by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2018 by Uther Pendragon

Sex Story: Terry wins the flip and decides that Mrs. Griffin should teach him how to make girls happy.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

“Ready for another game, Terry?” Faith asked.

“Closer to ready than you are. Get your clothes; I’ll get the coin.”

He removed his slacks and boxers first. As he got the nickel from the box on top of her dresser, Faith could see him getting even readier.

He pulled the top covers down on the bed and handed the nickel to her. She flipped so the nickel fell on the bed.

“Heads,” they said together.

Terry put the nickel back in the box and took a deep breath. “Mrs. Griffin,” he said. “I’m Jack Grant. I want girls all the time this year. They never invite me back. What can I do to make them want me as much?”

Faith figured that Terry didn’t want Jack to get instruction about candy and flowers. “Well, Jack, girls can enjoy sex as much as boys do’ them just take longer to get ready. Why don’t you try to get me ready? Let’s start with a kiss.”

Jack’s kiss was really good for a guy who had trouble pleasing girls. Then, Terry was no more interested in practicing amateur kisses than he was in buying flowers.

“You do that very well, Jack,” Faith, or Mrs. Griffin, said. “Now kiss the rest of my face, everything between my hair and the collar of my blouse.”

Jack did that very well, too. Faith was starting to get turned on. She decided that it was too bad that she’d met Terry as sexually liberated college graduates. He would have been a fun high-school freshman.

“It’s sort of nice to kiss you this way, Mrs. Griffin,” Jack said. “Do you think girls want to be kissed like this?”

“If they like you kissing their lips, they do. Once you have had the usual kisses with a girl, you should kiss all over her face before you try to go any further. Now that we’ve kissed like this, though, I’ll let you go further. Why don’t you take off my blouse and kiss the skin that you uncover by doing that?”

Terry mimed taking off her blouse. The corner where her neck turned into her shoulder was an especially sensitive point on Faith, and Jack went there on Mrs. Griffin. She started being a little happy that Terry had won the toss.

He kissed down her arm, turned her hand, and kissed the palm. That definitely heated her up.

“Now the bra,” she said. She turned around. For such a tyro, Jack got the bra off fast. He slipped his hands around to hold her breasts while he kissed the corner on the other side of her neck.

When she turned around, he kissed lots of her left breast, just not the nipple. Then he repeated this on her right breast. Her nipples were aching before he sucked them.

“I’ll take off my own shoes,” she said miming the process. She lay down on the bed. “Now take off my slacks.”

While he mimed that, she mimed holding her panties on. Without prompting, he started kissing the inside of her leg from the ankle up over her calf. When it got to her thigh, she felt even more aroused. Since Mrs. Griffin’s panties were still on, Jack skipped the parts they covered. Faith, on the other hand, felt the bridge of Terry’s nose rub across her pussy lips, and she heard him sniff when it did.

He went back to the other ankle, though. When he got above her knee, he kissed each spot on the inside of her right thigh, licked it, and kissed it again before moving up a millimeter

“The panties” she gasped when he finally stopped. She lifted her hips off the mattress, and he stroked his fingertips through her pubic hair and along her pussy lips as though he were pulling the panties off.

He started inches lower than the place he’d stopped, but when he got moving he didn’t stop. He parted her pussy lips with the fingers of both hands and licked right up the center.

On the second lick, her building heat became flame. “Terry,” she called. She shook, but he managed to keep his mouth there.

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