A Surprise for My Master

by Clairabell13

Copyright© 2018 by Clairabell13

Flash Sex Story: I arrange a present for my Master - a dominatrix who is surprisingly well-equipped.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Fiction   DomSub   Oral Sex   .

“I hope you are ready to serve, my pet”

“Yes Master.” I replied, compliantly

We both exited the car and walked towards the hotel, my Masters hand on my arm. Outwardly I was being the perfect submissive, but inside I was beaming. But I knew even a hint of a smile would bring punishment.

“We have a room booked in the name of Wolf”

“Everything is waiting for you Sir,” the receptionist replied. “Room 31, first floor.”

My Master glanced at me with his eyebrows raised. It was so hard, but I fought to not show a reaction. He led the way over to the lift as the doors opened.

Once we were alone, Master turned to me.

“If something is going on that will displease me, your punishment will be the most severe you have ever received Slut.”

“Yes Master,” I said, bowing my head.

I could feel my heartbeat quickening. As the doors opened, I saw that room 31 was facing us. Master opened the door and walked into the room.

“What the fuck?”

Facing us was a tall, slim female with long dark hair tied tightly in a ponytail. Her skin was dark, and the red lipstick she wore was a huge contrast. Her eyes were narrow, and held no kindness. There was no smile showing. My eyes travelled down her body. I was smiling inside as I noticed the tight fitting leather dress that came just below her ass. The dress made her pert breasts more pronounced, and there was the hint of erect nipples pushing against the material.

Master turned to me, his eyes dancing.

“Surprise Master.” I said meekly, hoping he wasn’t mad.

“My little cub,” he said smiling, and reaching up to stroke my hair.

“Enough of this emotional shit.”

We both turned, looking at the woman, who now held a flogger.

“You,” she pointed to me “Sit in the corner out of my way”.

I followed her orders and sat in the chair.

“You,” she pointed to my Master “on your knees.”

He looked over at me trying not to smile.

“Do not look at that little slut. She will do nothing but watch her perfect Master be put in his place.”

Master kneeled at her feet.

“You will call me Mistress, and only speak when I allow. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Watching even this small exchange, I could feel my pussy becoming wet and aroused.

“You think you are a Master,” Mistress said, “but you are nothing more than a sissy who is going to be destroyed today. And your little Slut is going to watch every second.”

I watched as my Master bowed his head.

Mistress ran the flogger slowly over his shirt.

“This needs to be removed. I want your body on full display.”

Master removed his shirt to reveal a trail of dark hair running down the centre of his chest and abdomen, leading to that wonderful place I loved so much.

“Remove your trousers and under garments too. Then return to your original position.”

I saw my Master comply with the orders. As he lowered his boxers, I noticed his cock was already hard, and precum had started to leak from the tip. I licked my lips, knowing he tasted amazing. I was itching to be kneeling at his feet, his cock deep in my mouth.

Once he was kneeling again, Mistress slowly walked around him, brushing the flogger over his shoulders and back. When she was standing in front of him the flogger came to rest between his legs, covering his cock, that I was sure would now be so hard, and twitching with excitement.

“I hear you like leather?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what do you think of my dress?” Mistress asked

“Its very sexy and arousing Mistress.”

“And what if I did this?”

Mistress lifted her dress to reveal a hard cock. Master glanced at me with a smile on his face.

“What did I tell you about looking at that little Slut? She is not your concern today. And wipe that smile off your face.”

Master bowed his head again.

“You tough Dominants. Whipping little Sluts into shape, and yet all you want is a hard cock in your mouth. Correct?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well, sissy, today is your lucky day.”

Mistress moved closer to my Master, her hard cock within an inch of his face.

“Show me what a good boy you are. Show your little Slut how well you can suck my cock.”

Master reached for the hard cock in front of him, but Mistress tapped his hand away.

“Oh no. No hands allowed. Now open that mouth.”

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