The Korean Girl

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Sexy Korean girl who loved sex clubs and motorbikes.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Sharing   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   White Couple   Anal Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   .

This story is about a Korean girl I met at a fetish club in London. I was into the fetish / swinging club scene and used to see this Asian girl with a big dragon tattoo on her back every time I was at the club. Sometimes she would be with a guy and sometimes alone but she knew lots of people in the club and was always chatting to lots of people, guys, girls and couples.

Anyway, I managed to have a play with her with several other guys one evening as some guy was licking her pussy kneeling down on the floor between her legs in the play area while she was tied to this rack. I was standing really close to her and was in a perfect position to touch her tits and arse. Problem was that there were about 6 more single guys groping her and she was getting a bit stressed so I asked her if she was OK with all the guys and she replied ... Not really they are like fucking animals, Can you untie my hands please?

I said sure and un tied one of her wrist straps. As soon as one of her hands were free she slapped this guys face really hard, he was being really rough and forceful and Then she pushed him away. The stupid guy just dove back in and went for her pussy again as the guy licking her out stopped and looked up and warned him to seriously to back off. I had also un-tied her other wrist now and she just went nuts at this guy, slapping and punching his face and telling him to back off and respect the touching club rules.

After her ankles were untied she looked at me and said, I need a drink and stormed off to the bar area. About 20 mins later I found myself standing next to her again at the bar and she just smiled at me so I started chatting to her about her tattoo.

She was pretty tall 5′ 11, I would guess with long black hair only wearing a tiny g string and no bra so her really nice 34 b tits were on show with tiny elasic bands around the nipples to keep them erect and sticking out. Her legs were slim and she had an arse to die for. Silky smooth soft white skin, I had been stroking her tits and arse earlier.

As time was nearly 4 am she said she the clubs closing soon and then asked me if I lived in London? I answered no but I’m only 45 mins away in Bedford, if no traffic on my bike. Oh wow ... you have a motorbike! she said with interest, so I obviously said yes and we discussed bikes briefly and she told me she loved big bikes, bikers and her last boyfriend had a Harley Fat Bob cruiser and he used to let her drive it.

Hey you can ride with me anytime I quipped not thinking she would actually say yes ... but she jumped up and down and said Can I really? and started hugging and kissing me.

What do you ride? she asked.

A Yamaha Warrior 1700 XV cruiser. You wanna go for a ride tomorrow afternoon.

Today you mean, It’s already Sunday morning. I’m Ginn, what’s your name? she says.

Dave and really nice to meet you too. You want a lift home or do you have a ride?

I came with my girlfriend but I think she left earlier with some dude to some after party in Greenwich. You wanna go?

Could do I suppose, no plans for today and I don’t wanna ride home yet.

Great ... let me grab my stuff and I’ll phone Gail for the address.

I cannot beleive I am off to an after party with this stunning Asian beauty and as we approach my bike she gets all excited and jumps on and says wow this is a beautiful bike ... Can I drive?, I know where the party is and I have a Bikers licence. PLEASE PLEASE and she hugs and kisses me again.

I said OK but can you just show me your bikers licence please as I don’t wanna die on the back of my own ride tonight. I hope you’ve not been drinking too much or whatever?

No I’m fine and only drink loads of water with a few sweets when clubbing. They make me really fucking horny and make me wanna squirt when I get played in the club and ... Can you play with me on the bike when we get on the road? I love squirting while riding ... You Don’t mind do you?

What! Are you sure you can control the bike when I...

Sure baby ... Just wait and see.

I get on the back albeit aprehensively and we set off with her driving and to be perfectly honest, I was well impressed. Not fast or showing off but in full control and very confident. She was wearing a short black skirt and a short bomber jacket as her streetwise clothing and I was holding her around the waist. As soon as we hit a dual carriageway she turned her head and shouted...

Play with my tits babe.

Wow I could not believe it so I slid my hands up under her jacket and groped her beautiful tits from behind. She responded by pushing her arse back into my hardening cock. Her tits were amazing and after about 5 mins I slide a hand down between her legs and started to rub her pussy. She lifted herself up so as to let me get my fingers in her pussy and she pushed her arse back into me again.

Fucking hell, this girl is amazing. She is soaking wet and I’m fingering her as she rides the bike. With one hand up her jacket cupping her left breast and my right hand reaching round and down between her legs with two fingers in her pussy.

She turns her head and shouts ... I’M cummming and she lifts her bum up and starts pissing all over my hand and fingers as we are riding along. I push in deeper and hold her tight and am amazed she could cum and ride the bike as I fingered her to orgasm.

We soon arrived at the after party and found a corner and was watching this tall slim black girl about 22 yrs in the middle of the lounge of the apartment we were in being fucked in all holes by 3 big black guys. Ginn was playing with my cock and soon had it out and was sucking it and massaging my balls then she looked up and said...

Did you enjoy my water sports on the bike?

Fuck me Ginn that was a first and fucking amazing.

Good, I love water sports and you wanna do some more?

Why not, what do you have in mind?

I fucking love it ... she said ... i need some more water but can you drink some too?

We drink a couple of bottles each as she continued sucking and wanking my cock. Then, this guy she obviously knew, came up to us and said something to her and then he was between her legs fingering and licking her pussy!!! She just smiles up at me and carried on wanking my cock. A few mins later, I am about to come but she sensed it and grips my cock really hard, stops wanking me and said ... Not yet babe ... calm down and you can come later in my pussy or my arse!

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