by Frank Noir

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Erotica Sex Story: A man haunted by erotic dreams has a surprising real-life encounter in the streets of Berlin.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

It was three o’clock at night, and I’d just woken up with a massive erection. I’d dreamt about her again.

It was the same woman appearing in my dreams night after night. She was pure imagination – I’d never seen anyone like her in real life. But in my dreams she was incredibly lifelike: Every time the same long, billowing, dark hair – the beautiful, slender figure – always dressed in a long, blue silk dress wrapped around her curves.

There were dreams where I only saw her at a distance. I could be at a party, suddenly noticing her across the room. In other dreams I visited her home – a large, dark apartment that seemed strangely uninhabited. Sometimes I pulled off her dress and saw her perfect body – her soft, round breasts, her long, shapely legs – and the tiny triangle of dark pubes around the pink slit of her pussy. Sometimes we lay together in her bed – my cock hard as a rock with arousal – but I’d never dreamt of us having sex.

Not tonight, either. I just lay there staring up into the darkness, my erect member stretching, forming a tall bulge in my blanket. What should I do? Usually, once I’d dreamt of her I couldn’t go back to sleep. My thoughts would keep returning to her, replaying every situation I’d seen her in. And I’d fantasize about what fucking her would feel like – her wet cunt wrapped around my eager cock – how I’d vigorously thrust and thrust into her, making her scream out loud in ecstasy...

Sometimes I’d get up to masturbate. But although releasing the pressure of lust always felt good, it was also somewhat disappointing. Having just dreamt about the most beautiful woman in the world, letting my cock spit hot semen into a paper towel just felt too sad.

I pulled off the blanket and got up. My stiff member bounced as I walked. I closed my eyes and banished the dream woman from my thoughts – and slowly I felt my erection subsiding. Then I got dressed and went out.

It was a warm summer night – the time of year when the blue of twilight lasts all through the night – and could feel the morning approaching already. I walked the old streets of central Berlin – I don’t remember the exact location. The neighbourhood was deserted and quiet. But as I turned the corner of a cobbled street near Alexanderplatz I suddenly saw her. The woman from my dreams.

I stopped in my tracks and stared at her. There was no doubt about it: I recognized her long, dark hair, the blue silk dress, the elegant curves of her body. But I knew that was impossible – she did not exist!

Then she turned her head to look at me. Her expression was quizzical – she didn’t smile, wasn’t flirtatious – and yet ... She turned her back and began to walk. Her high heels clicked against the cobblestones, her hips swaying slightly as she walked. I hesitated for a second, then followed her.

She turned a corner down an even narrower street I didn’t know. I kept my distance discretely. As I looked around the corner, I saw her disappear between two buildings. I chose the opposite pavement and slowly walked closer.

Standing across from where she’d disappeared I saw a passage – about three feet wide – between two old houses. She stood leaning against the left wall. I heard muffled music coming from the other building – it sounded like old disco. The woman turned her eyes and looked at me – looked straight into my eyes, smiling faintly.

The music increased in volume as a door opened in the house. I smelled cigarette smoke – a sleazy red light lit the woman on the other side. A tall, bald man stepped into the narrow alley, thin and athletically built, wearing a dark suit. The music faded as he closed the door behind him.

The man reached behind the woman’s back – and I heard the sound of a zipper being swiftly pulled down. Seconds later he pulled the entire dress off over her head, giving me a perfect view of her naked body. She was not wearing a bra, but her shapely breasts stood out proudly. A black garter belt held up a pair of black silk stocking, but she was not wearing knickers, either. Like in my dream her dark pubes were neatly trimmed around the pink slit.

The man dropped to his knees in front of her, his face on a level with of her cunt. With a swift, vulgar motion she stood with her legs wide apart in front of him. My cock jumped at the sight. The man let his tongue run up and down her pussy lips as if to taste her. She closed her eyes. Then he moved the tip of his tongue in circles around her clit. She moaned quietly with lust.

Hypnotized, I stood across the street just staring at them. The man’s bald head moved eagerly up and down as he licked the cunt of my dream woman. Her arms quivered. Feverishly, her hands scrambled across the rough brick wall. She found a crack to hold on to, her entire body trembling with pleasure. I believe I heard the little, wet noises of the bald man’s tongue against her pussy lips – and imagined him swallowing her love juice. What did she taste like? Spicy, yet sweet – like every beautiful woman in the world.


She let out a loud gasp. I watched as the man grabbed her round buttocks, forcing his tongue all the way up into her juicy cunt. Again he began to move his head up and down – more vigorously this time – his tongue thrusting like a small cock into her tight crevice. She squirmed in helpless lust. Blood throbbed in my swelling cock.

Suddenly she threw back her head, her dark hair flying around her face. Every fibre in her body tensed up as she cried out her orgasm, mouth open wide:

“Aaah! Aaah!”

The bald man slurped and smacked all over her cunt, juices dribbling down his chin. I felt my cock slowly stretching to its full length inside my trousers.

The man stood up. For a few seconds he savoured the sight of the nude female body, still quivering in orgasm. Slowly he zipped down his trousers and pulled out his cock – long and hard, impatiently twitching. The woman whimpered quietly at the sight. He’d just licked her to orgasm and now he wanted to fuck. And I’d be allowed to watch – my throat went dry at the thought.

The man grabbed his cock by the root, masturbating as he stared deep into the eyes of the naked woman. With the other hand he grabbed her thigh, lifting up her leg. The alley was so narrow she could press her high-heeled shoe against the opposite wall. He clenched his cock in his fist, slowly but deliberately guiding it up into her slippery cunt. She gasped and gasped again. He buried his member inside her and froze for a moment. Nervously, the women bit her lower lip.

And now he began to thrust.

“Ohhh!” she cried.

He fucked her at a slow pace – withdrawing the entire length of his shaft and drove it all the way in with every thrust. Again and again and again. Her gorgeous breasts bounced in time, and she moaned with pleasure.

My rock hard cock felt ready to burst through the fabric of my trousers. I quickly looked up and down the street – then I zipped down and pulled it out. The shaft throbbed hotly against my palm. I don’t remember ever having a more impressive erection: My cock was long and unusually fat – its bluish head swollen with lust. A tiny, clear drop of liquid oozed from its tip, dripping onto the pavement. Slowly I began to masturbate.

The bald man increased his pace. Mercilessly he drove his cock up and up into the naked woman’s cunt, slamming her up against the wall with every thrust. She clutched his muscular buttocks, hoarsely screaming in ecstasy as he fucked her. I gripped my cock hard, massaging the shaft, making it swell and lengthen. It was so hard it was almost painful.

The woman’s nails scratched into the wall – and again I heard her screaming in orgasm:

“Ohhh! Ohhh!”

The man grit his teeth. He grabbed her breasts hard and fucked her with even greater force.

“Nng! Nng!” he grunted.

His entire body shook with lust. And suddenly he buried the entire length of his shaft deep inside her cunt with one single powerful thrust. And froze.

“Ohhh!” he roared. “Yesss!”

The woman put her arms around him, holding him tight. They stood like that for a while, the orgasm surging through her naked body. I assumed he was ejaculating – imagined his long, hard cock spitting jets of white-hot sperm up into her quivering cunt. The clear fluid oozed from my cock as I masturbated at the sight.

Finally the man pulled out. His bald head was bright read and sweaty from the strain. He staggered a bit, fumbling to get his semi-erect cock back into his trousers and zip up. Sighing contentedly he leaned back against the wall across from the woman, pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and lit one. He took a deep drag, put his head back, and exhaled the smoke between the walls.

The woman turned her head, looking directly at me. I stopped masturbating, but still held on to my cock. She looked me deep in the eyes – and I looked straight back at her. She didn’t even blink.

Slowly I crossed the street and approached her. The bald man opened the door in the wall, and again the sound of music and the odour of cigarettes filled the alley. He disappeared into the house, closing the door behind him. I stood in the alley, facing the woman. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement – the sweet and spicy scent of sex hung around her. I also detected the faint smell of the bald man’s semen.

I swiftly pulled down my trousers and stood there in the alley displaying my erection to her. Her eyes widened at the sight of my cock – it was rather larger than that of the bald man. I didn’t speak, but stepped right up to her, feeling the warmth of her naked, sweaty skin.

The door opened behind us and I turned my head to look. A stocky, elderly man stepped out into the alley accompanied by a young redhead with heavy makeup wearing a sequined dress. She clung to him with a seductive look and I took her for a prostitute. The odd couple stood right next to us as the door slammed shut again. The man took a drag of a cigar, his eyes darting up and down the naked woman’s body. The hooker whispered into his ear and he nodded slowly.

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