Eye Candy

by Golden02

Copyright© 2018 by Golden02

Erotica Sex Story: A 40 year old lesbain used by her father as Eye Candy to sell cars. Is now the owner of the dealership. She has her own Eye Candy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Slavery   Lesbian   Mother   Daughter   Niece   Aunt   Grand Parent   FemaleDom   Anal Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Hairy   Small Breasts   .

My name is Heather, I’m a 40 year old lesbian. I only been with one guy, I don’t hate men I just don’t want one.

When I was 19 years old, I let a man fuck me just to see if I would like it, I didn’t, the only thing I got out of it is a daughter Jessica, and a never ending supply of milk, my breasts has never stop producing milk. I have to pump my self a couple times a day. I love to find a girl who would drink from me.

My daughter Jessica is 19 now and she is away at college.

My dad owned a BMW car dealership in Southern California. My dad gave me a job there when I was 14, I helped him in his office, like filing papers and shit. My other job was to walk around the sales room floor, letting the guys look at me, I was kinda like eye candy. My dad had me wear a short skirt and a sheer top, with no bra. When a salesmen had a customer, he would call me to come in and get the proposal, then to take it to my dad to ok it, or make a counter proposal, then take it back to them. I had to stand there in the room and wait to see if they are ok with it. About 99 percent of them would approve the deal. I was also supposed to go to the waiting room, where the customers would wait for their cars to be worked on. I would see if they needed anything, like a drink, popcorn or something. That is where I found out I was, at least bisexual. It was early on a Saturday morning there was a couple guys and one lady in the waiting room, I went in and asked if anyone wanted anything. The men said no thank you, but the lady just looked at me. She was dressed in a black skirt a white top with a suit jacket on, she had long black hair and brown eyes. She was very sexy for an older lady, she looked to be in her 40s.

She looked at me for a good minute, she then got up and walked past me and went into the ladies room.

I don’t know why but I turned and walked in the ladies room too. She was standing by the sink looking at her self in the mirror. I walked in and just stood there. She turned and walked past me and went to the door and Locked it. She turned and looked at me again, the only thing she said was; “strip bitch.”

I don’t know why but I did as I was told, I was naked in no time.

“Very nice.” she said. “Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

“No.” I said.

“No what bitch?”

“No ma’am, I haven’t had sex with anyone before.”

“You are to address me as Mistress do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She went into one of the toilets, she pulled up her skirt and sat down. she is wearing a nice laced red panties. On your knees my pet and claw over here and pull my panties off and lick me now.

I did as I was told. Her pussy taste very good. She was very hairy, she had me lick her for a long time I gave her lots of orgasms.

For the next year we got together lots of times. Dad was happy, she had bought couple more cars from him. She had told him that I was good at selling cars. Dad said to me whatever you’re doing keep it up. So I did.

She had some friends who will come in and have their cars service too, and I would service them too. That lasted until I got pregnant.

Seducing Amanda

Amanda is just 14 years old. She is just starting to flower into puberty. Her father works for me as a car salesmen. Amanda would come in and help me in the office a couple times a week.

My father past away a couple years ago. And I inherit the car dealership.

It started a few months ago. Just as Amanda started to blossom into a young woman. Her little breasts had started to grow.

When I gave her a routine hug, I released her and she spun out of my arms, and I dragged my right hand across the small swellings. She seemed not to have notice, and I think in truth she didn’t realize what had happened that first time.

Over the course of the next several months I continued to slide a hand over her tits. She soon realized that she was being felt up, and she seemed to like it a good deal. I sometimes asked her for a hug, and I was happy by how she responded. There were times when she was reticent, and other times when she seemed eager. On the eager occasions, I would slide my finger tips over both of her little tits, using just the right amount of pressure.

One day, as my right hand passed her little nubbins, I made a small circle with my finger tips, and then continued over the other tit. She stayed in my arms, and made no attempt to move away. I knew that I had her excited by our little play.

Amanda is about 5 feet tall, with long slender legs. She loves to wear short skirts and shorts, showing her legs. She has a pretty face, with a great smile. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is a soft light golden blonde. She will likely be a tall and willowy woman.

She and her father live alone in an apartment on the edge of town. Her father has been single for several years now. There is little contact between Amanda and her mother. Her mother is an drug user. I have sometimes served as a mother figure to her.

On a warm Saturday afternoon, I was wearing a sun dress, and standing in front of Amanda who was seated in a chair, in my office at the car dealership. We were talking, and I was obviously staring at her long legs. She loved the attention that I was paying. She told me that I had a spot on the front of my dress, I ran my hand down the front, and continued to slide my hand down over my pussy, I rubbed up and down from my stomach to my pussy and said, “I’ll have to wash my dress when I get home.”

Amanda paid careful attention to the way my hand moved up and down over the front of my body.

“Where is my hug today?” I asked, smiling at her.

She came into my arms, and gave me a big squeeze. I slowly rotated her so that her ass was pressing into the front of my body. My hand moved across her chest as she turned away. When she stayed still, pushing back against me, I moved my other hand down her body, over her stomach, and down over her pubic area and across her thighs. She seemed to respond favorably. I was slowly testing her reactions, and she was letting me know that she loved it.

I waited a few weeks for her to let me know that she wanted to continue. It was not easy seeing her a couple of times a week and not being able to touch her. But, its important to move at her pace and not force the issue. The last thing I wanted was to have her tell her Dad that I was touching her.

One afternoon when just she and I were in my office, and a couple of weeks after her 14th birthday, she told me that I had not given her a birthday spanking.

“I’ll take care of that right now.” I offered.

“Oh no you won’t.” she replied shyly.

“Well give me a hug then.” I suggested.

She came behind my desk, and I sat on my chair. She hugged me tight, and I spun her around and picked her up and laid her across my lap. My pussy is getting very wet. She started to squirm, and wriggle around.

“Stay still, you’re making it hard.

“What do you mean?” she queried.

“You’re making it hard ... for me ... to give you a spanking.” I answered.

Amanda continued to squirm over my now very wet pussy, and I knew she understood all of the messages I was giving her. I slapped her ass playfully, and started to count. I slapped her not very hard at first, but a lot harder by the fourteen time. She seemed to enjoy it.

“Now, let me make it feel better.” I said, softly rubbing her ass with my hand. My middle finger worked up into the crack of her ass.

As she climbed off my lap, her little hand pushed right against my 36 DD breast, she squeezed slightly as she pushed off. I looked into her eyes, and she was clearly very excited. She slowly slid her little hand off my breasts. I knew that she liked grabbing my tits, and I knew that one day she would be mine to do with as I wished.

“Now, you have earned a birthday kiss.” I suggested.

She came into my arms, and I gently kissed her. Her lips were soft and full. She pressed them against my lips, and I slipped my tongue out and let it play against her lips. She did not open her lips, but enjoyed having my tongue do a dance on her soft lips.

“My, my, you sure are growing into a beautiful young woman. I think you could easily pass for 17 or 18.” I whispered.

She smiled and slowly backed away from me. I gave her 50 cents and asked her to go get us some candy. She hopped up and walked out the door.

Nothing happened for a few weeks, and I was very patient, waiting for the right moment to move forward with the young thing.

I called her house looking for her dad. It was her dad’s day off, but I needed an answer to a question. The phone rang six or seven times, before Amanda answered it.

“Hi, Amanda, is your father there?” I inquired.

“No, he went with a friend of his.” she replied.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I just stepped out of the shower.”

“Too bad I’m not there.” I said. “I could dry your back.”

“But then you would see me without any clothes on.” she said in a shy voice.

“That’s OK.” I answered. “I know what you look like, and besides I wouldn’t peek.”

“I bet you would too peek. You would look at me naked, and that wouldn’t be right.”

“It would be OK, we are both females, and as long as you said it was all right. It’s only wrong if you didn’t want me to dry you off. When people let you see them then it’s OK.”

We let the matter drop and I didn’t see Amanda for a week or so. She would come into the store, but usually with a girl friend. Sometimes even if she was alone, There would be people around, or we would be busy. It works better when these things are left to develop at their own pace.

On a rainy afternoon, Amanda came in after school and wanted a ride home from her Dad. However, her Dad is with a customer, and couldn’t leave for awhile. I said that I could drop her off since I had to run some errands.

We got into my car, and started driving toward Amanda’s apartment. “How about a coke at McDonald’s?” I suggested.

Using the drive-up window, I ordered two cokes and a large french fries. When the order came, I pulled away, and parked at the edge of the parking lot.

“Open the glove compartment, your coke will sit on the glove compartment door.”

I put my own coke on the console between the seats where there is a cup rest. The french fries I sat on Amanda’s lap.

“You hold the fries for us.” I said. When my hand went into the bag with the fries, I pushed my hand down onto her lap. Pulling up a couple of fries, I took a sip of my coke, and then went back for another fry or two. Amanda, opened her legs and let the bag drop down onto the seat to rest between her thighs. I knew she wanted to play.

I pulled a french fry and slid my hand back into her crotch, pulling the McDonald bag tight up to her body. On the next fry, I slid my hand down her front on its way into the bag. She didn’t move at all, letting her widely splayed legs stay open. I continued to rub up and down her pussy while pretending to just eat french fries. When I looked at her face, she had a sweet little smile. She liked to play and pretend at being sexy just as much as I did.

It was all too soon that the fries were gone, and I had no excuse to rub her little pussy.

“Do you want me to show you how to drive a car?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said “How are we gonna do that?”

“Come over here and sit on my lap, and I’ll show you how to steer and shift.” I explained.

Putting our empty coke cups in the trash can beside the car, I moved the drivers seat all the way back as far as it would go. Amanda scooted over to my side, and moved her little ass up over my legs.

“Are you comfortable?” I asked. “Here, slide back so there is more room between you and the steering wheel.”

I reached around her, and pulled her body back tight against me. My hands roamed all over her little tits as I positioned her. I wriggled her around and told her she was not too heavy.

Feeling bold, I put my left hand right on her right tit and started to rub it around. I softly caressed all around the little nipple. She did not move while I boldly felt her up. This was the first time that I had ever touched her without some pretext or other. She was hot and loved it. She sat quietly and let my hand wander over her chest.

To be sure that she was happy with this new development, I moved my hand to her other tit and stroked it as well.

“My goodness you are getting big!” I said. “Pretty soon you are going to have to wear all of those special underthings.”

“I already have a bra,” she said. “But I don’t wear it very often.”

I reached up and unbuttoned two of the buttons on her blouse, and slid my hand inside.

My fingers toyed gently with her swelling little tits. I rubbed over them again and again, and with my forefinger and thumb I squeezed the nipple very gently. It hardened and puckered out as I squeezed it ... What ecstasy!

“I like you better without a bra anyhow, and doesn’t it feel better without a bra when someone rubs on your boobs?”

Because she was so acquiescent about being felt up, I decided to go just a little further, and pulled my hand out of her shirt, and continued to stroke her tits from the outside. She was breathing hard, and was squirming around a bit. I moved my hand down her body and started to rub up and down on her legs as she sat on my lap. Up and down my hand went. Finally I put my hand between her legs, and opening my fingers, spread her legs apart a few inches. She got the idea, and spread them wider.

I started to stroke up the inside of her left leg, and went all the way up to her crotch. Back and forth went my hand, putting just a little pressure on her leg. She squirmed around even more, but made no attempt to get me to stop. I moved my hand right up to the top of her leg, and started to toy with her pussy. Up and down I stroked on her Levi’s over the small mound of her cunt.

“We better get going” I said while continuing to rub and stroke her pussy.

“Have to save some of the excitement for another time.”

As she got off of my lap, her left hand slid across my lap, and she let it rest on top of my pussy. I whispered. “You’re so sexy, and you turn me on. Someday I’ll show you what it looks like.”

“Give me a kiss, and I’ll drive you home,” I suggested. She turned toward me, and I put my arm around her little body. She leaned up, and I pressed my lips to hers. My tongue rubbed over her soft lips.

“Let our tongues play with each other,” I said, returning to her mouth. She parted her lips a little and my tongue searched out her little probing tongue. They danced against each other in her first deep kiss.

As we kissed, I reached up and rubbed her tits some more. She turned slightly, giving my hand better access to her swollen little knobs. Then the kiss ended, and the episode was over.

Nothing happened for the next several weeks. It seemed that every time that I saw Amanda she was with her Dad or a girlfriend. I knew that the small window of opportunity that exists with young teenage girls was going to end soon. If Amanda found a boyfriend, or girlfriend, it could be all over. She would decide that a 40 year old lesbian woman was no longer a fitting playmate.

My opportunity came when her Dad went to Las Vegas for five days. Amanda would stay with his sister Diane. I arranged that Amanda would walk to my shop after school, and Diane would meet her there.

On the first day, I was alone when Amanda came in the door. She smiled at me, and I said hello. “You look very nice today.” I said. “Give me a hug and a kiss.”

She came to me, and wrapped her arms around me. I returned her embrace, and kissed her soft mouth. As I eased my tongue out of my mouth, she parted her lips and teeth, and let her tongue do a sexy dance with my tongue. I looked and her eyes were closed tight, and her hands were clinging around my waist. I let my tongue work her mouth like it was a miniature cunt that I was eating.

When the kiss ended, I spun her around with her back to me, and reached around her little body and felt her tits. My hand roamed freely over first her right and then her left breast. I rubbed, and squeezed gently her soft budding breasts. She rubbed her ass into me as I felt her up good.

Letting her go, I told her I had to go to the bathroom. “Now you stay here,” I said.

As I walked into the back room, I could see her following me. I went into the small bathroom and switched on the light. I closed the door all but about an inch, and unbuttoned my pants. I slid my jeans down a few inches, and could see Amanda standing just outside the door. My panties were sticking to my very wet pussy. I pulled them out and down, pulling my panties down over my thighs, and I stood facing the door letting her see my hairy pussy.

I turned so Amanda could see my pussy clearly. I put my hand down and started to play with my clit, rubbing around and around on it lightly.

I was tempted to continue until I had an orgasm, but that might have scared Amanda. So I put my panties and my jeans back on. Turning off the light, I opened the door. Amanda was standing just outside.

“Oh, do you have to go too?” I inquired. I stepped out of the small room and stood aside so that Amanda could enter.

She flipped on the light switch, and swung the door closed, but not tightly. I put my hand on the doorknob and pushed just a little. The door opened about an inch. Amanda was looking at the door.

She pulled her shirt up over her boobs, and rubbed her hands over her tits, giving me a good look at the little swellings and the pink nipples. She held her top up with her right hand, and played with her left breast. She rubbed her fingers over the nipple, and then she gently squeezed her tit, she was squeezing it hard, I could see the pain on her face.

Letting her top go, Amanda opened the top of her Levi’s. She unzipped the fly, and let the pants fall to the floor. They bunched up around her ankles. She was standing in her snug white cotton panties. I could see the bump of her pussy mound. She was not looking at the door, but rather straight ahead, but she knew I was watching every move.

Amanda took hold of the side of her panties, and pushed them down to her Levi’s. She was standing still, and her cunt was clearly visible. She had a few hairs on the top of her pussy, and she slowly sat down on the toilet. Her right hand eased down to her pussy, and Amanda started to stroke it up and down. She took her two fingers and massaged her cunt right over the clit. It was clear that she knew just how to make it feel good. I wanted to watch her make it cum.

Her cunt is mostly hairless. The top had a little dimple where it ended. It was the prettiest little thing I have ever seen. My mouth was watering.

I heard the front door open, and got to my feet.

I went to the front room and saw Diane, who was there to pick up Amanda. I knew that as soon as they left the shop I would have to finger my self. Damn was I ever horny.

Amanda came out from the bathroom, and said hello to Diane. She acted like nothing had ever happened, and the two of them left the shop.

Two days later, Diane told me she was sorry that she had agreed to keep Amanda for the whole time of her Dad’s trip, because there was a big party in Chicago where Diane was from, and she really wanted to go to it.

“Not a problem, Amanda can stay with me for the next two days.”

“Why don’t you go home and get all of her things.

Diane ran several errands, and returned in the early afternoon with all of Amanda’s clothes. I put them in my car, and bid good-bye to Diane, who thanked me again and again for helping me with her problem. I knew that I was also helping me with my problem as well.

When Amanda came in after school, I explained that there was a change in plans, and that if she didn’t mind, she was going to stay at my house for a couple of days.

“It will be fun.” she said.

“Let’s take your stuff over now, and you can start on homework.” I said.

She sat very close to me on the way to my home, but I didn’t do anything. When we got into the house, I showed her to the guest room, and told her to get her stuff from the car.

I asked if it was still OK with her to spend the night.

“Sure,” she said. “We’ll have lot’s of fun. Can we rent a video?”

I gave her a hug and a kiss, I told her that I had to get back to the shop. As we finished the hug, I spun her around and let my hands roam all over her tits. She pressed her back into me, and ran her left hand up and down my thigh. I knew that this would be the magic night that would be the result of my careful plotting for the last six months.

I took Amanda out for pizza for dinner, and then we went to the video rental stores and she picked out a tape to watch. It was a story of a horse, and it was ideal for young teens. I added some popcorn to our order, and we went home.

Amanda settled in with the movie, and I retired to my office to do some paperwork that needed to be finished by morning. Finally, I joined her for the last part of the movie, and got us both a fresh Coke, I was kind of nervous, waiting for the evening to end.

Finally, at 9:30 PM I told Amanda that it was time for her to get ready for bed. “You go and get into bed, dear, and I will come up and tuck you in.”

Without a single protest, she headed up the stairs. I heard the water run as she brushed her teeth. Finally, when I could not hear any sounds from the second floor, I went up the stairs and into Amanda’s room. She was sitting up in bed, with the blankets pulled up to her neck.

“Do you have your pajamas on?” I asked, sitting on the bed and pulling the covers down a bit. I could see half of her chest, with her tits sticking out small and hard. “I forgot to pack my pajamas.” she said.

“Want to wear one of my T-shirts?” I asked.

“That would be great.” she said.

“I’ll be right back.”

I was back in a minute with an oversized T-shirt. “This should do the trick.” I added.

Pulling the blankets down, I stared at her lovely chest, and could see the dozen or so hairs on top of her little pussy. She made no movement to cover herself at all. I started to put the shirt over her head, but then dropped it and said, “Let me have a goodnight kiss first.”

She came into my arms, and our mouths met. Her lips were soft, and her arms went around my neck. My tongue slid into her mouth, and her tongue started to do a dance with it. She flicked her little tongue all over mine, and squeezed the hell out of my neck.

My hand went to her left tit, and I started to stroke it softly and gently. I squeezed the nipple with my thumb and forefinger.

We ended our kiss, and parted. I looked into her eyes and rubbed my hand all over both of her tits. “Your tits are so pretty,” I whispered. “Does it feel good when I play with them”?

“I love it.” she said.

“Let me look at all of you.” I said, pushing her back against the headboard and gazing all over her young body. I put my hand on her leg, and gently pulled it open a few inches. She lay there with a smile on her face as her pussy came into view. It was about three inches long, and protruted out from the curve of her stomach, like a half a peach. And like a peach it looked so delicious. I knew that I had to eat this pussy!

I took her back in my arms, and kissed her again. Once more we did incredible things with our tongues. I was so careful to be gentle and easy with this young Child, I slid my hand down to her pussy, and stroked it up and down. Being careful not to go inside, I just stroked on the outer lips. I put just a little pressure on her cunt, just enough to drive her clit crazy.

Amanda responded by reaching out and wrapping her hand around my neck.

It didn’t seem fair, she was naked and I had all of my clothes on.

“Let me undress for you.” I said. I opened the top of my jeans, and unzipped my fly. I Slowly pushed my jeans down and off my feet. Amanda was staring at my wet panties. Rather than taking off my panties, I unbuttoned my shirt, and slipped it onto the floor, I’m now just in my bra and panties.

“You take my underwear off for me.” I suggested. “I want you to do it.”

She looked a little surprised, but slid down the bed so that she was at eye level with my cunt. As I raised my ass up from the bed, Amanda pulled on both sides of my panties, and forced them down my legs.

Suddenly my pussy was aimed directly at Amanda’s face, and she stared at it in awe.

“Take them all the way off.” I suggested.

She was only two happy to comply. Then she reached up and unhook my bra, my 36DD breast came into view.

Amanda wrapped her right hand around my right breast and She squeezed tightly, and looked right at my nipple, I had always been able to produce milk, I was pregnant once and every since then I gave out milk, I have to pump my self a couple times a day. She looked at me confused. “You can, if you want to, suck on them.”

“Suck on me Amanda,” I asked in a whisper. “You will love the taste.”

She looked at me with a look of shock.

“Just try it, if you don’t like it, you can stop.” I said.

She leaned over, and put my nipple in her mouth. Amanda was a natural. Her mouth felt like velvet as she sucked on my right breast. I knew she was hooked. She drank from Me it feels so good.

“That feels like heaven, love. Now, suck on my left nipple for a minute.”

She opened her mouth, and took the left nipple into her mouth. She sucked like it was a popsicle, but it felt like heaven to me.

I knew that I would have to eat her pussy first, If I want her to go down on me, so she wouldn’t think that it was a dirty thing to do, and would be turned off.

After a couple of minutes of her sucking on my tits, I told her I wanted her to stop, and to come up and give me a kiss. She scooted up the bed, and wrapped her arms around me. Our lips met, and once again her little tongue was busy licking all over mine, as we kissed and kissed.

I could feel her excitement, as she held on to my body. She managed to get one leg over my leg, and pressed her little pussy into my thigh. She was hunching up and down against my leg. God was she ever hot!

“Now my little princess, it’s time to give you as much pleasure as you have given me. Just lay back and relax, and I’ll show you how good your little body can feel.”

I slid down the bed, and started with her tits. They were sticking straight up and the nipples were as hard as little rocks. I licked all over each tit in turn, and sucked and sucked on each nipple.

Amanda was moving around like she had a motor in her little body.

“Your breasts taste so great.” I said. “I could lick and suck on them forever.”

It’s funny, when you play with your tits, it really feels good in your pussy? It’s like there is a straight line from your chest right down to your pussy.

I stayed with her tits for about five minutes, knowing that she had never had them played with so openly before. She couldn’t get enough of my mouth. And when I was sucking on one tit, my hand was squeezing and tweaking the other one. Amanda was beside herself with excitement.

“Now, let me give some special attention to your pretty little pussy, my sweet,” I said.

I scooted down the bed, and found myself looking directly at her little cunt.

“Let me see it good,” I asked, wanting her to open her legs a little wider. But Amanda misunderstood my request, and reached her hands down and pulled her cunt lips apart. Her legs widened, and I was looking right inside of her beautiful young cunt. I could see her rigid little clit, sticking up like a little flag. Her box was sopping wet, and I could see that some of the juices was running down her ass and onto the bed.

“Show me how you like to play with it.” I asked.

She used her right hand, and moved her forefinger and middle finger all over the top of her cunt, just where the clit was.

“Let me do that for you.” I offered. I moved the two fingers of my right hand up and down the length of her cunt...

Softly I stroked it, and made little circular motions over the top of the clit area. I worked my fingers up and down the labia, just teasing Amanda. She kept wiggling her ass as my hand made her pussy ache for release.

“Now baby, I’m going to kiss your pussy.”

I brought my mouth into contact with her little tight cunt, and just gently kissed it again and again. Little tiny kisses that were designed to make her want more.

Then, sliding my tongue out, I licked up and down the length of her pussy, just on the outside of her lips. She jumped about six inches off the bed, and I said, “That’s OK baby, just enjoy all of the great feelings.”

I continued to lick up and down on the outer lips, and slowly pointed my tongue, and worked it inside just a little. Up and down I licked, until my tongue reached Amanda’s clit. She jumped a foot, and I had to hold onto her little ass to keep her from falling out of the bed.

My tongue dove deep into her vagina, and I started to suck and lick the incredible abundance of juices from her hole. She tasted like nectar, and I knew I would never get to eat enough of this young pussy. I shaped my tongue like a living spoon, and ladled all of the juice out of her marvelous little box. Staying away from her clit, so I could continue to suck as much good cunt juice as there was. She was so wet!

Amanda was fucking up and down with her young hairless cunt, trying to stab my tongue with her clit. She seemed to know by primitive instinct just what she wanted. I had my hands under her little ass, and held her off the bed like a bowl of delicious soup.

She kept tilting her cunt up so it would be easier for my mouth to get to it.

I started to lick the entire length of her cunt, from the very bottom, just above her dainty little asshole, up through her cunt trench, and over her little clitoris. Every time my tongue hit her clit, she would jerk and spasm wildly. I knew she was about to cum.

She reached down, and grabbed the back of my head. Her hips were gyrating wildly, and she was making little noises in the back of her throat... “Oh God,” she cried out.

She started to shake all over, and her hips kept pumping. Then she closed her legs, forcing my mouth away from her cunt. Then just as quickly, she spread them wide, and with her hand on my head she pulled my mouth back tightly to her pussy, and my tongue traveled its familiar path back up the length of her box and over the top of her clit.

“There, baby, there you go. It’s OK, just let it cum.” I whispered softly. I didn’t want to hurt her pussy after it had brought both of us such exquisite pleasure. Kissing her lightly on the box one more time, I let my mouth travel down to her asshole, my tongue licking all around her hole, then I tied to push my tongue inside her. The ring of her ass gave away and my tongue went in side. I tongue fuck her ass for like 5 minutes, she kept bouncing around. I stopped and kissed my way up her body. Soft kisses on her little tits, and then her throat. Finally, I took her head in my hands, and said. “Here, baby, let me have a big kiss.”

She looked up at me, and our mouths met. Her lips were already apart, and my tongue slipped in. I could feel her tongue running wild all over my probing spear.

“Doesn’t your little pussy taste great?”

She didn’t answer, but her sucking and probing made it all too clear that she was relishing the flavor every bit as much as I was.

I took a sip of my coke, and looked lovingly at my little companion. She was laying quietly, enjoying the afterglow of her incredible orgasm. “Now, little one, would you like to help make me cum too? My cunt is so wet and so ready.”

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

“First you kiss me, then I want you to move down and suck on my tits again, then kiss your want to my pussy and do the same thing I just did for you.”

She was very new at this but she did a great job for a beginner. She gave me several great orgasms. When she put her tongue inside my asshole, I had my biggest orgasm of my life.

She put her head on my stomach. Amanda little hand continued to play with my breasts. As we just laid there.

“Thank you baby. That was just wonderful. You made my pussy go crazy, just like I made your pussy go crazy.”

Grabbing the T-shirt that I had brought up for Amanda, I pulled it over her head. She reached her arms up, and the shirt fell to mid thigh. She looked even smaller in the oversized garment.

“You better get some sleep now.” I said. “In the morning you can come down to my room and wake me up. Maybe we can even take a shower together if you want. Now baby, give me a good night kiss.”

She came into my arms, and pressed her little mouth against my lips. My tongue met hers in a most adult kiss. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck, and she pressed her small body firmly against mine. She was happy.

“Good night,” she said.

“Thank you for making me so happy. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I scooped up my clothes, and paddled downstairs. Turning out the living room lights, I crawled exhausted into bed. My mind was going rapidly over the night’s events.

It was just after 6:00 AM when Amanda came into my room. I heard her walking down the hall.

She was wearing the T-shirt that I had given her.

“Are you awake?” She asked.

“Yes princess, come over here and give me a good morning hug and a kiss.” I suggested.

I pulled the covers back, and she looked at the length of my body. She crawled into bed, and lay down beside me. I wrapped my arms around her, and she tilted her head up for a kiss. Our lips came together, and she was instantly working her tongue up and down against mine.

I kissed her long and hard, and all the while I was rubbing my hands all over her body. Her tits felt like heaven, and I slipped my hand under her shirt so that I could play with them fully. She did the same to my much bigger breasts.

“My God! That feels so nice!” I whispered to her.

I slid my hand down her young body and onto her cunt. My fingers softly rubbed up and down over the hairless little mound. I slipped one finger inside her pussy lips, and she was so wet my finger felt like it was dipped in warm oil. My finger traveled up and down her slit, and she jumped when I hit her clit.

“Mmmmmmm.” she moaned.

“Is it good, baby?” I asked

“It feels so nice,” she said.

“Did you make yourself cum again after I left last night?” I asked.


“How ‘bout when you woke up this morning?”

“Uh huh, then and once more when I woke up in the middle of the night?” she confessed.

“Wow, that’s a lot. And now I’m gonna make you cum again, with my mouth. Would you like that?”

“Okay, I like it a lot when you play with me.” she whispered.

I started kissing her on the mouth, cheek, neck and tits. Slowly my mouth traveled down the length of her slender little body. Finally I was looking directly at her hairless little cunt. It looked absolutely delicious.

My tongue snaked out, and worked itself inside her pussy. She was moving her ass up and down in a primative fucking motion, trying to get more of my tongue into her body. I alternated between shoving my tongue as far up her cunt as it would go, and licking over the top of her clit.

Let me know when you are gonna cum, and I’ll do something special to make it better for you.” I said between tongue strokes.

It only took a couple of minutes to get her ready. My tongue was doing magic things to her little body. She was getting good at getting her rocks off.

“It’s gonna happen!!!!” She cried out...

I concentrated just on her little clitty, raking my tongue all over and around it. At the same time, I eased my finger into her asshole. She was sopping wet both from her juices and my saliva. Her ass and thighs were coated with juice.

My finger slid easily up her little ass. I only put it in about two inches.

I wanted to please her without scaring her to death.

She started to fuck against my finger, and seemed to alternate between wanting to skewer her asshole on my finger and wanting to shove her cunt further into my face.

“Ughhhh, urrggghhh, urrghhh”, she cried, cumming and cumming and cumming.

Then she pushed her legs together, and pulled my head out of her box.

“Its starting to hurt.” she said.

I crawled up the bed and took her in my arms. Holding her tight, we rocked back and forth for a couple of minutes.

“I know princess, you’ve been cumming too much in the last few hours. You have to let your poor little pussy rest up for awhile. Come on, lets take a shower.”

We went into my master bathroom and I got out my electric toothbrush. Amanda said she had never used an electric toothbrush, and wanted to know if she could use it.

“Sure, I’ll be done in a minute.”

I put some more toothpaste on the bristles and she was having a good time cleaning her teeth. The sound of the little motor reminded me of the meowing sounds she made deep in her throat when she was cumming.

Turning on the shower, I adjusted the water so it wouldn’t be too hot. When it was just right, I climbed into the stall.

“Come on in, and I’ll scrub your back and you can do mine.” I said.

She quickly joined me, and she couldn’t help but notice that my hard nipples. Until now we had been working on her pleasure, and that had been part of the plan. But soon I was going to have to cum, or I would die.

I took the bar of soap from the dish, and standing facing her, I started to do her back and shoulders. She stood close, She kept looking at my hard nipples and I knew she was hooked.

I soaped her little tits. They felt great when they were slippery with soap suds. I did all of her chest and stomach, but avoided her cunt. My hands went all over her little round ass, and I slid a finger tip back up into her asshole. She was getting turned on all over again.

“Now, you do me.” I suggested, handing her the bar of soap.

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