One Weird Trick That Brings a Real Estate Agent to Her Knees

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: You've seen women like her in the real estate ads: the beautiful blonde real estate bimbos, making the most of their good looks to lure in buyers or sellers. Real estate agent Heather Wetherbee thought I was house-hunting. Actually, I was cunt-hunting. And her pussy was right on my radar screen. I recently learned one weird trick for reading minds and controlling people-especially women like Heather. Now I am about to enjoy the fruits of my new power.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Slavery   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Scatology   Spitting   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .

She thought I was house-hunting. Actually, I was cunt-hunting. And her pussy was right in the middle of my radar screen.

You’ve seen her like in the real estate ads: the beautiful blonde real estate bimbo, making the most of her good looks to lure in buyers or sellers. Men want to get into her pants. Women want to yank her by the hair out of jealousy. As for me, I wanted to do some of both. And more.

Her name was Heather Wetherbee. She was blonde and buxom and beautiful. Exactly the kind of cunt I like to fuck. And use her for my pleasure.

I recently learned how to read minds, learn people’s secrets, and control people—especially women like her. I can do all of that using one weird trick. It’s childishly simply, really, once you learn it. But everyone who possesses this secret does not just give it away. He sells it dear. I had to serve a difficult apprenticeship. Now that’s over and done. Now I can enjoy the fruits of my new power.

I called Heather Wetherbee’s real estate office number. I told her that I was interested in buying a new home. Either a house or a condo, depending on location and other factors. I mentioned a few that I’d seen on her company’s web site. We discussed the properties. Then we made an appointment to meet at one of them.

It was a luxury condo in a very swanky building. I smiled when I saw it because, although I now had the money to afford such luxury, I was practically a pauper at this time last year. My power had made it easy to mentally eavesdrop on businessmen with insider knowledge of company performance and trade secrets. In short order I had made a small fortune in the stock market. Now I could afford to spend some of it.

Heather met me in the lobby of the condo building. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a loose pony tail. She flashed her blue eyes and dazzling smile as she greeted me by name and we shook hands. Heather wore a dark blue skirt and jacket set over a pale blue blouse that was suspiciously low-cut for business attire. Heather had an amazing rack of tits. I read her mind to find out her bust size measured 38-inch DD-cup.

We took the elevator up to the ninth floor. Heather unlocked the condo. My first impression was of spectacular views through broad, floor-to-ceiling windows. After Heather closed the door behind me, I knew that my time to use that one weird trick had arrived.

I looked Heather in the eye while reciting the simple verbal incantation silently in my mind. At once, I saw the swirling, colorful shapes of Heather’s energy body. I scanned the shapes until I spotted a small, unchanging, gleaming silver ring. With my mind, I created something like a silver hook and stuck it right through her silver ring. I literally had her hooked. What this felt like to Heather was knee-weakening, heart-fluttering love at first sight. But the ultimate significance of the hook-in-ring was that Heather was now mine, body and soul. Only she didn’t know that consciously. I was not going to come right out and tell her that yet. She would soon find out by experience.

“Heather” I said. “There is an old saying: Business before pleasure. But I don’t believe in that. In fact, I believe in the exact opposite: Pleasure before business. Don’t you agree?”

Heather smiled at me with the almost mindless grin of a woman in love and under mental control. “I agree with anything you say, Steve” she said.

I took her by the hand and walked her to the bedroom.

“Take off your clothes, Heather” I commanded.

“Yes, Sir” she said.

I stopped her. Placing one finger on her lips, I said “No, not Sir: Master. You will call me Master from now on, Heather.”

She nodded rapidly, blue eyes fluttering. “Yes, Master” the blonde beauty said. “I’m so sorry I misspoke. Do you want to punish me?”

I smiled as I fondled her breasts. “No yet, bitch” I said. “Maybe later. If you deserve it. Or even if you don’t. That’s all up to me, isn’t it, cunt?”

Heather got a dreamy look on her face. In a breathy voice, she replied “Yes, Master. It’s all up to you.”

She removed her jacket and blouse first. I slowly ran my hands over her naked tummy. The pretty woman had the most perfectly white skin. It felt so smooth and soft. Her body recoiled slightly, muscles tensing. I reached up and fondled her huge, bra-encased breasts.

I licked my lips in anticipation. “Take this off” I said.

Heather removed her bra. I leaned over and began sucking on the wide pink nipple of one breast, before kissing my way across her chest to the other nipple. I sucked her nipples and licked them, twirling my tongue over the soft nibs.

I told her to remove her shoes, skirt, and panties. I uncovered the bed and made her lay upon it, her naked flesh helpless before me. I took off my clothes while Heather watched me intently.

“You are so handsome, Master” she said.

In fact, I was very ordinary looking. Completely average in every way. But to her, I was the most handsome man on Earth right now.

Naked, I climbed onto the bed and kissed Heather for the first time. Her response was electric. She caressed my face with both hands and kissed me tongue-in-mouth with amazing passion. I fondled her breasts while she kissed me and reached down to touch my penis, which was already erect.

I broke off the kiss. “Blow me, bitch” I commanded.

Heather smiled with an eager look on her face. “Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!” she said.

She immediately moved down and took my penis into her mouth. I lay there and looked down at the top of Heather’s blonde head. Heather had a very good blowjob technique. She’d probably been practicing it for years.

After enjoying a few minutes of Heather’s expert cocksucking, I had to decide whether to let her proceed all the way and suck me off, or to delay cumming until later. I chose to delay.

I took her chin in my hand and raised her head to face me. Withdrawing my penis from her mouth, I grabbed Heather by her long blonde pony tail and gently pulled her up to my face. I kissed her. Then I put my arms around Heather and held the naked woman close, feeling her skin rub against mine. I put my tongue into her mouth. She opened eagerly to receive me.

Then I moved one hand down to her pubic area. I lightly ran one fingertip around her clit. Moving down, I ran my finger down her slit. She was moist. I moved down so I could taste Heather’s pussy. She had the sort of sweet yet spicy cunt fragrance that I had only encountered in one woman before in my life. That’s when I knew for sure that Heather was a keeper.

I climbed up and mounted my conquered blonde. Heather, my new private cunt, was ready to be fucked. I penetrated her easily. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my face and neck as I fucked her into a series of orgasms that had her vocalizing her pleasure while praising my name.

After I was done with her cunt, I said “I’m going to give you a special treat, Heather. I’m going to let you suck my dick before I fuck you up the ass. Doesn’t that make you happy, bitch?” I asked.

Heather said “Yes, Master” in a breathy voice.

Heather started going down on me again. But I stopped her. “No, no, whore. Kneel on the floor at the edge of the bed in front of me.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and the pretty woman obediently knelt on the floor before me. Taking my erect penis in her hand, she licked it up and down. Then she put it in her mouth. I put my hands on her golden blonde hair, grabbing a handful in each palm and gripping gobs of hair between my fingers. “Look at me, bitch” I said. “Keep my dick in your mouth and look at me.”

The beautiful blonde raised her blue eyes and gazed at me while my erect penis filled her pretty mouth. “Use your tongue, whore. While you look at me, keep licking the underside of my dick with your sweet pretty tongue.” My slave obeyed her Master. Her soft tongue licked my dick, back and forth, back and forth.

“Good bitch” I said. “This is only the beginning. You’re going to spend a lot of time with my dick in your mouth from now on.” I smiled. “Keep sucking, whore. Keep sucking, you slut. You’re going to give me long, loving blowjobs any time I want, any day. I’ll train you to blow me exactly the way I like. You’ll get better and better at it. I’ll cum in your mouth many, many times. And you’ll swallow. You’ll swallow it all. You’ll always swallow. Every drop of my cum, whore. You’re going to eat my cum. And then you’re going to thank me for cumming in your mouth. It’s what your life is all about now.”

The golden blonde head of the blue-eyed beauty began to bob up and down on my cock as she sucked me. It felt fantastic. I would be cumming in this bitch’s mouth a lot in the hours, days, weeks, and years to come!

I leaned forward and grabbed the blonde woman’s head in both hands. “That’s good for now, whore. I don’t want to cum in your mouth yet. I am going to fuck you up the ass first.”

I pushed her head back. Heather released my dick from her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her big breasts, taking a pink nipple in each hand. Then I bent toward her. Looking in her eyes, I could tell she understood that I wanted a kiss. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. I kissed the blonde beauty, inserting my tongue into her willing mouth. She tasted of her Master’s penis. My unique penis smell was now the second thing she had tasted from me, after the taste of my tongue and mouth from our first kiss.

I broke off the kiss. “Get on the bed. Kneel on your hands and knees with your ass facing me” I commanded.

Heather obeyed instantly. I gazed in awe at her pure white skin. From the pinkish soles of her feet, up her white legs to the area where her thighs met her shapely pretty ass, she was a vision of beauty. The small gap between her butt cheeks gave a tiny peek at her pale pink anus. Below that, her perineum was followed by the beginning of her pretty cunt.

I took a container of lubricant from the pocket of my pants. I placed the container on the bed beside Heather. “Spread your butt cheeks, bitch” I commanded. Heather put her head down, face sideways, on the bed. She then reached behind and spread her buttocks for me. I moved in to see the pretty woman’s anus up close and personal. She was clean and tight. The wrinkled flesh of her anus was such a lovely pink color. I sniffed it. I kissed it. Then I began licking it. There was a faint pungent smell, but nothing too bad. I licked faster and faster. Heather’s body trembled. Her breathing grew deeper. She moaned softly. Her anal muscles started to relax. I was soon able to dart my tongue into her asshole. The taste was stronger there. Not bad though. I inserted my tongue deeper and deeper into the pretty blonde’s asshole.

With one hand, I flipped open the lube container and squirted some of the grease onto my dick. Reluctantly, I pulled my face away from my pretty slave’s asshole. I squeezed lube on two of my fingers. Then I pressed one finger against Heather’s anus. “This is going to hurt a bit, bitch. Not too bad. Just relax” I commanded. Slowly, I inserted one of my fingers into the young woman’s asshole.

“Oww! Oww!” Heather said.

“Shut up, whore” I said sharply. “No complaining. Thank me for putting a finger up your ass. Thank your Master, whore.”

Heather’s breathing was ragged. She had to catch her breath. But soon enough she said it. “Thank you for putting your finger up my ass, Master.”

“Good whore” I said. “Here comes finger number two.” I inserted my second lubed finger into the woman’s asshole. She squirmed, but she didn’t complain or resist.

I finger-fucked the bitch’s asshole for a couple of minutes. Then it was time for the main event. I pulled my fingers out of my slave’s asshole. I moved the tip of my penis to the entrance of her anus. “Open up your butthole like you’re going to take a shit, whore” I said. “Kiss my penis with your anus.” Heather obeyed, gaping her anus slightly. I pressed the head of my cock into her anal opening, stretching her anal sphincter beyond anything she’d ever experienced before.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” the pretty blonde uttered despite herself.

Pressing my dick home, I pushed it into the pretty woman’s rectum. “Thank me, bitch. Thank me for shoving my dick up your ass.”

Heather started to weep. “Thank you, Master” she said between her sobs.

I laughed out loud. “Good whore!” I said. “That’s what I like. Thank me for the pain I am causing when I sodomize you. Thank me, bitch!”

“Thank you, Master” Heather said.

“No, that’s not enough” I said. “Tell me how grateful you are that I am sodomizing you. Thank me for sodomizing you.”

Heather moaned and groaned and sobbed. “Thank you for sodomizing me, Master” the pretty woman said.

That’s what I’d been waiting to hear! Grasping Heather by her shapely hips, I began thrusting up the pretty woman’s pure white ass, fucking her asshole harder, deeper, and faster. “Yeah, bitch!” I yelled with wild abandon. “I’m buttfucking you! Your ass is mine now, bitch! Now and for the rest of your life. I’ll buttfuck the living daylights out of you any time I want. Day or night! Your ass is mine, whore. I’m going to sodomize you over and over and over. This is your future, bitch. Get used to it! I’m going to use your asshole like a cunt. You’ll feel your Master’s dick plowing into your asshole all the time!”

Heather did not resist, but she was sobbing from the pain as I sodomized her. Someday she’d learn to enjoy being sodomized by me. But that didn’t really matter right now. All that mattered is that I owned this perfect blonde beauty, and I could buttfuck her at will anytime from now on.

I felt my orgasm approaching. And I smelled something. I looked down at the bitch’s ass. My pummeling dick had pumped some shit out of the pretty woman’s asshole. Some of her light brown shit was lodged between her pure white butt cheeks. A few shit smears and blobs were on my dick. I smiled as I looked at the results of my work. I withdrew my dick from the pretty woman’s asshole.

“Now comes the best part, bitch” I said. “You’re going to clean my dick in your mouth. You’re going to suck me clean and eat your own shit. And then I am going to cum in your mouth for the first time in your life. First, you’ll eat your own shit. Then you’ll eat your Master’s cum. What a lucky woman you are.”

I yanked the pretty woman around by her hair and pushed Heather’s head towards my crotch. The blonde beauty stared at my shit-smeared dick. “Smell it bitch. Sniff it. Tell me honestly. How does it smell?”

Heather looked up at me, not sure what to say.

“Tell me it stinks, bitch. Tell me it stinks because it has your shit on it” I said helpfully.

Heather nodded. “It stinks, Master. Your dick has my shit on it.”

“That’s right, whore” I said. “Now give it a lick. Tell me how it tastes.”

Obediently, the pretty woman stuck out her tongue and gingerly placed the tip against my soiled penis. I grabbed her head and pressed more of my dick against her tongue. “Get a good taste, whore. Learn what your shit tastes like.”

Heather allowed me to wipe my dirty dick against her tongue without resisting. When I let up, she looked up at me. She wrinkled her nose.

“How does it taste, whore?” I asked with a smile. “Be honest.”

“It tastes terrible, Master” Heather said.

I smiled from ear to ear. “Good. That’s what I wanted to hear. Now take my dick all the way into your mouth. Suck me clean. Lick me clean. Suck your shit off my dick and swallow it. I want you to eat your own shit before I will give you the great honor of cumming in your mouth so you can swallow my cum.”

Heather took a deep breath. She heaved a sigh. Then she opened her mouth and accepted my shit-covered dick into her perfect pretty mouth.

I grabbed the head of the golden blonde beauty with both hands and forced my dick all the way into her mouth to the back of her throat. She gagged but did not resist. “Eat that shit, whore” I said. “Eat it! Show what a good slave you are. Clean me. Then suck me off. I want to cum in your mouth. I want you to get your first taste of your Master’s cum. It sure won’t be your last!”

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