by Uther Pendragon

Copyright 2010 Uther Pendragon

Romantic Sex Story: Tim and Sally move into their new bungalow with the help of friends. When the friends are gone, they initiate their new house.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

The bungalow really didn’t have that much more inside space than their old apartment -- except for the half basement, of course. But they weren’t going to deal with that, today. Al, Joe, and Bruce were helping them move, along with Brenda. The first two loads were furniture. The last one was boxes; Joe drove his car along for that trip, and the overflow from the U-Haul was in his back seat and trunk. Boxes which couldn’t be used right then were stacked in the spare room, stacked quite high.

When things were in the house, if not in the right place, they took a break. Tim went for pizza and some other purchases. Brenda helped Sally set up the kitchen well enough that they could serve the pizza. With the pizza boxes in his car, Tim visited Walgreen’s. The shower curtain and tub mat had been too grungy to move; bath soap and shampoo were easier to buy than to find. And where Sally’s diaphragm would be was anybody’s guess.

The dining room was too small for six, so Tim and Bruce sat in the kitchen. The party wound down, not quite so fast as Tim would have liked, but it wound down. Sally followed him in the car while he returned the U-Haul, and they drove back together.

“The first thing I’ll have to do,” she said, “is hang the drapes. I feel so exposed with all the windows on ground level.”

“They’re somewhere in the spare room, along with everything else.”

“The really first thing is to take a shower. I feel grungy. Do you think you could hang the shower curtain while I find the towels?”

He did. While she was in the shower, he looked over the rooms once more. The place was fully lighted even in the afternoon by the bare windows. By the same token, they had no privacy. He did a little restacking in the spare room. When he was done, the boxes covered the windows up to shoulder height. The floor was a couple of feet above ground level here. There was a little space left on the carpet, and he moved a chair in.

Sally came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Their robes were in one of the boxes.

“Want your turn? I used another towel, but there’s a third in there.”

“In a minute. Come into the spare room.”

“I really can’t.” But she did. When he started to kiss her, she glanced at the windows. Apparently reassured, she cooperated in the kiss. When his hands roved, she even turned a little to give him better access to her breasts and butt. When he tossed the towel to cover the chair, though, she stiffened.

“I don’t have my diaphragm.” He showed her his last purchase, a box of condoms. “You planning to use all of those?”

“We’ll keep some for emergencies, like now.” She didn’t agree verbally, but she did start unbuttoning his shirt. When he backed up to the chair, she followed him. He dropped his trousers before stripping off shirt and t-shirt. He tossed those onto the boxes. Then, above the ankles, he was as naked as she was.

He sat down on the chair. She walked towards him, spreading her legs so his were inside hers. He hugged her to him and kissed the valley between her breasts. He handed the box to her to free his hands for more important things. He kissed towards the tip of one breast while his left hand stroked the other. His right hand stroked her spread leg up to the lips.

She was tearing open the box somewhere above his head, but his attention was on rubbing her lips one against the other. She was nice and moist when he parted them. He managed to reach one nipple with his lips, the other with his fingers, and her clit with the index finger of his right hand at almost the same moment.


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