by Frank Noir

Copyright© 2018 by Frank Noir

Erotica Sex Story: A couple of workmen come to inspect our heroine's flat. But once she lets them in, things quickly get out of hand.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

I think the rays of the morning sun through the thin curtains woke me up. Either that, or my pussy craving my attention. At least that’s what I like to believe.

Because I’m old I know to know how much I enjoy sex. And why not? I love what it does to my body – whether it’s a man’s hands or my own fingers – a man’s cock or my favourite vibrator. All the sensual pleasures of a female body. And the sensation of losing control once the orgasm surges through me and I hear myself screaming in ecstasy.

Lying in bed I close my eyes – my fingers already found my clit, making it swell and harden with excitement. Slowly I masturbate, lusty images filling my mind: Big male hands forcing my thighs apart – thirsty tongues licking up my juices – fat cocks thrusting into me brutally, spurting long jets of semen across my naked body.


I bite my lip so the neighbours won’t hear me screaming. My free hand finds my breast and kneads it, making my cunt quiver. With thumb and index finger I squeeze my nipple hard – twisting it until pain turns into pleasure. I massage my clit with increasing intensity – my entire body trembling with lust.

“Oh! Oh!”

I force two fingers up into my cunt, feeling how wet I am. Warm love juice seeps across my hand. I move it up and down, fucking myself with it like a cock – driving my fingers in and out of my pussy in hard, fast thrusts.

I writhe on the sheet. A wave of pleasure rolls through my entire body – a harbinger of the violent orgasm to come. Or – no. I pause for a while – slipping my slick fingers out of my soft crevice. Oh. So close it almost hurts to stop. I take a deep breath. And another.

Knock, knock.

At first I can’t figure out what it is. Dizzy with lust I need to entangle myself from my dirty fantasies and find my way back to reality. Okay – I’m in my bed – naked underneath the thin duvet.

Knock, knock.

At last I get it: Someone’s knocking on my door. I shake my head – imagine I could be that lust, plain and simple, could mess up my mind like that. A crimson silk bathrobe lies across my chair. I reach for it as I get up and put in on. My hair is still a bit of a mess, but so what?

I open the door to reveal to men in white overalls. One has black hair and slightly dark skin – perhaps a Turk. The other a bit taller and looks like a Viking: Pale – with red hair and a beard.

“Good morning”, the Turk says with no hint of an accent. “We’re here to check your apartment.”

“Check?” I say.

“Yeah,” the Viking replies. “The housing association is renovating all the flats. You should have gotten a letter...”

“Hm,” I reply. “Probably.”

A letter from the housing association? I’m sure I’ve thrown that directly into the bin. Not nearly sexy enough for me. The two men look at me expectantly.

“May we come in?” the Turk asks cautiously.

I step aside.

“Oh yeah,” I say. “Sorry.”

They enter, and I close the door behind them as they continue into my living room.

“Would you like coffee or anything?” I ask.

“No thanks,” I hear the Viking reply. “We’ll only be a few minutes.”

They walk around the room talking quietly. I can’t hear what they’re saying. My abdomen is still a bit sore – a clenching sensation of unfulfilled excitement. As soon as they’re gone, I will go back inside and continue masturbating. It’s a rather kinky feeling. Walking around thinking about masturbation with two strange men in the flat. And they don’t even look half bad. A couple of handsome guys, actually.

I sit on the bed and play with my iPhone. No dirty messages. Perhaps I should send one myself, then? I feel like texting Sophie, telling her I’ve had rough sex with the two workmen. I giggle at the thought. She might just believe it – and be a bit shocked – and very curious. Yes, damn it – I’ll do it! I open iMessage and start typing:

“Hi Sophie...”

“Excuse me.”

I look up. The Turk stands in the doorway smiling tactfully at me. Yes – he really is a bit of a hunk.

“We’re done,” he says. “Just go back to what you were doing.”

The Viking stands behind him, smiling lewdly.

“What do you mean?” I ask. “I wasn’t doing anything.”

The two men glance at each other.

“Ah,” the Turk says. “I believe you were.”

I sit up in bed, feeling my nipples standing out, poking the silk robe. He’s got a bit of a nerve! How does he know... ?

“Well, well,” I reply cheerily. “You believe that, do you? And what do you think it was?”

The Turk does not reply – just raises his eyebrows. The Viking takes one step forward and lets his gaze run up and down my body.

“A nice spring morning like this,” he says quietly. “You might as well enjoy yourself a bit...”

“Enjoy?” I say.

“I believe she’s been enjoying her cunt,” the Turk says to his Viking partner.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I reply. “That’s what you guys like to think about? Hot babes masturbating?”

Their smiles widen. Oh yes – men love it when women talk dirty. I look from one to the other. They don’t say a word. They’re not quite sure what to make of me.

“So...” I say slowly. “Would you like to watch?”

They nod. But I can tell: They don’t believe I really mean it.

With a quick gesture I rip off my robe, sitting stark naked in front of them. Their eyes widen, their smiles fade. Men! What pushovers they are. Show them a pair of tits and a pussy and you can make them do anything. Anything,

“You like that?” I say huskily. “Two horny guys like you – you’d like to se what I was doing?”

I don’t await their reply. I lie on my back and spread my legs, hearing them sigh at the sight. My fingers find my wet cunt and begin to massage my clit. Oh yes. It’s even better than before. The unexpected interruption has made my cunt even hungrier, and now – two strange men are watching me masturbate. That’s kinky as hell, and I rub myself even more vigorously – for their sake.

I look at them. They have recovered from the initial shock, and lust has taken over. Their glazed eyes are focused on my cunt, occasionally scanning my naked body – my long, slender legs, my full, soft breasts. I believe I can see their cocks starting to bulge beneath their white overalls.

“Ah!” I gasp.

The Turk takes a step forward and slowly approaches the bed. My eyes follow him as I masturbate eagerly. He puts his face between my thighs, and now I feel his mouth against my pussy lips.

“Ohh!” I cry.

Yes – I had it coming. I’ve been showing off, turning them on. And now he wants to join in. Wasn’t that what I was hoping for? His fat, wet tongue licks up my juice. I hear him swallowing – drinking from my cunt. I let go with my fingers – instead I feel his tongue rotating around my little, hard clitoris. He kisses it, sucks it greedily. And now – now he forces two wide, male fingers up into my cunt and starts to thrust them in and out. I thrash about on the sheet in ecstasy.

“Ahhh, yes,” I whimper. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

He gradually increases the rhythm – fingerfucking me, making slurping sounds between my thighs. The sensation is incredible. My juices squirt in little droplets across his hand.

I hear the sound of a zipper. The Viking has pulled down his fly and produced his cock. It’s incredibly handsome: Long and wide – crowned with reddish pubes at the root. Holding his half-erect member he walks to the bed, crawls up and straddles my face. I lift my head and open my mouth, allowing him to guide his cock in between my lips. I feel the hot member throbbing inside my mouth, straightening in tiny jerks. He grabs my hair and begins to slide his cock back and forth.

The Turk’s fingers thrust violently in and out, in and out of my cunt – until I can’t hold back any longer. I feel the orgasm approaching – more powerful than ever before. And suddenly I almost black out – and I come.

“Mmm! Mmm!” I scream, the Viking’s cock pumping in and out of my mouth.

I grab his buttocks hard – if not, I would fall over. But his hand in my hair holds me up as he fucks my mouth in long, lusty thrusts. His cock is hard as stone now – it jerks violently as if he’s about to come. But suddenly he pulls out.

A loud “pah!” escapes me as the huge member pops out of my mouth.

The Turk looks up at me grinning between my trembling thighs, his face wet with my juices.

“I want to see your cock!” I hear myself whisper to him. “Show me!”

The Turk stands up and quickly pulls off his overalls. He’s quite muscular and very hairy, his cock even longer than that of the Viking – and completely erect. Playing with my cunt – and feeling me climax – has really turned him on.

The Viking stands by the bed, still wearing his overalls, lazily caressing his erect member. The Turks lies on top of me, guiding his huge cock directly towards the mouth of my pussy. I whimper in anticipation, feeling the head of his member pressing against my labia. My cunt opens and he enters me. I feel his long member slowly penetrating me – inch by inch, until his entire shaft is buried inside my succulent slit. It’s happening! I think. I’m about to get fucked!

I hardly understand how it happened: Lying here with one workman’s cock inside me, the other watching, masturbating. But it’s too late for regrets. I spread my legs, feeling the Turk slowly pull almost all the way out of my cunt. Only – with a hard, violent motion – to enter me all the way again. And then he begins pumping – hard, deep thrusts, making me cry out with pleasure: “Yeees! Aaah!”

He grabs my wrists, holding me down as he fucks and fucks. I feel an almost superhuman strength in each and every thrust and it makes me so incredibly hot. He’s completely in control – I’m helplessly at the mercy of this muscle man and his massive cock. His hard, dark eyes stare at me – his face almost devoid of expression – except for determination and concentration. The hard member hammers in and out of me as the Viking stands above us, stroking his cock. A drop of clear fluid oozes from its tip.

Suddenly, the Turk pulls out.

“Ah!” he gasps. “Like that. Your turn.”

The Viking almost jumps into bed with me – and suddenly it’s his cock I have inside me. Before I realize what’s happening he begins to thrust. The rough fabric of his overalls rhythmically scratches the insides of my naked thighs.

“Oh!” I cry. “No ... ah!”

Now the Turk is standing next to the bed, massaging his impressive member. His dark shaft glistens, dripping with my love juices.

“Yeah,” he says. “Two for the price of one, eh? It’s your lucky day!”

The Viking fucks me relentlessly, his mouth open with excitement, his face flushed.

“Damnit,” he gasps. “This is fucking good pussy!”

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