornaments and glassware. Anyway, I hope you get the picture, this place was very high class and she must have been very well off because the new apartment was even bigger but thankfully for us, on the same floor. The biggest issue was the massive 25 ft long table and we knew that, us 2 guys could never move it by ourselves.

So we arrived on this cold and frosty English winter morning at this beautiful mansion house in the middle of the countryside, near Woburn in Bedfordshire. At the security gate, we were buzzed in and drove up a long winding road through the grounds after speaking with the customer on the intercom.

She was from Japan but spoke very good English and the pictures on her wall were of her and her husband. Someone of whom, I had seen on TV and although not a politician, I think he was quite high up in some government department, obviously I cannot give any names here.

We were a bit apprehensive about the job, as virtually all the furniture to be moved was very expensive and when she told us the table had to be moved we were extremely concerned. She said her step son was home from University this weekend and he could help but I assured her it would take a lot more than 3 guys to move it.

She then said well his girlfriend is also here and I can help too so that’s 5 of us.

Why am I telling you all this, well it’s because of what she told me later about the special dinner parties and what happened around the table!

So a bit more about the Japanese lady, she must have been in her late 40’s, 5 feet 2 inches in height, very attractive with long black hair, slim and about 50 kgs with perky tits showing through a white lycra top and obviously not wearing a bra.

My mate and I were both having a real hard time keeping our eyes on the job and not on her tits and nipples as she was hovering about all the time telling us where she wanted things to go and telling us to be extra careful with the furniture and a few huge ornaments as they were very expensive etc.

She was also wearing a just above the knees black skirt and black tights. I caught a glimpse up her skirt to the gusset of her tights early on when she was kneeling down and getting something out of a cupboard and I saw she was wearing white knickers under the tights.

Her step son appeared, he was about 20 years of age, tall and very well built, a typical well educated British upper class young man, from his father’s first marriage to his British wife. She told him to be available with his girlfriend later when we were ready to move the table. He didn’t look happy but agreed and said to call him when we were ready and he was going back to bed for another hour or two

Ormi (The Japanese lady’s name) then told shocked us by saying, “He has this new girlfriend in the room and they have been at it all night, I heard everything, his room is next to mine”.

We all smiled at her revelation and she just giggled and put her finger on her lips as if to say, keep it secret.

A while later, we all heard load moans coming from his bedroom and it was clearly obvious he was fucking the life out of his girlfriend. We continued with our work and joked about the situation and tried to not let it distract us.

It was then that Ormi told us all about the special dinner parties her husband arranged every few months with up to 20 couples attending. It usually starts with a lavish dinner served by servants and maids. She told us that her son’s new girlfriend, was one of the maids from the dinner they had this last weekend and her son has been doing whatever in his room for 4 days now, they only come out to eat or shower.

Surprisingly to us, Ormi was becoming very open and friendly and did not even try to hide her hard nipples poking through her top while we chatting over a coffee during a short break in the kitchen. She must have noticed us trying not to stare at them but I saw her smirking to herself and was sure she was getting turned on by teasing us strangers in her flat.

About an hour later, we were ready to move the main bedrooms furniture and one of the jobs we had to do was dismantle and reassemble the big heavy wooden four poster bed.

So without thinking I opened the main bedroom door and just walked in, I saw Ormi laying on the bed with her eyes closed holding her naked breast, her top was pulled up and her other hand was inside her tights and knickers rubbing and fingering herself and looked very close to having an orgasm.

I didn’t know what to do so I tried to back out but she saw me, quickly sat up and said “OH MY GOD ... OH MY GOD”. I immediately said sorry and was backing out and closing the door. But she shouted “No wait, please forgive me it was my fault. I shouldn’t be doing that with you poor guys working in the house, please come here and close the door”.

I told her it was OK and not to worry. But she was clearly very embarrassed and wanted to explain herself. She told me again to come in and close the door.

“Listen to them” she said, pointing to the wall. “It drives me crazy. My husband travels a lot and I am here alone and whenever and James comes home, most weekends from his University in Bristol he always has a new girlfriend with him or he picks a maid or helper from our dinner parties”.

I was seriously embarrassed for walking in on her and told her again, how sorry I was and I didn’t know she was in the bedroom.

Then we both hear through the wall, the girlfriend moaning and screaming really loudly and it was obvious she had just had a huge orgasm.

“So how come your son doesn’t have a regular girlfriend then”, I asked trying to make conversation.

She looked at me and then she looked away and then turned to me and said, “It’s our fault, he attends our diner parties and ... well ... they are not just about dinner, if you know what I mean. All my husband’s guests are...”

She looked away again thinking... , and then after a long pause said, “I’m not supposed to talk about them as some are very important and well known people. Let’s just say, it’s like the people in the Tom Cruise movie, Eyes wide shut”.

I could not believe what she was telling me, so I said, “And he, your step son, attends the dinners?

“Yes and he has a very big cock, he’s bloody insatiable”, then she points to the wall again.

“Wow, that’s incredible, I have heard stories about this kind of thing but never thought it was going on in real life so close to my home town” I told her.

She then asked me if I could come again tomorrow to help with the books and smaller items. I asked her, how many guys she needed?

She answered, “No just you, I only need one. I know it’s Saturday and your office told me the staff doesn’t work weekends. I can pay you £100 as I have so much to do tomorrow, my husband has gone to Brussels on business and says he won’t be back till next Friday”.

I said, “Yes of course, I can come tomorrow ... shall I get on with dismantling the bed now”?

She nodded and left the room and I called my mate to get the tools from the van. We moved the bed and then went to remove the dining room table top from the base. We laid blankets all along the floor and hallway where we were going to move the table.

Ormi called her step son but he had just had a shower, so came out five minutes later, dressed and ready to help.

“Where’s your girlfriend”? Ormi asked him.

“She’s knackered and won’t be able to help us”, he answered and gave us a smirk and wink. He must know we all heard him shagging her to death.

“Is she still alive”? I said jokingly, and then everyone including his mum Ormi burst out laughing. Anyway we made some straps and between us all we managed to get the huge table on its side and slide it on the carpet and blankets into the new apartment.

My mate was as jealous as fuck that I had been invited to come back tomorrow and I don’t think he believed me when I told him what happened in the bedroom. Ormi gave us a £20 tip each and we left.

Next day I was there at 9am and pressed the buzzer by the main gate and was let in. I parked my car and rang Ormi’s intercom and she told me to come up. When she opened the door she was wearing a white silky kimono and it looked like, nothing underneath!

She ushered me into the kitchen, sat me down and made me a coffee. Then she sat down and started telling me that “they” were driving her crazy and she had no sleep again due to their noise.

I was imagining her masturbating all night listening to them but just played it cool to see what she wanted to do. I could see her tits swaying as she moved and the kimono was very low cut and I could see down the front but she clearly enjoying the teasing and I could see her nipples hardening under the thin silk.

Suddenly, her step son James strode into the kitchen totally bollock naked and acted like it was completely normal! Ormi told him to not be so rude and get some clothes on. He just smiled and went back to him room. Ormi apologised and told me he was always walking around the house naked and it drives her nuts.

I mentioned she was right about his cock as it was huge and how come the girls don’t get scared when they see it?

Ormi responded by saying, “well some do get scared and want to leave as soon as they get a chance but not before he gets them in his room for an hour or more”.

Her nipples were now rock hard and showing through the fabric and I could tell that she loved talking about his cock and loved seeing him naked.

“Is his girlfriend still here”? I asked

“No she had to get home as she’s been here for 4 days. James called a taxi for her”.

I then asked if James father was aware of him walking around the house naked and she told me, he did and even encouraged him and that James was always coming on to her.

Ormi was sitting on a stool cross legged opposite me and her kimono was open a bit showing her thigh and she was making no attempt to cover it up. I couldn’t help staring and as I was thinking of something else to say, she uncrossed her legs and let the kimono fall open showing her bare thighs and shaved pussy mound. She just sat there looking at me with her legs parted slightly and I could see her slit glistening with her juices.

“Oh my god, you are so beautiful” I told her.

Ormi then looked over her shoulder to make sure nobody was coming and then pulled open the kimono and showed me her stunning tits. They were about 34 b and hung down with long protruding nipples.

“Can you help me”? She asked in a soft and sexy voice.

“Of course”, I answered and reached forward to caress her breasts. They were so soft, she moaned as my hand touched her. I squeezed her nipples and then stood up to stand between her legs. She just closed her eyes and let me explore her tits and belly, so I parted her legs a bit more by standing really close and teased her pussy and clit with my finger before sliding it inside her and fingering her on the stool.

She reached up and caressed my cock through my jeans so I pulled the zip down so she could put her hand inside and feel my growing cock.

“So what do you mean, your step son comes on to you”? I asked her while rubbing her juices up and down her slit and all over her clit.

She moaned again and told me he was always walking around naked and she even told me his dad, told him to look after her while he was away.

“You mean your husband wants him to...”?

“Yes, he wants his son to fuck me too”.

“So how do you cope with that then”?

“Well as you can see, he’s very rich and we have been married for 5 years now. He introduced me to his way of life and the special dinner parties and it has become a way of life for me as well now. I watch him with different women and he told me he likes to watch me with other men”.

Ormi’s pussy was really wet now and I slid 3 and then 4 fingers inside her as she squirmed around on the stool. My cock was out and she was pulling and squeezing it and then said, “Not here, in my bed room or James will want to join in.”

“What”! I said, really surprised.

She slid off the stool and led me by my cock down the hall and into her bedroom.

“But he will hear us like we heard him yesterday”, I said in shock at what was happening.

She didn’t answer, she just dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock and squeezing my nuts. I placed my hands on her head and then reached down to cup her breasts while she was working on my cock.

“So has James ever fucked you then”? I asked.

She pulled off my cock and said, “Of course, many times ... my husband encourages him to do it when he is home as he loves seeing me getting fucked by James huge cock. My husbands cock is similar in size to yours, but he loves to watch and play with himself or he gets another couples husband to fuck me while he fucks his wife”.

I was speechless as she just carried of sucking me and moaning.

I pulled her up and walked her over to the bed, pushed her down and knelt between her legs. Then told her “I have to taste your pussy Ormi, can you tell me more about these dinner parties and what goes on”?

She is laying back with her lovely smooth and soft legs wide open as I go down on her well juiced up pussy. Licking around her smooth pussy and then pushing a finger into her as my tongue went to work on her clit.

“He invites about 10 couples and we always start with a lavish dinner. Then the wine and punch is served and he has this special punch drink that he orders in. I have no idea what’s in it but about an hour after the guests drink it, they get really turned on and start having sex at the table. Some couples are doing it between themselves, because they are new, but it soon turns into a big orgy and everyone is having sex with someone. Then he makes an announcement that the dinner has finished and we are all to move to the lounge. The door is opened and he will ask, for a girl to volunteer to become the queen of the house. If nobody comes forward he brings James who is always naked by now, to the centre of the room and as soon as they see his cock they get really interested and some woman always comes forward”.

I was nearly fisting her now and my face was covered in her juices when suddenly, the bedroom door burst open and James strides in bollock naked with a huge smile on his face.

I stared at him in disbelief and he said, “She really does taste delicious, doesn’t she?

I said, “Yes”,

And then he said, “Looks like you need a hand”, and immediately jumped on the bed and stuck the end of his cock in Ormi’s mouth. She grabbed it and started sucking but he was far too big and she was gagging as he tried forcing it into her throat.

“She loves it really” he laughed.

I had all my fingers and thumb in her now but could tell her pussy was not big enough for my whole fist so I said to James, “How the fuck do you get that massive cock inside these girls”?

He laughed again and said, “Yes at first they panic or start screaming and trying to get away, I can usually only get about half way into their cunts so I work on their arses and when I can get a couple of fingers in and they start to relax their anal muscles, I spoon them from behind and then fuck them in the arse. The arse can stretch pretty well and I can get into many of them much deeper that way”.

Come on he says, “Let me show you”.

He pulls his cock out of Ormi, (his step mums mouth) and said to her, “Come on mum, get on his cock and let’s have some fun, I know you’ve been listening to me fucking that maid for days and I know you’ve been fingering your pussy and masturbating, so let’s give you what you need”.

He more or less orders me to lie on the bed, so I lay down and Ormi clambered on top. I rub my cock up and down her slit a few times and on the third time she just sinks down and took me in one go moaning and sighing. Her tits were hanging down so I started squeezing them and taking her nipples in my mouth.

“Go on mate”, James shouted, “She likes it hard and fast so give her a good fucking before I jump on”.

We were fucking like crazy and I was about to cum but Ormi sensed it and said “Not yet, wait a bit and we will all come together”. She sinks down on me and holds me still while my pending orgasm subsided.

I was watching James smiling and wanking his cock slowly at the side of the bed, then he started rubbing some gel on Ormi’s butt hole.

Fucking hell, I know what he’s going to do I was thinking. Ormi was clutching me and had lifted her hips up and was getting ready for James to enter her arse. He knelt behind her and slowly pushed his massive cock in her arse. She tensed up a bit but then relaxed as he slid it all the way inside her and started pumping very slowly so she could get used to it.

“OH MY GOD, he’s in me again, he’s in me again”, Ormi started repeating over and over again. “My husband showed him how to do this and now he can get it all inside. I can feel him in my belly and almost between my tits”.

I could also feel his massive member going in and out and I hardly had to move as with his thrusting he was moving Ormi up and down my cock. I was looking into her eyes and she stared back with her mouth open so I stared kissing her and she responded by moaning into my mouth and snogging me back.

The pace was quickening and James said to us, “Are you both ready cos this makes me want to spunk fast. I’m gonna spunk up her arse now”.

James let out this really long moan and pushes into Ormi as deep as he could.

Ormi screams, “I can feel him pumping in my belly” as she starts shaking and cumming.

This sent me over the edge and I started coming at the same time. We all lay still hugging and panting for a few minutes and then James pulls his cock out slowly and said he was off to the shower, then he was going out till late.

Ormi and I were still holding each other and my cock had slipped out, so Ormi slid around in a 69 position and started sucking my cock again. “There’s no rush” she said, “We have all day and I want you to make love to me again without James inside me. I can take him up my bum but he is far too big for my pussy”.

Ormi and I spent the rest of the day making love in her apartment as she told me loads more stories of the group sessions she attended and hosted with her rich and powerful husband and his son James. It was more like being raped than making love as Ormi was like a woman possessed and was a real nymphomaniac. I was getting a bit worried at times as I was so out of sperm, after cumming several times in a couple of hours. Because my cock was not able to recover fast enough for Ormi, she pushed my head down and made me lick and finger fuck her pussy for ages. Even my tongue was aching as she was so demanding. What she really loved was when I had a finger in her pussy and another in her arse and sucked hard on her clit while pushing my fingers in and out as deep as I could.

Ormi kept repeating over and over again “make me cum, oh push them in deep, oh make me cum again please”

At about 2 PM, her step son James returned home and shouted out, he was home and not to disturb him, he was going to his room. Ormi said, “He’s probably brought another girl back with him”, and sure enough after about 20 minutes we heard them fucking and the bed banging against the wall.

This got Ormi all worked up again and she was laying back on the bed with a 7 inch flesh coloured dildo fucking herself and telling me to help her cum while James fucked the girl in the next room. I lay next to Ormi and she started snogging my mouth again so I caressed her tits and rubbed her clit. She had a hand on my cock and because of the noise and moaning from James room I got hard again. Ormi turned on her side and aimed my cock into her arse, I slid in easily as she fucked herself harder in her pussy with the dildo. I was gripping her hips and trying to go nice and slow but Ormi screamed, “Do it harder, please fuck my arse hard and fast”.

The phone rang and Ormi shouted, “Don’t stop, please don’t stop”.

I kept pumping as hard as I could and suddenly Ormi screams out “I’m cumming, you dirty bastard you made me come again”. When she finished and calmed down the phone started ringing again, so she reached over to answer it. “Hello darling, sorry I missed your last call, was that you”?

I listened as she was obviously talking to her husband, she told him James had just come back with another girl and then she told him, she had met a really nice guy and we had a session with James this morning!

I was staring at her in disbelief, she was telling him all about us and that James had also come in the room while we were making love in the morning and he had jumped on the bed and fucked her arse while I was on my back with Ormi sitting in my cock. She just smiled at me while telling him all the details, then she asked me, if I was I free to come to a special party on Friday evening here at the apartment? I answered, yes I would love to, so Ormi confirmed it with her husband on the phone and hung up. I stood there not knowing what to say, so Ormi comes over and puts her arms around my neck and kissed me again. “I tell him everything as that’s what he likes to hear. Anyway, James would have told him, so better it comes from me”.

So what’s happening on Friday “evening”? I asked her.

“It’s another small group and I can’t say too much but it’s all to do with his government work and how they control people to do what they want.”

I was intrigued and asked again, “So is it going to be a sex ... er diner party like you were telling me about before”? “Oh yes there will be maybe 3 or 4 couples, James, my husband and you.”

“But you said, “How they control people, what do you mean”?

“Look, get showered and dressed and we can talk later or on the phone but I have an appointment at 4 o’clock with my friends at the Health club”.

I didn’t want to push it so I showered and dressed and said to Ormi, how pleased I was to have met her and she responded by saying, “It was my pleasure and please do come on Friday evening, I assure you, it will be fun and you will have a great time. I’ll call you to confirm in a day or so”.

She hugged and kissed me again and I left. On the way home I was thinking what the fuck happened today. That was the wildest day I have ever had and will she really call me about this party on Friday.

At work on Monday morning, I told my mate what had happened and he just laughed and said... “Oh yeh... , in your dreams”, he literally did not believe a word I said, so I decided to shut up and just keep it to myself. I didn’t blame him, because if someone had told me a story like that, I would probably have the same reaction. It was Thursday afternoon when Ormi called me and I was beginning to think it was a one off event and she would not be calling. “It’s all arranged for Friday evening, are you still coming?” “Of course, if you really want me to come”

“Oh yes, my husband wants to meet you and James also told him you were a nice guy”.

“Well thank’s Ormi, that’s very good of you but sounds a bit unusual”.

She said she would explain more when she can trust me and when I come on Friday. “Be here at 7 PM” Then she hung up. I was going to tell my mate but he had been acting strange since I told him about last Saturday so decided against it.

Part 2

Friday evening and I arrived at the big security gates to the grounds. Pressed the buzzer and was asked by some guy if I was on the guest list, I said yes, gave my name then the electric gates opened.

I drove up the long winding drive through the grounds to the big mansion house and parked up. Ormi had come down to greet me and opened the main door. She kissed me and grabbed my hand and led me inside and up the stairs to her apartment.

She had pale black tights on and a short just above the knees black dress, which I could see up as we ascended the stairs. It looked like she was wearing crotch-less tights but I wasn’t sure as it was just a quick glance. As we entered the apartment, Ormi introduced me to her husband, the high up government official and then James walked past and slaps me on the back saying “Hi man, how you doing?” There were 2 other couples of whom I was told were in the lounge and will be introduced to shortly and one other couple that had not arrived yet.

I was led into the kitchen and Ormi’s husband shut the door. He told me that he and Ormi had an open relationship and that their agreement was no secrets and that he approved of James his son and I fucking Ormi. I had been invited at his wife, Ormi’s request and was told, under no circumstances was I to mention any names of anyone of who was here. He told me, “Some of the guests are either politicians or people with important influential positions in government or police. We obviously can’t stop you talking about what you see and do here but ... NO NAMES ... Is that clear?”

I shook his hand again and agreed all was fine with me. He smiled and went into the lounge to talk to the other guests.

Ormi grabbed my arm and said, “I hope I can trust you, as one of the people coming tonight is publicly very well known like my husband. But he needs to be ... She paused and then said, controlled.”

I gave her an inquisitive look so she whispered “They are planing on promoting him soon and he will be given a position of influence and power in Whitehall. Tonight’s party will be secretly recorded, so you can join in or just watch but the videos will never be released. They are used to make sure that the people who can and are in the positions of power, do as they are told by the real controllers, the behind the scenes elites”.

I was standing there holding Ormi’s hand and not really believing what I was hearing. Ormi squeezed my cock and asked if I wanted a blue pill for tonight it could be a long night. I said, “Yes why not, I may need it if I’m expected to join in”.

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