Chapter 1


My name is Redden Fields. I am 17, 6ft2, 224lbs, BMI of 24.6 ... with dark brown hair and eyes. I am letting my hair grow again.

I was a Defensive End in high school before I pulled both hamstrings on a play as I overextended myself, but I sacked the quarterback 13 yards behind the line of scrimmage, on the last play of the game and our Garces High Rams beat the Sanger High Astros for the Valley Championship!

Both Hammies were OK by the end of the following week! I was a lucky sob! I earned the most improved player of the year while likely ruining my chances to get a scholarship to a top tier NCAA Football program

My best friend is Bryan Whyte, 18, 6ft8, 277lbs, BMI over 25, Black as night, keeps his hair less than 1/4-inch-long all year long. He gets to choose which scholarship to take. Oh, he plays Nose Guard! He started out as an every down offensive lineman, but was changed to NoG (our nickname for nose guard) after he asked to try out for the guy who gets to push the Center around!

The girl we have as part of our threesome, uhm ... triad, is April Bleu, 17, a cheerleader, the captain, 5ft8, 120lbs, BMI of 18.2, with long red hair that is always in a ponytail. She plays volleyball too! Donna is co-cap of the cheer squad. My 15-year-old sister, Mary is one of only 3 frosh on the Cheer Squad, there are 16 of them. With 4 guys.

For the last three years Bryan, April, and I have called ourselves, The Redd, Whyte, and Bleu! It’s a little corny but every time we are out and about Bryan literally stands above the crowd and we do a pose with April saying, “We are The Redd, Whyte, and Bleu!”

It always generates a big response everywhere in town we go. There are a lot of Ram Fans! It’s a private Catholic school with a long reputation in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf!

Being huge Harry Potter fans, April is Hermione, Bryan is Ron and I am Harry Potter, it’s an ‘in-joke’ between the three of us.

Bryan and April came by my house separately, and we hung out together listening to music.

“So, have you picked a college yet?” I asked Bryan.

“It’s come down between the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma,” he answered.

“Wow, either way, you are busting up our team, Bryan,” I said.

“Well, you can join me if you want when you two graduate,” he said back to us. “Redd and Bleu, will have to live without Whyte. You could always become ... Purple.”

April thought about it and finally broke into a big smile.

“Anyway,” Bryan said, “I am leaving town for nine days to do a walkthrough at both colleges, can you live without me?”

“Of course we can,” April said, giving him a big hug. “Whichever you decide you know we will support you, OK?”

“Wow, That was the best hug I have ever gotten from a white girl,” the tallest guy I know said getting a hearty laugh from both of us.

“To paraphrase an old expression Bryan, ‘When you start at night, you have to go white!’”

April gave me a dirty look, as Bryan got up laughing and saying, “I have to pack, I’m leaving in the morning for Gainesville!”

We all got up and gave him good luck hugs.

The last thing he said was “Go Purple,” causing both of us to lightly blush.

Both sitting back down, April wondered aloud, “Harry, I know it’s more than a year out, but have you got any colleges in mind?”

“Well, before my college football and 12 year NFL career went bust, I was thinking of maybe like Denver, Arizona or Oregon, what about you, Hermione?”

“My first choice is Cal State University Monterey Bay which is only a 4 hour drive from our families. Obviously, Bryan doesn’t seem to have a problem moving hundreds of miles away from home. That idea I have problems with.”

She turned to me while talking on about CSUMB and I saw something in her eyes.

I believe I saw a small bit of ... something wonderful, so I moved towards her and gave her a kiss.

Not pushing me away, yelling, or kneeing me in the nuts and she was kissing me back and it felt so goo...


That was my little sister who had come down the stairs, and her outburst broke us up, and just as quickly Mary was running back upstairs and was crying.

I looked over to April who also had tears in her eyes, “We have been going to the same school since fourth grade and you finally grew a pair and kissed me. It was as wonderful as I had dreamed. Now, go upstairs and talk to your sister, she needs you!”

Mary is quite a cute young lady, I think she has a crush on me so I needed to handle this carefully.

I went upstairs and knocked on her door getting “Come in!”

I kept the door open, sat on the foot on her bed and said, “What’sup with you?”

That usually makes her giggle. Instead, she raised her head and asked “Are you in love with April?”

“Don’t really know, uhh ... maybe. What you interrupted was our very first kiss.”


I moved to lying next to her, at a safe distance, put my head on my right hand and asked, “Have you ever kissed a boy, pretty girl?”

“No, there is a boy I really like but he doesn’t know how I feel,” she said in a mirroring of my body language. I understood that code, but before I could say or do anything April appeared in the doorway.

“Mary, are we good?” She said to my sister.

“Yeah, be good to my big brother, OK?”

That made me happy and April giggle.

“April, are you in love with Redd!” She asked just as bluntly.

“Yeah, I am,” she said so quickly I was flabbergasted.

“Why don’t you join us, since Bryan is gone?” April asked her crawling on the bed getting almost between us.

“We don’t have a cool nickname like you guys did with Bryan,” Mary remarked.

That made me think for a while before I suggested ‘ARM’ or ‘RAM,’ using our first name initials.

Mary liked RAM so much, she spanned the gap between us and gave me a kiss that lasted at least 15 seconds, followed up by saying, “That was my first ever kiss with any boy. Thanks for not pushing me away!”

I was blushing, but April climbed practically on top of me, and we had a very romantic kiss with Mary watching us.

After finally breaking it up, Mary asked, “Could I ever get a kiss like that from you, Big brother?”

“Let’s wait until your 16th birthday, how does that sound?”

“How come so long?” She said with a bit of a whine in her voice.

“That was a grown-up kiss and you need to be more grown up, OK?”

I saw the gears working and she said, “You have a deal, Redd Man!”

It was only four months away!

She was who first called me Redd, and it quickly became not just a nickname but the name I preferred.

My mother, Gennessee, is 1/16 Iroquois Indian, which is where my name came from. It had been shortened from a very long name given to a warrior in Gennessee’s tribe.

Nowadays, I only get called Redden when she is upset with me. Mary is our fathers mothers name.

April, still laying on me said, “if Mary makes us a new group of three, why don’t we give her an HP name?”

I only had to think about that for a half second, and whispered in April’s ear.

Mary was smiling big time, so it appeared she knew about our secret.

Anyway, I explained it all to her, then christened her ‘Ginny!’

I nudged April off me and ran to the bathroom to pee and will my partial erection down as much as possible.

When I walked out, they were both smiling really big. While I was in the bathroom they were talking a mile a minute, likely about me.

A few more details about Mary/Ginny, she is 5ft2, eyes of blue, just like that very old song, has the same hair coloring I have, but it is nearly as long as April’s red hair.

While April is ‘quite abundant’ in regards to her chest, 34C, I believe, Mary is somewhere in the vicinity of a 30B that she is very proud of.

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