Bar Pickup

by Thomas Antonson

Copyright© 2018 by Thomas Antonson

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely mature meets a much younger man in a hotel bar. The chemistry they experience takes them both by surprise.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

I’m on the road a lot for work. Since most of my meetings end at 4 in the afternoon my evenings tend to be free. I’m a social guy and enjoy meeting new people so you’re likely to find me in the bar of whatever hotel I happen to be staying in that night.

So, there I was at the bar in this upscale hotel in a generically Midwestern city. Let me describe myself. I am what’s called a “manther.” For those not up on their urban slang, a manther is the male equivalent of a “cougar.” I’m good looking, keep myself in shape, and look younger than my 62 years. I was also a winner in the genetic lottery: I have the metabolism of a 16-year-old. That means that I can eat and drink whatever I like (to a point) and not have to spend extra hours in the gym to burn it off.

I like sex, and I particularly like sex with younger men, hence “manther.” The cool part is that everywhere I go I find young men who are interested in older guys and who are bold enough to make the first move.

I made small talk with the bartender while I sipped my lemon drop martini. There wasn’t anyone else there when I came in, but it was early. Gradually the offices in the nearby buildings disgorged their drones and the place started to fill up. I saw a number of good-looking young men (and women, but they weren’t of any particular interest except aesthetically). Finally, the only seat open at the bar was the one to my right.

“Is this seat open?”

The questioner was tall and blond. I gave him a quick look before responding. He was good looking in that Midwestern way.

“Sure. Help yourself,” I said. I might have added “and I’m open too,” but that seemed a bit much.

“I’m Tim,” he said, holding out his hand. I took it and gave it a squeeze. He had a decent handshake, as rare in 20-somethings as a good shoe shine these days.

“John,” I replied.

Tim smiled and sat down. The bartender showed up with amazing speed and Tim ordered one of the local craft beers. His glass of beer came and he lifted it to me.

“Cheers,” he said.

I raised mine and clinked it against his. “Success to crime.”


“You recognized it?”

“Yeah, my dad was nuts about Spenser.”

Well, THAT was a buzz kill and Tim seemed to recognize the landmine he’d just stepped on.

To defuse the landmine, I laughed out loud. I have a good laugh. It’s infectious. He blushed (yes, actually blushed) and laughed with me.

“To be honest,” I said, “I don’t know anyone under 40 who’s read any of Parker’s novels. Maybe I just don’t know the right people.”

“I’ve read all of them,” Tim said. “It was a way to have something to talk about with my dad. He liked Louis L’Amour too.”

“Another good storyteller. Did you read those too?”

“Guilty pleasure.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” I said, smiling. This wasn’t going the way I had envisioned. I didn’t want someone who thought of me as their dad. That would just be awkward on many levels.

But Tim was a young man just full of surprises and a good lesson to me about assumptions.

“But I’m not looking for Daddy, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Tim said.

“What are you looking for then?”

Tim gave me a direct, in the eye, look, and said, “I’m looking to get laid tonight.”

“Drink up. You’re about to get lucky because so am I,” I replied, returning his look with what I hoped was a wolfish smile.

“Like ‘em young?” He asked.

“What do you think?”

Tim didn’t respond. He picked up his beer and finished it in one long pull. I watched his throat work while he did it. For some reason that was intensely erotic.

I finished what was left in my glass and put it down. He did the same.

“Would you like to go somewhere, have dinner, and make small talk?” I asked.


“Would you like to come back to my room and get laid?”

“Option two. Definitely.”

“Let’s go then.”

Tim followed me to the elevator. Once inside he stood next to me. When the doors closed he put his arm around my waist and grabbed my ass.


“Elliptical. The Stairmaster kills my knees.”

“Seems to be working. Nice ass.”

I grabbed his and smiled.

“You too.”

“Track, golf, and swimming.”

“Seems to be working.”

We arrived at my floor. Things hadn’t gone any further in the elevator. That was fine with me. I didn’t need to have my image captured on the hotel security cams while groping someone or being groped.

The walk from the elevator to my room seemed to take forever. My cock was stiff and uncomfortably caught on my underwear. I glanced down at Tim and saw the bulge. He was in the same boat.

Somehow I got my key card out of my pocket without dropping it on the floor, tapped it on the pad, and opened the door. It had barely clicked behind us when his arms went around me and he captured my mouth with a kiss. One question answered. A lot of guys don’t like kissing. I happen to love it. Tim was a great kisser. We stood in the foyer of my room making out and grinding against each other. It was nice foreplay but we both wanted more.

The kiss broke. We were both breathing hard as we started to strip each other, clothes falling in a heap on the floor. When his chest was bare I swooped in and started licking his rock hard nipples. He moaned and pulled my face tighter against his chest. Meanwhile, my fingers were busy unfastening his belt and opening his pants. He kicked off his shoes as his slacks hit the floor, quickly followed by his briefs.

Tim pulled me up and we kissed some more while he applied himself to the task of removing the last barriers between us. We managed to step out of our clothing piles and slide our socks off without breaking the kiss. Somehow we made it to the bed and sprawled across the duvet still locked in a passionate embrace.

Our cocks rubbed as we ground our bodies together. His hands went to my ass and mine to his as we slowly dry humped while our kiss continued. I can kiss all night and I sensed that Tim was enjoying our lip lock, but I wanted to sample that nice cock I felt banging into my own endowment and I broke the kiss.

My lips worked their way down his throat onto his chest where I explored his nipples some more before leaving a trail of kisses across his downy abs, following the treasure trail to my goal. He rolled onto his back and spread his legs to give me full access. His cock, like his body, was long and lean with a nice sack and I set out to give all of it detailed attention with my lips and tongue.

Tim’s hips pumped as I teased him. I smiled and kept nibbling his nethers. He moaned with frustration.

“How many loads are you good for, Tim,” I asked.

“I’m 21. How many do you think?”

“Good. I want you to give me the first one now so you’ll last longer in my ass,” I responded.

“Mmmm ... I like the sound of that. More sucking and less talking,” he said with a grin.

I took the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked it, tickling the magic spot just behind the tip with the tip of my tongue. His cock jerked in my mouth and I tasted a big drop of precum. I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to blow his load. Gripping the base of his dick with my fist I put the rest of it into my mouth and started working my fist and lips up and down his shaft.

Once I had a good coating of spit on Tim’s meat stalk I went for the whole enchilada, letting the head of his cock slide down my throat until my lips met the crinkly hairs at the base of his manhood.

“Fuck!” Tim cried out as he felt me swallow him whole. His hips came up off the bed and his hands found my head trying to force every last centimeter of his erection into my gullet. I held him there until the lack of oxygen forced me to release my throat hold. I came up for air and went back down. This time I started a fast up and down rhythm cupping his sack with my hand and fondling his balls while I did my best to coax a quick load from this virile young stud. My goal was to send him on his way completely drained before the night was through. Sometimes I’m a greedy cumslut and this was one of those times.

I wasn’t ten strokes into my deep throat act when I heard him groan and felt his cock start to throb. His sack tightened in my hand and I knew I was about to get load number one.

“Don’t stop! Almost there!”

As if I had any intention of stopping. I plunged my mouth to the root of his dick and started a rapid swallowing action. This had the desired, and almost instantaneous, effect on Tim’s cock. As I felt the first warm spunky spurts bathe my throat I pulled back to get a taste. His thick load tasted great -- Tim obviously paid attention to what he ate -- it was sweet and salty as it blasted into my mouth. It wasn’t the absolute heaviest load I’d ever swallowed but it was in the top ten and I had to work hard to keep up.

When the torrent slowed to a trickle I swallowed his dick one more time and massaged the last drops with my throat and fist. I released his dick with a sucking pop and relished the taste of his final drops on my tongue before moving up to kiss him with my spermy lips.

“Fuck, John, that was fantastic,” he murmured as we shared his flavor. “Your turn,” he added.

“Don’t make me cum, dear boy. Unlike you, I’m not 21 and don’t have a limitless supply of erections or semen,” said, chuckling as he crawled between my legs and started paying lip service to my junk.

“Okay, old man, I’ll go easy on you,” his smile taking the sting out of the jibe.

After giving my crotch a thorough tongue bath, Tim zeroed in on the main target and swiftly proved that youth is no barrier to technique. My hips were soon pumping as his talented mouth threatened to bring the jizz boiling up from my balls. Just as I was about to call a halt to the proceedings, he pulled his mouth off my dick and looked up at me with a sweet smile, looking for my approval.

“Damn, you’re good at this,” managed to gasp.

“Thanks. Ready for more?”

“Just don’t make me cum. I like to be edged. The longer you make me wait the bigger the load.”

“No problem,” Tim said as he put his mouth back to work.

Time after time he brought me right to the edge and backed off. I wondered how he’d managed to acquire this much finesse at such a young age but decided not to ask.

I don’t know how much time passed but eventually, he pulled his mouth off of my dick and slid his body up until our lips met once more.

I felt that his cock had regained its rigidity as it poked into my belly.

“Lube and condoms on the nightstand,” I said.

He moved off of me to get the required items and I jumped off the bed to get a towel from the bathroom. When I returned his cock was sheathed and ready for action. I got on the my back on the bed and covering a pillow with the towel I pulled it under my lower back and grabbed the backs of my knees to present him with a target for his meat missile.

He applied a generous dollop of lube to my ass and worked it in with one, then two, then three fingers getting me ready for his dick. He was gentle and took his time. His cock never flagged while he paid attention to my bottom. When he thought I was ready he put some lube on his condom covered stalk and positioned himself between my legs.

I moaned as I felt the head of his cock start to push against my asshole and I bore down to open myself to his assault.

“Fuck,” I whispered as his cockhead breached my anal ring and kept going, sliding smoothly home in one long thrust. When he bottomed out and his balls rested against my ass, he held himself still and flexed his meat inside me. I love that sensation. He leaned over me and kissed me as he pulled his hips back and began to fuck me slowly and deeply.

“Your ass feels good on my cock,” he said.

“Good because your dick feels fantastic in my ass,” I replied.

His thrusts slowly picked up speed as he went to work on me. The head of his cock hit my prostate on every stroke -- it’s one of the reasons I like missionary -- and a steady stream of precum dribbled onto my stomach.

Tim grabbed my knees and pushed my legs back further as he started fucking me more vigorously. The shift in angle cause his cockhead to bang my prostate and I felt myself getting close to a no-hands orgasm. I scooped up some of my precum and fed it to Tim. He greedily licked it off my fingers.

“More. I want more,” he said, so I complied.

“God, Tim, this feels so good. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard,” I gasped.

I was in press position now and breathing was a challenge. Tim had started in on me in earnest, his balls slapping against my ass on every forceful stroke. The combination of my blowjob and the sheath meant that he was a long way from giving up his second load. I, on the other hand, was close to losing my load, as well as close to passing out from the lack of oxygen getting to my brain.

Tim sensed my distress and placed my ankles on his shoulders, backing off a bit and allowing my diaphragm more room to do its work. He adjusted the angle of his hips so that his dick head kept poking my happy spot on every stroke. He shortened his stroke so that the head of his cock rubbed back and forth on my prostate almost as if his dick was a thick finger pressing in just the right place.

Precum flowed in a steady stream from my prick and pooled on my belly. Tim dipped his fingers repeatedly and fed himself with my sexy produce.

“Mmmm--delicious,” Tim said. “I want your load in my mouth. Warn me if you can’t hold it,” he added.

“You keep banging that beautiful cock of yours against my happy spot and I’ll blow like a geyser,” I gasped as his cock caused my hips to flex involuntarily.

Tim held himself still and I pumped against him for a while, setting my own pace and gaining some ground in terms of my approach to the orgasmic precipice.

“Let’s change positions,” Tim said, pulling his magic stick from my ass.

“Spoon or doggy,” I asked.


I rolled off the pillow and scrambled back to the middle of the king-sized bed laying on my left side. I felt Tim climb after me and settle in behind me. I lifted my right leg a little and felt his cock slide up my crack until it met my still slightly gaped asshole.

“That’s the spot,” I said. He pushed his cock back into me and I flexed my internal muscles, squeezing him in welcome.

“Ahhhh,” Tim said, sighing as he felt his cock getting a good massage. He held himself deep and flexed, making his dick twitch. It was a delightful feeling and I sighed in return. We’d avoided my precipice and were cruising now, enjoying the closeness and gentle motion. His thrusts were short, deep, and smooth. I pressed back at the end of each stroke looking for maximum penetration at this angle. His hand wandered up to my chest and he gently played with my nipples before sliding south to stroke my throbbing erection. He teased me fore and aft holding me at a high state of arousal without pushing me over the top.

I’d never found a lover of Tim’s age who was so skillful. Time flowed by--how much I can’t say. My eyes were closed as I focused on the sensations Tim’s cock and hand generated. But I felt his thrusts become a little more urgent signaling his need to cum again. In the heat of the moment, I did something that I normally never do.

“Tim, please take off the condom and cum in my ass. I want to feel your seed deep inside me,” I said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Do it now,” I replied, reaching to the nightstand and grabbing the lube as he withdrew. I felt him get off the bed and a moment later the toilet flushed as he disposed of the used rubber. I put more lube on my ass and watched him approach the bed, his beautiful cock bobbing in front like a bow sprit. He knee-walked across the bed to me. I coated his bare dick with lube, wiped my hands on the towel, and got on my hands and knees.

“Do it. Shove it in and blow a load,” I growled.

“Don’t cum on the bed, John. I want to swallow it,” Tim replied.

“No worries. I won’t cum in this position. As soon as you’re done you’ll get your reward,” I chuckled.

The next thing I knew, Tim was balls deep in my ass and this time he wasn’t fooling around. No more foreplay. He’d been instructed to blow a load and he was focused on his pleasure. That was fine with me. I wanted to feel his cock jerk and spit in my ass. It wasn’t something I usually did and a fleeting thought crossed my mind that this was a mistake, but I ignored it. Instead, I focused on flexing my internal muscles in time with his thrusts, squeezing him hard as he withdrew and relaxing on the instroke.

“Fuck! I can’t believe how tight you are,” Tim groaned.

I smiled and kept working him. He grabbed my hips and found another gear. I dropped my face to the bed and reached back to spread my ass for him. His balls slapped against mine on every stroke. His grunts and the slapping of flesh on flesh filled the room with the sounds of sex.

“Get ready. Get ready. Gonna ... gonna ... gonna ... ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” he cried as he bottomed out and held himself deep while the jizz boiled up from his balls and flooded my guts.

“That’s it. Cum for me, Tim. Give me that jizz,” I said, squeezing extra hard with my rectal muscle, milking him as well as I could. He started fucking me again continuing to spew his load. I was amazed that he had this much left after the ball-draining blow job I’d given him earlier. Ah, youth.

Finally, his cock began to soften and he pulled out. I continued to hold my ass open so he could see what he’d done to me. I knew I was gaping and I felt his cum leaking down over my balls. He got off the bed and I heard water running in the bathroom. I took the towel, held it against my ass, and crawled off the bed before heading to the bathroom myself. I sat on the toilet and we laughed as we heard the plop-plop-plop as his jizz drained away.

“Let’s take a quick shower,” I said, “and then I’ll feed you a big load.”

“Sounds like a great idea.”

We spent a happy fifteen minutes or so in the hot water soaping each other and getting squeaky clean again. His cock was hard by the time we’d toweled off and gotten back onto the bed.

“Ready for dinner?” I asked, playfully.

“Yum ... you know it. Feed me, Seymore.”

I pointed to my hardon. He didn’t need any further instructions. His magic mouth soon had me back to the edge.

“Ready for a mouthful?”

“Mmmm-mmmm,” he said, his mouth never leaving my dick.

I grabbed his head and began fucking his face. He grabbed my ass and pulled me harder against him. The load that had been building for the last hour (hour? Holy shit that went by fast!) burst into his throat, nearly choking the poor boy. I let his head come up so that he could better accommodate the torrent of semen I was sending into his hungry mouth.

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