A Christmas Story

by angeldust

Copyright© 2018 by angeldust

Romantic Story: A Story about Christmas and Love.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I looked at him laying there; it had been so long since he had gone off to play war. What did he know about anything that happened these past few years that he has been gone, does he even care? I remember begging him to stay and crying for months afterwards and then worrying about his safety. He had to go, No He Needed to Go, and now he just laid there...

My thoughts raced back to that wonderful day we first met. He was a boy of seventeen and I was a young girl of fifteen, both just shy teenagers that wanted to know some one cared for us. His smile melted my heart and I could do nought but stare at him, lost in his eyes’ depths. We found a small garden bench in a corner and sat and talked, getting to know each other. We were from the same small rural area. He had worked as a farm labourer to save money for college, while I worked as a babysitter for run around change. We laughed at the fact that we might have actually crossed paths and never even known it.

As we got to know each other over that year, our friendship turned to Love. I do not honestly know who loved whom more but I know that I loved him more than life itself. Our first kiss was on a bench in the garden, my body both trembled and tingled with my desire for him. I believe that he too felt the same way, the way his eyes glossed over and he seemed unaware of where he was. We started to walk along the river bank every evening, holding hands and just talking about our heartfelt future. Little did we know about the dealings of people in far off places that would affect us and every person with hopes and dreams, like us.

It was after the first time that we had made love that the news came about a small border skirmish in some foreign land. It was Christmas Eve and we had just finished our evening walk when he once again took me into his arms and parted my lips with his tongue. Gently he nibbled on my lower lip, moving along my cheek to my ear and then down to just above my shoulder and towards my collarbone. He paused just long enough to moisten his lips and then applied them lightly to that spot before nibbling and licking lightly to just under my ear. He then sucked ever so gently flicking his tongue every so often and all the time massaging the other side of my neck with light spidery strokes. I felt my legs weaken and my sweet cunny was getting damp. No wet, would have been a better description. He pressed his body into mine and I could feel his strength hard against me. I knew that tonight no matter what anyone did, thought or said, that I would deny him nothing. We walked back to the small Bed & Breakfast where I was staying but I told him no, that I wanted to be with him and wished that he would take me to the little cottage he lived alone in on the Lord’s Estate.

When we arrived, he opened the door and then swept me off of my feet and carried me in like a new bride. He sat me on his bed and after closing the door turned on the small coal oil lamp and stoked the fire. He told me that I looked like an angel come to Earth to finally bring his life some peace. To me he was everything and I knew that I would love no other, even after my dying day. He approached me with trepidation, a look of was he doing the right thing. I just nodded my head and rose to him, pulling him closer to me. We sat on the bed and again he kissed me oh so delicately while unbuttoning my blouse. I too started on his buttons knowing that I was finally with my own true love. He lowered his lips to my breast, rotating the nipple with his tongue. His hands shaking he started to undo my skirt and removed it so that all I had on was my knee stockings and panties. I looked at the fire expecting a big roaring inferno because of the heat I was feeling, only to see embers. His smile was one that lit the room with his love for me, he then pulled my panties down with a caress that made my sight blur and I dripped from the feeling of his closeness. He bent his head and used it to tenderly part my legs as if a very light, almost imperceptible touch in passing. I felt his kiss as the evening breeze on my calf’s skin. He looked at me like I was his goddess and he would gladly sacrifice himself upon my altar for a single look at him. Softly he placed his darting, sultry long tongue between my virginal lips. Licking the inside with a kindness that I never knew could be given or received. A small moan escaped my mouth and my hands reached down to ensure that he would not escape the lair that had seemed to attract him. I felt his explorations of my secret place, which no man had seen. He took my clit into his mouth and like with my breast, lightly played with it and sucked tenderly and moved it lovingly bringing such pleasure and pain that I thought I was in Heaven or Hell. With his fingers he adoringly tickled just inside my labia further adding to my sensual overload.

I reached down to pull him up to kiss me and when he did, I could taste what I could only assume to be myself. I noticed that unknown to me he had removed his pants and now his manhood was hard against my maidenhead. I desired him to take me but he just moved its tip along my clitoris. I begged him to stop and to make me his woman. Finally he started to move back and forth on me and ever so slowly I could feel him entering me, all the time he kissed passionately with unbridled ardour. It was, as I had dreamt as a young girl, what my wedding night would be like. Softly my lips parted and he entered into me, the first to ever do so. He stopped and then started to retreat; I wrapped my legs around him to prevent his escape. He then once again gently moved forward until he met my barrier, my most prized position. I took a deep breath and looked into his eyes and nodded my encouragement. The concern in his eyes added to the wonderment that I knew was about to happen. I pushed my hips forward to meet his thrust and felt the pain rip through me. The tear that escaped my eye was more of joy than pain. He noticed it and sucked it into his mouth. He whispered that he was sorry that he had hurt me. I smiled telling him that it was worth it and seeing as he had stopped the hurt was subsiding. We laid there for a few moments while I grew accustomed to having him inside me.

Slowly he started to move again, taking his time as he nibbled my breasts and delicately rubbed my clitoris. I took a deep breath as my body responded to his movements and continued to look into his eyes where I saw his love for me. He started to push deeper and faster and I met each thrust with my own. It was as if we were a clock works, in perfect synchronization with each other. I felt my body tremble; my back arched, I was awash with fluids flowing covering his member, my inner walls grabbed hold of his manhood and squeezed. I heard him moan and then felt his seed pour into me. He said my name adoringly and told me how much he loved me. He rolled off me, pulling me to his side, cuddling and allowing me to lay my head on his shoulder. We were both expended with our lust and love finally being full filled. We drifted off holding each other until the morning sun.

When I awoke I noticed that I was alone in bed and my beloved was not in the cottage. I had just started to get dressed when the door opened; he smiled as he brought in logs for the fire. He placed a few on the flames that were already starting to heat the room, the rest he placed beside the hearth. He watched as I finished dressing and then he reached onto the mantle and took something down. Coming to me he said I have a special present for you, I giggled as I told him that I had a gift for him. My beloved smiled and told me that I had to give him my gift first. “Ladies before Gentlemen”, he laughed. I went to my coat pocket and pulled out the gift I had bought for him. He unwrapped it by removing the ribbon to see the Gold Cross combined with the Star of David that I had purchased for him. I told him that he could wear it to the Church service later this morning; he smiled and then sat me down. Sitting beside me he gave me a small box which I opened to see a silver ring with a small blue stone. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and told him this was the nicest gift I had ever received. He smiled again stating that this wasn’t a Christmas gift if I would marry him, it was my wedding ring.

I started to cry and asked how could it be my marriage ring, as we were not even engaged. “Are you saying no then?” he asked. I laughed with tears streaming down my cheeks and looked into his loving eyes while nodding my acceptance.” Well with that settled we will have to get the vicar to perform the ceremony just before the Christmas Service, won’t we?” Was all he said about that. “Now my love I must clear my walk and get wood for our breakfast, and the rest of the day as it will be busy for me.” With that he went outside to get the wood while I made his bed, dressed and started making porridge and tea.

Within the half hour he returned with a box of kindling and logs, stomping his feet to get the snow off. We were just about to sit down when a young man entered. Looking at me, he told my love that the master wanted him at the manor for Christmas bonuses and a toast. After making his announcement he left looking at me with such disregard as I have never witnessed before. We finished our tea, put on our coats and walked up the driveway to the manor. When we arrived we were met at the door by Caldron the head valet, who wished us a Merry Christmas while taking our wraps. We looked about and noticed that the other servants, indentured and employees were milling about. All except for the young messenger, named William, who was talking to his Lordship and looking in our direction. Noticing us his Lordship, joined by his wife and daughter, used a spoon to tinkle on the side of his glass to get everyone’s attention and once he had it he spoke to us.

“My dears, this has been a good year for all of us, with some new employees especially exceeding our expectations. It is because of this that I ask you to line up to receive your pay cheques as well as your Holiday bonuses.” with that he and his family went down the line handing out two envelopes to each person. Some received larger ones than others, due to their position. When he reached us he handed my love first his pay for the past month and then produced a second one much, much larger. “You my lad have taken well and good care of the stock and grounds keepers. Getting them to perform their duties with kindness and fair handedness. Yet it has come to me that you had this young lady in your house this morning which could only mean that she spent the night. I have a young daughter and cannot allow this kind of behaviour under my roofs. This third envelope is two weeks’ severance pay and I ask that you leave my presence now. You may stay yourself for the night but you must be gone by tomorrow, at which time Caldron and William will help you pack and see you off.”

I was shocked and was about to speak when my love looked at me, to silence me. “My Lord I do not know what I have done to bring about such displeasure, after as you yourself just said improving work load and moral while here. I need not stay where I am not wanted and so I will leave once I have my stuff packed up. Mr. Caldron is quite welcome to accompany me, but as for William I could not vouch for his safety if he was to come along. My fiancée and I take your leave sir with no malice.”

With that we left with Mr. Caldron walking along beside us. “It was William”; Caldron stated. “He told the old goat that he burst in your door to find you in bed together. When her Ladyship and I enquired about it further he admitted that you were drinking tea. He said that there were no footsteps in the snow leading up to your door.” Upon arriving at the cottage Caldron asked why my beloved had not mentioned that he had shovelled the walk already. He just looked and smirked saying, “If I am to be misjudged that easily on the words of a snivelling miscreant then I do not want to be employed by such a person.”

With Caldron’s help we gathered up that which belonged to my darling. Some blankets, a stool, a small table, clothing, a rocking chair, some books and paper and a writing pen. We then watched as he moved a hearth stone and extracted a green cloth purse, to which he added the monies from his envelopes. Seeing our surprised faces he smiled and told us that it was the money he had saved to go to college combined with that which his father had given him when he left home. We loaded into Jacob’s horse drawn dog cart what we had gathered and had Mr. Caldron write that we had only taken that which had belonged to us. With that out of the way we shook Mr. Caldron’s hand, wishing him a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and road down the drive to my place of lodging.

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