Wet Fun After Work

by DetroitRockCity

Copyright© 2018 by DetroitRockCity

Erotica Sex Story: A little water-filled fun with her honey.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

Trudging through the front door, another exhausting day in the books, she dropped her things on the kitchen table and walked slowly to the bedroom. The thought of a long, relaxing shower brought a smile to her face. She wearily stripped out of her work clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Stepping under the hot streams of water, she closed her eyes and relaxed. Allowing her mind to drift, feeling the warm liquid cascade down her body, she began to think of him. Imagining his blue-gray eyes gazing upon her, his muscular arms wrapping themselves around her, she feels the heat begin to radiate from between her legs. The thought of his hot breath on her neck, his hands slowly sliding down her hips and across her backside brings an involuntary shiver to her.

Her hand slips down between her legs, her pussy already slick with her arousal, her juices mingling with the hot water. The thought of running her hands through his blond hair, her fingers through his beard elicits a moan and an increase in the tingling sensations radiating from her center. Her other hand reaches up to cup her breast, gently squeezing and massaging her nipple, ridgid from her fantasies.

Lost in her own imagination, the cool breeze across her back startles her a moment, but remembering why brings another shiver and a lustful smile to her face. Closing her eyes again, she feels the hands gently touch her shoulders. The feel of his damp beard on the back of her neck and his breath in her ear is too much and her body shudders through her first orgasm. He wraps his arms around her as she puts her hand against the shower wall to support herself. Her knees already weakening, she leans her head into his chest and surrenders completely.

His soft kisses start at the top of her head, trailing down to her neck, across her shoulders and slowly down her back. Her low moans encourage him, as she pushes herself back against him, wanting to feel him against every part of her. Reaching her arm back, she pulls his head towards her, turning to nibble on his sensitive earlobes. The effect is immediate, his eyes glaze over, then flare with lust, his arousal pressing into her back. He spins her around and pulls her against him. He presses his lips to hers, their tongues dueling hungrily. Her fingers raking across his broad shoulders, her need for him overpowering.

An unspoken look passes between them, as she wraps her arms around his neck and his powerful arms lift her up. She locks her legs around his waist as he pushes her against the shower wall. Burying her head on his shoulder, she slowly slides down until she impales herself on his cock. The incredible feeling of being stretched, filled completely, overwhelms her and causes her to cry out as her body quakes through a powerful orgasm. Biting down into his skin as the aftershocks pulse through her, she glances up into his face and sees that heart-melting smile.

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