by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2018 by Uther Pendragon

Flash Sex Story: Terry gets his turn, and he teaches Tula what it means to be a woman.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   .

“Terry, are you ready for another game?” Faith asked. She had her role all planned out, and she’d got her old dolls from home to go along with it.

“Sure. Let me finish, and then flip the coin.” They’d somehow got into the pattern of only playing the nickel game totally naked. Maybe, with clothes on, they were still Terry and Faith instead of their roles. He stripped off his trousers and shorts.

She flipped. “Heads.” Well, she’d play her game the next time. She scooped up the nickel and put it back in its box.

“Stand up straight, Tula. Our people know that girls should be raised away from boys and by women. But now you are a woman, and you need to learn what that means. I am your teacher. Women can teach you what women do, but it takes a man to teach you what a woman is.” He needed to convey who she was, who he was, and the outline of the situation.

“Yes, teacher.” She straightened. She had been tempted for a moment to disobey and get the spanking she wanted, but Terry had demonstrated that he couldn’t be cheated that way. And, really, since he’d delivered for her twice, he deserved to have his own game.

“These are your breasts.” He lifted one and then the other with his hand. “You’ve seen women use them to feed babies, but they have another purpose. This is a nipple. Do you see how it firms when I brush it with my finger?”

“Yes, teacher.” She hoped she would soon have better lines -- at least other lines -- than this one. On the other hand, Terry had started sex play right after he’d started the game.

“Turn around, Tula.” When she did, he moved closer and had both hands on her breasts from behind. “You know how much work men do to prepare the ground for planting. Well, women are the ground in which they plant babies. Even more work must be done so the women’s special soil is receptive to the seed men plant.” He started kissing the side of her neck.

“Every part of a woman is connected to her center where the soil is.” He licked her ear while his hands continued to stroke her breasts. “Rubbing any part warms the special soil. Moistening any part moistens the special soil.” He licked her left ear, and then kissed down that side of her neck. He moved his hands to her shoulders to turn her around. “But, rubbing here and moistening here...” He kissed one nipple and stroked the other. “ ... which are associated with babies, is even more effective.”

Faith figured that Tula probably wouldn’t have many lines in this play. This ‘Teacher’ preferred the lecture to the Socratic Method. Still, there were worse roles than being the subject of a demonstration on how women get turned on for sex. And she was starting to feel turned on. This sort of mechanical manipulation wouldn’t be her favorite, but Terry, or ‘Teacher,’ seemed intent on continuing to stroke and kiss until it was effective. The lectures, if they tickled her funny-bone at times, were suggestive enough to be arousing at other times.

“And these are the special parts of a man. The seed grows here.” He took her hand and placed it under his testicles. She cupped them and moved her fingers to feel them roll back and forth.

“Warm,” she said.

“And this is the digging stick that delivers the seed inside the woman. When it hangs down, it has other purposes. When it stands up and forward like this, it is ready to enter the woman.”

Faith thought that, with all the fingering that Terry had been doing to her, his cock had better be standing ‘up and forward like this.’ That thought wasn’t appropriate for Tula, though, and she didn’t express it.

“Kneel on the bed now, Tula. Facing this way.” He had her kneel crosswise with her knees close to the edge of the bed. “Now, lean forwards, support yourself on your hands, and spread your knees further apart.” He stroked her back, then slipped one of his hands between her legs until it was supporting her belly and mound. “Here, above where I have my hand, is where the baby grows. We will plant the seeds when this place is warm and moist enough.”

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