by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2018 by Uther Pendragon

BDSM Sex Story: Faith gets a turn, and Jack catches Jill spying on him skinny-dipping.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Spanking   .

“Ready for another game, Terry?” Faith asked.

“Let me get these trousers off. There are two days more left in this suit. Get the nickel.”

Terry pulled back the covers, and she flipped the nickel. It landed Tails. He picked it up and put it on the top of the dresser.

“I wasn’t spying, Jack.” she said. “Honest. How was I to know you’d be skinny-dipping there?”

“Yeah! Everybody calls it the swimming hole, but you would never think that someone would be swimming there. Well, now I have you.”

What Terry didn’t have was a name for Faith’s character and how he was supposed to get her over his knee.

“You just ask anyone. Jill Eames doesn’t spy on boys.”

Jack and Jill, eh? Well, at least he could remember it. “What everyone will say is that this is the first time you got caught.”

“Oh no! You can’t tell!”

“Okay. We won’t tell. Neither of us will tell. Get down on your knees right here. You deserve a spanking for this. If I don’t tell, I’ll give you the spanking myself.”

Faith thought Terry was moving a little fast, but he was the guy who wanted roll playing. Jill knelt there, and Jack knelt beside her. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed forward and then down.

Her head went down. Her ass stuck out. There was one hell of a lot more bend there than when she was over his knees.

He mimed raising her skirt. He swung hard and connected with a vicious snap.

“Ow!” Faith, or -- she supposed -- Jill, said. Like this, she didn’t have enough air in her lungs for much of a howl.

She gasped in, and another slap connected. “Ouch!” These slaps were beginning to hurt.

The third slap only connected to her left ass cheek, and the pain was concentrated there. His fingertips went into the crack, and they ended up against her labia. That hurt, but they started to swell in arousal.

After the fourth slap not only was Jill’s butt feeling the sting. So was Jack’s hand. Still, Terry had a solution for that.

He pulled his arm far back. He pushed down a little more on the neck; the tail rose a little higher. He swung as hard as he could, angling down so he swept a little above the floor and then back up.

The slap landed across where her butt met her thigh. That was a crease when she wasn’t bent this extremely, and the flesh was more tender than the ass itself was.

“Owwuch! That hurt.”

“It was supposed to hurt. Stay down.” He had both hands on her back as he shuffled around behind her.

The next four slaps hurt Faith less. She figured, though, that Terry could go all night with switching his hands this way.

The last left-handed slap was just his fingers, not his palm, where her butt met her right thigh. That did hurt as much as the right-handed one did.

“Whadya know,” Terry -- or maybe Jack -- said from behind her. “They’re starting to get pink.”

Before the spanks resumed, he stroked the left ass cheek. His fingers strayed onto her labia.

“Jack!” she said. After all, Terry was entitled; Jack was a virtual stranger.

“Well, you saw me.”

“I might have seen you. I didn’t feel you.”

“So you wanted to feel me, did you?” Jack said.

The slap which followed was hard and unexpected.


“That one you felt,” Jack said. Terry knew damned-well what she meant.

The next blow was another underhand one that hit where her left thigh met her ass cheek. “Oww!” she said. His fingertips had hit her labia, and that was painful rather than arousing.

The next three blows were across both cheeks. He didn’t actually hit her labia, but they felt the closeness.

She was starting to get really turned on. When he stopped, she almost missed the arousal.

He shuffled around in back of her again. A finger stroked slowly from the front of her labia to the back.

“Hey!” she said.

“Do you pee when you get spanked?”

“Never.” She used the john before starting a game specifically to avoid that problem.

“Well,” he said. “You’re wet here.” The finger repeated the stroke even more slowly.

By now, she could feel that her labia were puffing out, and doing so more in response to those strokes.

Well, Terry knew what that fluid was, and Jill had no response for Jack.

“Bend back down,” he said. He pushed on her back, and she bent forward again. She hadn’t noticed her straightening.

The left-hand smacks were across both cheeks. As she felt her need for a spanking being satisfied, she felt another need growing.

The warmth in the cheeks was spreading, and the feeling was meeting between them. She was getting hot for him.

When he stopped behind her, he stroked one hand up between her thighs. She moved so her knees were further apart, and he continued up to her labia.

“It’s really wet,” he said. He stroked over the labia, and then pushed one finger between them.

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