The Cheerleaders

by Steve August

Copyright© 2018 by Steve August

BDSM Sex Story: Bad things happen to two girls of the cheerleading squad.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   BDSM   Spanking   Gang Bang   Black Male   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Anna was a fourteen year old freshman at Summerville High School. As a new student and not knowing anyone, she decided to try out for the cheerleading squad, thinking it would be a way to meet and make friends. Having been in gymnastics most of her childhood she was extremely limber and easily made the team. Now all she had to do was get through a test the older girls put her up to. They told her that to be a part of the team she had to do one simple thing. She had to take a shower, in the boys locker room. This was something she hadn’t counted on. One of the girls told her that the boys wouldn’t be out of their practice for about an hour. She gritted her teeth determined to get it over with and be part of the squad. She went into the boys locker room which was, to her relief empty, stripped off her clothes by the shower door laying her towel by her clothes. She started the water and got under it and began to wash herself. With the shower running she didn’t hear the locker room door open. She had just finished rinsing herself off, when all twelve of the boys basketball team came in the room. Embarrassed at being seen by the boys she tried to cover herself. One of the boys asked her what she was doing in there. She told him that she had just joined the cheerleading squad and this was her entry task, to see if she had what it took to be a cheerleader. He told her that she definitely looked the part and had the right equipment for it. Not knowing if it was supposed to be a complement or a rude comment, she began to back away from him. Another boy spoke up don’t leave we are just getting started. Besides as a cheerleader you have to be able to keep our spirits up, of course you will have fun as well.

By the time he had said all of that, unnoticed by her, all the boys were surrounded her. One of the boys got behind her and grabbed her. She tried to kick his chin but to no effect. A boy in front of her stroked her breast. She tried kicking him as well but a third boy caught her leg. There was not much she could do at this point. With one boy holding her leg, it opened up her crotch, giving easy access to her privates. A fourth boy began to rub her pussy. Despite her helplessness of her struggles, the stimulation was starting to get to her. The one foot she had on the floor began to give out. Instead of falling however the boys eased her down to the floor. The boy behind her and one of the other boys each grabbed an arm two more boys started kissing and sucking her breast while two other boys held her legs apart. A boy she had yet to see buried his face in her crotch and started kissing and licking her pussy. The helplessness and triple stimulation produced a tingling throughout her body. In a matter of minutes she was having her first orgasom. Her body was trembling all over and the boys just kept on licking and sucking and kissing the sensitive parts of her body. A boy who was just watching asked her if she how much she liked her bodies reactions. To which the only words that came out of her mouth was OH GOD OH GOD oh my god. As her orgasom continued to roll through her. The boy said I think she is ready for part two guys. The boy who was licking her pussy arose. She couldn’t tell what he was doing for sure but she felt something rubbing her pussy. It was big and kinda hard yet smooth st the same time. Then she felt it, something was pushing into her sex. Oh god no, she thought, even as her body was screaming for more. The boy felt her hymen as he gently pushed his cock into her. Trying to make it quick and as painless as possible, he pulled back until only the tip of his cock was in her then slammed forward tarring her hymen in the process. She screamed so loudly they could feel the floor vibrate from it. Unlike some of the other boys, his cock shorter but it was also thicker than theirs. His entire four and a half inches was in her as he paused to let her body adjust to his cock. What did you do to her one of the boy’s asked him. I just took her cherry, he said simply.

Lucky bastard you got to be her first. She had adjusted to him wow and he began to fuck her slowly at first, but as her hips began to move with his own, faster and faster. He felt her pussy mussels begin squeezing his cock and knew she was about to come again so he increased his speed so that they would come together. As he shot his load into her she screamed her pleasure as well.

The next guy took his turn then. He was not as thick as the first guy but he was a couple of inches longer which opened her up more.

After all twelve guys had come in her pussy the first time, they made her suck all of their cocks, but not to the point that they would come again. The first boy who had fucked her lay on his back. She was forced to sit astride him with his cock in her pussy. She was bounced up and down a few times, then made to lay down on his chest. He continued to pump in and out of her while she was on top. She was beginning to get used to the ride when another guy, with his cock slicked up with soap pushed his cock into her ass Screaming even louder than when her cherry was taken. The boy didn’t last long in her tight ass, and all the other boys took their turns. As the last boy in her ass was finishing. The coach walked in.

What in the name of god is going on in here? he yelled. You, he pointed to her, come with me, he said. She tried to stand up but her knees wouldn’t hold her. He pointed to the boy who had fucked first help her, you he said pointing to another guy get her clothes. He took them to his office. He said explain yourself, looking straight at her. I made the cheerleading squad today. They told me that to earn my spot in the squad I had to shower in the boy’s locker room. I had hoped to be done before they were through with practice and if I had had 5 more minutes I would have.

So when they all came in you decided you would fuck them all. Not exactly she said. Until, she looked at the clock on the wall, about an hour and a half ago I was a virgin. I had no idea how much fun it was, or I might have started having sex earlier. You have decided that you like having sex do you? Yes she said though it can be tiring I found out. Okay instead of sending you to the office for a spanking. Let’s just handle this matter right here. This is what I want you to do. First of all you are going to suck my cock, and if I don’t think you are doing it right I will swat you on the ass. He took his pants down and stood in front of her. She tentatively took his cock into her mouth, as with the boys she pumped her head back and forth. Unlike the boys he kept trying to put his cock down her throat. Each time she gaged and pulled her head back. With no warning he took the belt she had not noticed in his hand and strapped it across her butt. Because she was in the process of going down onto his cock, the resulting scream opened up her throat allowing his cock to go into her throat. That’s better he said. She was reduced to taking shorter and shallower breathes as he continued to fuck her throat. He was still fucking her throat when he came in her throat. The first three shots went straight into her throat, then pulled out of the throat, leaving two more in her mouth. When he was done, he said thank you. Instead of letting her get dressed at this point, made her lay on her back. He began to eat her pussy more expertly the boys had. She had two more orgasoms while he was doing that the second more powerful than the first. Unknown to her as she was having her second placed two little remote controlled beads in her vagina. When he activated them they would stimulate her bringing her to new heights of pleasure.

The next day as she talked to the other cheerleaders she told them about her experience not including the coach. After all, even though she had wanted it it would still be considered statutory rape, she didn’t want to put anyone in jail, especially one who bring her such pleasure

When they had left the school, Amy asked her point blank. Did the coach catch you? Reluctantly she admitted that he had. Did he fuck you as well? No but he did have me suck him off and he ate my pussy. The two orgasoms I had from that you wouldn’t believe, it was magical. I can almost feel it still, unknown to her he had the eggs at the lowest setting. Anna went home. She went straight to her room and lay down on her bed.

In the house next door on the second floor in his bedroom the coach looked into her room with his binoculars. She had just drifted off to sleep when he took his remote and increased the settings another level. Her breathing increased and she began to sweat. He increased it to the third level, still watching her. She was now almost panting and her hips moved a little. He increased it to the fourth level. Now her hips bucking hard and fast and her breath was coming in gasps. He increased it to the fifth and final level. Even from where he was in the house next door he could hear her scream of pleasure. Good thing her parents weren’t home yet. They would have known something was amiss. She only thought it was her dream. Since the locker room she had had a lots of sex dreams.

He continued his activity every day before her parents got home. A week later before her parents got home he knocked on her door it was a Friday night. She answered the door saying hi coach. What brings you here? I was hoping you might let me uh ... he trailed off. I would love to, but if we did you could get into real trouble. Yes but what if I could get away with it. How could we? Well I was thinking. I have a place just out of town, a weekend place you see. You could pretend to be spending the night at a friends house. No one would be the wiser. She thought about it for a moment. That could work. I would have to have someone cover for me though. Amy might do it. I can ask her. If she wanted to bring her boyfriend she could come next time if she wanted to. She called Amy can you do me a favor. It depends what do you need. I want to say that I am going to spend the night with you. Who are you really meeting Amy asked you promise not to tell? Absolutely who is it? Coach Stevens your kidding, I would love you fuck him. He said you could come next time if you wanted to, just not this time.

I will hold you to it. Alright just cover for me tonight ok. You bet and I am looking forward to next time.

30 minutes later Anna and the coach pull up to a fairly nice cabin in the woods. The first thing they do when they get in, after a scorching kiss that is, is to make dinner for the two of them. After that they spend half the night and most of the morning making love. Before they go home they make plans to come back in a couple of weeks, with Amy this time. Anna had told him that her friend was wanting to fuck him as well. As far as Anna knew it would be the three of them. The coach had other plans.

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