He Shared Me With His Friend

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

True Sex Story: Written by Lorna and is about being shared for the first time with my husbands friend

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   .

I need to tell someone my story. My husband is James, 26 and I’m Lorna 25 and we don’t have children. We had some tests done and James cannot have kids. We both want a baby and have talked about various options but as he is my first and only lover I never ever thought I would feel like I do now.

So here’s what happened.

Our sex life used to be great but as we’ve been together since high school, getting on for 12 years now. We went through the once a week stage, then the once a month stage and up to a few months ago he was luck to get it every 4 - 6 months.

So he started watching internet porn and suggesting we do stuff that he saw or read stories about online like this site. I started to enjoy the sex films and we even did some dirty talking and pretending I was being seduced by a stranger or someone we met via swinging heaven.

Then he said he wanted me to go with another man so he could watch and maybe join in later. I told him I couldn’t do that and a few months went by with him going on and on about it. He, well OK I’ll be honest, We, seemed to be watching more porn stuff online and it was always swingers and group sex with 3 or 4 people having sex together and one film was with one girl and a group of 6 men.

I must admit it did made me really hot and I came really fast. He said, I might even get prego and then we would have the baby we been trying for. He said we could have fun with some guys or couples on this site. We kept getting loads of replies but I was still not ready to meet a stranger.

Anyway, James had this friend, an old guy called Rob, he was about 60 and always round our house. Rob was always staring at me and I know fancied me but ... I was married.

As I mentioned, we had been getting loads of replies from swinging heaven but they were nearly all from older guys but a few were younger and really sexy. We had played on webcam a few times and one guy said he was from Weymouth the next big town to us. James eventually got me to agree so we made arrangements to meet but he never showed up! James was really pissed off as It took a lot of convincing from him, for me to go through with it and have sex with another man.

I had already drunk a bottle of wine to calm my nerves and was wearing my new red and black knickers and bra set. Sheer black hold up stockings and a shortish mid thigh dress with front opening buttons. James says I’ve got legs and bum to die for and I’d even shaved my pussy. I’ve got 36b tits and very sensitive nipples.

The time was 9 pm and he was supposed to be at the White Horse pub in the village at 8 pm. We phoned him a few times but it kept going to his voicemail. Then we got a text saying, “Something came up and he couldn’t make it”!

We walked home and opened another bottle of wine just as Rob popped in. He asked us where we been and why I was all dressed up. James started telling him about our meeting and I got really angry with him.

In the kitchen, I burst into tears and asked, why did he tell Rob we were gonna meet a guy. He calmed me down and said Rob already knew everything as he had told him before. Anyway, I stopped crying and went back in the lounge. Rob was staring, NO ... he was leering at me and I saw him touch his cock a few times.

James was sitting next to me on the sofa and put the tv on. James and Rob were talking about Rob’s ex wife and that he hadn’t had a girlfriend in 5 years. Rob said he got really frustrated and started going out dogging. I was shocked but James got him to tell us all about what he got up to.

He said it was pretty boring and uneventfull most of the time and it was mainly gay or bisexual guys going off into the woods or wherever together.

James then suggested we put a sexy film on. I couldn’t believe he said that!

Then Rob said, it sounded like a good idea. James joked with Rob, “Hope you don’t get all embarassed if we play a bit over here on the sofa. You don’t mind do you mate?”

“Not at all mate, if you don’t mind a lonely old dog watch a young couple play. “ Rob answered.

Normally I would have said, No way with Rob in the room but I was a bit tipsy and actually feeling a bit horny so I agreed and James went to choose a film from one of his sexy websites.

As the film started, James had his arm around me and Rob was in the arm chair. He was watching the film but was also looking at us. Rob was already holding my tits making my nipples get hard. The film had two guys in a room playing with a girl in the middle. They had their cocks out and the girl was wanking them both while they undressed her.

I could feel myself getting wet and James saw me squirming so put his hand on my leg and moved it up to show off my stocking tops. Rob was staring at my legs and then James told me to relax and open my legs a little bit. He whispered to me, “Lets give old Rob a sexy show.”

I didn’t really want to but he pushed his hand up my skirt and between my legs. As he touched me, I felt all funny and wanted him to do more. I was feeling really excited cos Rob was watching. I opened my legs a bit more and James moved his hand right over my pussy. Then he said to Rob, “Do you like her new knickers and hold ups”?

Rob coughed and stuttered as he answered, “Yes they are lovely” He was sort of all embarrassed.

James had moved his hand into my knickers and was lòoking at the film and then Rob. He then unbuttoned my dress at the front to show off my tits to Rob. I was getting so turned on, he had 2 fingers in my pussy and with Rob watching us I was going to come anytime.

James then pulled my knickers to one side and asked Rob if I had a beautiful shaved pussy.

Rob said, “It looked fantastic”. So James told him to come and sit next to us on the sofa as he was about 10 feet away and could not see properly!

James made me lay back with my legs open while he pulled my knickers open and let Rob see my pussy. Rob was really excited and touching his cock as James resumed fingering me.

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