Daphne's Lesson: Heartbreak 101

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2018 by The Flaming Dodo

Romantic Story: Third story in the series. Daphne unwittingly stumbles into a love triangle.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Hermaphrodite   Shemale   TransGender   School   Masturbation   .

Mallory turned on the water at the bathroom sink and waited. She ran her fingers across the sprout until the water steamed. The she pulled a plain white hand towel from her pocket and soaked it until it grew fat and dripped. She looked up and caught her reflection in the dingy mirror. Mallory hadn’t slept well, and it showed in her tired, bloodshot pupils. She yawned, wringing the excess water from the towel before tiptoeing outside.

In the dark hallway, she knocked on Daphne’s and Carmen’s dorm room with kid gloves. She wanted to respect how early it was. She heard a faint voice from the inside, letting her know the door was unlocked. The faint night light on Daphne’s bedside was the main source of light in the room. As Daphne tiptoed inside, she saw the snoring lump on Carmen’s bed. It made sense; she thought. Mallory knew no seniors with a class before noon.

“Hey.” Daphne whispered to Mallory. She lay on her side, grimacing, trying to get comfortable. “Thanks for reaching out.”

“No worries.” Mallory smirked as she loomed over her. “Want some Advil?”

Daphne nodded and opened her mouth for Mallory to pluck a pair of coated tablets down her throat. She almost leapt with excitement when Mallory pulled the frosty water bottle from her bag. Daphne titled her chin and gorged herself on the icy treat. Her thirsty body ached so badly the water’s coolness washed over much to her delight. She sighed with relief.

“Feel better?” Mallory asked from her crouching stance. After Daphne nodded, she added. “Well, that’s not even the best part. Sit back.” Mallory pulled back the bed’s plain covers and instructed Daphne to open her legs. At the sight, Mallory winced but wasn’t surprised. Daphne’s tan thighs were battered a putrid hue of black, blue, and purple. Worst were the fingerprints near her asshole where Valerie pried her apart to sink herself deeper.

Daphne yawned her thighs to reveal her blonde pubes matted with dried semen. As she lifted her legs apart further, Mallory could make out the dripping glaze still seeping from her classmate’s stressed womb. Mallory laid the hot towel on the bottom leg and Daphne sighed. “Okay, now close them.” She ended with a smile.

“Oh goddamn that feels amazing.” Daphne shut her eyes and cooed. “How did you know I needed this?”

Mallory looked down. “Let’s say you’re not the first person Valerie’s tried to break in half. I missed a whole day of class last year.” The odd pair shared a pass of awkward silence, then Mallory’s eyes returned to Daphne’s grateful smile. She leaned her face closer and made a face. “Ew ... you fucking smell like her.”

“Don’t remind me.” Daphne rolled her eyes. “I fought all last night to puke on myself. I didn’t think I could make it to the shower.”

“Oh, no.” Mallory shook her head. “You won’t stand very well today. Let me take you.”

The shower knob groaned with a rusty screech when Mallory turned it on. She dragged a cheap plastic and metal blue school chair into the stall and removed Daphne’s towel.

“MALLORY!” Daphne’s howled echoed in the empty common bathroom. “MALLORY, THAT’S FUCKING COLD!” She sat in the chair shivering, protecting her sensitive parts from the frigid cascade as best she could.

Mallory turned back from hanging the towel to fumble with the dial until the blasting frost warmed. A considerable amount of the splashback soaked her shirt, so she decided before she even moistened Daphne’s sponge, she’d pulled her shirt over her head. Keeping her simple black underwire bra on, she worked a frothy lather on the sponge and rubbed Daphne’s dirty, tender shoulders. Daphne gathered and held up her hair to let the warm suds bathe her neck. Mallory’s hands worked their way to Daphne’s heaving chest.

“I’m not trying to turn you on, okay?” Mallory warned before squeezing the sponge over her tits. Mallory quickly raised a brow at Daphne’s wide, pink areola. She expected her nipples to be hard and bulging by now. But then she ran her bare fingers over one and giggled at its flatness. “That’s so cute.” She grinned.

Daphne kept her eyes closed, but shivered at Mallory’s tender touch. “Don’t tell me you’re fucking laughing about my inverted nipples.” She sighed. “What are you, twelve?”

“Don’t even.” Mallory said, returning to washing Daphne’s front. “I was serious about it being cute. I mean, imagine a beautiful woman that’s a legit ‘perfect 10’ of beauty and she’s got this ONE cute quirk about her body that makes her an 11.”

Daphne was speechless. She left her mouth agape as she stared at Mallory, borderline drooling over Mallory’s tasty crimson lips. Her freckles trailed down her neck onto her chest bra-clad breasts. Her sore pussy twitched with life again. “God, I wish I wasn’t so sore.” She giggled. “Valerie’s got a monster between her legs.”

But Mallory cut her eyes at Daphne and breathed sharply through her nose. “You should do the rest yourself.” She grabbed Daphne’s flimsy wrist and slammed the sponge in her palm. “Call me when you need to get dressed.” Mallory pulled away and reached for her shirt.

Daphne scowled. “What the hell’s YOUR deal?” She rubbed the sponge across her thighs with care until the chunks of dried mud caked on her body broke away. She watched Mallory’s bare wiry legs pace near the row of sinks.

“Just hurry up.” She snapped.

“You DON’T have to stay with me, Mallory.” Daphne quipped. “You can march your grumpy ass right back to your dorm.”

“Don’t be stupid.”

“That’s it.” Daphne spiked the sponge on the dirty tile floor. “GET OUT! I’ll fucking crawl back to my room before I ask you for help.”

Mallory flashed a wide, disingenuous grin and waved goodbye to Daphne before leaving in silence. Once she was on the opposite side of the bathroom, she leaned her weight on the door. Her chest heaved as if she just run a marathon and her face grew wrought with worry. “I called her an 11...” She whispered clutching her chest. “Why did I do that?” Her eyes shifted back and forth down the empty hall. “This is crazy.”

“Mallory?” Carmen staggered from her room clad in a red flannel PJ set. Her fluffy black slippers made a distinct scuffing sound around the flat carpet as she neared. “What’re doing over here so early?”

“I—I don’t know.” Mallory’s brow remained pensive. “I just helped Daphne take a shower.”

Carmen wiped the sleep from her pretty brown eyes and raised her brow. “You like her or something? You know she was with Val last night, right?”

“Yeah.” Mallory took off. “I gotta get ready for class. See ya, Carmen.”

Holly Cravers tensed her non-existent abs and lifted her glutes off her bed. It was a labor to shimmy her panties down her ankles this way, but one hand was occupied holding her phone, flipping through pictures on Daphne’s Facebook. Her eyes feasted on Daphne’s deliciously tanned bikini-clad body. Her free hand grooved past her gut and found her chubby stock. It thickened quickly. Her mind flashed back to being balls deep in the blonde beauty. Daphne’s pussy actively milked her—no wonder she came so fast before. Holly stroked herself with a steady rhythm, imaging she had another chance fucking Daphne to a wondrous completion. She squeezed her throbbing cock and her thick torso writhed as pleasure racked her body.

Even though Holly’s cock spasmed and threatened to spew all over herself, she was disturbed by the opening of her dorm room door. She pulled her shirt down over her erection and dropped her phone to greet Alpa as she strolled in. “Hey, Alpa.” Holly through her flushed lips.

“Hey.” Alpa’s eyes darted at her dorm mate with suspicion. “Are you jerking off?”

Holly threw her head back, defeated. She let her shirt snap back into place and her cock stood at attention, waving in the air. “Nothing gets by you.”

Alpa’s sharp black bangs flapped as she shook her head. “You never hide it very well.”

“Neither do you, Miss ‘Can’t come without grunting like a gorilla.’” Holly fired back.

Alpa shrugged. “Have you told Daphne you love her yet?” She made her way over to stretch the length of her bed as she waited for Holly’s pained response.

Holly’s eyes grew large. She crossed her creamy tree trunks and squeezed her throbbing cock between them. “God no. I haven’t even figured out how to ask her out.” Holly stared at the ceiling, relaxing her shoulders as her thoughts drifted. “Maybe tomorrow we can watch TV then get dinner at the cafeteria. Then a stroll by the lake...” Holly smiled.

“Wooow.” Alpa cooed, kicking off her sneakers and shimmying out of her sweatpants. “That sound’s nice.” Next to go were her white satin panties that boldly contrasted with her dusky chocolate skin.

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