Buttfuck Babes

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: I am a pain in the ass. Literally. When I first go out with a woman, I make it clear that I am going to fuck her up the ass on the first date. Does that sound harsh? I'll explain. A woman's asshole is her most dirty place, her most shameful place, her most delicate place, and her most special place. That's what makes a woman's asshole the most desirable place for me to shove my dick. Her mouth is the best place to clean my dick, the best place for me to cum, and only place for her to swallow.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Harem   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .


In the beginning, when the Master first acquired his powers to read minds and control women, he was still living on Earth. He was also in control of their biology and health, and of his own. There was no danger of sexually transmitted diseases, and no danger of diseases due to contact with feces or urine. Everything was safe. The Master had not yet obtained the hidden trans-dimensional planet that he would customize into his personal paradise. This story is from those early days on Earth, when he was just beginning to exercise his capabilities. He was only in the early stages of stretching out his reach to take any woman or girl he wanted. The present story follows “Amanda, My First Sex Slave” and “Taking My Nieces.” For more about the Master’s domain, see my serial “Welcome to My World” and the many short stories set in the MASTER’S WORLD Universe.

I am a pain in the ass. Literally. When I first go out with a woman, I make it perfectly clear that I am going to fuck her up the ass on the first date. Does that sound harsh? So sue me. No, really, it’s not what you think. It’s what I think that matters. I’ll explain it to you.

A woman is an asshole. I don’t mean that she is bad or stupid. I mean that a woman IS her asshole. The lowly anus, the shit hole, is the essence of womanhood. It’s her most dirty place, her most shameful place, her most delicate place, and her most special place. That’s what makes a woman’s asshole her most desirable place for me to shove my dick. But wait, there’s more!

A man is an asshole too. But in a completely different way than a woman is. I don’t mean that he is bad or stupid. I mean that a man’s asshole is dirty, just like a woman’s. That’s what makes a man’s asshole the most degrading place for a woman to put her tongue in service to her man.

Anal sex is a very special sort of sex. Most women won’t do it. That’s one reason why I insist on it. When a man buttfucks a woman, he enjoys what she suffers. Once a woman has been thoroughly broken in for the practice of anal sex, she discovers that it’s something very special that she can share with her man.

Now all of this is true for the population as a whole (not hole!). It’s true for any ordinary man or woman who is not emotionally and sexually repressed. It’s also true for me, and for the women I have sex with, but in a very unusual, special, and extraordinary way. I am not an ordinary man. I have powers that no one else on Earth possesses. I can read minds and exert complete control over anyone I choose. I have hyper-tech powers that give me control over biology and the space-time continuum. My control over biology allows me to make unhealthy things harmless, like feces and violent anal sex. No woman gets sick or injured from what I do to her ... although she does suffer some delightful pain, if you know what I mean. The story of how I got my powers will be told all in good time, but this is not the time for that. Right now, I want to tell you how I use anal sex with women to change their lives and make my life much, much more enjoyable.

I have a harem of beautiful, young, white, sex slave women. I began with buxom, blonde, twenty-something Amanda, and then added my 16-year-old nieces Derry and Kerry. After that I expanded the size of my harem rapidly by taking on many young women as part-time sex slaves who lived on their own (or with one another) until I had accommodations ready for them so they could live with me full-time. How all of that was accomplished is a long story. I’ll tell it all in good time. Right now, I am focusing on a single aspect of these women, the aspect that makes them all my buttfuck babes.

I’ll use one of my sex slaves as an example. Her name is Cora. She’s an energetic, bubbly girl, full of vim and vigor. Cora is rooted in the body and all its sensations and pleasures. She’s like a friendly puppy dog. I’ll begin by telling you how I acquired and used Cora for my pleasure. I first saw her at a distance in a shopping mall. I immediately read her mind and knew everything I needed to know about her. Cora was a short, slightly stout, redheaded beauty. Her face was round and pleasant. Her red hair was long and wavy. She had a big pair of tits and a fabulous ass. Her measurements were 36 E-Cup-26-40. Cora’s skin was pale white with freckles, her eyes were green, and she had a mischievous smile. Cora was what you would call cute and sexy. I first saw her when she was just 18-years-old. She had a steady boyfriend at the time. I planted some dissenting thoughts about their relationship in his mind and in hers. I lined up a new love interest for him. In short order Cora had split from her boyfriend and he was with his new love. I arranged for him to have an easy start with the new girl. After that, they were on their own.

Using my hyper-tech powers, all of this was mere child’s play. The next step was for Cora to meet me “by accident” at a local coffee shop. I knew she would be there, because I had implanted the thought into her mind. The moment she laid eyes on me, her heart skipped a beat. I used my powers to make her fall madly in love with me at first sight. Again, for me, this was mere child’s play. I walked up to Cora and said hello. I introduced myself, then made small talk in order for all of this to seem above board to any casual observer. I asked Cora if she would sit with me while we drank our coffee. She readily agreed, bouncing up and down slightly on her toes in girlish excitement. We took a table outside.

“So Cora” I began as soon as we were seated “thank you for joining me.”

Cora squirmed in her seat and sipped her coffee nervously. “I usually don’t do this kind of thing. Talking with strange guys I mean.” She slurped her coffee loudly.

“Do you think I’m strange, Cora?” I asked.

She giggled. Cora gave me an impish grin. “You know what I mean, Steve. I don’t know. There’s just something about you. Like you’re different somehow.”

“Oh, I am that. I’ve very different, Cora” I said. “I’m not like the other boys.”

Cora snorted a laugh. “You mean like you don’t usually hit on girls? Yeah, right. That’s what all the ‘players’ say.”

I put my coffee cup down. I leaned across the table and took Cora’s left hand in mine. “I’m not a player, Cora. I’m a taker. When I see a girl I like, I take her. Just like I’m taking your hand right now.”

Her green eyes grew wide. Her pupils dilated and her lips parted slightly. Her hand was warm and soft in mine. She began to sweat. But she didn’t pull away.

“You see, Cora, it’s like this: I’m not going to force you to do anything. You are going to do everything of your own free will. Or at least, that’s how it will seem to you.” With Cora’s left hand resting in mine, I placed my other hand on top of it. “Put your other hand on top of mine, Cora.”

She did as I told her. I said “There. You see? It’s as easy as that.” I beamed a sunny smile at her. “Now we won’t have any secrets, will we Cora?”

She shook her redhead slowly from side to side. Her green eyes were fixed on my face, my eyes. “No” she said softly.

“That’s good. But let me clarify. You won’t have any secrets from me, Cora. I can keep all the secrets I want to from you. But you don’t have any say in what I do or don’t do. Isn’t that right, Cora?”

The pretty redhead nodded up and down, her eyes unblinking. I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“That’s a good girl” I said. “Now Cora, I’m going to be very frank with you. You want me to be frank, don’t you?”

Cora smiled. “Yes. Of course I do, Steve” she replied. When Cora smiled like this, I could see the dimples in her cheeks.

“Cora” I said “you and I are going to have our first date tonight. And on our first date, I am going to fuck you up the ass. Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Cora?”

The girl looked startled. She shook her head rapidly from side to side.

“Does the thought of getting sodomized scare you, Cora?” I asked.

She nodded rapidly. “Yeah. Yes. It does, Steve. I don’t know if...”

I held up one hand with palm facing towards her. “Stop right there, Cora. It doesn’t matter what you know, or don’t know; what you think, or don’t think; what you want, or don’t want. I want to fuck you up the ass. And you’re about to beg me to do it. Aren’t you?”

Cora’s green eyes looked wide as saucers. She nodded her head. In a soft voice she said “Yes, Steve. I am going to beg you to fuck me up the ass.”

“Then do it, bitch” I said softly but sternly.

“Please fuck me up the ass, Steve” said Cora. “I’ll do anything you want if you’ll just please fuck me up the ass.”

I smiled and squeezed her hand between both of mine. “That’s a good girl, Cora. You said just what I wanted you to say. See how easy that was? The words just came to you in your mind, and you said them. You wanted to say them, didn’t you?”

Cora nodded dumbly. She gave me a weak, half-hearted smile.

“Don’t worry, bitch” I said. “This will get easier and easier for you as time goes by.” I lifted one hand from hers and put a finger to the side of here face. “Oh, there’s one more thing. I’ll be bringing one of my sex slaves along on our date tonight. I find it boring to have sex with only one woman at a time.”

Cora nodded her head as if she understood; as if what I had just said to her was the most obvious, normal thing in the world. I transmitted my address to her mentally, so nothing was written down or stored in her cell phone. I also told her when to show up.

“Don’t be late, bitch” I said.

Cora smiled happily, with real enthusiasm this time. “I won’t be late ... Master!” she said.

Cora arrived at my apartment right on time. It was one of several residences I used. Cora entered wearing a low-cut white blouse that showed off the ample cleavage of her 36 E-Cup breasts. Her 26-inch waist and amazing 40-inch ass were tightly packed into a pair of red yoga pants that complemented her long, wavy red hair.

I took her by the hand and kissed it. “Welcome, bitch” I said, careful to call her by one of my favorite dirty names for the women I own and use.

Cora giggled. “Thank you Steve. Err, I mean Master. You are my Master. I know it!”

“That’s right, whore” I said. During the couple of hours between our meeting at the coffee shop and Cora’s arrival at my apartment, I had been working on her mind, installing the thoughts, attitudes, and termonology appropriate to her new station in life.

“Now I want you to meet someone, Cora” I said. Hearing her cue, my 16-year-old niece Kerry entered the room. Kerry is a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde with unusually large tits for a teenager. She wore only a white lacey bra and white panties.

“Introduce yourself, whore” I said to my niece.

Kerry extended her hand to Cora. “Hello. My name is Kerry. Steve is my Uncle and my Master. Welcome to the harem!”

Cora giggled as she shook Kerry’s hand warmly. “This is all so sudden” Cora said. “It seems crazy but it seems right. I don’t understand it. And I don’t care.” She looked at me and sighed. “All I know is I love Steve and I want to be owned by him.” She addressed me now. “You are my Lord and Master” she said with a degree of solemnity. “You own me body and soul.”

I stepped toward Cora and she simultaneously stepped towards me. We embraced and kissed passionately as I ran my hands all over her body and she held me tight. I extended one arm towards my niece and gestured for her to join us. Kerry joined in the group hug. Except that Kerry hugged and kissed only me, just as Cora did. I was the center of their world.

I lay my head beside Cora’s and sniffed her loudly. “You smell nice and clean, bitch. Did you take a bath as I commanded?”

“Yes, Master” the big-bottomed redhead replied. “I made sure that clean myself thoroughly for you. Especially my butt, just as you instructed me.”

Indeed, I had told her that, telepathically. Cora was already comfortable with receiving mental commands from me at a distance. That was a good sign. Some bitches took a while to get used to having me living inside their heads all the time.

“Let’s go straight to the bedroom then” I said as I placed Cora to my left side and Kerry to my right, wrapping an arm around the waist of each young woman. I gave Cora and Kerry each a kiss as I guided them to the bedroom.

“Now Cora” I said “Kerry is already well-trained in how to serve her Master. You are just a beginner. So let me tell you a few things. These will all make sense to you, because I’ve prepared your mind already.” We entered the bedroom. I took my arm off Kerry’s waist. She immediately began stripping off her bra and panties. “As you can see, Kerry undresses immediately. I’m not interested in slow, seductive stripping. I want access to my slave’s body immediately.” I put both hands on Cora’s blouse over her tits. I moved them into her cleavage, and then outward to grab the fabric of the blouse. I ripped the redhead’s blouse open, exposing her red bra.

“Tsk, tsk” I clucked with my tongue. “No more colored bras for you, whore. From now on you will wear only white lacey bras. Understand, bitch?” I asked.

Cora looked dazed, but not unhappy. “Yes, Master” she said.

“OK whore. Uncover your tits, strip off those tight pants, and remove your panties. Do it quick, bitch!” I commanded.

“Yes, Master” the buxom 18-year-old said as she followed her Master’s orders. She took off her bra first. I admired the size and heft of her mammaries. Cora’s tits were pure white, with large, pale pink areolae and nipples. I fondled her tits as she began pulling down her pants. She smiled as I squeezed each breast.

“Good tit meat, whore” I said. “That’s one of the things I like about you.” As soon as Cora was completely naked, I began my inspection of her body, beginning with her breasts. I sucked and nibbled on each tit. I kissed and bit them. Then I had her lay down on the bed on her back and grab her legs behind the knees, raising them up to expose her cunt and ass. I sniffed, kissed, and licked her cunt, nuzzling my nose in her red pubic hair. Then I went for the real prize: her ass. I sniffed, kissed, and licked it just as I had with her cunt.

“Scoot up the bed and roll over on your belly, whore” I said. “I want to inspect your ass more thoroughly.”

Cora did as I commanded. When she lay on her belly, her massive but shapely ass cheeks stood up like rounded mountains of vanilla ice cream. I was entranced. I put the side of my face against each of the huge white mounds, feeling their warmth and softness. Then I kissed each butt cheek over and over before pulling my head back and grasping each cheek firmly. I spread them to reveal Cora’s pale pink anus, which was the same color as her nipples.

“Mmmm!” I said. “You have a most beautiful anus, bitch!” I leaned forward and again licked and kissed Cora’s anus. It was clean, but still had the faint odor of what was hidden inside the 18-year-old’s asshole.

This is the moment when everything changes for me. I am still her Master, yes, and Cora is still nothing but a bitch, whore, cunt, slave. But a beautiful bitch butt and lovely anus evoke an inversion in my affections.

I kiss Cora’s asshole over and over, before addressing it directly. “Oh my darling!” I say with real passion. “It’s so lovely to see you and kiss you.” My romance with buttfuck babe Cora is just beginning.

At this point, I look at Kerry and give her the nod. She knows what to do. While my face and tongue make love to Cora’s anus in advance of the bitch’s upcoming buttfuck, my beautiful, blonde 16-year-old niece takes my cock in her mouth and begins sucking it expertly. I trained her myself in the art of the blowjob. The young bitch was a quick study. Now Kerry loves sucking her Uncle’s dick.

I kiss and lick Cora’s anus while talking to it. “You are so beautiful, my darling. I love your pink color and your lovely shape.” Kiss, kiss, kiss. Lick, lick, lick.

A change comes over Cora. I am reading her mind. Just as I have identified Cora with her anus, now the buxom redhead herself is identifying herself with her anus, but in a peculiar, split-personality way. Cora both is, and is not, her anus. “Oh Master” Cora cries out with enthusiasm “Thank you for licking my anus. My anus loves you, Master! It worships its Owner! I do too, Master! My anus and I love you, Master!”

This is the first stage of a buttfuck babe. Now I am ready to make Cora go deeper. “Cora, I am in love with your anus” I said. “I am in love with you. You and your anus are one, yet two. I love both of you. You and your pretty asshole are one and the same. Cora, you are a buttfuck babe” I say. I kiss and lick Cora’s anus, thrusting my tongue through it in quick darting motions. All the while, Kerry is sucking my dick like the faithful slave she is.

Cora sighs and moans with delight. “Master! Master! Master!” is all she can say in between moaning and sighing as my tongue delights her anus. As I delight Cora’s anus, Kerry delights my dick with her young cocksucking mouth and throat. The three of us continue in this manner for several minutes, with blonde Kerry blowing me while I tongue and make love talk with redheaded Cora’s pretty pink anus.

I take a deep breath. “Cora” I say and then pause. “What does your anus want to say to me, to say to its Owner?”

Cora was right with me here. “My anus wants you to fuck it, Master. My anus wants you to buttfuck it. Buttfuck me, Master. Please, please buttfuck me! Please buttfuck me! I am the anus who loves you!”

That’s it! That’s what I was waiting to hear! “Yes, bitch!” I say. “I will buttfuck your big fat ass, your gorgeous anus. You are the buttfuck babe I love, Cora!”

I pull my dick from my nieces’ mouth. Kerry quickly repositions herself further up the bed near my side, where she can present her tits to me. I kiss her briefly as I climb atop Cora, who is spreading her big, pure white butt cheeks for me, exposing her pink anus glistening with my saliva. That saliva on Cora’s asshole and Kerry’s saliva on my penis is the only lubrication poor Cora’s asshole is going to get. If I did not have complete control over biology with my hyper-tech powers, this would not be sufficient. Since I do have the requisite power, I ensure that the sodomy that is about to happen will not rip or tear Cora’s delicate anus and rectum. Nor will her feces cause any harm to either of us. The most dangerous, degrading sex that is about to happen will not harm any of us at all.

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