Young Cunts

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Excerpts from the serial "BLONDE CUNT MAGAZINE" which is about a slightly autistic, beautiful blonde FBI agent who gets recruited by an FBI team tracking an online porn and prostitution site named Blonde Cunt Magazine. The site sells photos and videos of beautiful blonde women and girls of all ages and prostitutes the young women. The FBI agent is used as a honey trap to lure the criminals. Instead of capturing the porno-pimps, she is captured and becomes one of the girls in their videos.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Coercion   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Group Sex   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   Porn Theatre   .

Excerpts from the serial “BLONDE CUNT MAGAZINE”

I didn’t join the FBI to investigate sex crimes. As a woman burdened by her own beauty, this hits too close to home for me. I’ve attracted unwanted attention from men and boys for as long as I can remember. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin. People always told me I was the prettiest little girl they’d ever seen. My mother told me I was so beautiful I should compete in little girl beauty pageants. I resisted but she forced me. I suspect she always hoped that I’d have a career in show business or modeling.

I was cured of having any such ambition when I was still a child. I can’t even count the number of times men and boys touched me inappropriately. They touched my chest, my crotch, and my bottom. I barely escaped being abducted twice. I was corned and nearly raped twice. Luckily, my screams were heard by good men who drove off the bad ones or beat them up. The police were never called.

As I got older and my breasts started to grow, my problem of unwanted attention got even worse. By the time I was 18, my breasts were so big I was embarrassed. I started wearing loose-fitting garments and restraining bras so my breasts didn’t bulge out like twin mountains on my chest.

To complicate matters, I’m mildly autistic. I don’t read social cues very well. Other people’s emotional reactions baffle me. I much prefer numbers, rules, and systematic thinking. And I’m fairly intelligent. That’s why I studied accounting and finance in college. It’s why, after college, I took a job with Ernst & Young, one of the country’s top accounting firms. And it’s why I ditched an accounting career in the business world in favor of government. The FBI promised security and relative freedom from on-the-job sexual harassment that the private sector couldn’t match. I would be doing forensic accounting on a computer with nice spreadsheets, IRS filings, and other such material, while sitting safely behind a desk. So how did I, Lena Muller, the girl from rural Pennsylvania who was too pretty for her own good, end up investigating an online sex ring?

In one sense, the answer is easy: It’s because I am so pretty and they needed me as bait. In another sense, it’s hard for me to understand, because I’m not the right type of person to do undercover investigations. I take everything too literally. I can’t read people’s faces very well. Quite often I can’t tell the intention behind the things they tell me. I can’t always tell the difference between a joke and a threat.

I could have refused the assignment. But my supervisor and her supervisor and his supervisor all knew that I was easily manipulated. It didn’t take much to convince me that this assignment was important. All they really had to do was show me the videos.

I went into that meeting quite nervous. Meetings of any kind were always difficult for me. But this one was off-the-charts scary. I knew what it was going to be about. I had no idea how shook up it would make me in the end. I sat at a long table in the meeting room. To my left was Sarabeth St. James, my immediate supervisor. To my right was James Trowbridge, her supervisor. Across the table from us were some men and women that were introduced to me by their first names only. They had been working on this case for over a year. Their identities were not to be disclosed. I was told to refer to them as Alice, Bob, Chuck, and Donna.

These first-name-only people explained the basics of the investigation. About a year ago, they had learned of a new sexual exploitation racket on the Dark Web called Blonde Cunt Magazine. The Dark Web is the part of the Internet that Google cannot search but criminals can exploit for their nefarious purposes. Only 4% of the web is visible to Google and other search engines. The other 96% is in the Deep Web, which consists of some legitimate corporate websites that store sensitive data, plus the Dark Web that hosts a lot of semi-legal and illegal content. That’s where illegal sales of guns, drugs, and child pornography flourish.

Alice, Bob, Chuck, and Donna took turns speaking. After one finished, another one would immediately pick up the narrative and move it along. The information was coming at me so fast. I scribbled notes in my notebook, but I couldn’t keep up. The gist of what they told me went like this: The Dark Web site called Blonde Cunt Magazine features naked blonde women and girls in the most compromising ways. The website advertises videos, still photos, and paid encounters with these females using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. It’s a one-stop-shop for pornography and prostitution, including some extremely young girls. FBI agents, using fake identities, had tried to buy access to the website. They could get videos and photos, but had no luck getting into the prostitution part.

The youngest girls that they could positively identify for certain was 14-years-old. They could not identify any of the younger girls. They identified some of the women. The oldest woman was 39. All of them, women and young girls, were very pretty. Blonde Cunt Magazine offered still images and videos of these women and girls in all kinds of scenes. In some scenes they were just posing nude. In others they were having sex with men of all ages.

The men and the women and girls in the videos and photos were all white. Other than that, they had very few things in common. While the women and girls were all blonde and beautiful, the men were often ugly. Some were old and fat. Others were teenagers who probably weren’t old enough to drive. The faces of the men and boys were all obscured by digital pixilation. Their voices were also digitally distorted.

Not so with the girls, though. From the youngest to the oldest, their faces were completely visible and their voices were crystal clear. You could hear every grunt, gurgle, groan, moan, and scream. I was made to watch some excerpts from several of these videos. Each was only a few minutes-long. Thankfully, I was spared from having to watch the entire videos, which were 45 to 90 minutes long. Alice, Bob, Chuck, and Donna probably chose these particular excerpts because they knew these would upset me the most.

I watched a fat old man have sex with two beautiful teenaged blonde girls at once. The girls seemed completely innocent and almost hypnotized. They said and did whatever he told them to. He sodomized one girl and then made the other girl perform fellatio on his soiled penis. Then he switched the girls and did the same thing with the other one. When he was approaching climax, he forced one girl to take his penis as far down her throat as was humanly possible. When he was ready to ejaculate, he kept his erection so far down the poor girl’s throat that she began to turn blue from lack of air. Fortunately for her, he ejaculated before she passed out.

As bad as that was, what was even worse was how these girls reacted to being sexually abused. They loved it! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. But these girls did not look or act like prostitutes, except insofar as they were willing to do absolutely anything the man wanted without reluctance or complaint. In fact, they invariably thanked the man, no matter what he did to them, or made them do for him.

I was forced to watch many such scenes with girls and women of every age. I saw a beautiful blonde woman in her early twenties who had massive breasts. A teenaged boy sucked and bit her breasts so hard that he left teeth marks and bruises all over them. Then he had intercourse with her. She thanked him.

I saw a man in his thirties having sex with three women at once. The women ranged in age from their late teens to their early thirties. He commanded some of them to have sex with one another while he used their available orifices for his own pleasure. One after the other, he left none of their holes unused. When he was finished with them, they thanked him.

I saw a man who was old enough to be a grandfather having sex with a girl who was no more than 14. He penetrated her everywhere possible: mouth, vagina, and anus. After that last one, he went back to her mouth without cleaning himself first. The child was made to eat her own feces while performing oral sex on the old man. He ejaculated in her mouth and kept his penis there. Then, a few minutes later, he called for a camera close-up. He withdrew his penis from her mouth and positioned it about two inches away. He made her open her mouth. Then he said “Drink my piss” before he began urinating into the child’s mouth. She gulped down the man’s urine without any hesitation. After he had drained himself into the pretty young blonde’s mouth, she thanked him. Thanked him!

I was compelled to watch more than a dozen such videos. I think Alice, Bob, Chuck, and Donna wanted me to see how disgusting these really were. The men and their actions were totally depraved. But knowing men, I did not find that surprising in the least. What surprised and unnerved me was how compliant and even happy the girls apparently were, even when they had to endure extreme pain during their sexual abuse. These strange reactions were most obvious during the brutal sessions of anal sex. The girls often cried and screamed while being sodomized. After the anal intercourse was over, the camera would inevitably focus in closely on the sodomized girl to show how red, sore, and distended her anus had become. Then the camera would turn to her face. The girl had a look of satisfaction and bliss on her tear-stained face. She expressed gratitude to the man who had just brutalized her anally. She thanked him for using her for his own satisfaction!

By the time the videos were finally over, I felt sick to my stomach. Sarabeth, my supervisor, asked if I was OK. Did I need a few minutes to collect myself? I told her that I was OK. I would soldier on.

Alice handed me a large loose-leaf notebook. It contained more than one hundred color photos of every depraved sex scene from the videos between those beautiful blonde girls and women with white men of all ages. The pages of photos were separated into topical sections with labeled tags that came from the sections of the Blonde Cunt Magazine website itself. I read the tag names as I leafed through the book:

Anal Sex: Underage. Anal Sex: Teens. Anal Sex: Women 20-30. Anal Sex: Women 31+.

Oral Sex: Underage. Oral Sex: Teens. Oral Sex: Women 20-30. Oral Sex: Women 31+.

Vaginal Sex: Underage Vaginal: Underage. Vaginal: Teens. Vaginal: Women 20-30. Vaginal: Women 31+.

Watersports: Underage. Watersports: Teens. Watersports: Women 20-30. Watersports: Women 31+.

Scat: Underage ... etc. etc. etc.

James Trowbridge leaned over to have a look. He whispered “Holy sh-” and then quickly grabbed the book from me. He said to Alice “I haven’t seen these before.”

Alice replied “We only compiled them recently.”

Trowbridge said “I’ll need to check these ... uhh ... against our other open case files. Let me know if you get any more.” Then he stood up.

Alice, Bob, Chuck, and Donna looked at one another quizzically. Chuck shrugged his shoulders and said “Of course, Sir.”

Trowbridge hurried out of the room with the notebook of illegal porn images under his arm. He seemed to have some urgent business elsewhere.

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