Paradoxical Chauvinism
Chapter 8

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 8 - There are some things that shouldn't be messed with. Sometimes the outcome comes with good results and sometimes not. But what are "good" results? Regardless, maybe some things aren't to be messed with.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Crime   Workplace   Science Fiction   Paranormal   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Body Modification   Violent  

Light conversation fills the atmosphere. The lighting is dim, the tables are clean and the televisions behind the bar are filled with images of the news, stock market and horse racing. It is Malcolm’s element, his stomping grounds. There isn’t a crowd he has to shove his way through and by the time he reaches the bar, the bartender has his drink of choice waiting for him.

“Put it on my tab, Charlie?” he asks the bartender.

The woman nods. “Dr. Winters is waiting for you over there,” she says with a nod in the direction of the guest.

“Thank you, Charlie,” he says, scooping up his drink and heading for the table.

Dr. Jerry Winters is sitting at the farthest table from the bar by the large open window overlooking the river and city. He is dressed casually, sipping on a cognac. Malcolm frowns. The man had to pick a spot so far away from the bar, didn’t he?

Jerry looks up just as Malcolm approaches. “Glad you could make it,” he says. “I didn’t think you were going to.”

“Well, I did invite you here,” Malcolm replies, taking a seat across from the fellow scientist.

Jerry looks at his watch. “That was supposed to take place forty-five minutes ago too.”

“I got a little hung up,” Malcolm explains. “Doesn’t matter though. We’ve got some things to discuss.”

“Like what?” Jerry asks intrigued.

“I’m thinking about bringing someone in to help with the project,” Malcolm informs him. “You’re the best qualified.”

“Thank you for considering me first,” the scientist says, smiling. “Have you cleared this with Dr. Jameson?”

“Yes,” he lies. “I spoke to him earlier this week about it. He’s in line with my thinking of two heads working better than one.”

“Why now?” Jerry questions. “You’ve been tackling this for nearly a year by yourself.”

“Call it pride. Call it ambition. Call it what you will,” he says shrugging. “Regardless of what you want to call it, I realize that I can either spend the next year bashing my head against the wall or I can get help.”

“Jameson threatened your job,” Jerry says with a grin.

The frown on Malcolm’s face turns upward into a smile. “You’re definitely smarter than you look, Jerry,” he says.

“So if Jameson gave you an ultimatum, that mean I’m next in line to take over the project,” he surmises. “What would I stand to gain by helping you?”

“Well, considering I have finally unlocked the process,” Malcolm begins. “I get fired and you take over, let’s just say I take what I know somewhere else.”

“You’ve unlocked it?” Jerry asks with both a mixture of surprise and jealously. “How?”

“Hard work, late nights and lots of dedication,” Malcolm answers smartly.

“You found Dr. Conners’ notes, didn’t you,” Jerry asks accusingly. “You son of a bitch, you found them. How the hell did they survive the fire?”

“I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about,” Malcolm denies.

Jerry slides his chair back and slides from it to one next to Malcolm. “Come on,” he says, his voice lower. “I know what you found. You’re coming to me because you can’t explain how you came to find the solution. But the two of us can make it work so that no questions are asked.”

“It would make the most sense,” Malcolm agrees.

“One question though,” Jerry says. “Can I see the notes?”

Malcolm shakes his head. “I memorized them and then destroyed them.”

“You what?” the other man asks, totally blown away by this revelation.

“Yeah. I couldn’t risk anyone getting them,” Malcolm says with a smile. “It was the only way to ensure it. Now do you want in on it or not?”

Jerry sits back, closing his eyes. He rolls the various outcomes, feeling more and more uncertain of them as each one plays out. “There is nothing I would love more, but I don’t have any reassurance you won’t fuck me in the end.”

“So it’s a fucking you want?” Malcolm asks.

“What?” Jerry begins to ask. Before he can say anymore, Malcolm’s lips are pressing to his.

A hand wakes Jerry up as it moves gently up and down his side. He is groggy but it feels good. It feels softer than it did last night. Thoughts of it being a woman instead of Malcolm rush in his mind. Maybe it’s Mio. Malcolm found out about them but has no problem with it? Maybe they both live this type of lifestyle? He knew Malcolm was a straight guy. At least he thought, the man does have a girlfriend. Maybe he was wrong. He wants to turn over to see if it is Malcolm, but he is enjoying the feeling too much, especially as it moves downward over his ass and then down his leg.

The hand moves slowly back up Jerry’s legs, up over his hip and around the front, ever so gently brushing his groin. An electric spark rushes through him and his cock begins to harden. As it moves up, the hand slides around him again and brushes a nipple, sending another small jolt through him.

Jerry’s eyes are still closed but his body begins to respond slightly to movement of the hand on his body. He can feel the warmth of her breath on his neck. On the next pass, the hand slides around to the front again, this time gently cupping his balls.

A soft moan escapes Jerry’s lips and he shifts again. She moves a little closer and a warm mouth finds his neck. A deeper moan is the man’s response. The hand wraps around his hardening member and begins a firm pumping motion.

Jerry is lying on his side, so he reaches back with his free hand, seeking his unexpected lover’s body. He wants the hotness of her flesh against his, to touch and excite her the way she is exciting him. His hand finds a muscular ass cheek and he pulls the stranger into him. The body now spooned up against him is clearly not Mio, but she is a she because he feels the breasts pushing against his back.

Who then?

Jerry seizes up. He turns his head to see who is behind him. Instead a mouth locks onto his, kissing him urgently. And whoever she is an expert kisser, ravaging his mouth, her tongue gently probing, encouraging him. In a moment of weakness, Jerry’s own mouth responds, accepting the invader and the sensation. He opens his mouth and the mysterious stranger must know in this moment that she has him. Her tongue enters his mouth and the tension of the moment just flows out of him and she relaxes into the kiss.

Whoever she is she is a phenomenal kisser, using every part of her mouth and tongue on Jerry. The man can’t help but respond, entwining his tongue around her, licking her lips before finally slipping it into her mouth.

Still on his side, Jerry slides his arm around her neck and pulls her lips forcefully onto his. The kiss grows more passionate and Jerry begins to feel something press against his back. A cock? Does this woman have a cock? Jerry never imagined he’d be in a situation like this. Sure, he had thought about it occasionally, wondered what it would be like, but never thought it would actually happen. But right now, in the dark, and desperately horny, the fact is he doesn’t care.

It is dark and Jerry can’t see her face, let alone her body or cock, but he begins to imagine what it must look like. It must be long and hard and just aching to be touched. A rush of images comes into his mind. Jerry see himself wrapping his hands around her hardness, it sliding into his mouth, her mounting and fucking him. He’s had sex with plenty of men and women, but never this!

In this moment, the last of Jerry’s inhibitions fall away and he gives himself over completely to her. Her mouth moves back down to his neck and this time Jerry holds nothing back as he moans loudly. Jerry rolls onto his back as she carries on moving downward, kissing and sucking his nipples, his belly and then lower still. Her hand still grips Jerry’s member and she kisses around it, moving to his aching balls where she kisses, licks and sucks on them.

In his pleasure, Jerry glances down at his lover. It is dark but the bluish-black hair is unmistakable. It is an odd color and usually only for women outside his circle. So where did she come from? The question forms and vanishes in an instant as the tongue that has been bathing his balls rasps up the underside of his cock.

Jerry moans loudly as her hot mouth slides over his rock hard prick, taking him inside her and sucking as she moves her head up and down. It is so incredible that he wants to orgasm now! He holds back. Jerry doesn’t want to stop the pleasure.

He lets her suck him a bit, but he is getting so close that he grabs her arm and pulls her up to him. Their eyes lock briefly and when they finally pull away all Jerry sees is a magnificent creature before him. Her dark-hued skin, toned body, rounded breasts, enormous cock are perfect. And even the long slender tail and horns jutting beautifully from her head make her completely alluring.

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