The Penthouse Party

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

True Sex Story: Story about when we were invited to a penthouse party in Bangkok from an old friend. We met him some years ago in the UK when attending the Fetish club scene.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Shemale   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   White Male   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

My mate Gary came to visit us in Thailand last week and told us he was invited to a “penthouse party” at Tony’s new apartment in Bangkok.

He also told me my wife and I were invited as we also met Tony a few times when we used to attend Club Rub and Decadence (Swinger / Fetish clubs) in London.

Tony was an older guy in his late 50’s and had a few properties in London and was quite well off. He used to go out with this beautiful Japanese girl but then we heard he married a Thai girl and moved to Bangkok, Thailand.

At the club, he was always trying to play with us or more with my wife Jane as he made it obvious he really fancied her and was always hugging, kissing and groping her whenever he saw us.

Gary had told him we also lived in Thailand, hence the invitation. Now Gary knew him better than us as he had been involved in the club scene for a good few years before he introduced Jane and I. He also told us that Tony used to make Sex party videos in Thailand and I remember coming across one online and recognised Tony immediately. The party was in an apartment with his Thai wife, 3 more girls, two western guys and a stunning ladyboy. It was a real orgy and he was fucking this ladyboy over a chair while the ladyboy was screaming and his wife was wanking the ladyboy off and encouraging Tony to fuck her/him harder ... It was so funny.

Anyway, we all jumped in a taxi on the Saturday evening to Tony’s Penthouse party and when we arrived we were stunned to see it was at the top of really high class apartment building with its own rooftop terrace overlooking the Bangkok skyline. The apartment was huge and the view was like overlooking downtown Hong Kong with all the lights.

Tony was ecstatic to see us all arrive and even more so when he saw Jane was with us. He quickly explained that it was a special themed sex party and guys were to be fully naked and all the girls must wear pantyhose tights only and no bras. They can wear knickers over or under the tights and that was up to the girls.

He introduced us to a few other couples and said that more would be arriving shortly. He then offered us all a blue cocktail drink from a punch bowl in the kitchen and mentioned that condoms are in bowls in all the rooms and here is a blue pill (viagra) so you don’t get the limp after having a drink or two. He then whispered to Gary and me to make sure the girls all have at least a couple of glasses of the blue cocktail, then laughed and said, it makes them horny as fuck.

Jane had started chatting to Tonys wife and another couple of girls and their husbands or boyfriends were standing outside on the terrace admiring the view and having a beer.

“Can I have a beer mate?” I said to Tony just as he was walking away to let some more guests in.

“I would stick to the blue drink and water if I were you”, he answered and nudged Gary in the arm.

“What’s that all about mate? I said to Gary.

“No idea, but I fucking love birds in tights, this is gonna be interesting” he answered.

Another 3 couples came in and were introduced and then the intercom buzzer went off again so Tony answered it and let another group enter the lift downstairs.

About an hour later and the place was getting full so Tony came round handing all the girls a pack of pantyhose and told them to go and get changed in the bedrooms. Guys can strip off on the terrace and put our clothes in a small store room by the front door.

Jane looked over at me and giggled so I went over and said to her, “Are you OK babe, we can leave if you’re not feeling comfortable with this”?

“No I want to see what happens and Lek, Tonys wife said she will look after me”.

Gary smiles at me and winks then nodded to the terrace where 3 of the girls were walking out in just tights and nothing else.

“Fucking hell mate, they look so fucking sexy and this viagra making my cock go up already” Gary said

“Yes me too” I answered

We wandered outside for a better look and the 3 really sexy young Thai girls had joined their partners and were giggling away pointing at all the naked guys sporting hard on’s just like me and Gary.

“Tony sure knows how to set up a party”, I said to Gary.

Gary’s cock is much fatter than mine and we are both about 6 inches in length but because of the girth he looked massive. I looked around and couldn’t see Jane anywhere, so said to Gary, I was going to find her. Then I saw she had just come out the bedroom with Lek and both had their tits exposed and wearing flesh coloured sheer tights.

“Fuck me babe you look so fucking sexy in them”, then I squeezed her arse and put my arm around her waist. She looks down at my erection and said, “Why have all the guys got hard on’s already”?

Lek laughed and replied, “That’s Tonys Idea, he gives them all a blue pill when they arrive Lol. Do you want another drink”?

Off they walked to the kitchen and just before I missed my chance, I stroked Lek’s arse and gave it a quick squeeze. There must have been about 30 people in the penthouse now and most were couples but a group of 3 single guys had arrived without their wives and a few girls that did not seem to be with anyone in particular.

The lights were down and people were groping each other in the darkness, then Gary waves me over and I saw he was watching a couple of girls doing a lesbian act with each other in a crowd of people. I tried to squeeze in for a better look and was surrounded by girls in tights with their naked tits pressing into me. I was in heaven and groped several girls and a couple even grabbed my cock while their husbands watched the two girls doing the show.

Then I saw this guy sitting on a sofa with his tiny skinny wife. She could only have been just over 4 ft tall and about 45 kgs, tiny little tits with hard nipples sticking out and sitting there in just her tights. I assumed they were married as she had the gold wedding rings on and she looked like a typical young 18 - 20 yr old go go dancer. I was starting to feel really hot and strange and realised that there must be something else in the blue cocktail drink. Why was he making everyone have a glass when they arrived!

I sat next to this couple and they had just started kissing each other. He had already made a rip in her tights and had a hand between her legs while pulling her on top of his lap. She had hold of his cock and was wanking it as he was fingering her pussy from behind. It was such a horny sight I couldn’t help stroking my cock as I watched. The guy looked English so I said to him, “Beautiful wife you have there mate”. He smiled back and said, “Yes mate, we met in Phuket 3 months ago and married a week ago, her name is Ploy”

The girl looked over at me stroking my cock and smiled then slid down onto her husband’s cock then started moaning while riding him. He gripped her arse and fucked her hard and fast, then he slowed down and took her hand and moved it onto my cock.

Interesting I thought to myself, so I lay back and watched to see her reaction. She pulled her hand away at first and told him No, but he just kissed her and whispered in her ear and then moved it back onto my cock. This time she didn’t pull back so I reached over and cupped one of her little breasts in my hand. She started wanking me, then exploring my cock and balls while her husband continued to fuck her slowly on his lap.

I looked around the room to see if Jane was coming back but no sign of her. The girl was really getting worked up as she was getting well fucked next to me then her husband told her to suck my cock. To my amazement she bent down and started sucking me like crazy.

I held her head as it bobbed up and down, then the guy starts pushing her head down hard and she started choking. “She like it like that”, he said to me.

“Do you wanna fuck her?, she’s so fucking tight, that’s why I married her, she loves fucking, morning till night”.

I have no idea what was going on around me now as people were all around us watching us and groping each other. He hands me a rubber and said, “there you go mate”. His wife was still trying to deep throat me so he pulled her up and said something to her. She pushed herself off his cock and stood up and grabbed the rubber from me. She ripped the pack open and put the rubber in her mouth then knelt down between my legs and put it on my cock using just her tongue and mouth.

I pulled her up and reached down between her legs to feel her soaking wet, tight little cunt and slipped a finger then two inside. God she was tight and his cock was bigger than mine by about another inch and fatter.

She knelt over me with her legs either side of mine and aimed my cock straight into her hole then started grinding up and down in my lap. She looked into my eyes and started running her tongue around her lips making a dirty suggestive gesture then she clamped her lips to mine and forced her tongue in my mouth.

Her husband was fingering her bum while I held her hips and fucked her hard on my rock hard cock. I could not cum yet and suspected it was the viagra or the blue cocktail but my whole body felt alive and tingling. Suddenly the lights came on and I hear Tony telling everyone to come out into the open air terrace.

He told all the girls to line up and face the city lights holding on to the chrome rail on top of the glass balcony wall. About 12 girls all in tights were standing there as Tony approached holding his massive cock. I had never seen his cock before but it must have been the biggest in the room tonight, at least 10 inches with a big cock ring in the end.

I saw Jane and she came over and said to me, “I saw you fucking that skinny Go Go slut back there!”

“Oh babe, he made me do it, they’ve only been married a week”.

She laughed and said, “It really turned me on watching you fuck her. Do you feel weird and horny”?

“Yes babe, it’s the blue drink I think.”

“OMG, I’ve been drinking it all night and I keep seeing colours and lights flashing and people talking to me but my mind is somewhere else”!

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