Emma Drake: Cat's Cradle

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2018 by The Flaming Dodo

Erotica Sex Story: While Emma and Mindy affirm and (attempt to) normalize their relationship, Emma's sister Catherine comes to some clarity of her own.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Hermaphrodite   TransGender   Incest   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Catherine Drake’s eyelids seemed to weigh a few kilos each when at last she tried to open them. To call her groggy was an understatement, but her exhausted eyes were the first to adjust to her new surroundings. The dulcet hum of medical equipment was soothing, but not enough to calm the stabbing raw pain in her stomach.

Cat winced and writhed to get comfortable in bed. The coarse hospital gown scratched at her soft ebony skin while she realized why her eyes hurt so much. A bright afternoon sun pierced through the blinds of a nearby window. But when she tried to block the rays with her hand she heard the clank of a handcuff against metal.

“Wh--what?” She pulled at the shackle around her wrist again.

“They thought you’d try to hurt yourself, dear.”

Cat squinted at the corner. “Mum?” Her head turned toward her mother’s voice. The room was sparsely furnished, but still challenging for a coma patient to gain her bearings. At least, she found the silver flakes of Mari’s hair creeping towards her right side.

“How are you feeling, love?” Mari eased into the seat next to the bed and stroked her daughter’s arm. “That was quite the scare, eh?”

“Let me out of this, Mum.” Cat cried, tugging hopelessly against the bedrail. “I’m not suicidal. I just put on a little too much at the pub.”

“You weren’t just drinking, Catherine.” Mari snapped. “That wasn’t just vodka they pumped out of your stomach.”

Cat threw her head back, defeated. “I know. I know. It was stupid. “God, this is so embarrassing. What did you tell Milan?”

“Your goddamn publicist is the least of your worries.” Mari spat. “We need to talk about why you feel off the wagon so badly.” Mari watched her daughter’s pining face. She waited a moment before losing patience. “Is this about Emma?” She cocked her head to the side.

Cat’s eyes trailed away from her mother’s gaze. She felt naked and bare. Even if Mari didn’t know the dirty, filthy, incestuous details, she knew enough.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Mari ran her fingers up to massage the bruised skin on her daughter’s wrist. “You haven’t talked to her recently though? What brought this back?”

“This girl at the signing the other day.” Cat sighed. “She looked like I used to. She looked like the little girl Emma and I would have--should have had if I hadn’t gotten sick.”

“Baby, you can’t blame yourself for a miscarriage.” Mari kissed Cat’s forehead and nestled next to her face.

“I did--EVERYTHING wrong.” Tears burned down Cat’s puffy cheeks. “I don’t know why you all put up with me. Why aren’t you disgusted with me?”

Mari sighed. “Because you’re my daughter, and I love you. We’re the ones that should have stepped in years ago.”

“There’s nothing you could do.” Cat chuckled and coughed. “Emma is even more stubborn than I am.”

“By that as it may,” Mari patted Cat’s shoulder. “There aren’t enough saints in this family to be passing judgement, wouldn’t you agree?”

Dory Drake fought against the nerves churning in her gut as she tried to lay still in her reclining chair. She was losing the battle. Her pale hands trembled as she flipped through the pages of her latest novella obsession. With her glasses misplaced, she didn’t bother straining eyes on the small type.

The Drake house was quiet as usual--silent enough for Dory to hear her heart thumping under her perfectly-pressed emerald blouse. She looked up, thinking there was a jiggle of the front door knob. False alarm; No big deal. It was only the 10th one that hour.

Dory’s eyes did catch a birthday card laying on the black stone accent table next to the caramel plush sofa. She thought she had packed them all away. Her 61st birthday was last week and would have rather forget about her aging self for another year. She boasted a life worth joyful reflection, but at times drifted to mournful regret.

Then the door lock finally clicked, and she swallowed the film of bile forming in her throat as she rocked herself out of the door. Mari came through the door first, with her right arm covering Cat’s shoulder. The next thing Dory knew, her arms were wrapped Cat’s sore waist. Her daughter’s cries for mercy only made Dory hold tighter.

“Easy, love. Easy!” Mari pried them apart. “Poor thing got her stomach pumped.”

“Sorry, honey.” Dory backed away. “This is all my fault. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.”

“It’s okay, Mum. I’m just really wiped.” She sighed. “Gonna just go upstairs, okay?”

Dory nodded with gusto. “Of course, honey. Love you.” She pushed up on her toes to kiss Cat’s cheek.

“Love you, both.” Cat winced. “G’night.”

Dory and Mari watched their first born disappear upstairs before they retired to the sofa. “My god.” Dory whispered. She templed her weathered hands. “I fucked up our family. I should have fixed all this sooner.”

“Could you have?” Mari tilted her head at Dory. “Emma was a difficult child. I know it’s been 10 years, but we’ve done the best we can. We need to focus on that girl upstairs until she’s sorted.

Dory said nothing. She knew her partner was right. Cat would be more than enough challenge for now.

“Dory, listen.” Mari placed her hand on Dory’s knee. “We have two beautiful, intelligent, and successful daughters. One serves as a police officer and one is an international celebrity. They’ve done alright for themselves and so have we.”

Dory sighed. “Now, if you ignore the fact they carried on an incestual relationship--”

“Honey, please.” Mari threw her hand up.

Two weeks later

Emma Drake sat on her sofa mumbling to herself once again. Flipping through the TV schedule grid, she couldn’t figure out why she paid for so many channels when she only watched three. “There ought to be a law...” She grumbled, resting her tired head on her palm.

“What’d you just say?” Mindy called out as she strolled from the bedroom wearing only a pink nightshirt and black-laced boyshorts. She plopped herself next to Emma and laid her feet across the woman’s lap. “Are you still disenchanted with cable?”

“We shouldn’t even have this. It’s too much money.” She growled sternly.

“WE, eh?” Mindy grinned.

“Yes, girlfriend.” Emma rolled her eyes. She stroked Mindy’s milky-smooth legs. “I’m changing my language to reflect my commitment to you. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” Mindy’s smile grew wider before she shot a glance in the direction of the kitchen. “Do we have any ice cream? I could really go for some.”

“It’s 40 degrees outside.” Emma smirked. “Plus, why are you even thinking about food when you’re about to eat my ass for a nightcap?”

Mindy crossed her arms and glared back. “ONE TIME. We watch ONE rimjob video and suddenly that’s all you want to do.”

“I thought you’d be glad we’re exploring uncharted waters.” Emma countered. She tugged on Mindy’s tender yellow toes until she squealed and pulled both her feet back.

Mindy brandished a devilish smirk. “If it’s uncharted waters you’re looking for.” She stood erect on her knees over Emma. “You eat MY ass tonight.”

“Really?” Emma cocked her brow.

Mindy nodded. “My pussy, too.”

Emma had to swallow the lump in her throat before she could agree. She tried not to seem too eager. “Go down the street to the corner grocer for ice cream and a bottle of merlot and you’ve have a deal.”

But Mindy bit her lip and slid her thumbs underneath the sides of her panties. “No way. You’re going to eat me right now.” She slid them over her shapely thighs and kicked them off.

“Since when did you get so bossy, my little mouse?” Emma grinned.

“Since you became my girlfriend.” Mindy leaned in and whispered in Emma’s ear before they kissed. She let her tongue flick against Emma’s while her fingers primed her clit. Their kisses were warm, messy. Mindy left a thick trail of drool on Emma’s lips as she pulled away. She pivoted on the couch and planted her face on the cushion, her firm globes presented to Emma in a 45-degree angle.

Emma’s heart pounded as she sucked a final breath. The domme wasn’t used to servicing Mindy. “Let me know if I’m doing this right.” She whispered, letting the earthy smell of Mindy’s ass fill her nostrils. Her lips grazed her lover’s puckered ridges, then dipped her tongue inside. Emma could feel Mindy moan through her tight little asshole as she thrusted her organ in-and-out. When her mouth tried, she lapped at the sweat forming in her smooth crack and laid playful kisses on her firm cheeks.

Emma tried her best, but couldn’t ignore her own raging cock anymore. She managed to unzip herself without pausing her tongue-lashing. With remrkable rhythm that even impressed her, Emma doubled down on digging face deep in Mindy’s ass while giving herself a steady, satisfying stroke.

“NNGH!” Then Mindy bit her lip before she screamed. Her body quivered as Emma licked her asshole’s perimeter. “Baby that feels amazing.” She mashed her thumb against her clit while her fingers dove into her tightness. Emma dug her claws into Mindy’s skin and pulled her cheeks apart. She worked her tongue deeper--until Mindy’s ass spasmed and flexed. “STOPSTOPSTOP!” Mindy wheezed, pulling away from Emma’s assault. “My god, I’m not ready to come just yet.”

“Now you’re just flattering me.” Emma licked her lips. She motioned back between Mindy’s legs before she was stopped. Mindy placed on palm over Emma’s face and pushed her back. She stared at her awhile before the detective came to a conclusion. “Cross-contamination.” She finally said. “I should have started at your pussy.”

“Well look at that.” Mindy joked as she rubbed herself. “She CAN exhibit some signs of empathy after all.”

“I think I liked the old Mindy better.” Emma scowled.

“Just come over here and fuck me.” Mindy beckoned in her huskiest voice. She lay on the sofa’s corner and yawned her thighs just to let Emma lay on top. “This’ll always be my favorite.” She moaned as her lover squeezed her waist. Then she felt the torrid pressure grow between her legs as Emma throbbed inside her.

Emma held Mindy close as she fucked her with darting jabs. She bounced her smaller frame on her cocked while biting her neck. The smell of Mindy’s sweat dripping on her skin intoxicated Emma. She dug her heels into the couch’s baggy cushions, thrusting deeper and harder. Her balls clapped against Mindy’s ass while her cock threatened to explode.

“I’m gonna come!” Mindy cried. She wrapped her legs around Emma tighter while her futa lover plowed her warmth. Her body stiffened against the thrusting and she buried her face on Emma’s shoulder. She shivered and screamed.

“NGH!” Emma sank her fangs into Mindy’s shoulder as she came. She pumped rope and rope of heavy cream into Mindy’s quivering folds. The couple lay together, their breathing heavy as they caressed each other. “I love you, Mindy.” Emma cooed in her ear.

Mindy pulled away, blushing and on the verge of tears.

Cat bunched the sleeves on her oversized powder pink sweatshirt before knocking on the office glass door. She hated shrinking and sneaking around the building’s carpeted halls, but she needed to keep up rumors she was on holiday. Luckily, last week’s hospital trip had stay out of the tabloids.

Then she slipped through the next set of doors, which led to a cozy room, decorated with nautical trinket, maps, and navi.

Dr. Sims stood to meet her. She was a stout raven-haired woman in her mid-forties with a soft, demure, face. The sleeve of her sharkskin grey pantsuit dangled as she shook Cat’s hand. “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Drake. Shall we begin?”

“I suppose you know the long and short of it, already?” Cat settled on a long black chair across from Dr. Sim’s executive chair.

“Pretend I don’t.” She smiled. “Sure you don’t want to lie on the sofa over there?”

Cat scoffed at the mundane offer. “I’ve done enough lying down over the past few weeks.”

“Fair enough.”

“Anyway.” Cat sighed. “To answer your question, my parents would say I’m here because I let my sister fuck me.”

Dr. Sims jotted down a few notes. “You disagree?”

Cat paused, tossing a loc of curly brown hair behind her ear. “What is it exactly I should talk about?” Her voice sharpened. “How Emma worshipped me when we were younger? How when she first kissed me it ripped sensations in me I didn’t know I could feel?”

“Whatever you’d like, Miss Drake.” She nodded.

Cat sucked on her lip as she sized up her new therapist. “Maybe you want to hear about the night she came into my room, timid and shivering. I put my arm around her and drew her in. We stayed in silence like that for an eternity. Then she kissed me again ... and I laid down and let her climb on top of me. Without so much as a word or a condom I opened my legs for my precious baby sister.” Cat’s words became pointed, as a dagger dripping with poison. “And then do you know what happened? She came. THAT quick.” She snapped her fingers.

“Then what happened?” Dr. Sims kept her composure.

“Oh my lord, she started crying.” Cat rubbed her temples. “She apologized for ruining the special night. I kissed away her salty tears and whispered in her ear everything was going to be okay.” She gave an uneasy laugh. “While I can feel her seed dripping out of me. Maybe I’m biased, but Emma’s cum is different than anything I’ve ever felt. It’s hot--so bloody hot. But that might have been the guilt working. Whenever she filled me up I didn’t know if I wanted to vomit or have a mind-shattering come myself.” Cat pursed her lips and crossed her legs as she contemplated. “That part never got old.”

“And, when did you realize you still lusted after your sister?” She kept writing through her question.

Cat stared daggers across the room. “I don’t. That was 10 years ago. I love her and care about her, but I don’t lust for her.”

“Catherine--may I call you that?” Dr. Sims dropped her pen. “For the last 20 minutes I’ve heard you practically pine for the sex you had with Emma. You even seem to be aroused right now.”

“What if I am?” Cat’s voice went flat.

“Then you have to come to terms with that.”

“I already have.” She gathered herself and stood. “There’s nothing wrong with what Emma and I did and I’m sick of everyone telling me otherwise. Not you. Not my mums. Not this fucked up society.” Cat sniffled as she stumbled toward the door. “I’m sorry for wasting your time, Doctor. I’m sure you have some other celebrity trainwrecks to fix.”

“Mum?” Cat knocked on the kitchen wall as she peeped down the stairs. “Can we talk about something?”

“Sure, honey.” Dory gestured for Cat to join her at the island bar counter in the kitchen’s center. She had contemplated turning in early, but a heart-to-heart with her daughter was much desired. “Can I make you something to eat?”

“N--” Cat stifled herself. She noticed how tired desperate her mother appeared. “Sure.” She smiled. “That would be lovely.”

“Great.” Dory sighed through a smile. She quickly slapped together two sandwiches and neat piles of celery and carrots.

“Turkey, mustard, two--no--three kinds of cheese.” Cat smirked as her thumb flipped through her snack’s layers. “How I escaped this family without weighing 100 kilos I’ll never know. But then again, I never had an eating disorder, so I should be grateful.”

“I’m grateful for you, Cat.” Dory sipped her tea. “For you and Emma.”

“That’s who I want to talk about, mum.” Cat nodded. “I lied to you.”

“About what, sweetie?” Dory’s brow straightened.

“When you caught me with Em and I told you I didn’t like it.”

Dory paused as if the wind were knocked from her. “O--kay.” She returned the mug to the counter from fear of dropping it. “I guess I understand. You feel guilty about abandoning her?”

“Of course.”

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