Doing an Unconsious 14 Year Old

by Drax

Copyright© 2018 by Drax

Pedo Sex Story: This is what happens when the dumb bitch called Jackie who lives next door asks me to babysit her sick daughter Geanie.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

I love the hot weather as the warmer it is, the less and more revealing clothes the young girls wear, and even if they are dressed it’s usually only skimpy bathing suits or two-piece bikinis; this was good for a lover of young girls such as myself. It helps when they live next door to you as they did for me which led to the encounter you are about to read about.

Living next door to me was a woman of 34 named Jackie. She stood at 5’4, had long brown hair which she kept tied back and soft brown eyes. She was slim, her boobs were just the right size and her bum was just perfect for a woman who had a kid. That leads me onto Jackie’s 14 year old daughter Geanie. She was the spitting image of her mother except she was skinnier than Jackie was at her age and Geanie always seemed to be wearing very little clothing, which suited me just fine.

I found both Jackie and Geanie to be very pretty but by eye tended to drift more towards Geanie than her mother. As the hot weather took hold during the start of summer, I was pleased to see both Jackie and her daughter were wearing bathing suits as they sat in their front yard having a cold drink. My encounter with them started as I signed for a parcel.

“Hey Jay, have you got a moment?” Jackie called out as I headed back inside. I put the package inside the back door and replied “Sure, what’s up?” I asked as I stepped up to the fence. “I’ve got to work tonight” she told me, referring to her work at a local pub “Is there any chance you could keep an eye on Geanie for me?” I looked over at Geanie then back at Jackie and asked “Isn’t she old enough to look after herself?”

Thankfully the fence obscured the raging hard-on I had from looking at Geanie, who was wearing a bikini top and a pair of tatty denim shorts. “She may be but she’s not been feeling well of late” Jackie told me “You’d be doing me a huge favour if you could keep an eye on her.” she leaned over the fence and whispered to me “Plus I can ‘pay’ when I get home if you know what I mean.” I knew exactly what she meant, so I replied “Sure, when do you need me?” Jackie smiled and answered with “You can come around now; and thanks Jay, I owe you.” She flashed me a cute smile and went back inside.

I went back inside for a few moments too put the package in the kitchen then I went around to Jackie’s and was slightly disappointed to see she had changed out of her swimsuit and into regular clothing. She made me a coffee and we went into the living room and sat down. “Geanie has not been been well of late” Jackie told me as I drank my coffee “She’s taking medication for it but I appreciate you doing this for me.” I smiled and replied “Glad I could help”.

I tried hard not to stare at Jackie but it was hard as she was really good looking. “I’ll pay you when I get back, if that’s OK?” Jackie asked. I downed the last of my coffee and replied “That’s no problem.” Jackie got up and said “Thank-you Jay...” She winked at me then grabbed her purse and coat and left; for a few moments I just sat there.

The silence was broken when Geanie came in, and upon seeing her my cock got rock hard almost instantly. Her buttocks were round and lush, and between her cushiony thighs was a sweet young pussy crowned with a light forest of copper hair that peaked out the top of her bikini bottom. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “Your mom asked me to keep an eye on you since you weren’t feeling very well” I replied, doing my best not to stare at her flat teen belly.

“Mind if I cuddle up with you?” Geanie asks me “The tablets I’m taking make me feel a bit light-headed.” I found this hard to believe; a hot 14 year old girl was asking me if I minded if she cuddle up to me on the couch. “Sure” I replied “But shouldn’t you put some clothes on first?” She shrugged and replied “It’s only a bikini...” She got on the couch and cuddled up next to me, taking my arm and putting it around her slim waist.

If it had been possible at this point, my cock would have gotten even harder than it already was. Within a few moments, Geanie was fast asleep. As she dozed next to me, I could not resist rubbing her flat belly gently and looking down at her teen tits encased within the fabric of her bikini top. Since the moment Geanie and her mother moved in next door I’d wanted to be alone with her, and here I was sat one the couch with her in a house that I had to myself for a few hours.

Slowly I slid my hand up her tummy and onto her chest where I gently felt her left tit though the bikini. I gently rubbed and squeezed her tit through the bikini wanting to feel her soft skin itself, but I did not want to push my luck or risk her waking up and accusing me of molesting her. I slid my hand back down to her flat belly and rubbed it gently while tracing a finger along the edge of her bikini bottoms. Geanie grunted in her sleep and shifted position slightly; my heart froze and blood ran cold. I thought she was going to wake up and accuse me of molesting her but thankfully she did not wake and was just getting more comfortable.

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