Dear Sister

by Cherry Nipples

Copyright© 2018 by Cherry Nipples

BDSM Story: This is a short interlude after "A Slap a Day" - intended to be an email from Cherry to her Sister - but revealing some of the training. I think it is pretty hot but I'll let you be the judge. Please stay tuned for a "Slap in Time Saves Nine" (The true sequel to the Slap a Day Keeps the bitch away story)

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Sister   Humiliation   Light Bond   Prostitution   .

Dear Sister

This is an email sent from Cherry (Samantha) to her sister Kelly approximately a week and a half after her training began with Kiwi. It is intended to be read right after “A Slap a Day Keeps the Bitch Away”. Cherry has been instructed to write and re-write this email a number of times to be explicit, courteous, honest and not talk down to her sister or be condescending. That has been hard for Cherry and she has been spanked a number of times as Kiwi explained the finer points of how to communicate with other people and not be a bitch to Cherry’s bare ass cheeks.

Dearest Sister Kelly,

I hope this email finds you in the best possible mood. I know that you are not used to me writing in a polite fashion but I assure you that I will explain to you in full detail and that it is important you read this email fully before you visit or else you may be quite shocked by recent changes we have made in our lives and I would like very much to cause you the least amount of drama. I know that too may come as a surprise as I have always in the past been a source of drama and trouble.

I am sure you aren’t used to me talking to you with consideration and respect – but I assure you there is a reason I am doing so that will become apparent by the end of this email.

It is my hope that even if you do not understand my choices – that you accept them and to do that you must understand why I have made these choice. I have prepared similar emails for my mother and our brother Donny and will be emailing them all today – so you can probably expect a phone call from them expressing their surprise. I will have told them all the same things I am telling you only personalizing it for each of them.

I would have written an email for your son Chester but it should be you that decides how much he knows and if you will agree I will happily forward you an email to provide to him as I know he only uses the computer to play video games.

I want to begin what I need to tell you by saying that I am aware I have been a bad sister all of my life and I apologize for that. I know a simple apology is far from enough to make amends but I believe it is where this email needs to begin. I have been a bad aunt, bad mom, bad friend – bad everything all around.

This is not a self pity-party. You know I have never been one to admit I made a mistake much less that I was ever at fault. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn – and one of the reasons now that I’ve had a mirror put up to my face that I don’t like the monster looking back at me in the reflection.

You may not realize I have been a bad sister because you have always looked up to me. If I dyed my hair – you dyed your hair the same color. If I started dressing a certain way or listening to a certain band – you started doing it too. I know you have always lived in my shadow and I am sorry.

I also know that if you had something and I didn’t – I would take it from it you. If you got a bike for Christmas even though I already had one – I took yours and gave you my old one. If you got a boyfriend and I wanted him – I would take him from you and then tell you he was no good after I dumped him. I did these things because I didn’t want you to have more than me –I was a jealous, vain, cruel sister.

There are hundreds of examples I could give of bad advice I’ve given you – knowing it was bad. I am the one who convinced you to leave Chester’s father. He was boring and not very bright but he never cheated on you and he paid the bills. The current guy you are with is 20 years older than you and smokes pot all day long – it’s my fault you are living there because I put it in your head to leave.

I’ve made fun of you since we were little and I’ve made fun of your son since he was in diapers. I’ve called him a “Ginger” and “Woody Woodpecker” knowing full well that both you and I have natural red hair and are Gingers ourselves – we just know enough to dye that shit some other color.

I hurt your self-esteem and because I consistently made you feel small – not only did you accept this but you actually assumed that being mean is ‘just the way I am’. I want very much to show you that I am learning to change. It is not an easy process for someone as far gone down this path as me but I have met someone here at the motel who is teaching me to be a better person.

His name is Master Kiwi and he is my teacher and mentor. I had expected you may come over the last few days but since you haven’t I would like to invite you over to watch my training – although I must warn you before you do as it is more than a little PG-13 here. Chester and Jerry are also welcome but you will have to decide if they will be mature enough to appreciate what we are learning.

Once you are here – I will be happy to apologize in person and go over in excruciating detail a list of ways I have wronged you. Master has had me put together a list that already has 220 examples of times I have tricked you, borrowed money without intending to pay it back, mocked you, or used you for my own gain. I will then offer to make amends for my past behavior.

In interest of time I won’t include those examples here but also because Master feels these should be read one at a time out loud so that you can hear me genuinely offer my confession and admit my guilt when asking for forgiveness.

You should also know that I no longer answer to Samantha. That is the old me and I have left that bitch behind. I still take responsibility for what I did and said as Samantha but I now answer to the name Cherry.

I will answer to just about any other name you can think of as well – besides Samantha. I am required to politely remind you each and every time you call me Samantha that is no longer my name – in case you do.

My daughter has also agreed that she would like to change. I have set a terrible role model for her and we are going through this transition together. She is no longer Meagan and will answer to Berry or Strawberry – if you like.

You may recall that Berry was all about women’s solidary and equal rights but in the short time that we have been training she has earned that there is also strength in surrendering authority over yourself and that has been an important lesson for us both.

You may be asking what we are learning and that is difficult to explain – but then nothing worth doing was ever easy.

Master Kiwi wants me to simply be explicit and tell you that before you come over that there are some things that you should know. The training we received is 24 hours a day and is focused on removing our dignity and pride and addressing our many shortcomings of laziness, selfishness, vanity, cruelty and our general shrewful and bitchy nature.

I think until you actually witness it for yourself it may not make sense as to how this treatment could address our issues. We are losing privileges we took for granted. We are living under constant discipline and scrutiny and we are being taught new values in place of our old rotten ones to make us less selfish and more focused on pleasing others.

You may wonder why we would ever agree to this and when it was first proposed to us we were very skeptical. We tried it and it was like our bitch-buttons had been reset and we no longer felt like being cruel and hurting others – for a time. We were genuinely pleasant t be around. However, after a time we reverted to our true crabby nature and went back to those old self-destructive ways. We realized that unless the training were constant and strict – we would simply learn nothing and so we begged Master Kiwi to continue it.

I will say that our faith in this process has been tested a number of times as we asked ourselves if it was truly worth it but each time Master Kiwi successfully showed us that the ends justified the means and that he was offering a form of tough love and not abuse.

We have moved into Master’s Apartment. It is the same Motel only now the room is 17A – it is actually much nicer than our old Apartment and has a working air conditioning unit (Master repairs them). We failed to our make our rent for the last few months –no surprise there.

I know a few weeks ago I told you I needed some money to pay rent and you graciously kicked in some money you intended to use for a 16th birthday party for Chester. I have to admit that is number #62 on my list of shitty things I did to you and I spent that money on myself instead. I assumed I could trick our mother into paying the rent if it came down to it – or intimidate the landlord into not asking for it.

These tactics I relied upon are the reason I had to give up authority over myself and agree to do the will of my better – Master Kiwi. They naturally occur to me – but Master Kiwi tells me that most people don’t think like I do. I am wired to be a manipulative, controlling bitch.

I think it began with how we grew up. We had three older redneck brothers. I could put them in their place with a sneer and a cruel taunt. I had boobs long before you and when I said something mean people told me I was “Feisty” and “You go girl! Tell ‘em how you feel!”.

If I had been born with a set of balls people would have just called me out for being a crabby asshole and I probably would not have been able to get away with the shit I did – but I did. The boobs became two tickets to any place I wanted to go. I didn’t have to let anyone see them much less touch them to get what I wanted. I simply had them and they wanted them and when I made a demand – most of the guys would just do what I told them and give me what I wanted. It helped that I picked spineless losers who I could easily manipulate – just consider my daughter’s father if you want a better example.

You may be asking what we do here that could address all of these shitty behaviors and reinforce positive values. It is called Domestic Discipline – we follow a set of rules and wake up every day knowing exactly what is expected of us.

You should know we are not allowed clothes in the apartment – even if you visit I will be completely naked. I can’t wrap my arms around my chest or glare either – I am learning to not be stingy with my body. If someone wants to look at what I have- they have but to tell me to turn around and bend over if it pleases them.

Most of our time is spent on mundane chores. Things we seldom did before the training began like cleaning, cooking and sorting but Master makes even the most boring of chores involve some element of discipline. Berry and I are often handcuffed together to learn team work.

We sleep on the floor and are not allowed on any furniture – that is for our betters. When you arrive I am to greet you with a smile, offer you a drink and show you to a seat. That is a far cry from me telling you not to drink all of my soda and get your butt sweat all over my couch – isn’t it?

We do receive a lot of physical punishments and corrections throughout the day. In laymans terms that is a fancy way of saying we get our butts spanked, stand in the corner, pinched, poked and smacked when we behave badly – act like we used to do all of the time. The corrections are to remind us of our expectations and we are thankful to receive them. You should know that while it does hurt the pain reminds me who I am and how much pain I have caused others – both physical and mental.

Master does not suspend our training OR discipline when people come over. He will however let us answer questions and address you when you arrive. Just the other day, some neighbors who I barely ever spoke to but frequently shot the bird at came over. Master was about to make us play a game where he lit two rows of a dozen candles and Berry and I had to race one another by putting out the little candle with our pussy lips.

I won’t kid you – it does hurt but not as bad as it sounds. They watched the entire contest and even cheered us on. Berry and I can be very competitive but you know I won that race!

The winner was hand fed a small vanilla pudding – which I licked out of Masters hand. We normally take our meals off the floor. Don’t worry though – the floor is spotless and not like my old apartment. We spend a lot of time cleaning and as you may guess any time we half-ass a job cleaning – master whips our ENTIRE actual ass to teach us not to take shortcuts.

Nothing worth doing was ever easy.

Master makes us earn our keep too. We don’t live here for free. He manages all of the money now – I’ve proven I am bad at that.

I know I owe you and your boyfriend Jerry about 440 dollars and we can discuss that when I see you in person. Master will begin a repayment plan in which you receive your money in priority along with Mom and Donny. I will also admit to Chester that I once stole his Nintendo DS that Mom bought him for Christmas. I know I convinced everyone that he must have left it at Denny’s but I actually swiped it and pawned it. I only got about 40 dollars about it and had almost forgot that I did that but Master made me write an inventory of as many shitty things I have ever done.

We priced the cost of the unit at Gamestop and I realized that I had also pawned the games and accessories that came with it. Master will give him the choice of a replacement system with comparable choice of games or the cash value should you decide to allow him to discuss it.

I know that you probably are getting skeptical I can pay you back. You have heard me promise that before many times – usually with me asking for MORE money after I fail to meet any deadline to repay you.

Master has us on a system where we must earn 1,000 points a week. The points are called “apologies”. He started calling them apologies because when I say I am sorry – I don’t actually show it by doing anything. The primary way to earn a point is one dollar = one apology. I was very concerned at first that there was no way I could earn 1,000 dollars a week – much less Berry could.

However, Master has been very creative with coming up with ways for us to earn our keep and provide value. We clean apartments, we clean the parking lot and do chores around the motel to keep the landlord off our backs. I also started hooking out of the apartment.

I know you probably think that sounds crazy. Especially since I used to make fun of my neighbor’s Diamond and Goldie because they lived with their Pimp and put them down for being white trash.

However, they were lazy, nasty bitches and just feeding a drug habit without taking care of their many hungry kids.

Master puts me in a service mindset and makes sure that I take little to no pleasure in the transaction. I am there to please my customer and earn my apologies. He also makes sure I am never disrespectful to a customer and that I am safe while they are here.

We have posted hours so if you come between 9am -3pm on weekdays that is usually when they come the most because Berry is at school.

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