Hanna's Hormone Hassle

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Fiction Sex Story: Menopausal woman has unique sexual problem and solution.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Sharing   Slut Wife   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Pregnancy   .

Hanna felt like she was a pretty average retired schoolteacher. Never married but not celibate, she currently had a boyfriend close to her age that she got naked with once or twice a week. There were a couple of other occasional crotch visitors too. She was tall at six-one with a reasonably trim and fit body for a fifty-year-old.

Then menopause arrived and she found out she wasn’t average. The symptoms weren’t like any of her women friends so she went to see her gynecologist who was likewise puzzled. A referral to an endocrinologist was arranged.

After a battery of tests, the doctor sat her down for a chat. “Hanna, you have an extremely rare condition with your hormones. I have only seen one other case in my entire career. It is so rare that there isn’t a ‘cure in a bottle’ for it. I researched what little literature there is and that earlier patient and I have developed a plan to get you through this. It took her about a year but each person may be different. With your permission, I will discuss your case with her and have her contact you to go over it. As a woman with this condition she can do a better job of that than I can.”

Hanna agreed and the next day Molly called to arrange a meeting. “Do you have a husband or boyfriend?” Molly inquired. Hanna said the latter. “Bring him,” Molly requested.

As they sat at a table on Molly’s back porch, enjoying a glass of wine, Molly told her story. Hanna nodded as the development of symptoms was described but was itching to ask the big question, “How do we treat this?”

Molly smiled at them. “With sex,” she said simply. After a short pause, “It turns out that male semen has lots of ingredients besides the ones that activate the sperm. It helps pave the way for the vagina to be happy with hormones and other biochemicals. Those are what you need right now on a daily basis.”

Walter smiled as he added smugly, “I’m very ready to be helpful!”

Molly turned to him, “It’s not quite that simple which is what caused the breakup of my first marriage. It seems that the semen from a particular male is only effective for twenty-four hours and then the female needs a different variety.”

Hanna interrupted, “You mean I have to screw a different guy every day for a year to get relief!”

Molly responded quickly, “Thank heavens, no. The acclimation to a particular man’s semen fades in five or six days but that meant that I had a different man’s penis in me for each day of the week. My husband couldn’t handle that and he bailed. My current husband is one of those men with a much more open mind and we got through it just fine. In my case it took about a year to settle down but I still get what we call a ‘booster-bang’ once a week.”

She turned to Walter, “Have you processed this yet? What do you think?”

He was pretty quiet since his outburst, “Of course I didn’t expect this but I really care for Hanna. It is for her health and not about emotional involvement, after all. We have fantasized about sex with others but this is a bit wild. I think we have to talk.”

Molly smiled, “You sure do. If it is any help, my ‘booster-boy’ is moving away and I’d take Walter as a replacement. My husband would probably like to be on your list too. Think about it.”

Back in Hanna’s bed, they fucked and talked. She chuckled, “Damn, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a slut and now it is my pathway to health!”

Walter had other concerns, “How do you find studs to bang you? You have me and Molly’s husband so that means five more.”

Hanna kissed him and looked him in the eye, “We’ve never had an explicit exclusivity thing. I have two other men I’ve been bedding about once a week since before I met you. That leaves three.”

Walter’s cock stiffened inside her hearing that, “Damn! You just can’t tell about a woman these days! I’ve been only with you lately but that was my choice I guess. Oh, I was wondering about something ... does this mean I can only fuck you once a week?”

“I think it’s your semen that can only be in me that often,” Hanna replied. “If you wear a condom or pull out before you shoot then it’s OK. I don’t want to wait that long to be with you either. Maybe we try my ass?”

Molly called Hanna the next day to invite them to dinner. “Time’s a wasting!” A bit of wine and good food put folks in an agreeable mood and Molly easily lured Walter when she appeared in a sheer nightgown and announced, “Bedtime!”

Molly was much shorter and rounder than Walter was used to. Her bosom was big and soft and floppy, just the thing to tease a man with. He was deeply enjoying her hot twat wrapped around his pecker as sounds of pleasure in Hanna’s voice wafted from the other bedroom.

As they left, Molly cautioned, “Don’t put your semen into her until a week from your last screwing.” They settled for mutual oral sex later.

The next two days Hanna got filled by her fuck-buddies while Walter stewed. He wouldn’t eat her pussy when she returned but accepted a blowjob. The second night Hanna insisted he put his cock in her. “Do I feel any different? Really?” He couldn’t say she did and spurted his load on her pubes.

Then came the weekend with no one to fill the vaginal void. Hanna had been thinking ahead and borrowed a small RV from a girlfriend. She drove out to a nude beach and paraded around, eliciting lots of male attention. Men who appeared to be good candidates were invited back to the RV for a horizontal interview and she got their contact information. She also got lots of seminal variety too!

Molly had told her that younger mem produced more semen so they were better for her therapy but after the third interviewee she was approached by a Latino man around thirty. He said, “I see you taking men to your RV. It is likely for sex and I would like the opportunity to enjoy you.”

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