Shoe Girl
Chapter 3

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A young girl with a problem barters for help from an amoral man.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Anal Sex   Enema   Oral Sex  

At ten past nine the next morning, while I was still eating breakfast, my doorbell rang. I had a minor panic: I wasn’t expecting anyone until possibly Mel at half nine. I hoped that I could quickly get rid of whoever it was at the door so they wouldn’t encounter Mel if she actually turned up.

When I opened the door, my panic turned to relief. Mel was early. She appeared to be wearing the same clothes as the day before, topped off by a pink jacket that looked a couple of sizes too small. Standing on my doorstep, she looked so small and vulnerable that I had a moment of uncharacteristic weakness and took pity on her.

“Welcome favourite niece,” I said. “Are you sure you want to do this? I’ll give you one last chance to back out. I’ll even let you keep the shoes. But as soon as you cross my threshold, you’re committed.”

Mel bit her lip, obviously considering my offer for a moment, then she put on a determined face. “I made a deal with you and I keep my word.”

Without waiting for an invitation, she pushed her way past me into my house. I caught a whiff in passing; her hygiene was still lacking.

“I’m still eating my breakfast,” I explained. “Can I interest you in bacon sandwiches and coffee?”

“Ooh yes,” Mel eagerly replied.

“Jacket,” I said to Mel’s back, and indicated a row of hooks just inside the door when she turned to look.

As Mel eased herself out of her jacket, I recognised the holes in Mel’s t-shirt. Definitely the same as the day before. I took Mel’s jacket and hung it on a hook.

I led the way into my kitchen, where I rescued the bacon already cooking from the grill, replacing it with some uncooked rashers from my fridge. I converted the cooked bacon into two sandwiches, one for me and the other for Mel.

“Help yourself to condiments,” I said as I poured us each a coffee.

Mel coated her bacon with a liberal coating of brown sauce. “You’ve got a big house,” she observed.

“I’m well paid. Did you make out a list?”

Mel handed over a scrap of paper. Her handwriting was surprisingly neat and easy to read.

“Mum makes school uniform a priority so my schoolwear is mostly okay. Everything else is pretty bad though,” she said, indicating the well-worn t-shirt and denim skirt she was wearing.

I quickly scanned the list. It was pretty much what I expected and wouldn’t break the bank at a budget clothes shop. I nodded approvingly.

A particularly loud crackle reminded me of the bacon cooking. I checked on it, turning it over so it would cook evenly. “Another bacon sarnie?” I asked, when I judged it was done.

“Yes please. I only get cereal at home except for special occasions.”

I converted the bacon into another sandwich each and topped up our coffees. Mel raided the brown sauce again and set about the sandwich with gusto.

Eventually, when we were both sated, I loaded the dishwasher and set it going.

“Are we going into town now?” asked Mel.

“Not yet,” I replied. “There’s one or two things to take care of first. Come this way please.”

Mel followed me out of the kitchen and along a corridor to what would probably have been the servants’ quarters in the designer’s plans, but I’d had it reconfigured for use as a short-term safe-house for a family. Being isolated from the rest of the house would afford them some privacy. I opened a door leading into a large bathroom.

“In here, please.”

Mel looked worried, but obeyed.

“Before you go out with me, I want you thoroughly cleaned up,” I explained. “Use the shower and take your time. Use the body wash and shampoo I left out for you.”

“I don’t like showers,” complained Mel. “We have to have them at school after Phys Ed and the water’s always freezing cold.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no shortage of hot water here.”

Mel stood defiantly with hands on hips. Equally steadfast, I stood between her and the door.

“I need to tinkle,” said Mel.

I gestured to the toilet. Mel pulled her panties down to her ankles, hitched up her skirt at the back and sat down on the seat, looking expectantly at me.

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