Family Discipline

by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2018 by Uther Pendragon

BDSM Sex Story: Faith is ready to go, and Terry lets her. Then he punishes her before the entire family.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Spanking   .

“Are you ready for another game, Terry?” Faith asked. She’d been prepared two nights ago, but lost the coin flip.

“Not really.” But she was obviously ready, and what was his objection except that he hadn’t thought out his game? Well, there was a solution to that. “Tell you what, let me get out of the rest of this stuff and give me the coin.”

When he’d stripped, she handed him the nickel. Terry took one look at it and slapped it down on the bed, not flipping it at all.

“Well, what do you know? Tails,” Terry said.

Faith went to the closet and fetched out what remained of her childhood doll collection. The Princess doll was still like new. She’d been too old, and too awed, to really play with it. She could have given it to some relative who would muss it the way she hadn’t, but the idea had never appealed. Teddy, on the other hand, had been leaking too much to play with by the time she was six. The older Barbie and Ken had remained when she’d given the other pair and all the costumes to her niece, Bonnie. That had been a while ago; Bonnie was now at State. She lined them up on a chair and her dresser.

Terry sat on the book which elevated him above the kitchen-chair seat and watched. Faith’s legs didn’t look all that long when she was standing up, but they tended to trail out a long way when she was lying over his lap.

“Michael,” she said, “not in front of the children. What would our dear queen-empress think?”

“She would think, my dear, that they deserved to know that misbehavior brings its just punishment.” He now knew who he was and what period it was. “When they misbehave, you see me punish them. When you have misbehaved, they should see that you have been punished.”

“But Michael, Husband...”

“They stay. That is my last word. Now come here and remove your clothes.”


“The rules are clear. And you might ask your children what happens to miscreants who seek to delay their punishment.”

Faith, who was already down to her panties, mimed removing blouse, skirt, petticoats, and a slip. She stood in her panties, feigning reluctance.

“Remove your pantaloons, then confess standing.”

Now Faith’s slowness in stripping wasn’t feigned reluctance. What had Martha done wrong? Adultery didn’t call for spanking; it called for horsewhipping. Well, what the hell? She pulled her panties off the last foot and stood at attention to Terry’s -- or Michael’s -- right side.

“I, Martha, confess that I bought an ottoman for the front parlour without asking your permission. It was a terrible violation of my promise to obey my rightful husband.”

“Very well. Lie down across my lap.” At least he knew who he was spanking now. “That calls for 25 spanks before the punishment for trying to delay.”

‘Martha’ lay down over ‘Michael’s’ lap. Her four ‘children’ were in a row behind her with a clear view of her ass. He fitted his hand over her ass, raised it, and brought it down hard.

“Ouch! One.” She might as well count. Somehow it emphasized the spanking.

He slapped her hard four more times. She counted each one. Then he rubbed over the sore ass cheeks. A finger stroked between them.

“Husband! In front of the children?”

He immediately slapped her again. She, after all, was the one who’d wanted the audience.

“Oh, six ... Oh! seven.” Then the finger returned. Okay, she was a little wet. Between the spanks and the exposure to the ‘children,’ what did he expect? For that matter, she could feel him rising against her bare stomach. When his finger left her slit, she tensed for another blow. It didn’t come, and she began to relax. Then it came, and stung her.

“Ow. Eight.” His hand rubbed the sore ass cheeks before returning to the slit between them. He circled her entrance before stroking down towards her clit. The nearer he got, the slower he stroked. She couldn’t help wriggling her ass when he finally touched it. When he removed his hand this time, it was to adjust himself. She felt him hard against her side.

He found himself trying to shield his cock from the doll audience as he shifted it to a more comfortable position. His hand already off her butt, he slapped her again, as hard as he could. Giving his arm a rest meant giving her butt a rest, but that couldn’t be helped.

“Oh. Nine.”

“And this is ten.” He brought his hand down on her butt again. Her movements against his cock were making him worry whether he could keep himself outside her as long as he needed to.

“Ow. Ten.” The rubbing on her sore ass was becoming more perfunctory each time, and the strokes along her slit were lasting longer. This time he brushed across her clit three times. She could tell he was trying to keep it as light as possible, but she could feel it. Oh, how she could feel it!

“Move further out on my knees, Martha. I can’t get enough vigor in my swing when you’re this close.” As opposed to how much vigor he got in his cock.

“Oh, Michael, it feels quite vigorous to me.” But she got far enough away that she was no longer touching his cock.

He swung again. This did, surprisingly, give him a better swing. The “vigor” had merely been an excuse to keep her from rubbing over his cock. While she counted, he spread her nether lips. Let the kids get a good view of where they came from. He stroked down the near lip almost to her clit and then up the far one. She was swaying on his lap. He poked a finger into her warmth.

“Michael!” He was finger fucking her in front of the children. That brought another spank. “Oh, twelve.”

Half way there, nearly. He swung as hard as he could.

“Ow! Thirteen.”

He went back to rubbing her butt and then her lips. These were beginning to stick out to show that she was really aroused. He stroked between them to bring some moisture all the way to her clit. She swayed her butt back and forth.

“Bend your knees, Martha. You are raising your nether regions in a truly indecent manner.” When she did bend her knees and lower herself further on his right leg, he swung again. This time, he hit her lower butt -- one cheek with his palm and the other with his fingers. The part of his hand in between got close to her lips.

“Ow! Fourteen.” She could feel her ass sting. She felt even more aroused by that spank than by the previous caresses. “Oh. Fifteen ... Oh. Sixteen ... Oh. Seventeen.”

“Martha, lie still.” He rubbed her butt once more, more interested in easing the sting on his hand than on her. Her lips were puffing out quite nicely now, and he brushed over them while rubbing her cheeks. He lightly gripped them between thumb and index finger and rubbed them together. “Lie still, I said.” But instead of lying still, she was responding to his attentions by moving her butt under his hand and her thighs against his leg. His next spank covered only one cheek, but his fingertips did reach her lips.

“Ow. Eighteen.” That stung, and not just on her ass. She shook, partly from pain, but even more from arousal. “Oh. Nineteen ... Twenty ... Twenty-one.” These were more gentle, but she could still feel them on her lips.

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