Black Man's Fan Club at Swingers Club

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

True Sex Story: My wife and I introduce another couple to a fetish club in the UK. His wife was reluctant to attend and the theme for the evening was - The black man's fan club.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Swinging   Interracial   Black Male   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Squirting   .

A mate of mine from work, Jim is an Australian and his wife, Jenny is British, both in their early 40’s. The chat one day, got around to the swinger and fetish clubs Jane and I attended. Jim was really interested but said he did not think his wife would go.

I suggested coming out for a drink one evening with his wife and my wife Jane, could maybe convince her to try one evening.

So on Wednesday evening, we all met up at the Old Bell pub in Harpenden and had a meal and quite a lot to drink as Jenny and Jane were giggling and chatting all night together. The next day at work, Jim came up to me and said, “It worked, Jenny wants to try that club in Dunstable you mentioned “Arousal”, Can we go on Saturday evening”?

“I think so mate, but not sure what theme it is this Saturday, but I can check on the website”.

“Theme”? Jim said

“Yes, they have different themes on different nights, like the Party Fetish night where people turn up in Fetish gear, rubber or leather outfits, chains and masks etc. They are great nights as you get a lot of people turn up and we have had some really good sessions where there were over 200 people turn up. But some nights it’s much less. On one of the couples and limited single nights, we came home early as there was very little action and only 3 or 4 couples and about 8 guys”!

I look up the Arousal website on my phone and see it is the Black Man’s Fan Club night this Saturday.

“Well Jim, it looks like the following week would be better as this Saturday it’s the Black man’s fan club”.

“Fuck me, what goes on there then”?

“We’ve never been to that one, but I can only imagine it’s more for girls who like, well big black guys I suppose! We prefer the Couples and Limited Singles night and the Party Fetish nights but they also have others like the Greedy Girls night”.

“Greedy Girls night”! Jim says

“Yes LOL, I suppose it attracts girls and older women that want gang banging and lots of action. So is Jenny into big cocks or what are you guys into? Cos some of the black guys we have seen at Arousal are fucking huge mate”.

“Well I dunno what she would like, we’ve never been to a club like you describe before. I must admit that I don’t think I satisfy her much cos my cock is only 6 inches and whenever we watch porno she gets so fucking horny when big cocks are involved.”

“I’m about the same size as you mate so we must be in the average camp and Jane is quite small so she gets a bit scared if a guy plays with us and he’s got a big cock”.

“So what do you say mate, shall we go this Saturday or what”?

“Well if we don’t go this Saturday Jenny might change her mind and I think she would like to see some big cocks in live action”.

“OK mate, we can pick you up at 9 and have a couple of drinks before we go in as there’s no bar in the club but you can take your own drinks (beer, wine or whatever). They do sell water and soft drinks though”.

On Saturday evening Jane and I pick up Jim and Jenny and we go for a couple of drinks at the Saracens head in Dunstable High Street.

When we arrived at Arousal, we parked in a car park over the road and walked around the back to the discrete entrance with a security camera, pressed the buzzer and were let in.

Once upstairs, we registered Jim and Jenny as they had never been before and then gave them a tour of the club. They were both surprised at how many rooms there were and how big it was with dancing area, pole dance podium, play room with rack, stocks, sex swing, cages and various other play rooms. Glory holes and dark rooms with loads of cubby areas and a huge glass viewing window that faced a massive mattress that 5 or more couples often have group sex on.

Then there was the cinema room and some stairs at the back leading up to a couples only area with more cubby hole areas with matrasses in. I also told Jim and Jenny about some of our experiences with other couples and experiences up there.

(See my other story titled “Lost my wife in the sex club”, this is where it all happened and where I eventually found Jane)

So we sat on one of the sofas in the chill out area and watched as more people arrived. As expected, quite a lot of black West Indian guys and a few more couples.

About 12.30 am things really got going and as we wandered around the various rooms, we found couples and single guys playing and fucking in many of the rooms and play areas. We went into the room that had a sex swing and watched as this white British, very well spoken older woman in her 50s, and a bit large for my liking maybe size 14 with massive tits. Her husband was holding her hand, while 4 big black guys were playing with her tits and feeding their cocks to her mouth. She was loving it and a couple more guys were between her legs, at first licking her pussy but shortly after, fisting her as she was definitely into that as well.

Jane and Jenny were now holding hands as they walked through the club. A few guys tried to grope them in the dark rooms but Jane was more interested in Jenny and my own groping as she was not really into the black guys. Jane was wearing black hold up stockings with a low cut black PVC top that had popper studs to open it and a black g string while Jenny was bare legged and wearing a white set of knickers and bra with a sexy see through negligee top.

Jim was in black leather trousers like myself and awe at the sex going on all around him and in one of the rooms, he had his cock out and was wanking while watching this woman getting fucked by 3 very big guys while her husband was making her suck his cock.

We decided to sit on this long bench seat at the back of the cinema room and watch a young white girl (25ish), covered in tattoos and rings in her nipples and pussy getting fucked stupid by another group of big black guys on a large round bed thing near the front of the screen. A hard core sex movie was playing on the big screen and a few single guys were watching and wanking while another young white couple were sitting in the corner playing with each other. I think they were new to this theme night like ourselves...

I was sitting next to the girl in the corner and Jane was next to me on my left and had already cock and was already playing with it while looking around the room at various things going on. I was watching the couple in the corner as they were quite young (early 20’s) and she was very petite and had quite small tits and silky white legs in white hold up stockings, white bra and knickers. She knew I was watching her and she kept looking down at my cock as Jane was playing with it.

Her boyfriend was also watching and was feeling her tits and then slipped his hand inside her knickers to finger her pussy. He smiled at me, so I placed my hand on his girlfriend’s leg to see if they were interested in some group fun. The girl jumped and was shocked but her guy said something to her and she relaxed and let me rub her leg a bit. He smiled and nodded for me to continue as Jane noticed what I was doing.

Jane held my cock up and watched as I stroked the girls leg and then continued to wank me as the boyfriend pulled the girls bra up and exposed her beautiful small tits. She kept staring at my cock so I moved my hand up and down her thigh while her guy played with her exposed tits.

Jane was now on the floor in front of me and started sucking my cock, so I slid my hand up higher and touched the young girl between her legs. She grabbed my hand but her boyfriend moved her hands away again as he wanted me to explore her more.

She relaxed again so I rubbed her clit pussy a bit more over her knickers and she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Her boyfriend reached down and parted her legs a bit more then pulled the leg of her knickers to the side exposing her sexy little smooth pussy. I rubbed a finger up and down her slit and she started getting wet so I managed to slide a finger inside her. Her boyfriend was now getting her to wank his cock while I fingered her for him.

Jane was still sucking me but had also moved her free hand onto the girls leg and was rubbing up and down her inner thigh. I smiled and nodded to Jane and whispered “finger her” in her ear. Jane’s hand met mine at this beautiful young girl’s pussy and we both started fingering her alternating between Jane and my own fingers.

The girl was moaning and started to come, so her husband grabbed his own cock and made himself come at the same time as Jane and I made the girl orgasm.

Jim was next to me now as Jane was between my legs and was wanking as he watched Jane sucking me and us fingering the girl. I said to him, “Try not to shoot your load yet mate as the night is young and you want to save it for later”.

Jenny had also been watching but had a couple of guys next to her, giving her a good show by wanking their big cocks in front of her.

“Fuck me Jim, those guys near your missus are fucking huge. Looks likes she wants to play with them”. Jenny was sitting with her legs parted and fingering herself as the guys were wanking and showing off their cocks for her.

I said to Jenny, “Why don’t you have a feel Jenny, I’m sure they would like you to have a go”.

One of the black guys stepped closer and said “Yeh baby, you can play with my meat any time. Your man here wants to see you do it as well, what you say man”? He says to Jim.

Jim is silent and just watches as Jenny reaches for the big cock in front of her.

Jane had moved between the young girl’s legs that just orgasmed and pulled her knickers to one side and was now licking her pussy while her boyfriend was playing with her exposed tits as she laid back into him.

Jenny starts wanking this big black cock, it must have been 10 inches long and thick. The other guy steps forward and also offers Jenny his cock, so she grabs his with her other hand.

“Play with my pussy” Jenny says to Jim, so he starts rubbing and fingering her and pulling her knickers to one side exposing her pussy. One of the black guys reach forward and starts fingering Jenny and Jim was a bit shocked. I whisper to him, you can tell them no touching if you like and they will stop as they have to stick to the club rules or get banned.

He lets the black guys continue and goes back to wanking his own cock. Jenny is in heaven with her legs wide open letting the stranger finger her as she wanks two of the biggest cocks she has ever seen in real life. The other guy is now fondling her tits as Jim and I look on in amusement.

Another single guy tried to finger Jane from behind but she told him No, so he moved away. The young guy whose girlfriend Jane was licking out was stroking Janes hair and then her arms so Jane sat up and let him fondle her tits while she fingered the girl and then went back down to kissing her pussy. I turned to watch and started playing with the girls lovely small tits and then slid a hand down to her pussy and rubbed her slit while Jane licked her pussy.

A crowd of about 6 black guys were crowding round us and constantly groping Jane from behind and I could see Jane getting annoyed and pushing their hands away, saying NO.

So I said to the young couple and Jane, “Shall we go find a quieter area where the single guys cannot bother us”?

Jane jumps up and said, “Yes please” and the young couple also agreed so we got up and the girls put their tits back in their bras. We were all standing now watching Jim and Jenny, so I told Jim we were going for a walk around and would be back soon. Did he and Jenny want to come or stay there?

Jim said “No mate, she’s having the time of her life here, so see you later”.

One of the black guys was on the floor between Jenny’s legs and was giving her the best pussy licking she had never had. Another guy was by her head and feeding his 10 inch cock, into her mouth as she wanked and slurped all over his massive dick.

I grabbed Jane’s hand and we went out of the cinema room and up the stairs at the back to a couple’s only area. There were only one other couple up there and surprisingly a single guy. It looked like they had invited him up there with them, just to play and get away from all the other wild gangs of guys roaming around the club. They were in a raised cubby hole area that had a matrass inside and the husband was holding his wife’s hand and taking pictures while this black guy was fucking his wife. She was about 40ish and a bit plump but still very attractive, he must have been much older, maybe 60ish.

The black guy was really well built like a muscle builder and his cock was also a monster, probably as long and thick as Jane’s forearm, 12 inches and as fat as her arm. The woman was on all fours and he was fucking her from behind. We were all standing and watching when the old guy said to us, “You can join us if you like. I love to see her getting satisfied by strangers”.

I reached into the cubby hole and felt her nicely shaped tits as they were hanging down and swinging, then slid my hand down her belly and between her legs. I reached her pussy and it was soaked with her juices or something really sticky and slimy, then I saw the tube of super lube. I fingered her pussy and realised I could get 3 then 4 fingers inside her and he was actually fucking he arse not her pussy. That’s why he was able to penetrate her so deeply.

I didn’t say anything but just grabbed Jane’s hand and put it between the women’s legs. Jane started exploring and then in shock said to the young couple with us, “OMG he’s fucking her in the arse and I have 4 fingers in her pussy”.

The old guy says, “Push your hand all in young girl, she can take it. I have to fist her every night as my cock cannot satisfy her anymore”.

Jane must have got her hand or fist inside her just as the woman being fucked let out a really long moan and the guy fucking her grabbed her hips hard and started pumping into her very fast sending her into an intense orgasm.

The young couple next to us were still watching at the side and I had moved next to them and started to feel the young girls arse and hips. As she let me feel her bum I slipped my other hand around her waist and moved it up to hold her tit and play with her nipple while my other hand went down between her bum and fingered her slowly from behind.

Jane saw what I was doing so stood next to me and released my cock from my trousers again. The young girl nervously looked down at my cock and Jane took her hand and placed it on my cock.

Her hand was trembling and I still had a finger inside her from behind. It felt so sexy with her little hand holding my cock.

Then Jane said, “Let’s sit in that corner over there” and sat down.

The young girl walked over while still gripping my cock but I had to pull my finger out as she moved away. Her boyfriend did not see me fingering his girlfriend but he saw she was holding my cock. She sat down, so I just stood in front of her as she started wanking me as her boyfriend watched and smiled.

“Are you new to this club”? I asked

The boyfriend replied “Yes, It’s our first time to any club like this”.

“Well, it’s really nice to meet you both and you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Some couples just like to watch and play together and some like to play with each other like this and some like to have as many guys as possible like a gang bang”.

Jane was sitting next to the young guy and she asked him, if he “liked watching his girlfriend touch me”? He smiled nervously and said “Yes, it’s really turning me on”.

Jane reached down and squeezed his cock through his trousers and said to me jokingly, “OMG, he’s really hard, I think we need to get it out”.

He looks at his girlfriend who was still wanking my erect cock and she just smiled and said, “Yes you should”.

He undid his top button and Jane pulled his zip down and placed her hand inside his boxer shorts. She pulled his cock out and surprisingly, it was bigger than mine. She keeled down and started wanking him then put her head down and started sucking the head. He was holding her head and looked in his girlfriend’s eyes. She looked back at my cock and suddenly she started sucking my cock as well.

This was incredible and I nearly orgasmed there and then, but I managed to hold back as I watched him reaching down and fondling Jane’s tits while she sucked his cock. I reached down and did the same to his girlfriend whose tits were so soft and much smaller than Jane’s.

He then said to Jane, “I’m coming, I’m coming”, so Jane pulled him out of her mouth and wanked him till he spurted come all over her tits. His girlfriend was staring at him but still wanking and sucking my cock and I could not hold back any longer so I also told her, “I was coming”, but she just gripped me tight and I started shooting into her mouth. She didn’t pull away and when I finished, she slowly pulled back and let my come dribble out of her mouth and then licked her lips and swallowed. What a sexy young thing this was and Jane moved next to her and started kissing her on the mouth while the boyfriend and I just watched snogging and rubbing each other’s tits. I sat next to the girl and the boyfriend sat on the opposite side next to Jane and we just played with their tits while they played with each other. The young guy was trying to finger Jane, so Jane got his girlfriend to lay on the bench so she could kneel up between her legs and let the boyfriend finger and lick her pussy from behind.

This went on for about 15minutes and then I said to Jane, “I suppose we should try to find Jim and Jenny and see what they are up to”. We thanked the young couple and went down to the cinema area again but Jim and Jenny were nowhere to be seen. We walked around the club and watched another girl getting gang banged by a group guys and then we went into dance area and I saw Jim coming down some stairs behind the DJ area.

“Hi mate, where’s Jenny”?

“She’s up there”. He points up the stairs.

“So is she OK”?

“YES, she’s getting fucked stupid and I must have come 3 times just watching and wanking. I got to go for a piss but there’s still a load of guys up there and she’s taking them all on”!

“Are you OK with that mate”?

“Yes, I never thought I would, but seeing her get fucked by different guys and with huge fucking cocks ... I wish I could have videoed it. Anyway, go up and see, if you can, there’s s fuck all space up there”.

Jane and I looked at each other in surprise and went up the stairs. It was packed with guys and the room was only about 10 feet square but a large bed took up 3/4 of the room and there must have been 10 guys standing and many wanking. Jenny was on all fours kneeling over one guy on the bed and being split roasted with one guy under her on his back fucking her pussy and another in her mouth but a third guy was fucking her in the arse.She was loving it.

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