by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2010 by Uther Pendragon

Sex Story: "Making a baby" was fun, but they missed all the other variants of their former sex life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   .

Tim handed Sally the kit he’d picked up at the drugstore. He held his breath while she took it into the bathroom. They’d not been sure they were ready for kids. He could easily have decided no. But, having decided yes, each succeeding month’s disappointment was greater. They’d gone through the end of winter, all of spring, and most of the summer with negative results. ‘Making a baby’ was indeed fun, but they’d begun thinking of the alternative sexual practices that had enlivened their past as ‘wasting sperm.’

Sally came out holding the stick out to him. He didn’t need to read it, but he did.

“It clearly says ‘pregnant.’” Sally said.

“Not as clearly as your face. We could have saved on electricity; your smile could have lit up the whole house.”

“You know what this means?”

“You want me to go out for pickles and ice cream?”

“Not ice cream. I’m only going to eat one pickle tonight.” He knew what pickle she meant, but, when they kissed, her hand went to his crotch to show her meaning anyway. The kiss was long, first gentle, then hard with his hand pulling her head against his and his tongue aiming for the back of her throat, then gentle again.

When they broke for air, she headed towards the bedroom. She was right; you could have fun sex in any room, but solemn occasions like this celebration called for the marital bed. They alternated, he removed an article of her clothing and kissed something bared by that. Then she removed an article of his and kissed him.

“You first,” she said when she was bare. “You lose your enthusiasm.” She was, unfortunately, right again. He didn’t put his heart into eating her when he was post-orgasmic. She lay down while he removed his socks. He kissed her forehead before kneeling on the bed. He kissed down to her breast in a leisurely manner, across to the other breast, down to her abdomen.

He wasn’t quite clear where their baby was beginning, but he planted many kisses over the general area. When that area started shaking from Sally’s giggles, he continued on. His kisses went down the top of her leg from the hipbone nearly to her knee. While he returned up the inside of her thigh, he stroked and parted her outer lips, then her inner ones. His first licks over those lips told him that she could have been more careful wiping. The later licks could only taste her arousal. She stiffened when he licked her clit, grabbed his hair when he went back to the lips.

Giving her what she wanted, he licked her clit and slid his arms under her legs until he could hold a breast in each hand. When her first spasm hit, he sucked her clit and squeezed both nipples. Her legs slammed down on the bed, trapping his arms under them. She bucked until he had trouble keeping his mouth on her. But he kept licking and sucking until she pushed his head away.

He moved up the bed to lie beside her. She was taking deep breaths and letting them out noisily. He waited for what seemed like minutes. He reached out a hand to hold her breast. It was still rising and falling with each breath.

“I’m not the only one who loses enthusiasm,” he finally said.

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