The Tattoo Artist

by Frank Noir

Copyright© 2018 by Frank Noir

Erotica Sex Story: Giving young Megan a tattoo, the artist discovers she has a taste for pain.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   Masturbation   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

The electric needle buzzes against Megan’s thigh, repeatedly puncturing her skin, and spraying black ink into the microscopic holes. The tattoo artist with the black beard and glasses follows the lines of the sketch, and dot by dot the tattoo takes shape. Little and petite, Megan lies on her back on the table in her pink t-shirt. Her pale blue jeans are around her knees, exposing her little white panties. It is a hot summer’s day and little beads of sweat glisten on her skin.

The tattoo artist lays the needle on the small metal rack by the table. He replaces the black ink cartridge with a red one and changes to a thicker needle. Using a paper towel he wipes the blood and excess ink off her skin. He studies the result – the black lines form the outline of a flower.

“Well,” he says. “We just need to fill it in. We’ll be done soon.”

Megan wriggles about to get comfortable on the table.

“Is it bad?” the tattoo artist asks.

She shakes her head, her cheeks blushing. The tattoo artist smiles, puts the needle to her skin, and starts the machine again. It pricks and buzzes against Megan’s skin, and she closes her eyes.

When he’s finished he switches off the needle and wipes her skin again. He pulls off his thin latex gloves and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

“Try and have a look,” he says.

Megan glances at the finished tattoo and smiles. An elaborate rose, its fiery red petals boldly outlined in black.

“It’s so pretty,” she whispers, her voice trembling.

“It is, isn’t it?” the tattoo artist says proudly, getting up from his chair. “I’ll get some lotion for you.”

He disappears into the back room and Megan closes her eyes again. Her entire body is quivering. Slowly she slides her little hand down into her panties, and slowly she begins to masturbate. She’s already sopping wet, the soft flesh of her pussy slippery with her juices. Her tiny clit stands erect with excitement, and she runs her fingers in little circles around it, making herself gasp for air.

Even as she hears the door opening, she continues. As she opens her eyes, the tattoo artist stands there, a little jar of lotion in his hand, calmly watching her, a friendly gaze in his grey-blue eyes.

“Keep going,” he says calmly. “It’s okay.”

Megan whimpers with pleasure. The tattoo artist puts the jar down on the little metal cabinet. Then he stands right in front of her, watching her attentively as she masturbates. Gradually she accelerates the rhythm, moaning louder and louder. The tattoo artist pulls her jeans all the way off. Then he grabs her panties, sliding them down over her and all the way off, exposing her pink cunt to his gaze. Megan’s fingers energetically work her clit. The tattoo artist gently pushes her thighs apart – spreading her legs. Her wet, pink labia gape hungrily towards him.

“You have such a beautiful cunt,” he says calmly.

Inside his pants, his cock begins to grow. Long and hard it pokes against the fabric of his black jeans.

“Oh!” Megan gasps. “Oh!”

She arches her little body as she orgasm surges through her. The tattoo artist stares at her – his eyes shiny with lust behind the glasses.

“Was it good?” he whispers hoarsely.

Megan whimpers with pleasure.

“Yes,” she replies.

The tattoo artist nods, his gaze running lasciviously up and down her quivering body. Then he picks up a new stencil and shows it to her.

“Would you like a bonus tattoo?” he asks. “You can have it for free.”

Megan squints at the little drawing.

“An orchid?” she says. “That’s nice. Yes, please. Where?”

The tattoo artist places the stencil on the inside of her left thigh – barely an inch away from her warm pussy.

“Here,” he says.

With two fingers he rubs the plastic, copying the drawing onto Megan’s thigh. He pulls on a fresh pair of latex gloves and changes the ink cartridge back to black.

“Um,” Megan asks hesitantly. “Isn’t the skin rather sensitive right there?”

“Yeah,” the tattoo artist replies, putting the needle against the skin. “It might hurt a bit.”

He immediately switches on the machine, and Megan cries out:


The tattoo artist turns off the needle.

“Too much?” he asks.

Megan brushes a lock of blond hair from her sweaty forehead and gasps.

“No,” she replies. “I love it. Keep going.”

Smiling, the tattoo artist grabs his crotch.

“Just a second,” he says. “My cock is so fucking hard.”

He zips down his pants and releases his long, hard member. Megan gasps at the sight, her mouth wide open. His fingers reach inside his pants, pulling his round, bulging balls out of the fly as well. The cock stands straight up, jerking with lust.

“Yeah, like that,” he gasps.

Again he applies the needle to the inside of Megan’s thigh and switches it on. It buzzes loudly as he begins tracing the new outlines. Megan writhes on the table, her wet, pink slit quivering with excitement.

“Ow!” she whimpers. “You’re torturing me. You evil bastard – I love the way you torture me!”

Breathing hard, the tattoo artist finishes the outline – then wipes it off with a paper towel. He stands up slowly, gazing lustfully at Megan. His long, hard cock throbs and jumps. Clear fluid oozes from its tip. His latex-gloved hand grabs the shaft firmly, guiding it towards her cunt.

“Are you ready?” he gasps. “Are you ready for my cock?”

The head of his cock pushes hard against the soft mouth of her pussy. Megan nods, her cheeks flushed.

“Yes!” she whimpers. “Oh, yes!”

The tattoo artist thrusts his hips forwards, burying the entire length of his shaft inside Megan’s soft cunt. She cries out loud:


Immediately he starts fucking – out and in, in deep hard thrust, making Megan’s sensitive flesh slurp around his bone-hard cock. He’s still wearing pants and t-shirt – the jeans fabric rhythmically scratches against her fresh, tender tattoo.

“Oh!” she cries loudly. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Her shapely breasts bounce beneath her t-shirt in time to the tattoo artists thrusting – her nipples stiff and hard under the thin fabric. She spreads her legs, allowing him to enter her completely – grips his powerful, jeans-clad ass, pulling him towards her. Her hands feel the muscles flexing in his buttocks, as his hard shaft impales her cunt again and again. Gasping loudly, she feels her orgasm approaching.

“Oh yeah,” he grunts. “That’s good fucking pussy!”

He grips her t-shirt and starts pulling it off her. His cock is still relentlessly pumping inside her juicy slit. Megan lifts up her arms, letting him pull of the shirt and throw in on the floor, leaving her stark naked on the table beneath him. His strong, gloved hands grab her full breasts and squeeze them so hard she screams:


The tattoo artist thrusts harder and harder up into her slobbering cunt, his cock hard as a rock with lust. Megan grips the edges of the table, holding on tight as a powerful climax hits her.

“Ohhh!” she yells. “Ohhh!”

The tattoo artist’s cock jerks inside her pussy.

“Yeah!” he roars. “Like that! Yes!”

Suddenly he pulls out of her trembling, wet cunt. He grips his cock with his big, gloved fist, pointing it at the fresh tattoo as he begins to ejaculate. The first, white spurt of semen hits the tender drawing with incredible force.

“Ow!” Megan cries, still shaking from her orgasm. “It stings!”

“Mmm!” the tattoo artist grunts,

His cock fires again and again – jet after jet – covering the little tattoo with creamy, white spunk.

“I love it...” Megan sighs. “Spurt your fat spunk all over me... !”

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