Hal - the Beginning
Chapter 7

Copyright 2010 by Ernest Bywater

Sex Story: Chapter 7 - A teen boy is taken out to die during a storm, but things don't go as planned. He and his life are very dramatically changed. He sets himself up as modern patriarch with a harem of concubines. He also gets his revenge on his enemies. Some activities relate to his school, home, and work place. Some graphic sex scenes involving heterosexual and homosexual activities are present, and there are some religious discussions. - 93,800 words.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Lesbian   Shemale   Crime   Rags To Riches   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Humiliation   Light Bond   Revenge   Violent  

Night Visions

The Tudor house is locked up tight for the night, all are in bed and asleep by eleven o’clock. The police do regular patrols through the area all night. They’re happy there’s no alarms tonight. During the night some of the sleepers in the house have odd dreams they remember well.


In Hal’s dream he’s walking through the most beautiful garden there is. He comes to the edge of the garden. There’s a gate there, it’s wide open. Outside the garden is a large open plain full of people walking about. Many glance over at the garden gate, some walk over and glance at a sign beside the gate. A few walk in, smiling when they look around the garden and continue further into it, but most turn back after reading the sign. Hal wonders what it has to say. He’s about to go out and read it when a voice asks, “This is paradise, why do you wish to leave?”

“I wish to know what the signs says, and why so many turn away from it when they read it? I wish to know why they won’t come in and enjoy this beautiful garden?”

“I, too, wish to know this. But I’m no longer able to wander around out there in the world myself. I may only send my emissaries. Sadly, I send them out with my messages, but the message gets distorted after only one or two generations have passed. Everyone has the free choice to enter here or to leave here. Many have left and never returned. This worries me.”

“Something in the sign must put them off. Did you put it up?”

“No. I once did put up a simple sign. But since then others have replaced it with that one. Because it turns people away I’d like to have it taken away and my original one put back.”

“Do you wish me to go out and do this for you?”

“I can’t ask or order you to do so. However, if you choose to do so of your own accord I’d like you to do that.”

Hal walks out and looks at the sign. It reads, ‘Do not enter this garden unless you’re prepared to do exactly as told by the attendants. Very painful penalties apply for breaches of the smallest rules.’ He knows there were no signs about rules inside, so how would people know what the rules are! He notices some very fine print, and leans down to read, ‘The priests will tell you when you breach the rules.’ Hal thinks that’s crazy, not tell anyone the rules and then punish them for breaking them. He reaches out to grab hold of the sign. He lifts it up, only to see another sign had been covered by it. The covered sign says, ‘Welcome to all who come here in peace and love. Please enter and enjoy the garden. Please respect and love all others here.’ Hal smiles at that sign while he puts the other one under his arm. He walks back into the garden, and puts the sign down on the ground with the wording up.

The voice speaks again, “See how others take my words and twist them for their own gain. They take what I offer, and use it to gain power over others. I don’t like this.”

“It’s not right. I wish there’s some way I could change that!”

“The best you can do is to set yourself, and those around you, free from those who would control all. Previously I saw in you the desire to be free of the bad ones, and saved you from them. I gave you some powers at that time, because I wished to see what you’d do with them. Have you learned the dangers of having power over others yet?”

“Yes. And it frightens me. I worry I can’t control it.”

“It’s good it frightens and worries you. It should. I now give you more responsibilities, and also more power to handle them. Your body no longer has any defects, and you breed true; even with your children. Your body is tuned to breed well and often, do so. You’re now much stronger than you seem, because your muscles and nerves now work at their maximum capability. Do no evil, and you’ll prosper. Be helpful and good when you can. Your children will be good people. Now, like I’ve told many before you, go forth, be prosperous, and multiply across the earth. Tell all you can about the message on the real sign.”

Hal smiles while saying, “I’ll do my best.” Then he breaks up the false sign, and puts the parts into a nearby rubbish bin he hadn’t seen before. Smiling, he walks out the gate.

Fifty paces outside the gate he meets some people who are all dressed alike. He tells them about the signs, and they abuse him for changing the sign from the truth to a lie. They say, “People must have rules, and must obey their betters. Or anarchy will prevail.” Then they set to beating him. He fights back, and defeats some. But there are so many he’s forced back and away from the garden while he continues to fight them. The scene fades away, and he drops into a dreamless sleep.


Soon after she falls asleep Donna dreams about being in a large church. She’s kneeling before the pulpit, a huge congregation is sitting behind her calling her bad names while the priest glares at her as he calls her a harlot and a strumpet. She quivers in fright when she looks up at the priest. He grows larger, his black frock billows out and expands; it seems to wrap around her and is about to close on her. She trembles in fear. She starts to pray, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.” A picture appears before her, she’s in Hal’s arms and smiling. “He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

A man in white walks up to her from the side. When he nears her the billowing black frock seems to shudder and it retreats. She looks at the man. He has blood red holes in his wrists and ankles. Once he’s beside her he reaches down, and she takes his hand. She feels at peace with the world. The congregation stops yelling and the priest moves back from the pulpit. The man tugs on her hand, and she stands. He leads her off to the side and out a door. They enter a new room. It’s a bedroom. Hal is lying there. The man in white smiles at her and pulls back the covers. He motions her to climb into the bed. She does. A few hand movements, which she follows to cuddle up to Hal. He takes her hand to place it on Hal’s stiff dick while saying, “Be comforted, often. Have many children by this rod.” The man in white smiles, places the covers over them, and the room fades away while she drops into a deep sleep.


She falls asleep with Sue on one side and Liz on the other side with James behind Sue. Soon after she’s asleep she dreams she’s walking along the road with Hal and Liz. Hal is in the lead and taking them from one interesting place to another. Both of them smile while they follow his directions. While they move along children appear, they call her grandma, Liz mother, and Hal daddy. More children appear. They call Hal daddy, her grandma, and Liz Auntie Liz. A few times Hal starts to walk off toward an entrance that’s all black. She doesn’t like the look of the entrance and refuses to go in while calling Hal back to her. The first time she doesn’t call out Hal goes in the entrance, and a man attacks Hal. He just manages to escape back out. After that Eve calls out when Hal heads to one of the black entrances. He smiles at her and turns away from them. While he walks back to them an ugly man steps out of the entrance to shake his fist at her. She smiles, and pokes her tongue out at the ugly man.

The walk goes on and on and on until it just fades away when she falls into a deeper sleep.

In the morning all wake up refreshed, but Hal, Donna, and Eve feel rejuvenated by their night’s sleep. Each of them spends time thinking about their odd dream, and what it means or may mean.


Despite getting up early there’s far too many for Hal to wash them all today, so he settles for washing those he’s with. They sit down to a nice breakfast of porridge. While they eat Donna asks, “Hal, when you’ve finished with our punishment can I stay on as your permanent slave? I think my life will be better that way.”

The other punishment girls all stare at her in shock. He thinks for a moment, and asks, “Why?”

“When it becomes clear I’m pregnant my parents and the rest from church will be on my back, big time. Last night I dreamt of that. I was in church being yelled at when a man in white came up and made them be quiet. At first I thought it was Jesus, but he didn’t have any nail marks in his hands or feet. He did have some funny red holes in his wrists and ankles.” Hal notices Jane sit up and take notice at that. “The man took me from the church to your bed. He had me climb into bed with you and take hold of your dick. He told me to be comforted by it, and to have many children by you. I’d been saying the twenty-third psalm when he appeared. So it stuck in my mind when he told me to be comforted by your rod. I take it to mean I should stay with you and have much sex and many children by you.”

Hal nods a few times while she speaks. When she’s finished he turns to Jane to say, “You seemed interested about the description of bloody holes, why is that?”

She nods. “Nearly all of our pictorial information on the crucifixion of Jesus is from artists who worked in the middle ages or the medieval era. They all go with the description of Jesus’ being nailed to the cross as put out by the Holy Catholic Church leaders of that time. That description is still what the church uses today. They say he was nailed through the hands and feet. However, the few written accounts we can find in older sources describe the process a little differently. To start with the nails were hammered through boards first, since a nail straight into the flesh can easily pull through it. Then the written accounts put the nails as going through the wrists and ankles, or just a touch further up the limb so they go through the larger bones in the limbs. This would give more pain and also cause a lot more bleeding than a simple nail through the foot and hand. Medical pathologists have since worked out nailing through the fleshy parts of the hands and feet would soon tear out and the person would fall down and be able to crawl off. Whereas nails in the ankles and wrists will result in those being broken, and cause more pain while being in a spot where they can take the body weight. The end result is what the church teaches is not how it was done; but what Donna describes is a more likely location. So I’m more ready to accept she did see Jesus than if she’d described the holes as she expected.”

All at the table are stunned by the talk. Hal slowly nods. He turns to Donna, “You’ve been punished. If you wish to be a permanent concubine you need to have one of my ladies drive you home after school to get the rest of your things.” She smiles at him while she nods yes.

Soon after that Betty drives them all to school in the bus. The school day goes as normal, for a change, and they head home after school. Eve takes Donna and the other girls moving in to their homes to get their things while Hal takes her car to work. Alice is still out looking for work in the area, so Betty goes with him. Jane and Liz take charge of the rest of the crew, and have fun with them after they have them clean the house.


Hal arrives at work, and he has a quick word with his father. He also unloads a lot of gear belonging to his father, direct from one car to the other. They walk next door to have a look at the other building they bought last month. TSS needs to expand, and it makes sense to go into the building next door as they have a common wall, so they set the two buildings up to operate as one building. The basic layout is the same, but it’s a mirror image with the office area half as deep again as the one they have; the front walkways are aligned the same.

They’d both had a good look before they decided to buy the place, but now they’re having a close look while thinking about renovations. Henry says, “I’m thinking of moving the systems design, drawing, and planning teams into the ground floor offices on this side. That gives us room to expand the lunch room, showroom staff, and accounting areas. The display areas will split to have the systems and sensor stuff on this side with the general door and windows stuff in the old building, that means we can spread both out and put more on display.”

“That’ll work. We’ll need to put a big archway between the buildings in the display area. Make it about a half of the width of the room in the middle of the wall so you’ve got wall display space on both sides. An archway on the walkway at the top, and another big archway between the buildings at the front of the back area with a small people door near the back of the building.”

“That’s what I was thinking too. Leave production on the old side, but expand it, and move all of the finished product storage and shipping to this side. That way incoming shipments are received as is, the materials are put into storage while the pre-made goods just move across the floor to this side for storage. Outward shipments can go on this side. We can designate this car-park as for staff only while the other is for customers only. On this level the first office will be set up like mine for you, and the rest will be two training and conference rooms. What do you think?”

“I think that’ll do us for a long time to come. To start with we’ll look a bit bare on the ground, especially in the work areas, but we’ll soon fill them when more work comes in. My office will make a good executive meeting room since I’ll not be using it that often. Lee can answer both our phones and do what little secretarial work I need, that’ll justify a ten percent pay rise for handling two executives, one part-time.”

Henry glances at Hal, and accepts he’s stating that as a real business need decision. He nods yes while he notes it down to talk to Lee about. They check the drapes and heater settings for the room they’ll be using on Saturday, and return to the current building. While they walk up the stairs Henry says, “Lee, grab your notebook and come into my office.”

He follows the two owners into the office, and they all sit down around the small table there. Hal starts the talk, “Lee, I’m taking a more active role in the business and I’ll take over as the Board Chairperson when I turn eighteen.” Lee glances at both them, and notes it down. “I’ll be working as the de facto chair until then. Dad’s got the ideas on what we’ll be doing with the new building and he’ll go over that with you in a moment. Although my involvement will increase it’ll stay at a part-time level until after I finish university. The office on the other side of the wall will be set up as mine with a large meeting area in it. Until I’m doing enough to warrant a full-time secretary of my own I’d like you to take on the work as my secretary as well as Dad’s. I don’t see it being much more than what you already do. Which is why I see it as being worth only a ten percent increase in pay, for now. To be reviewed each year when we can see how much work I do generate. Do you have a problem with that?”

Lee is stunned by the pay increase. He expected more work, but not a lot more money too. “I think that’s a bit generous, but I won’t complain.” They all smile.

“Well, I’ve got some bills to hand out, so I’ll leave you two to get things organised for Saturday and for the expansion.” Hal stands, and leaves while they discuss getting experts in to quote on the work.

Hal spends about an hour delivering overdue account notices, and collecting cheques for most of them. He also makes arrangements for the payment of all but two accounts over the coming weeks. He drops all of the cheques and notes about arrangements back to Lee at the office, and goes home.

Back Home

Hal walks into the house, and smiles. All of the punishment girls are walking around in a very short maid’s outfit. When he enters Liz calls them to attention, and they line up. The skirts are at the girls’ waist, they just cover the lower half of their bellybuttons, and the skirt ends at the top of their thighs so their pussies are on display. If the skirts were on their hips their pussies would just be hidden. He walks up and down the line inspecting them, and enjoying himself while he does.

Lily is the last girl who doesn’t want to have sex with him at all, another good Catholic girl. She thought about not coming back while at school, but she realised he’d probably rape her in front of her family if she didn’t. Hal stands in front of them. He says, “Drop the skirts.” They do. “Greta, Centre Stage.” She jumps to the rug lying on the floor near him. “Lie down and make yourself come, and be quick about it.” She gulps while she drops to the floor, spreads her legs, and plays with herself. She soon comes. “Lily, eat her pussy.” The girl moves into place, and gets to work. “Fiona, on your back and eat Lily.” She moves into place. In a moment he has the girls in a pussy eating daisy chain with each girl holding tight to the groin of the one before her while eating her pussy. He finishes the tableau by having Liz give Greta her pussy to eat.

He moves along the line fondling breasts and pussies. After a couple of trips along the line he stops behind Lily, straddles Fiona’s chest, drops to his knees, and pushes his dick into Lily’s pussy while Fiona holds it open for him. Lilly knows what’s happening when she feels him enter her and breach her hymen. The several orgasms Fiona gave her has her very wet, and it’s easy for him to slide home. She raises her head, only to have Liz grab it and kiss her. Lily is now at a forty-five degree upward angle from her hips to her mouth being held to Liz’s. Hal leans onto Lily’s back, and covers her breasts with his hands while he fucks her, hard and fast. She’s crying while he takes her. She cries harder when she has orgasms while being raped.

Hal is enjoying the feel of Lily’s tight cunt on his dick while he plays with her tits. He whispers to her, “A good Catholic girl wouldn’t have played sexual teasing games with boys or played with a boy’s dick while helping to murder him. Thou shall not kill.” The truth of his statements hits her hard, she’d not thought about the reality of what she’d done, before. “I’m going to fuck you into motherhood. You can either stay on as my fuck toy sex slave, or I can organise for you to marry someone you like, if they want you. Who would you marry, if you could chose anyone you know?”

Liz breaks the kiss so she can answer. Lily sobs, and says, “Paul Garret is the only boy I’d like to marry. But he’s shown no interest in me since I changed schools, and Mum won’t agree as he’s not a Catholic.”

He pushes her down to eat Greta again while he gives her a good fuck. He comes in her three times, making her come with each deposit; which plays hell with her mind as well. Pulling out he comes again so Fiona has a nice load to eat too. “Lily, you stay in this position eating pussy until I say otherwise. I want my sperm to have plenty of time to reach your womb and make you a mother.” She nods through her tears; she hates the thought of being a teenage mother, and probably a single one as well.” With Fiona hard at work on Lily, he has Liz suck him clean.


Hal gets dressed, and goes for a walk. A few minutes later he’s ringing the doorbell at the Garret residence. Mary answers the door, and invites him in. She starts talking about school and her day while she walks beside him. A minute later he’s at the door to Paul’s room with Mary still chattering away at him. Paul invites him in. He walks in and sits down on Paul’s bed; Mary sits beside him. This is the usual way she acts when he visits, unless Liz is with him and the two girls retire to Mary’s room. He gives a slow nod, and says, “Mary, that’s interesting, but I need to talk to Paul for several minutes without any interruptions at all. That’s never happened before with you here. So, either you leave or we find a way to ensure you don’t interrupt.”

Paul grins at the dirty look Hal gets while Mary says, “And just how do you plan to do either, Mister?”

He pulls a Velcro tie out of his pocket, “I can tie your hands together with this, and either stick a gag in your mouth, or get you down on your knees and have you suck my dick while we talk.” Both of them have open mouths when they stare at him. He’s never been this forward before, never. Mary sticks her tongue out at him. He turns her around and ties her wrists together, gets another tie, and ties her elbows close together, making her breasts stick out. She opens her mouth to say something, and he sticks a ball gag in it. After doing up the gag he winks at Paul, who now sports very wide open eyes. Reaching around and fondling Mary’s breasts, which he knows she wants him to do, Hal asks, “Do you like the gag?” She shakes her head no. “Do you want me to replace it with my dick?” Paul’s jaw drops again when his sister nods yes. Hal stands and moves her off the bed to the floor, he sits back down. He undoes his pants and removes the gag, in seconds she’s sucking dick.

Paul is gasping while he glances at the open doorway. He can’t believe his friend has his dick down his sister’s throat in his room. Hal reaches down to undo the zip on Mary’s dress. He enjoys the feel of her gulping with his dick partway down her throat, she’s got most of it in her mouth. He undoes her bra, and pushes the dress and bra straps off her shoulders so they fall down to her elbows, exposing her breasts to view and play. He reaches down to fondle her bare breasts while Paul stares at them. “Paul, do you know a Lily Wilson?”

A very distracted Paul replies, “Yes. We were in school together from pre-school until a couple of years ago. We were good friends until then. In the same school clubs and the same classes, we usually sat together. Just after her father died her mother found out I wasn’t Catholic and chucked a fit. With the better financial situation from the insurance and pension payouts she took Lily out of the state school and put her in a private one to split us up. Lily had often talked of when we grew up and got married, and I wasn’t against it, as we were very compatible. Why?”

Hal is surprised at how well Mary sucks cock, and that she can deep throat him; he also enjoys her work a lot. “Lily started at our school last year, and she was soon one of the Hanes crowd. I got the impression that’s due to her mother pushing her at Ian Lawson. Anyway, she’s one of those who’ve been giving me lots of grief, and was amongst those who tried to kill me last week.”

Paul interrupts, “Shit! that doesn’t sound like the Lily I know.”

“I suspect it’s the pressure to fit in, and more, from her mum. Well, I’m breaking up the Hanes crowd. I’ve got the girls all cut out, and they’re at my place being punished by me. They’ll be there for a few more days. Some of them I’m punishing by getting them pregnant.” This astonishes both his friends. “Lily is one of those. The idea of being a single teen mother is causing her some real anguish. I asked her who she’d like to marry if she could marry anyone; she named you.” Hal can’t believe it’s possible, but Paul’s eyes go wider. “So, the question is do you want her? I can see to it she’s obedient and devoted to you. But you have to accept her having a baby by me. Well?”

Shit, mate! You do know how to surprise me. I’d have to spend some time with her before I can answer that. What worries me is she sounds likes she’s a real bitch now, and I don’t want a bitch.”

“My fucking her and getting her pregnant will remove that. When I play mind games with her over the next week I can mould her to what you want.” He looks down at Mary, “Mary, I love the way you deep throat me. I’d like you to agree to become one of my concubines so you can teach the others your technique, and do that often. The rules in my harem are you give me absolute obedience and you enjoy all sexual encounters with my other slaves. Interested?” Both stare at him. He comes, and Mary backs off to taste his semen while she swallows what’s there. He comes again when only the head of his dick is in her mouth. “Oh, another thing. As a result of Friday I’ve a priapism, that means my dick is always stiff.”

Mary finishes swallowing his sperm and is sucking his dick clean. She looks up, “Hal, I’ll have to think about being your slave. But I like the idea of being fucked by a man with a permanently stiff dick. All the girls at school bitch about how their guys go limp before they get off. If I accept will you let me watch you fuck some of the girls from school?”

“I’ve already got several slaves you can watch me fuck, but I get the idea you want me to fuck some girls to make them envious of you. I’ll do that, because I’ll want you to bring me more girls for the harem.”

He stands and walks around behind her. He studies her bra, it’s one where the shoulder straps can be removed, so he undoes them and takes her bra off. He lifts the dress back into place, and does it up. He stands her up, and undoes the strap on her wrists. Just when she thinks he’s releasing her he bends her arms at the elbow, and uses the Velcro to tie her forearms together across her back. He turns her around, and puts an arm across her back, under her right arm, and over her breast. Leading her from the room while fondling her breast he asks, “Paul, please get Mary’s bra and toss it on her bed. We’ll go and ask your mother if you can have dinner with us.” A stunned Paul does as asked. They go down the hall and to the kitchen where Mrs Garret is sitting at the kitchen table working on some papers.

She looks up when they walk in. She looks at Mary, and tilts her head to the side while she looks at Hal. He grins, “Good afternoon, Missus Garret. I don’t know if anyone told you, but I spent last weekend in hospital at Sandy Creek after some people pumped me full of drugs and tried to kill me. That’s caused a few biological changes, some visible, like my skin colour and my now permanent stiff dick.” She can’t help herself, she glances down at his dick, and she can see its full outline in his pants. She licks her lips, making him smile more. “Another change is I need to have sex a lot, or it hurts. So I’m collecting a group of concubines; slave wives. Mary has often told Liz she wants to be my girlfriend, so I’ve asked her to be a concubine. She’s not sure she can be a good and obedient slave. So I’m showing her what it’s like to be unable to stop me or refuse me anything. While her arms are tied I can do anything I want.” A step to the side, and he’s behind Mary to fondle both breasts while looking at her mother over her shoulder.

Mrs Garret smiles while she slowly shakes her head. She looks up, “I’m not sure if I like or dislike the idea, but I’ll let Mary make up her mind first. I notice you’ve found a way to keep her quiet.”

“Oh, I’ve found a few. At the moment she’s still stunned I tied her up, but two others are to use a gag or to have her suck my dick.” Mary and Paul are surprised he said the last.

They’re stunned when their mother laughs, and asks, “Is she good?”

“Very good. She has a nice deep throat technique.”

“Hmm, I wonder where she learned that!” Her tone makes it clear this isn’t a question. “Well, the smile she has tells me she likes it, so far.”

“Yes, I can tell that too. I see you’ve not started dinner, can Paul and Mary join me for dinner at my place tonight? I’ve a house guest I want Paul to talk to, Lily Wilson.”

“I remember Lily, nice girl. Look, why not take the gear for them to stay the night, and I’ll have a night out with Jack.”

“Good idea. Will do.” He turns Mary around, “Let’s get the gear.”

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