Graduation Party

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2018 by SciFurz

Incest Sex Story: A short story based on a real event (not the incest part).

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .


I was a nerd in school.

Actually, I’m still a nerd, and back then not one of those stereotypical hardcore snack munching overweight late night Dungeons and Dragons role-playing, but a nerd in my own way. I loved to read fantasy, science fiction, horror and often came up with my own ideas for stories. I loved to draw anything that popped up in my head from pretty girls to technical drawings. I also still played with Lego, it being a medium to give a physical shape to the ideas in my head.

I hated homework from early on, preferred to do something with my hands and decided to go to a school where I learned about wood- and metalwork, electricity and cars. My former teacher were disappointed that I didn’t go for higher education since I was very bright and quick to pick things up.

Which meant I had almost perfect scores on my tests, and only almost because I never bothered to study for them, and ended up as the typical smart and weak guy at school. My report card was at least all nines if you held it upside down when looking at the physical education score.

I wasn’t bullied much, had a few friends I hung out with during class, but I did break down mentally because of a fight I had no idea how it was started. Most guys didn’t care much and some just joked about me. The years weren’t bad, but they were nothing to look back to as being glory days.

Apart from one incident during the graduation party.

Chapter 01

The graduation at school wasn’t anything fancy, just everyone with family gathering and getting their diplomas. Afterwards we all had drinks at the inner courtyard.

That was when the fun started.

I was standing in line to get soda for me and my older sister who had come with me for my graduation. Now, my sister looks nothing like me. Terrie’s a bit taller, has a cheerful round face, longer black hair and a nice figure with C cup breasts. Yes, I’ve seen her naked before, she’s my sister and we lived in the same house obviously. We even shared the shower and bath when we were younger.

Anyway, she has always been popular with the boys whereas I had a hard time approaching girls. I was dark blond, needed thick glasses because of my eyesight which looked even worse with the model I wore on my nose. I was physically weak, learning only years later I could gain a lot of strength, but never had stamina. Had no dress sense and wasn’t interested in popular fashion, sports or music and TV. I was no part of the popular society.

Anyway, I was standing in line waiting when I overheard a group of guys from my class standing around a table close by.

‘Damn. Did you see Richard’s girlfriend?’

That got my attention. Me? What girlfriend?

‘Can you believe that nerd’s got such a hot girl?

Hang on? What hot girl? I came here with my sis-, oh.

‘He never mentioned anything about her. Is it really his girlfriend?’

‘You saw how they act together.’

My sister and I always do have fun when we’re together. We have this unspoken bond which translates into our weird humour and foolish behaviour which makes others shake their heads at us.

‘She’s got some damn nice tits. I think she’s a few years older as well.’

Yes, she’s three years older than me.

‘That makes me fucking jealous. He had this hidden all along.’

Oh, the glorious feeling of being a winner. Well, at least in their eyes.

I picked up two sodas and walked back to the table where my sister was waiting.

‘What’s with that smirk?’ she asked when I handed her her drink.

‘Oh, I just overheard something good.’ I said, unscrewing the cap of my bottle and taking a long drink.

‘What?’ she asked, always ready for fun things.

‘I overheard some guys talking about how hot my girlfriend is and they’re jealous.’

She looked puzzled at me. ‘You don’t have a girlfriend.’

I smirked. ‘Yeah, but they don’t know that.’

‘Then who do they think is your girlfriend?’

I looked at her and wiggled my eyebrows.

She almost spit out her soda. Holding her hand over her mouth helped her stifle her laughter.

‘They really did say that?’ she giggled.

‘They were talking about a hot girl with damn nice tits. That’s you.’

She smiled a little mischievous. ‘And you didn’t say anything?’

‘Hell no! Let them stew in their jealousy while they see me with a hot girl they’ll never have. Nice payback for making fun of me all these years.’

She pondered for a moment and bumped her hip against mine. ‘Want to make it worse?’

I recognised the twinkle in her brown eyes. ‘What are you thinking of?’

‘Well, don’t we get the chance now to see the rest of the school? How about giving me a little tour?’

‘Okay.’ I said. I didn’t mind showing her around, or maybe I should say showing her off.

‘Let’s go.’ she said and wrapped her arm around mine, rubbing the side of her breast against my upper arm. Yes, she does have some damn nice tits.

We walked through the crowd to the building with the shop classes first and I noticed a few stares. It definitely worked what she did and it certainly made me feel superior for a change. They light bounce of her tits under her t-shirt was surely mesmerising.

I showed her the machines we used, explaining a bit about how I did some projects on them and showed some of the work made years ago that has been used as examples. She kept close to me and touched my hands often with hers, making sure other guys really saw us as boy and girlfriend.

At one point when we were looking at a few cars with their hoods open she clung to my back with her arms wrapped around me and her chin leaning on my shoulder. The pressure against my upper back distracted me from what I wanted to say and made her giggle. She was a damned tease when she wanted to.

Chapter 02

‘Well, I think your reputation is set.’ my sister said cheerfully when we walked alone through one of the hallways in the main building.

‘Either that, or you made a reputation for yourself.’ I chuckled.

She smiled devilishly at me. ‘And what reputation would that be?’

I raised my eyebrow. ‘That of one hot and energetic babe which guys would die for to date.’

‘Mmm? Just date?’

I snorted. ‘You know what else.’ I said, almost blushing. ‘They’d love to have you in the sack as well.’

We walked into the far corner classroom which was used for storage. She wanted to see what was all the way in the back of the building.

We looked out to the side of one of the other buildings and had a bit of a view of the courtyard with all the people drinking and talking.

‘Thanks.’ I said.

She moved against me. ‘For what?’

Her body felt warm against mine. ‘For pretending to be my girlfriend in front of my class.’

‘Did you like it?’ she whispered in my ear.

I believe I did start sweating at that point. ‘Ah... , yeah, I enjoyed the revenge.’

‘I was thinking of me being your girlfriend ... Did you like it like that, or do you prefer it when I’m not so much all over you? I know for certain you like the look of my tits and how they feel... ‘

I wasn’t sure what to think at that moment. ‘I... , Ehm... ‘

She smiled deviously at me. ‘I still remember the first time you got an erection from seeing me in the shower. Were you so embarrassed you didn’t want to bath with me again?’

I couldn’t remember that happening to me at all. She leaned closer and her tits rubbed against me again and I even thought I could feel her hard nipples. ‘Sis ... I... ‘ I stammered, backed into a corner.

‘I’ve seen your porno collection. Why do they all look somewhat like me?’

I had to admit she had my favourite looks, but I never tried to use her for my masturbation material. ‘Sis... ‘ I whispered and then she planted her lips on mine.

The sudden sensation had me dazed for a few moments before I came to my senses.

I pulled back, grabbing her upper arms. ‘Sis! We can’t do this!’ I panted.

‘Why not?’ she whispered. ‘Aren’t I the perfect girl for your tastes?’

‘Yes, but ... No! I mean ... I do think you’re hot and everything, but, we shouldn’t... ‘

She bit her lip and looked up at me. ‘But, I’ve always had you on my mind... ‘

Now I was confused. ‘Eh? What? But you had boyfriends... ‘

‘Only because I needed the distraction.’ she said and pulled a little on my t-shirt. ‘I dumped them because I always kept going back to thinking of you... ‘

‘Why... ?’

‘Don’t we have a lot of fun together? No other can make me laugh as much as you do, and you know more interesting things than all those jocks. And you’re a caring, gentle person... ‘

‘Sis... ‘ I whispered, my resistance weakening at the sight of her innocent and meek look. As if she had done a bad thing to me. And she was doing a bad thing to me. She was succeeding in seducing me. I don’t know why, but she got me aroused.

‘I fantasised we were alone together, just the two of us and far away.’ she said softly, the hard nipples showing clearly through the fabric of her t-shirt now. ‘And we just snuggled up together, and I felt your hands on me, protecting me while you told me a joke, and then I laughed and held you tight, feeling your breath in my neck-’

She stopped talking when I pulled her tight against me. ‘Stop being so cute, sis.’ I whispered in her neck. ‘You’re supposed to be my big sister, not my little sister who admires her big brother... ‘

‘I want to be your little sister too ... Not just a big reliable sister who took care of you... ‘

‘Sis... ‘ I whispered with a sudden urge to treat her as a little sister and wrap her up in my arms to keep her safe.

‘Don’t I fulfil your deepest desires?’ she whispered and slid her hand down the front of my jeans.

It was then that I realised I had an erection wanting her attention. I was completely turned on by my big sister acting as a little sister.

‘Sis... ‘ I whispered again, my hands moving to her hips and ass. ‘You’re making me dangerous... ‘

I felt a smile forming on her lips as they touched my neck. ‘I don’t mind a dangerous brother... ‘ she whispered and kissed my neck softly.

That did it. I had in my arms a hot girl who wanted me. A girl I could always laugh and cry with. A girl who enjoyed being with me ... A girl that made it clear she wanted to be really close to me...

I didn’t care any longer that she was my sister. Or maybe I should admit it made her even hotter. I’ve always been the good boy. Was nice to anyone, didn’t do anything worse than sneaking an extra candy or cookie out of the jar. This was way better than doing something illegal. I was going to indulge in an ancient taboo.

I kissed her neck, moving my hands firmly along her back.

‘Oh god Richard... ‘ she moaned in my ear. ‘You’re much stronger than you’ve let on.’

‘I have no desire to hold back now.’ I said as I grazed her neck with my teeth, biting gently in her skin.

‘Then don’t... ‘ she moaned and ran her fingers through the my hair at the back of my head, pulling it tighter in her neck. ‘I want my brother to treat me rough ... My big brother... ‘

I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back to move along her throat to the other side of her neck. ‘I’ll show little sister how she has to obey her big brother... ‘

She bit her lip as shivers ran down her spine and she felt her panties getting wetter. ‘Yes, brother... ‘ she moaned.

I pulled back and lifted her t-shirt over her head. Her tits bounced when the fabric had pulled them up and I grinned at how she enjoyed going around without the restriction of a bra. I preferred that anyway, not just because it’s more exciting, but also because it actually lessens them sagging with age.

‘My, my... ‘ I said. ‘Little sister has grown... ‘

She actually blushed and looked away feeling shy from showing them to me after many years. ‘Does big brother approve... ?’ she asked meekly.

I traced their sides with my fingertips. ‘Big brother always has a soft spot for his little sister’s beautiful breasts... ‘ I said, which made her smile. ‘Give brother a taste... ‘

She moved close as I bend over to kiss the firm mounds, lifting them in my hands and caressing her nipples with my lips. I closed my mouth around one nipple. sucking gently on it first to make her hum in pleasure as warmth filled her chest, then hard to make her moan. I licked one breast, then moved my tongue to the other, licking every little bit of her skin before giving her other nipple the same treatment. When I took a step back her perfect mounds showed two rock hard, glistening red nipples.

I noticed the dark spot at the crotch of her jeans and grinned. ‘Little sister liked what brother did?’

She nodded. ‘Little sister loves whatever her brother does to her.’ she said, her voice husky from desire.

‘How about little sister show how much she loved it?’ I said. ‘How wet it made her.’

She nodded again, and unzipped her jeans, wiggling her curvy hips while she pulled them down and stepped out of them, standing before me in just her soaked white panties.

‘Little sister stained her panties... ‘ I said and she looked away, biting her lip again. ‘Better take them off before it gets worse.’

I gestured for her to turn her back to me and she hooked her thumbs at the sides, pulling them down as she bent over, giving me a clear view of her wet pussy. Her clit was already poking out from between her lips.

She stepped out of them and I held out my hand before she let them fall on the floor. ‘Give.’ I said.

She blushed hard at this unexpected order and clenched her thighs as she handed them over, feeling the excitement rising in her pussy. I took them and brought them to my nose, inhaling the musky scent of the wet cotton. She wanted to touch herself, watching me sniff the panties soaked in her juice.

‘Why don’t you show me how much you love your brother.’ I said, unzipping my jeans.

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