Daphne's Lesson: Mallory's Mid Term

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2018 by The Flaming Dodo

: After Daphne's heartbreak, Mallory deals with further fallout.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual   Hermaphrodite   TransGender   Cream Pie   Teacher/Student   .

Mallory couldn’t believe her ears. She paced in a tight circle like a caged tigress, her mind spinning. Their conversation, Holly’s request for a date with Daphne grew quiet. Mallory inched closer to hear precious tidbits of sound. No such luck. Holly turned to leave with such speed as which she came.

Mallory holstered her tremblings hands to her sides as she posted herself back at the same vending machine. “So what was that about?” She asked under her breath.

“She--” Daphne paused to overstated her bewilderness. “Holly just asked me out.” The preppy blonde couldn’t help but crack a smile. “This is such a weird day.” Daphne turned to press the balance of coins down the slot.

Mallory’s stomach churned. She widened her stance and tightened her abs. “What did you say?”

“I said I’d check my schedule but I should give her a shot.” Daphne mashed her knuckles against a button and waited for the tumbling sound of the plastic bottle. She grabbed the bottle and twisted the top. The clean snapping of plastic and fresh fizz gave her cause to smile. “There’s something I’m concerned about.” She took the bottle to her lips and sipped the bubbling brown stuff. “One, I’m not that attracted to her and two, if she’s just going to bust right away like the first time—I mean, what’d be the point of that?”

Mallory took a calm, measured breath before she said. “Maybe it’s not just about sex with her and she wants a connection. Some people are like that, y’know?”

“Good point.” Daphne nodded. “With Valerie I tried fast and hard. I couldn’t come. Maybe slow and sensual is the way to go.” She flashed a quick smile and looked Mallory over from head-to-toe. “You and I. We never hooked up, now that I think about it.”

“Now-that-you-think-about?” Mallory spat mockingly. Her face burned red with anger and disgust. “I think you’re a little too slutty for me.”

Daphne’s jaw dropped. “You orchestrated a gang bang on ME and I’M the slut? Fuck you, Mallory. I’m tired of your mood swings, you bipolar bitch!”

“M—maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore then.” Mallory stammered. She choked on the words and winced even after she said them. “Since I’m so moody.”

“Guess so.” Daphne said even though her face softened. She cradled her soda like a child just punished. About to lose her favorite toy.

Mallory took several steps past Daphne but stopped. “I should help you back upstairs.” She turned and extended her hand. Daphne said nothing, but limped into her arms and laid her weight against her as she started for the stairs. She tried breathing through her mouth at first, but she caught whiffs of Daphne’s fruity shampoo. The shower fresh scent was intoxicating. She tried to resist, but Mallory heart soon melted at the feel of Daphne’s soft skin against hers. Now she timed her breathing, filling her lungs with as much of Daphne as she could. She dragged her steps, prolonging the silent walk to Daphne’s. For at least a moment everything was as it should.

When they made it to the outside the door, Mallory pushed her palm into Daphne’s firm abs—pressing her against the wall. Mallory reached for the door handle while keeping her eyes locked on Daphne’s face. With a nervous breathlessness, she leaned into Daphne and kissed her.

Daphne tightened her lips at first. Her breathing soared as Mallory tongue invaded her. She rain

Mallory pulled away when some gentle weeping came through the door. “Is Carmen in there?” She whispered. “If she is, she’s crying.”

“She must’ve just got here.” Daphne hovered close. She turned the handle and limped past Mallory. Carmen sat solemnly at her desk but had the wherewithal to turn her head from the door to blot her face. “Carmen, you okay?” She called out.

“Yeah.” She said, keeping her head down over her laptop. “Yeah, I’m good. Just got some bad news is all.”

Mallory remained outside the door. Her lips tingled from Daphne’s kiss. “Daph, I’ll see you later. Hope everything’s okay, Carmen.”

“Thanks, Mal. I’ll call you in a few if that’s okay.” She called over her shoulder.

Mallory nodded. “Okay, then. See you.”

Daphne sat on her bed and sipped her cola. She watched mournfully as Carmen stared at her blank laptop screen. “Carmen are you sure you’re okay?” She eked the words from her throat, afraid to pierce the silence.

“Yeah.” Carmen spat. She did little to hide her dismissive tone. Her head never moved and the uncomfortable quiet resumed.

Daphne woke her phone and checked the time; Not that it mattered, but it served as a welcome distraction. Then she tried again. “So I’m thinking about going on a date with Holly.” She spoke into the void. “Any advice?” She watched Carmen’s body tremble. Her fingers tapped on the laptop with audible clacks. The sight stirred some dread in Daphne’s stomach that she fought through. “Sorry, Carmen. I was just worried and thought you maybe wanted to talk--”

Daphne jumped with Carmen kicked out of her chair, sending it crashing to the floor. Her eyes shot daggers at Daphne, chest heaving with rage. She stomped to her desk and retrieved her phone. Heading for the door, Daphne could hear the start of her conversation. “Mallory? Are you in your room yet?”

“I did it. I did it.” Holly kept repeating to herself as walked back to her dorm. “It doesn’t matter what she says. At least I asked.” She breathed a sigh of relief as she turned the corner, nearly running into Valerie’s hulking form. “Whoa! Sorry!” She stumbled back.

“Whoa there.” Valerie’s eyes widened. “What’re you so dressed up? Not gonna lie. You’re looking 10 times more fuckable than you ever have.”

“You think?” Holly blushed. “I just asked Daphne out. God, I hope she says yes.”

“Well.” Valerie stroked her chin. “You’ve got a dick. So she’ll probably say yes. Good luck.” She stepped around Holly and resumed walking. It wasn’t a few minutes because she heard light sobbing from behind a nearby bathroom door. She strode inside to find Carmen curled on the yellow tile floor, Mallory leaning on the wall above her. “Carmen?” Valerie’s voice was shocked.

“Carmen’s boyfriend has been cheating on her.” Mallory said in a hush.

Carmen laid her head on her knee and muttered. “He said he’s been working late. But my brother ran into someone that told him he’s been bragging about finally being with a ‘real girl’.” Her last words filled her eyes with quaking pain, with rage slowly bubbling below. “Fucking Brad. Fucking dick-hungry thirsty bitches!.” She shuddered. “And I can NOT spend another night in the same room as that whore Daphne. One of you guys has to take my spot.”

Valerie smirked and raised her hand. “I got it.”

“Of course you do. Because you’re disgusting” Mallory sharpened her glare. “Com’on roomy.” She helped Carmen stagger to her feet.

Carmen sat upright on Valerie’s bed and lightly bounced herself. She couldn’t help but smile as she shook her head. “Man this bed squeaks.” She said between sniffles. “I’m sure Val gets mileage out of this thing. Does it keep you up?”

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