Katie Gets Her Revenge

by BA Katie

Copyright© 2018 by BA Katie

Erotica Sex Story: A story of how I get my revenge on a female passenger for calling me a slut

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Workplace   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

It was my last flight of the day BA8718 to Edinburgh due to land at 20.30, I was carrying out the cabin service in business class, I had been working in the front of the aircraft in business class all day, the passengers in this section of the aircraft can be a little more demanding sometimes generally being the business type person. In row 2 just behind the front galley sat a married couple, I would guess in their late twenties early thirties, she was sitting in the window seat, quite plain looking, long brown hair, wearing a dark blue polka dot dress, he was sitting in the aisle seat, average looking bloke, slim build, with short brown hair, wearing a grey suite. I couldn’t help noticing the looks he was giving me though, when his wife wasn’t looking. As I worked my way down the aircraft aisle I finally came to them both.

“Good evening Sir & Madam can I get you anything from the drinks trolley.”

He replied first rather awkwardly

“Yes could I have a small beer please.”

I poured him a small beer from the bottle into a glass and handed it to him,

“And for you madam.”

“Get me a Gin and Tonic.” she replied rather sharply, I thought Wow how rude!!

“Would you like ice and lemon madam.” she just looks at me I had been I a mischievous mood all day and started to hatch a little plan to have some fun. The tonic water is keep on the bottom shelf of the drinks trolley, I know he’s watching me so as I crouch down in front of the trolley, I let my skirt ride up just far enough for him to just see the tops of my stockings, reach into the draw and retrieve a tonic water and stand up again, straighten my skirt, pour the gin into a glass with ice and lemon and add half the tonic water, smile at him, reach over and pass the glass to his wife.

“There you are madam.” she doesn’t even look up from the book she is reading, and not so much as a thank you. He meanwhile is visibly flustered by what he has just seen, I was loving every second of it and smile to myself.

“Would you like anything else Sir.” as I addressed him, he ends up going red and turning away, pretending to take an over enthusiastic interest in the magazine he is reading. His wife noticed how he reacted to me with a degree of annoyance etched on her face. She saw her husband’s flushed appearance and gives me the dirtiest of looks. I move the trolley into the forward galley just in front, I am stowing the trolley and getting rubbish bags when I can hear her starting an argument with him, I listened around the corner to hear what was happening, I can hear snip bits of their conversation as the wife begins to get more and more worked up.

“My mother was right about you!”

“One smile from some slut and you’re a quivering wreck!”

He just looked at the floor, appearing to just accept the barrage of abuse she is giving him. I am stunned by this, had this woman just called me a slut? What a total bitch, I thought, how dare she!

“I don’t know why I married you! you’re pathetic look at you it’s pitiful how you act towards some little blonde tart”

I thought What a horrible woman this woman is, he’d probably be better off without her,. He seemed quite sweet in comparison. What a nasty, stuck up bitch, I think to myself. He’s just looked rather embarrassed by the whole situation as some of the other passengers’ are starting to notice her. He seemed to be apologizing. I didn’t see why though, he hadn’t done anything wrong. It was my fault if anybody’s, I just wanted to have a bit of fun that’s all but it appeared that he was now getting a real bollocking over it. He sat with his shoulders slumped, occasionally nodding, as his rather plain looking wife is ripping into him. It made me feel awful seeing this man looking so defeated. Moments later she gets up and goes to the toilet. I want to appear like I hadn’t heard anything so act as normally as possible when I come out of the galley. I go and check on the other passengers. He looks at me really embarrassed and says tentatively.

“You didn’t hear any of our little argument, did you?”

“Argument? No ... no I didn’t hear a thing.” I lie to him.

“Oh that’s good ... Erm ... my name is Matthew by the way.”

“OK ... well as you can see from my name badge mine is Katie.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Katie.” “You to Matthew”

As I continue along the aisle checking on the passengers and collecting rubbish his awful wife emerges from the toilet and takes her seat again. We get the 5 minutes to land call from the captain, so I work my way back to my seat at the front of the cabin checking the passenger’s seat belts as I do so. The rest of the flight is without further incident as land and pull onto stand at Edinburgh. I put my uniform hat and jacket on, I select doors to manual and open the cabin door and stand at the entrance ready to disembark the passenger’s. Matthew and his wife are first off

“Thanks for all your help.” She said rather sarcastically, he just gives me a smile and the rest of the passenger’s disembark. I then complete the post flight paperwork, stock control sheet and other post flight requirements.

I decide to say goodbye to the rest of the crew, put my raincoat on over my Jacket which forms part of my uniform, head though the airport to the front of the terminal to wait for the shuttle bus on my own which will take me to the Dakota hotel. It’s a cold wet October night, I sit in the shelter waiting for the bus to arrive, after about 5 minutes the bus pulls up, I take my seat near the back and the drive sets off. It’s about a 30 minute ride on the shuttle bus to the Dakota Hotel, I gaze out of the window into the cold inky black night, rain running down the window, it’s not long before my mind starts drifting back to the day’s events, I start thinking about that ghastly woman on the flight having the argument with her husband. Did she really call me a slut!! The more I was thinking about it the more I was getting wound up, I was fuming. I really wished I had said something to her and put her in her place, but it was too late now, I probably won’t see her again. After about 25 minutes we pull up outside the Dakota hotel. It’s a really nice hotel, one of those boutique hotels and very lavish inside. I walk up to the receptionist desk to check in “Hello madam how can I help.”

“Hello I have a reservation in the name of Katie Aldington.”

She looks at the list of guests on her computer “Yes here you are, you do, and you’re staying with us for one night.” And she continues to check me in. She hands me a card key to room 202 and tells me it’s on the second floor. As I’m signing the registration form I hear someone call out my name!! “Katie ... Katie Hi how are you?”

I turn round, it’s the guy that was on the Flight from earlier with the horrible wife.

“Oh hello its Matthew isn’t it? What are you doing here?”

“I’m staying here tonight Katie, I’m at a conference with the area manager tomorrow, we just had a quick meeting before tomorrow to go through some figures he needs.” “Oh I see.”

“Do you have time for a quick drink” I think about it feeling bad about what happened earlier.

“Erm I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea ... what about your wife?”

“What Charlotte ... she is upstairs watching TV.” Well at least I know her name now; I guess one drink wouldn’t hurt.

“Please Katie I would be so nice.” “OK ... one quick one though.”

We head over to the bar, Matthew orders us two glasses of Prosecco while I find us a quite table in the corner, I take my raincoat off and hang it on the chair. He tells me about his job, He works for a tire manufacturing company, where he lives, we are chatting away, he tells me Charlotte was his first and only girlfriend, they met at university, her mother and father were very well to do and didn’t approve of him as he was only a tire salesman and think she could have done better for herself. I’m thinking to myself Oh she a spoil little brat then!! we chat about all sorts of things. He then starts to explain Charlotte’s actions and why she is the way she is. I’m not listening to him now, I’m miles away thinking, Its then I have an idea, a brilliant idea on how to get my revenge on that woman. I’m going to make her pay for what she said about me. Matthew is still babbling on “Oh ... I’m so sorry Katie, I’m running on a bit aren’t I?.”

“Matthew my shoulder is aching from where I lifted a heavy bag into the overhead locker for an elderly passenger today, would you be kind enough to massage it for me please.” I pretend to show him where it hurts. “It’s hurts here”

“Yes no problem, of course I will “ he stands up

“No not here, in case your wife comes down, that wouldn’t look good and I don’t want to get you into trouble again.”

“Where should we go then? Katie.”

“I’m going to head up to my room now, it’s been a long day, what about if you came up for 5 minutes, then you can do it there for me.” I stand up, pick up my hand bag and overnight bag and coat

“OK let’s do that then, here let me carry that for you”

We both head over to the elevator with Matthew carrying my bag for me. Now Matthew is not the type of guy I would go for at all, he was quite plain looking, with a slightly round face and a bit boring to be honest. We step into the elevator, push the button for the second floor, the elevator stops on the second floor; we walk along the corridor checking the room numbers until we find room 202.

“Here it is, this is the room.”

I open the door and we walk into a beautiful, very contemporary design room with a large super king bed, with 6 large fluffy pillows on it, crisp white linen sheets. The room has a desk against the wall with a chair, a large full height mirror on the wall above the desk, a seating area with a small sofa in one corner.

“Would you be kind enough to put my bag over there for me.” I indicate to the area next to the wardrobe Matthew places it on the bag stand. I look in the mini bar and find two small bottles of Prosecco.

“Open these, while I find us some glasses.” Matthew opens the bottles and pours them into a glass each. Meanwhile I slip off my uniform jacket, hang it in the wardrobe and put my hat on top of my suite case on the stand.

“I better send Charlotte a quick text message, I will tell her I still with my area manager.” then after sending her the text “Can I just use your bathroom please Katie.”

“Sure help yourself” while he’s in the bathroom I pick up his phone, great it’s still unlocked I go to his contacts and find Charlotte’s number, I store her number in the contacts on my phone, then put it back down on the desk so he won’t know, next I touch up my lipstick, straighten my uniform scarf and make sure my hair is neat in the mirror, a quick spray of perfume form a bottle in my handbag before he comes back into the room I sit on the end of the bed with my grass of wine.

Pretending my shoulder still hurts, when he comes back “Where would you like me Matthew.”

“You can stand there in front of that mirror if you like, which shoulder hurts?” I stand up and walk over to the desk.

“This one.” I point to my right shoulder. When standing in my heels Matthew is still quite a good 6 inches taller than me and can easily place his hands on my shoulders

“You have probably twisted something when you where lifting that bag” I glance over my shoulder “Yes I probably have.” “ You smell nice Katie what is it” “Thanks ... It’s Laura Biagiotti Venezia” “It smells lovely” Eventually Matthew raise’s his arms and place his now quivering hands onto my shoulders, he starts to work a rhythm with his hands. He is pressing his thumbs deeply into my shoulder blades, causing me to arch my back towards him “Oh that feels better Matthew, that’s it” He keeps pressing deep into my shoulders. His firm but sensual touch is beginning work.

“Matthew you know when you asked if I heard you and your wife’s argument earlier? I lied I overheard it all and what she called me.” he goes silent for a second.

“Oh ... I ... um ... I’m sorry about that.” He looked a little surprised.

“Don’t be it’s not your fault your wife is such a bitch.”

“A bitch ... not all the time, I mean, sorry if she offended you.” he continues to massage my shoulder.

“I’m not offended. I don’t care about her but you shouldn’t let her walk all over you like that.”

“No ... I guess I shouldn’t, she has always been like it since we were at university.”

“No, you need to stand up for yourself, be more assertive.” I place my palms of my hands on the desk in front and inched back, I can feel for the first time a gentle brush of something hard against my bottom. I smile to myself, then move away from it again. He continues to work his hands into my shoulders I wiggle into him again knowingly he can feel it. Most blokes would have tried to get into my pants 10 minutes ago, but Matthew was a gentleman. A gentleman that I knew I had to let fuck me even though he wasn’t suppose to and wasn’t my type.

I wanted that cock and wanted it now, his wife was a total bitch to me earlier calling me a slut and I’m going to make her pay for it, no matter how wrong it was. I groaned and moved my ass back touching the tip of his cock again this time lingering a little longer and giving my bottom a little wriggle.

“So did you like what you saw earlier then on the flight when I was getting that tonic water? ... hahaha ... I saw you looking Matthew.”

“Yes I did Katie ... very much, I’ve always had a thing about stockings and suspenders but Charlotte refuses to wear them.” as he is working my shoulder. Still with the palm of my hands firmly flat on the desk I open my legs slightly so my pinstripe uniform is tight on my legs.

“Oh that’s a shame, I love wearing them ... I wear them for work all the time ... they make me feel sexy ... would you like another look as you’ve made my shoulder feel much better now?”

“Would I? ... I would love to.” then he takes his hands of my shoulders, I stick my bottom out a little further and lean towards the mirror

“Well go on then ... I’m not going to lift my skirt up for you ... you can do it.” Turning my head to look Matthew in the eye I repeated myself slowly, punctuating each word “Be ... a ... man...” Then I bit my lip, knowing he can see me do it. “Lift ... my ... skirt ... up...”

Part 2 He nervously bends down behind me and with both hands on the hem of my skirt he slowly pulls it up over my 15 denier lacy top stockings. “Well ... how does that look then? ... lift it up higher ... go on...” he continues to pull it up over my bottom, I wiggle it a bit to allow my skirt to slid up over my bottom to reveal my sexy little white Calvin Klein hipster style panties with a thin frill of lace trim around the legs and waistband and matching white four strap suspender belt with a little bow on the front. “Hehe ... that’s better isn’t it ... you can have a proper look at what’s under my uniform now.”

“Wow ... your legs look amazing in those stockings Katie.” I look in the mirror at him behind me, he looks like a little boy who has just found a new toy in the toy box and what’s to play with it, I spread my legs a little further now they are not restricted by my skirt “Well go on then ... have a feel ... see what a pair of legs in stockings under my uniform feels like.”

He bends down again, and starts to feel my legs, starting at my ankles then up the back on my calves, around the front of my legs, all the way up the front of my thighs to my pretty lace stockings tops. “They feel really nice, so glossy and silky Katie ... they feel wonderful ... you look so sexy in them.” “I feel sexy in them Matthew.” he puts his finger under my right suspender strap at the back “This one is slightly loose.” “Why don’t you tighten it for me then” he awkwardly unclips it from my stocking top then attaches it again further down the stocking so it’s tight on my leg, feeling the strap with his finger and thumb “That’s better ... those little panties you have on look fantastic to.”

“Why don’t you have a feel of those as well then.” he starts to run his hand over my bottom feeling my sexy little white Knickers “I like the thin lace trim Katie.” “Do you!!! pretty aren’t they...” he starts to examine them closer, again with his forefinger and thumb, he feels the lace trim around the edge of the legs and waistband “Why don’t you put your hand in the back of my pants and have a feel of my bottom?” He needs no further encouragement and slides his hand inside my knickers at the back and gently give my arse cheeks a squeeze “I can feel your hand slide in” I grin at him in the mirror “Fuck Katie that feels good” Getting a little braver and sensing I’m not bothered now, he takes his hand out of the back of my knickers, and back on my bottom, running his hand over it again, then slowly puts it between my legs to feel my pussy “Your panties are a bit damp ... I think you are enjoying this.” he says feeling pleased with himself I look at his reflection in the mirror “Ohhoo ... That’s because I am Matthew ... I am.”

Standing close behind me he reaches around the front and undoes the top three buttons on my shirt then with his right hand he starts to massage my left breast through my white matching bra, also with a thin frill of lace around the cups matching my panties’ “Oh that feels nice Matthew.” I put my head back on his shoulder and look at his reflection in the mirror, my nipples are rock hard now. Then he slides his hand inside my bra and pitches my nipple, He holds my breast up with one hand and with the other pulls the cup of my bra down so it nestled underneath, then his left hand works its way down the front of my shirt, across my stomach, onto the front of my panties again and starts to massage my pussy though my knickers, I close my eyes, “Oh fuck that’s nice ... don’t stop.” then with one finger he slides up my pussy, feels the thin frill of lace with his fore finger and thumb again, then straight into the top of my pants onto my clean shaven pussy I grin, then whisper in his left ear “Did I say you can put your hand in there?”

“No you didn’t ... I’m being assertive Katie ... like you told me.” I can feel his massive erection against my bottom again as he starts to kiss the right side of my neck while playing with my pussy and breast at the same time. As I bite my bottom lip, closing my eyes again, enjoying being played with as he stands close behind me.

I had not had a good seeing to since that time when Josh had me in the back of his car in that remote car park on our way to Ramsgate so I was eager for his cock, I also needed it for my plan to work, I look into the mirror again “I want you have me from behind.” “Have you from behind!” he says surprised, I repeated myself slowly, again punctuating each word “Yes ... fuck me ... I want you to fuck me from behind”

He paused for a second, thinking about what he is about to do “Put your hands flat on that desk then” I grin at him in the mirror “That’s it ... that’s being more assertive” as I place my hands on the desk I can hear him slowly un-zip his trousers, then his belt being undone, he takes of his shoes, trousers, and socks and kicks them to one side, he un-does the buttons on the front of his boxer shorts.

With one fluid motion he brings his cock out of his boxers and up towards me, pulls my knickers to one side brushing it along my pussy as he does so. I lock my arms out straight, my palms flat on the desk, instantly he realises how wet I am, he pauses briefly rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit, “Don’t tease me ... just fuck me.” then he pushes it slowly inside me as I’m bent forwards over the desk watching in the mirror, as he entries me, I instantly moan with pleasure “Ohhhh yes ... Ohhhh that’s it.” We start to work up a rhythm together, slow at first, his cock is nice and big and it would appear he knows how to use it, I can feel his length thrusting inside me as I grip the desk with my finger’s, my blonde hair falls slightly down the right side of my face, I keep the palms of my hands flat on the desk, my bottom is sticking up more so I can take him deeper inside me, then I can feel my knickers sliding down at the back, over my bottom as Matthew pulls them downwards slightly “That’s it Matthew pulls my knickers down a bit, fuck that feels good” he continues to push inside me with his cock “Oooh that feels so sexy ... silky panties half way down my bottom like that” I tell him, He puts his hand on my stocking tops and starts running his hand up and down my thighs, his hands go inside the top of my stockings kissing my neck, fucking me at the same time “Ooo ... oh ... ohh ohh oooh ohhhh yeah”

“Ohh fuck yer yer ohh that’s it” he runs his hands up and down my stockings, with my right legs now lifted up slightly at the knee, resting it on the desk he holds me tight by my ankle with his right hand so he can pound me deeper

“Fuck your pussy is so tight Katie” He’s using his full length driving it deep inside me, with my heels still on he grabs my ankle to bend my legs more so he can penetrate deeper inside me I look in the mirror again “Ooo ... oh ... ohh ohh oooh ohhhh yeah” “faster, faster! harder, haaarder!” I moan “oooooh! aaaaaaaah! don’t stop”

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