Our First Time Wife Sharing

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Our first experience of wife sharing with my wife's Russian employer and his wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Swinging   Anal Sex   First   Fisting   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

It all started after we were married for 4 years and my wife started working for this recruitment agency in Watford. She told me her boss was a big Russian guy and his wife who also worked in the office was from Kiev. Liz, my wife was 28 and although sexy to look at with shapely 34b boobs, size 12 with long legs and bum, she was really quite shy and a real prude when it came to sex.

I eventually got her into watching sexy movies and even took her to a sex club in Amsterdam once where this couple sitting next to us started playing with each other right next to Liz and she was invited to touch the guys cock.

Liz found this really exciting and when we got back to our hotel, she was like a different woman in bed. Really turned on and kept talking about watching the couple and seeing them playing with each other right next to her. They had invited us back to their hotel but we declined as it was all so new for us.

Shortly after our Amsterdam trip she told me her bosses wife was really friendly with her and Liz had told her what happened, watching the couple play and touching this stranger’s cock, while the guy fingered his wife to orgasm right next to her.

Liz told me her boss’s wife was really excited and wanted to hear all the details and then told Liz, she and her husband liked to play and were in this private club where they attended house parties with several other couples.

Liz then told me we had been invited to a dinner party at their house on Friday evening. I was shocked and told Liz that this was obviously a swingers group and if we accepted we would be expected to join in.

Liz went all quiet and then said she would talk to her bosses wife again and find out more. I was not sure Liz was ready for that but excited that she was at least talking about it and had a new girlfriend that she could chat with.

The next evening Liz told me that she wanted us to go on Friday evening as her new friend had told her it was all very relaxed and as new guests, we could just watch or join in if we felt comfortable, with no pressure. She said there were strict rules, anyone could play but they must ask before touching and if anyone said No, it meant you can watch but not touch.

Friday evening and we arrive at this big house in Watford with security gates and a butler / waiter guy opened the door. He led us in and introduced us to 2 other couples and the host, Liz’s employers. Her boss was a big guy and obviously he and his wife worked out in the gym as they both had amazing toned bodies. He looked like a huge 6’ 6” warrior with wide shoulders and no neck, his wife Olga wore a really sexy short mid-thigh shiny gold skirt with her breasts and nipples clearly visible through a white see through blouse that was all open albeit one button at the front.

She hugged Liz and then offered us a drink. Shortly after, another couple arrived in their late 50’s and she wore a long black silky evening dress with a slit up the side to just under her arm pit revealing no underwear at all. A really attractive woman as were the other 2 couples, I assumed in their mid-30’s. The guys were also fit and clean shaven but we don’t need to describe them as it were the girls that were the centre of attraction.

We were all told dinner was about to be served so all 5 couples sat down around this big round table. Liz was seated next to me with her boss and his wife on his other side. On my right were the older couple with his wife sitting next to me and him on the other side. I could see she was completely naked under the long dress and I was having a hard job not to stare at her virtually exposed tits nearly popping out the front.

More wine flowed and everyone seemed relaxed and happy, then I felt a leg rubbing mine under the table. It was the woman on my right and she was clearly doing it on purpose. She was still chatting with her husband and the couple next to them as her leg rubbed against mine. I didn’t move away as I was looking down at her slightly parted legs under the table and because the table was circular, Liz could not see what was happening.

Then Liz turned to me and whispered, Olga is playing with her husband’s cock under the table and it’s really big. I could not see but told Liz what the woman next to me was doing and Liz said, REALLY! In surprise. Liz then told me her boss knew she was watching and was leaning back in his chair so she could see his cock and his wife playing with it.

The woman next to me had moved closer and her bare thigh was almost touching my leg so I put my hand down and touched her thigh to see her reaction. She just turned and smiled and then continued her conversation. Nice I thought to myself and slid my hand into the slit of her dress and slowly caressed her naked thigh. She parted her legs slightly allowing me more access and giving me a real hard on.

Liz whispered to me again that her boss had grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock under the table. She said it was massive and Olga was also wanking it and pulling my hand to do the same. I looked over but the boss was leaning forward while Liz and his wife’s hands were playing with him discreetly. I told Liz my hand was doing the same to the woman next to me and she looked at me with another surprised look on her face.

I leaned back in my chair so she could see my hand inside the slit of the woman’s dress while her husband had started caressing her tits and kissing her. He looked me in the eye and winked then gave me this nod, as if to say it was OK to touch his wife. Suddenly her hand grabbed mine and pulled in up and in between her open legs. Her pussy was soaking wet and completely smooth and my fingers just slipped inside her easily. I heard her sigh into her husband’s mouth as I heard her telling him I was fingering her. He smiled again and continued snogging her face as she parted her legs a bit more to give me easier access.

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