Eves Massage

by Zak


Erotica Sex Story: Eve goes for a massage and gets much more !

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Analingus   Oral Sex   Petting   .

She had called my mobile telephone and left a voice message while I was in the shower, she told me she would be late for her appointment. Sorry, she said stuck in traffic. It was not a problem though; it gave me more time to get ready for our session.

I towelled myself dry and pulled on my white surgical scrubs. Then I went into the kitchen, made myself a coffee before checking the massage room was ready for her arrival. I wanted everything to be perfect for her!

The ensuite bathroom was looking clean and tidy, there was fresh bottled water on the table next to the massage table, and all of my oils were laid out next to the warmer. There was a stack of fresh towels and a new box of tissues as well. I was ready for action. All I needed now was a customer!

The doorbell rang at half past six and I let her in. she was a looking amazing. She had the sexiest eyes I have ever seen and a great smile. A smile that seemed to light up the room.

“Hi, there!” she smiled a big beaming smile, “I’m Eve Tudor, I called earlier?”

“Hello, Eve please come in. “I replied.” Please come through”

I led her into the massage room. She had a great figure, a gorgeous round bum, sparkling eyes and amazing shoulder length blonde hair. She was dressed in a dress that hugged her curves. In a word, she was one hot milf,

“I am so sorry I am late,” she said, looking embarrassed.

“Hey, it’s fine, honestly. You are my last customer tonight so there is no knock on effect” I replied.

“Oh that’s good,” she said as she looked around the room. I could see her eyes taking in everything I had laid out.

“So you’re looking for the full body massage?” I asked. I was torn between not rushing her and getting my hands on her hot body.

“Yes, yes please “she replied flashing me a nervous smile. “I have come straight from work is there anywhere I can freshen up?”

“Well there is a shower in there, “I said showing her the bathroom, “I will give you a while to get comfortable.”

“Okay, so when I am ready...” she started to say, again there was that hint of nervousness.

“When you are ready, lay face down on the massage table, and cover your bottom with one of the towels. “ I said trying to settle her nerves.

“Okay,” she said, flashing me that gorgeous smile again.

“Then ring the hand bell,” I said, “and please relax, I don’t bite!”

I left her to it and went into the kitchen to finish my drink. It was a good fifteen minutes before the tinkling of the bell told me she was ready for me. I knocked on the door, out of courtesy, and entered the room seconds later. She was on the bed; the white towel seemed to accentuate her all over tan. I could see the slopes of her boobs and noticed she had her eyes closed. Nerves can get the better of some people I guess.

“So Eve, would you like me to put on some music while I massage you?” I asked as I adjusted the towel that lay across her ample but curvy bum.

“Oh yes Please ... that would be nice” She replied.

She had moved her head so it was now facing the wall rather than the door so I could not see her face. I hit the shuffled button iPod and adjusted the sound. It was a playlist of classical music. A nice selection of relaxing tracks.

“And you’re okay with me using oils?” I enquired.

“Yes, that’s fine. “She replied.

I pour some oil into the dish on the warmer and then dimmed the lights as the candle warmed the oil. After a few minutes, I poured some oil into the palm of my right hand and covered both hands in the aromatic soothing balm.

“So are you ready?” I asked as I spread the oil over my hands.

“Mm yes, I think so “Eve replied after a few seconds, I started on her shoulders, working on the around the base of her neck and out along her shoulders. My hands ran up her neck under her hairline. At first, she felt tense but after a while, I felt her relax a little. As I started to work on her trapeziums and deltoids I heard her let out a low sigh of pleasure as her muscles relaxed beneath my touch. I worked the oil into her skin, massaging her muscles.

Then I worked on her back, massaging slowly. My fingers stroked her silky soft skin. I rubbed, caressed and kneaded her slowly and firmly. I rubbed, caressed and kneaded all over her back. I re-oiled my hands and worked at the muscles of her arms, taking my time to work on her biceps before moving down to her hands and working on her fingers.

I could feel her relaxing more and more as I worked my magic. I worked the oil on her warm, firm flesh. I moved around the table so that I did not have to lean across her to work on the other arm. Again, I started at the top of her arm and worked down to her fingers.

It was obvious she had recently either had been to a tanning centre or had been on holiday as her skin was a golden brown colour.

The more I worked on her the more I could feel her relax beneath me. I moved to the foot of the bed and started to work on her feet. I worked the oil into them as I massaged each one separately with the palms of my hands before massaging her heels, massaging her toes and massaging the soles of her feet.

I then worked up over her over her legs, as I worked on her calf muscles I heard eve, she almost whispered to herself “Oh yes that feels so good.”

She had great legs, her calf’s and thighs were really toned, her legs opened slightly as I worked up along her thighs. I worked my hands into them, stroking, fondling caressing. My fingers danced across her firm warm flesh.

“So Eve, you have well-toned legs,” I said as I worked on her inner thighs.

“Thanks, I stand a lot for work and walk a lot as well,” she said letting out a nervous Sigh.

She opened her legs a little more. I worked my fingers harder into her thighs working at the firm muscles. My hands moved further and further up her inner thighs and I felt her shift on the bed.

“Is everything okay Eve?” I asked innocently. I ran my hands higher up her thighs and was sure I had brushed her pussy when she let out a low groan. I ran my fingers down toward her knees before working them back up until they slid under the towel that was covering her bum. This time I know my fingertips brushed over her pussy, a pussy that was as smooth as an egg. I worked up and down her legs a few times, giving her a proper massage but also taking time to give her pussy a sly stroke as I reached her buttocks.

“So Eve would you prefer me to massage your gluts through the towel or should I remove it?” I asked.

“My Gluts?” she replied, innocently. It was hard to work out who was kidding whom here!

“Yes Eve, your Gluts, they are the muscles in your bottom” I replied. I was trying to sound confident and professional so she did not get worried.

“Well you’re a professional I am sure you have seen them before and mine is nothing special” she replied with another little nervous giggle.

I pulled away the towel, she was wrong hers was special. It was not too big and not too small. It was firm and fleshy at the same time and I wanted to bury my face in it!

I applied more oil and started to work on that amazing butt; I kneaded and caressed the big gorgeous globes of her ass. I felt her tense up and her butt took on another even sexier shape.

Eve was starting to make little-meowing noises as I worked the heels of my hands on her buttocks. Each stroked opened her bum wider and wider. I could see her cute little rosebud arsehole each time I pushed my hands forward. I closed my eyes as I massaged her butt. I was getting more and more turned on.

Her ass was calling out to me to lick it, to kiss it, to bite it ... to shove my tongue up it.

“Can I ask a question?” Eve said, as my hands worked on her sexy bum.

“Of course you can “I replied, not breaking my rhythm. My fingers’ working on her ass as a baker works his dough.

“I hear that some men go for a massage that includes a happy ending,” she said, finishing with a nervous giggle.

“Yes they do,” I said my hands working down over the curve of her ass and working up her inner thigh, my fingertips brushing her pussy lips again. She was wet and hot. NO, she was very wet and very hot!

“So do women ask for that too?” she said, her voice taking on a sultry edge.

“Yes, some do” I replied, working the heels of my palms harder into her fleshy tight buttocks. I could see her pussy lips now, her lust-thickened labia telling me she was really being turned on by my ministrations. I worked hard into the flesh and every now and then, I was treated to a view of her sexy little quim.

“Okay and have you ever been asked for that?” her voice little more than a whisper.

“Oh Yes, yes I have,” I told her, working my fingers down the curve of her buttocks and back onto her inner thighs, at the same time brushing over her now obviously wet pussy.

The room was gripped by the silence as I worked at the tops of her inner thighs. I waited with baited breath; would she ask ... would she? I worked up and down her thighs and she had still not asked. Was she too nervous? Was she waiting for me to make the move... ?

I worked my hands up and down her thighs again and brushed her wet cunt more firmly. One of us had to make a move soon I thought.

“So Eve would you like a happy ending?” I asked, trying to sound all innocent.

“Mmmm feels like it might be nice” Eve replied, at the same time opening her legs wider. I slid my hand upper her thigh until it was resting on her sticky wet labia.

“Now are you sure this is what you want,” I asked already knowing the answer.

“Mmmm Yes Please. “She replied.

I slide two fingers into her tight little pussy. She gasped I pulled them out and drove them back into her. She was wet, very wet and my fingers slid in and out with ease. I dropped my face down and I could smell her excitement. I licked up and down the crack of her arse. I sensed movement and then her hands opened her buttocks wide. I did not need an invitation, I soon had the tip of my tongue circling that gorgeous little bum hole.

I lapped and licked her anus as I finger fucked her, first with two digits but soon at Eves request with three. I work hard on her tight cunt as I rimmed her arsehole. I felt Eve tense up and she started to groan louder. I knew she was close so I worked my fingers harder and deeper into her love tunnel.

The noise of my digits working into her hot little box and the smell of her excitement was turning me on no end. I worked my fingers deep and hard into her tight little pussy. Its juices soon coated my fingers and most of my hand. At the same time, I licked and lapped at her gorgeous little bum hole.

Eve was moaning and groaning, telling me how much she was loving it, telling me she was close to the edge, begging me not to stop. I worked my fingers deeper and harder into her quim as I licked and lapped at her little-puckered ass ring. She was wet, very wet, so wet I could hear a sexy little squelching noise as I finger fucked her.

I worked my fingers firmly into her, in and out in and out and with each inward thrust Eve let out a deep sigh. In and out, in and out. At the same time, I was lapping her little-puckered arsehole.

I worked my tongue around it in ever decreasing circles before pushing its broad tip against her hole, as if I was trying to force my tongue into her anus.

Then she let out a low groan and my hand was covered in a fresh coat of her juices, she tensed and untensed on the massage table as an orgasm coursed through her body. I felt her legs quivering; I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers as they plunged deep into her. Her climax built inside her and I could feel it as she lay with my fingers deep in her.

Her orgasm rolled over her like the tide rolling over a beach; it washed away the stress. I heard her moaning, and groaning and whispering to God to help her.

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