The Tales of Azure Rocks
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Cabin

Copyright© 2018 by Duskford

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1: Welcome to the Cabin - Zack Bishop has had feelings for Victoria Walker for quite some time now, but as their senior year starts, he finds himself wondering if it was worth it as new experiences come knocking on his door. Brandon Cole feels really happy with his girlfriend, but what happens when new events threaten to disrupt that? Gavin Westher, a shy and introverted young man tries to find himself amidst the chaos of high school. A story about close teenage friends finding lust and love in a small town.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Sports   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Swinging   Black Male   Hispanic Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Foot Fetish   Public Sex   Size   Teacher/Student  

The hallways of Azure Rocks High School were quiet that Thursday afternoon, the students cooped up inside the classrooms waiting for the bell that would allow them to go home for the day. It was almost like the calm before the storm. At last, the ringing sound echoed through the school and a stampede of bodies occupied the halls. Among them, an 18-year-old senior with short dark brown hair patiently stored the books in his locker, his mind unwittingly replaying the History class he just got out of. His name was Zachary Bishop, or as his friends liked to call him...

“Hey, Zack!”

The gaze of his icy-blue eyes turned left to find the clear-blue ones of none other than Chloe McRose. long red hair framing her face. She had been his best friend since before they could even talk or walk, having been neighbors for their entire lives.

He smiled at her. “What’s up?”

“Just got a text from Regan, the coach canceled our practice today,” the redhead replied, seeming a bit bummed by the fact.

Chloe played on the school’s soccer team, and Zack thought she was really good at it, scoring lots of goals in her games. She had a toned, curvy body, with a large pair of breasts that she usually preferred to keep well hidden under baggy clothes. Not that Zack would have noticed, due to the nature of their friendship. As for him, he tried getting into the basketball team, but he was injured during the tryout period, so the best he could do was a spot on the bench among the reserves.

“That sucks,” Zack commented as he noticed Chloe was alone, without their other friend. “Hey, where’s Gavin? Wasn’t he in English with you?”

“He already left. His mom came to pick him up,” Chloe answered as they began walking. “Remember?”

“Oh, yeah, the anniversary of his father’s death,” Zack mumbled, recalling that Gavin had informed them during lunch that he would go home early that day.

“So, any news on your end?” Chloe inquired.

Zack nodded and grinned. “Unlike you, I’ve got practice tomorrow. Kevin wants us ready for the Rhinos next week.”

Chloe chuckled and bumped him on the shoulder. “Show off.”

“Zack! Chloe! Wait a sec!”

The two friends turned back to the voice calling for them. Brandon Cole, the star quarterback of the school’s football team, rushed towards the duo, a grin on his face. He was a really well-built guy, with short black hair and dark brown eyes. He and Zack had become friends when the blue-eyed young man tutored him in English a little more than a year ago, and because Zack was kind of friends with Brandon’s girlfriend.

“Hey, man, is something wrong?”

Brandon grinned in response. “Dude, Heather just had a really awesome idea!” Zack raised a curious eyebrow, staring at his friend and prompting him to continue. “She invited us to spend the weekend at her family’s cabin near Silver Lake Park!”

Silver Lake Park was a recreational area about thirty minutes away from their hometown of Azure Rocks, and a few people owned cabins alongside its borders. If Zack was curious, now he was absolutely intrigued. Sure, they were like a large group of friends, but his and Brandon’s sides of the gang never really became too close, at least not the same way he was with Chloe and Gavin.

“You mean, all of us?” Zack asked, pointing at Chloe and himself.

“Yeah!” Brandon nodded enthusiastically. “She invited some really cool people, make sure you guys tell Gavin too!”

Zack scrunched up his face, spending two days with the popular guys wasn’t exactly his idea of a fun weekend, even if they were his friends. He would probably end up keeping to himself with Chloe and Gavin while the others had fun doing whatever they wanted. “I’m not sure... , “

“Vicky will probably be there,” Brandon interrupted him, waggling his eyebrows in a suggestive way.

Dammit, Brandon, that was a low blow, Zachary mentally groaned. Victoria Walker actually was the most beautiful girl he had ever met, and quite possibly, the most intelligent one as well. He had it bad for her, but had never quite mustered the courage to make a move, in part because she had a boyfriend up until recently, but the guy moved away a few months ago. Zack even tried getting a girlfriend himself to see if he could get over those feelings, but it ended up backfiring on him. Lisa Rivera, the girl he was dating, got suspicious about the weird, distracted way he acted around her, so she tried to interrogate his friends about it and tricked Gavin into accidentally babbling to her that he had feelings for another girl, thankfully without revealing it was Victoria. Zack would never forget the dressing down Lisa gave him when she broke things off. Can’t blame her, she was right, he agreed with her. She told him that he should not have led her on if he liked another girl, and that he had to figure out his life first before deciding to hurt someone else. Zack was brought out of his musings by someone poking him in the arm.

“You gotta go, dummy,” Chloe told him. She was part of the very restricted group of people who knew about his little crush on Victoria. The other ones were his older sister Taylor, and Gavin and Brandon.

“You won’t?” he replied, an eyebrow raised.

“Probably not,” Chloe answered. “Mom and Dad are planning to go visit my grandparents this weekend.”

“Damn,” Zachary mumbled as he turned back to Brandon. “Who else is going?”

Brandon scratched the back of his head. “Let’s see, if everyone goes, it’ll be Heather, Ashley, Victoria, Maddie, Gavin, Trent, Kevin, you, and I think she invited some of the other cheerleaders.”

“That’s a lot of people, is Heather’s cabin that big?”

Brandon shrugged. “We’ll manage, I guess, there’s couches and futons for everyone from what she told me.”

“Bran!” a female voice called from the other side of the hallway.

“Coming, Ash!” Brandon answered as they noticed his girlfriend, Ashley Woodsen, accompanied by none other than Heather Ravers. Zack and Ashley were sort of friends even before he befriended Brandon, due to the fact that their older sisters were best friends.

Heather smirked at Zack and Chloe. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad, and the heiress of the wealthiest family in Azure Rocks. It was the general opinion among the students that she was the hottest girl in the school, with her toned body and long silky dark brown hair. The swells of her large breasts mesmerized everyone who could move past her electric-blue eyes. Being Heather’s vice-captain, Ashley also had a very well-sculpted, fit body, with shining blonde hair framing her face and a pair of friendly, warm bluish-grey eyes.

“I’ll text you later with my answer,” Zack said. “I’ll ask Gavin as well.”

“Awesome,” Brandon held out his hand for a high-five. Zack chuckled and copied him as he and Chloe watched the football player join the cheerleaders.

Chloe regarded him with a confused expression on her face. “Are you telling me you’re gonna turn down that invite? Zack, it looks like the perfect opportunity to get some time alone with Vicky!”

Zack laughed. “I know, I’m going,” he told her while they headed out to the parking lot. “I just didn’t wanna sound too eager.”


On Friday night, Brandon was hanging out with Ashley at her house, and Heather, Victoria and his friend and teammate Trent Lee were there as well. Normally, Madison, Brandon’s twin sister, would have been there with them, but she had caught a cold and had to remain home that night, the same reason she would not be able to go to the cabin with them the next day.

The five of them were lounging by the pool and making some small talk, Brandon sitting on a chaise with Ashley cuddled up to him, and Heather, Vicky and Trent each occupying one. They weren’t being loud in respect to Ashley’s parents, who probably were already sleeping. Glancing at his watch, Brandon noticed it was getting closer to midnight, their quick meeting having stretched itself way longer than expected.

Heather thought they should have worn swimsuits and gone for a swim, but of course, none of them knew they would keep chatting for so long.

“Okay,” Victoria piped in, pushing a strand of her long, slightly wavy blonde hair behind an ear as her piercing emerald-green eyes scanned her friends. She was the president of the student council at school, proof of how smart and active she was. Body-wise, the young blonde wasn’t as skinny as her cheerleader friends, still slender, but without being too athletic, making her a perfect ten in almost everyone’s eyes. Her breasts weren’t as big as Heather’s or even Chloe’s, but it was a close affair, and of course, her round, curvy ass had legendary status amongst the boys in Azure Rocks High School. “Let’s do a quick recap, who’s going?”

Heather chuckled. “Well, considering all the info we got so far... , “ she trailed. “It’s not looking good.”

Trent, a tall black guy with short black hair and dark brown eyes, nodded. “I wanted to go, but it’s like I told you, my dad wants me to work on his car with him,” he repeated. “Brandon and I talked to Kevin, he’s fully focused on the basketball game next week. He won’t go either.”

“My sister caught a cold,” Brandon added. “And Zack texted me confirming that neither Gavin nor Chloe are going.”

Ashley rested her head on her boyfriend’s left shoulder and sighed. “None of the other cheerleaders will make it either.”

“That leaves our party with the three of you,” she pointed at Ashley, Vicky and Brandon. “Zack, and myself, a grand total of five people,” Heather concluded before playfully waving a finger at Victoria. “You better not bail on us too!”

Victoria laughed. “Like I said, I’ll have to check with my parents tomorrow morning, they might need me to help with the store,” she replied as she cocked her head to the side with a thoughtful look. “Maybe we should take a rain-check and do it the next weekend.”

“No!” Brandon and Ashley said in unison, the blonde blushing at the knowing smirks on Heather and Trent’s faces. “I mean... , “ Ashley faked a cough as her best friend stared curiously at her. “There’s the basketball game next Saturday. Heather, Maddie, the other girls and I have to cheer. Zack and Kevin are playing. You caught my drift.”

In reality, Brandon and Ashley were not finding enough opportunities to have sex lately. There was always someone in either of their homes, and Ashley didn’t enjoy doing it in the backseat of Brandon’s truck ever since they tried it for the first time two and a half weeks ago, when they sneaked away during the after-party of the football team’s win in the opening game of the season. The young couple was seeing the trip to Heather’s cabin as the perfect chance to spend some quality time in each other’s company.

“Well, then, I better go,” Victoria said, getting up from the chaise. “My curfew ended a minute ago.”

“Girl, you literally live next door. Your parents know you’re here,” Heather laughed. “It’s still early, we could, I don’t know, do something.”

“Like what?” Trent inquired, an intrigued eyebrow raised.

The brunette shrugged. “Cards?” she then got a wicked look on her features. “Truth or dare? Swim?”

Ashley laughed. “Now?”

Before Heather could answer, Vicky sighed. “I really should go, Heather, otherwise I might really have to say goodbye to the trip.”

“You’re no fun,” the busty brunette playfully retorted. “Alright then, but I’m talking to your mom about that curfew.”

The others laughed, knowing how bossy Heather Ravers could get. Trent got up. “You’re going, Bran?”

The football player nodded. “Yeah, yeah,” he replied, leaning down to press a quick kiss on Ashley’s lips. “I’m gonna go, babe. I’ll come get you tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Okay,” Ashley smiled up at him. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” he responded, a similar smile on his face.

The blonde cheerleader also got up and exchanged quick hugs with Victoria and Heather before walking her friends to the door. Vicky only had to walk next door, while Heather had her own car and Trent hitched a ride with Brandon.


The next morning, Zack had a quick breakfast and got on the road to Silver Lake Park in his car, alone. Chloe went on a trip with her parents like she told him, and Gavin did not want to spend the weekend in a cabin in the woods. His best male friend wasn’t too big on doing physical stuff, preferring to occupy his time with his studies and fiddling with his arsenal of electronic devices. Kevin also told him the previous afternoon during basketball practice that he decided to not join them.

Those refusals made Zack wonder just how many people would actually go to Heather’s cabin that weekend. Well, the fewer people the best, I suppose, he decided, figuring he was more likely to feel encouraged to talk to Victoria about his feelings if there were a small number of potential witnesses to a possible rejection. Brandon texted him the previous night, saying there was a small chance Vicky wouldn’t go, but he preferred to be optimistic in that regard at least. Speaking of Brandon, his phone screen came to life with another text from his friend, but Zack decided to keep driving. He was very close to the cabin, according to the GPS coordinates Heather had sent him.

However, by the time he pulled over at the cabin’s driveway, the Zack had forgotten about Brandon’s text. Parking his blue sedan beside Heather’s silver car, Zachary got out of his vehicle and took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of nature around him. The cabin was very nice in his opinion, only one story, with stone walls and a cozy front porch. He thought the Raverses would have had a bigger cabin, given how wealthy they were, but the building before him was really great nonetheless. Zack knew he wouldn’t enjoy moving around a larger place. Imagine having to look for the bathroom like in their Manor back in town? he thought and chuckled out loud.

At that moment, the door opened and Heather stepped out, a smile on her face. “Hey, Zack, hope you didn’t have a hard time finding the place.”

Despite his feelings for Victoria, Zack wasn’t immune to the head cheerleader’s hotness. She was wearing a tight black tank top and a dark blue bra that hugged the hypnotizing twin globes on her chest wonderfully. A pair of jean shorts left her toned pale legs on display. “Uhn... , hi Heather,” he stammered a bit. “No, it was quite easy, actually.”

“Fantastic,” she replied. “So, you’re the first one, wanna bring your stuff inside? I’m gonna show you your room.”

“Sure,” Zachary nodded, watching her swaying rump going back inside before he snapped out of it and went to get his suitcase.

“Welcome to Ravers Cabin, we do hope you enjoy your stay,” Heather grinned when he got inside, spreading out her arms and waving them around like she was selling some product.

“It’s... , really ... cool,” Zack commented as he looked around. The front door opened into a nice living room with three couches, a shelf with an assortment of electronic devices and a fireplace. Behind that was the kitchen and there was a hallway on each side, where Zack assumed the bedrooms were located. On the right far corner of the kitchen, there was a spiral staircase leading down. On the left, a double glass door led to a wooden deck, where he could see a few chaises and tables. Well, this is really cool indeed.

His eyes then found Heather’s and Zack realized he didn’t have anything to say. It was hard to not be intimidated in the blue-eyed brunette’s presence, and he realized at that moment that this was the first time they were alone together. On every other interaction the two of them ever had, one of their friends had been present.

Heather raised a curious eyebrow for a couple of seconds. “Alright, we’ve got two big bedrooms, the master room, which I’ll be using,” she pointed to her left before doing the same in the opposite direction. “And the lake room, that I gave to Ash and Bran. Then we have two other smaller rooms, I guess you can pick one of those. Which one, left or right?”

Mmm, I’d rather not listen to Brandon and Ashley screwing each other’s brains out all night long, Zack pondered, a thoughtful look on his face. “Left, definitely left.”

Heather grinned. “Left it is, then. Wise choice, I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep next to their room either, if you know what I mean,” she said, surprising the dark-haired boy with how they had thought the same thing about their friends. “I’ll let you unpack now. If you need anything, just let me know, okay?”

Zack scratched his chin as she turned and started walking to the kitchen. “Hey, Heather, ... uhn... , you said there are four rooms, right?” he inquired. “Brandon told me a lot of people might be coming, how are you gonna fit in everyone? I can give up my bed if they need it.”

The brunette cheerleader chuckled. “No need, Zack, no one else’s coming besides Ash and Brandon.”

His blue eyes slightly widened at that. Please no. Tell me I didn’t hear her right! Even Vicky? He started panicking, even if his stoic expression didn’t betray that. I came here for nothing?

“Maddie caught a cold. Kevin wants to focus on basketball. Trent had to help his dad. Vicky’s parents roped her into something to do with their store. None of my other friends can make it, and you already know about Chloe and Gavin,” Heather explained. “It’ll be just the four of us.”



Nearby, Brandon and Ashley were on their way in his black truck. Brandon set a leisurely pace because they wanted to see the beautiful scenery. The young couple was very excited at the possibility of finally getting to enjoy each other intimately again that weekend, the reason why they insisted Heather shouldn’t postpone the trip.

Brandon could feel his dick stirring as he glanced at his girlfriend on the passenger seat and caught a glimpse of her toned legs sticking out from underneath the white sundress she was wearing. He absolutely loved her, having recently completed a year and three months of dating. Ashley shared that sentiment, smiling as she caught his eye. It was almost cliché, she thought, the perfect relationship between the football star and the cheerleader.

The dark-haired boy reached over and squeezed her hand fondly, recalling a conversation he’d had with Trent a few days ago. Ashley was the perfect mix of innocence and naughtiness--in other words a normal girl, whereas Heather and Victoria were on the other ends of the spectrum. Heather was a teasing minx, supposedly having a lot of sexual experience, while Victoria was the epitome of a good girl, never doing anything that could be perceived as wrong and following all kinds of rules. He even knew from talking to her ex-boyfriend Dustin, that he never went past getting an unfinished handjob from her. For the umpteenth time, Brandon reached the conclusion that Ashley was the perfect girl for him then, and that he probably wouldn’t enjoy dating a nymphomaniac or a religious virgin, as hot as Heather and Victoria were. Trent, though expressed the intention of asking Vicky out in the near future to see what could come out of it, something that Brandon kept forgetting to warn Zack about, the last thing he wanted was a conflict between his best friends.

“Mmm, what are you thinking, baby?” Ashley asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

He smiled. “Just thinking about how amazing you are and how much fun we’re gonna have at the cabin.”

The blue-eyed blonde smirked. “Someone’s feeling very confident, it seems.”

“Oh, so you don’t wanna have the fun we’ve been planning ever since Heather invited us?” he retorted, the left corner of his lips curling as his eyes were fixed on the road ahead of them.

Ashley playfully shrugged. “Meh, maybe I’m reconsidering it. Maybe I’ve got better things to do,” she said, trying to stifle her laughter. “Ever thought of that?”

Brandon did not restrain himself so well and laughed. “Naughty, naughty Ashley. Your parents never taught you it’s not nice to tease?”

A wicked smirk grew on the blonde’s lips and she reached over to place a soft hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder. “Baby, stop the truck.”

He raised his right eyebrow in confusion. “What? Why?”

“You’ll find out,” Ash replied in her most seductive voice. Ever the curious one, Brandon just trusted her and pulled over. He then turned to his grinning girlfriend and she motioned to the backseat. “Get in the back.”

Chuckling, Brandon did as he was told and hopped over to the backseat. Ashley then followed him and crouched between his legs, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “I think it’s time I got reacquainted with an old friend,” she told him, reaching for the waistband of his shorts. “You can sit there in the meantime.”

Brandon smiled widely as he helped her lower his shorts and boxers, the old friend in question hardening in anticipation. “Well, don’t let me stop you.”

His cock stood proudly before her, nice and ready. Ashley wrapped her right hand around the long, thick shaft and slowly pumped him. The first few times they had sex, his girth had caused her some pain, and when she asked her older sister Hannah about it, she merely grinned conspiratorially and told her she was lucky to have a thick penis as her first one. Nowadays, though, she loved her boyfriend’s dick almost as much as she loved him, for all the orgasms and sensations it could cause on her. She glanced up at Brandon and raised a teasing eyebrow while leaning forward and lightly blowing on his pole. “Mmm, you may be the Big Bad Wolf, baby, but I’m in charge now,” she told him moments before licking the large tip of his cock with her pink tongue.

Brandon had to groan in pleasure at the feather-like touch of her tongue on his cock before she took the head into her mouth and started to suck gently on it. He feasted his eyes on her cleavage. “Shit, Ash. You’re truly amazing, you know that?”

Her skills were top-notch, honed over the months since they started getting intimate with each other. She lavished his shaft with her gorgeous lips. “Fuck!” he cursed, his knees buckling and causing him to sink further into the seat. “This feels so good... , keep going ... ugh ... babe!”

Ashley indeed kept going, her head bobbing on his dick as he groaned and grunted with her efforts. “I thought you ... aahhh, you didn’t like doing it in the ... car.”

The blonde pulled her mouth off him and grinned. “Oh, but we’re not having sex in the car, sweetie,” she told him while her hand kept stroking his length. “I’m just giving you a quick treat so you can last until we manage to get alone at the cabin.”

Brandon threw his head back on the seat as his girlfriend resumed her blowjob. “God, I’m running out of words, I can’t just keep saying you’re amazing every time,” he said, causing Ash to smile around his member. However, at that very moment, a knock on the window was almost enough to give the two teens a heart attack.

“Shit!” they yelled at the same time, looking at each other in fear.

Another knock sprang Ashley into action. “Quick! Get dressed!” she told him, and Brandon suddenly felt very glad for the darkened glass of his truck’s windows. Looking outside, he could see it was a female officer of sorts, but judging from her beige and green uniform, she wasn’t a cop.

“Please, get out of the car,” the woman ordered them after knocking on the window a third time.

Brandon and Ashley had no choice but to obey, so they straightened out their clothes and climbed out of the vehicle. The woman who interrupted them was tall and athletic, with a nice swell on her chest underneath the shirt. Her blonde hair was up in a bun. Her eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses, even if it wasn’t sunny at the time, and she was wearing the uniform of a Park Ranger, with a name tag that said ‘White’. From her appearance, Brandon surmised she was in her mid-twenties, at least. She was hot, and that definitely didn’t help the alarming situation bubbling in his shorts.

“Alright, any particular reason you were parked on the side of the road, kid?” the woman asked, a business-like tone in her voice.

“Uhn... , “ Brandon swallowed hard, desperately trying to come up with a suitable excuse.

“His feet were cramping up, officer,” Ashley rescued him as she rounded the truck to where her boyfriend was talking to the ranger. “Wait a sec... , Jennifer?”

The woman scrunched up her face and took off her sunglasses, revealing a pair of bluish-grey eyes very similar to the younger girl’s. “Oh... , Ashley, hi!”

Ashley laughed and sidled up to Brandon. “Baby, this is my cousin, Jennifer,” she grinned before turning to the other blonde. “I kinda forgot you were a ranger, Jennifer. This is my boyfriend, Brandon Cole.”

She then proceeded to explain to Brandon that Jennifer was the daughter of her mother’s older sister, and that she had been living in another town up until six months ago, when she came to Azure Rocks to take up a job as a forest ranger at Silver Lake Park. After greetings and a hug between the women were exchanged, Jennifer regarded the two teens with a stern expression.

“Listen, you two. Technically, you’re not exactly in the park here, but I couldn’t very well ignore a vehicle parked on the side of the road for no apparent reason, could I?” she inquired, throwing a small smile to her younger cousin. “Be careful with those cramps next time, you could’ve been approached by a cop, and then who knows how he would’ve taken it. I suggest you move on to where you guys were going to.”

Ashley nodded, returning the other blonde’s smile. “We will, Jen. I mean... , Officer White.”

Jennifer chuckled. “Jennifer or Jen is fine, now go on.”

The three of them said their goodbyes and Jennifer got in her Jeep as the two teens climbed back into Brandon’s truck. After the ranger drove away, Brandon turned to Ashley with a rueful smile. “We got lucky. Of all people who could’ve stopped us, it was your ranger cousin.”

“Yeah, it was pretty funny, wasn’t it?” the blonde laughed.

“I suppose picking up where we left off is out of question, now, huh?” he asked her in a teasing tone.

Ashley just smirked in response and laid her head on his shoulder. “Just drive baby, we’ll be able to have as much fun as we want at Heather’s cabin.”

Brandon smiled and nodded, turning on the engine and resuming their trip to Ravers Cabin, the sky getting a little bit greyer than when they stopped.


The room Zack picked actually had two twin-sized beds, along with a dresser, a mirror, a desk with a chair and a couch. He only saw one bathroom in the opposite hallway, so the young man surmised there were others in the bigger bedrooms. While organizing his stuff on the dresser, Zack wondered why Brandon didn’t warn him that Victoria wasn’t coming, and it was only then that he remembered the text his friend sent while he was driving. Momentarily stopping what he was doing, Zack grabbed his phone and opened Brandon’s text.

“Zack, bad news, dude. Vicky won’t make it. Sorry, man.”

Tossing the phone on the bed, Zachary collapsed on the comfy mattress, letting out a long sigh. Dammit! What am I supposed to do until tomorrow? He asked himself. I don’t exactly have too much conversation material to use with Heather, if any at all!

He had come to the cabin specifically because of Victoria, and now that she wasn’t coming, Zack felt lost as to what he should do. To make things worse, he looked up the weather forecast before leaving Azure Rocks and it said there was a chance it would start raining in the middle of the afternoon and last all the way up until the next day, meaning he couldn’t even go for a walk if things got too unbearable.

“This isn’t fair,” he mumbled, just as the sound of car horn blared from outside. Brandon and Ashley are here.

Deciding to finish his unpacking later, Zack made his way out of the room and saw Heather going outside to greet their friends. He followed his dark-haired hostess and joined her on the porch as Brandon and Ashley stepped out of his truck.

“Hey!” Ashley gushed as she and Heather exchanged a hug. Zack looked at her for a second, she was lovely in that white sundress. Brandon really was a lucky guy, he thought. Shrugging it off, he just nodded and smiled at her before going to the back of the truck to help Brandon with their bags.

“Hey, man.”

“What’s up, dude?” Brandon replied, giving him a high five. “Sorry again, man, you know, about Victoria? It must suck for you.”

“It’s alright, the fault isn’t yours,” Zack said. Just mine for being a wuss and having to rely on a trip to say anything.

Brandon nodded and clasped his friend’s shoulder. “Maybe we can do something later, go fishing or take a hike, perhaps? I’ll ask Heather for good trails.”

Zack shrugged, a small smile on his face. “If it doesn’t rain.”

“What?!” Brandon got surprised. “It’s gonna rain? I know it isn’t exactly sunny right now, but... , “

“The forecast said there was a pretty good chance, yes,” Zack answered. “Haven’t you checked it?”

The high school athlete chuckled. “Ah, I wouldn’t trust these guys, dude,” he said as they followed the girls inside. “They get it wrong almost half of the time.”


Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of those times the forecast was wrong. A couple of hours after they had lunch, rain started pouring down over Silver Lake Park, Azure Rocks and the nearby area, causing the four teenagers to find themselves bored to death in the living room of the cabin, no one besides Zack really watching the show on the TV.

Heather sighed as she observed Brandon and Ashley basically ignoring them as they whispered sweet-nothings in each other’s ears, no doubt itching to go fuck in their room, while Zack had his eyes glued to the TV. She was finding the latter’s behavior quite weird so far. Sure, they hardly talked to each other at school, but she had never pegged him for the shy type. I thought that was more of Gavin’s style. She raised her left eyebrow, intrigued at the blue-eyed boy’s attitude.

At that time, Ashley got up and headed to the bathroom. When she returned, Heather looked at her out of reflex and noticed the two bumps sticking out from beneath the fabric of her dress. Her friend’s medium-sized boobs swayed freely now without the restriction of a bra. Geez, Ash, couldn’t you be just a bit bolder? Brandon will shoot off in his shorts if he sees it.

A little more than half an hour later, the show ended and Brandon stretched himself as Ashley got up and walked over to the windows in the kitchen area, behind the counter.

“Mmm, I guess the rain won’t stop anytime soon,” the blonde said, looking through the glass. “We’ve gotta find something to do.”

Brandon grinned as he joined his girlfriend. “Maybe we should pick up that thing,” he told her, trying to mask his true meaning so Heather and Zack wouldn’t know what he was talking about, except that Heather didn’t have to know what happened earlier to figure out what he was talking about. “What do you think?”

Judging from the similar grin on Ashley’s face, that was exactly what she was hoping to hear, Heather thought. “Oh, lead the way, then.”

Heather watched as her friends laughed all the way over to their room before the door closed behind them. She chuckled as her blue gaze shifted over to Zack, he was still looking at the TV in a trance-like state. “So, Zack,” the corner of her lips briefly curled up in a smirk. “Good movie, huh?”

“Huh?” the young man’s head snapped at her, seemingly surprised at her question. “Oh, yeah, yeah, really liked this movie,” he agreed as a cough escaped his lips and he stood up. “Listen, Heather, I think I’m gonna take a nap. I’ll see you in a couple hours, okay?”

Bewildered, Heather could only observe as he went to his room. The beautiful brunette walked over to the window Ashley had looked through a minute ago. “It wasn’t even a freaking movie, it was a TV show,” she mumbled, unsure of what to make of Zack that day. Well, it’s official, this trip fucking sucks! Although, I don’t know what I expected with a couple on an extended dry-spell and a guy I barely know. Maybe Vicky was right and we should’ve taken a raincheck on this...


Zack paced in his room, unable to understand what was going on with him that day. Usually, Gavin was the one who couldn’t talk to girls properly, but Zack, for the life of him, wasn’t able to understand why he was feeling so unsettled around Heather when he could talk normally even to Victoria. Except about how I feel, but that’s another story altogether. He wanted to hit himself on the face for the way his gaze often wandered to Heather’s cleavage and legs during the show and that she almost caught him at it.

He had always been a bit introverted around strangers, feeling better only around his friends. The dark-haired boy guessed Heather could barely be considered one of his friends, though, given how she was a part of Brandon’s half of their gang. That must be it, he thought. Although, Zack supposed that the fact that his busty acquaintance was the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in the school played a part in that strange sense of intimidation he was getting around her. Not to mention, obviously, her fantastic body.

Zachary walked over to the window and crossed his arms, lazily watching the raindrops hit the glass. The blue-eyed guy wondered if there was a way of breaking the ice, even if he was sure they didn’t share many common interests, if any at all.


As soon as the door of the lake room closed behind them, Brandon and Ashley pounced at each other, kissing hungrily as if their lives depended on it. While the two of them could kiss anytime and wherever they wanted, it was the knowledge that sex would be possible again that really got them going. Brandon lowered his hands to Ashley’s firm ass and gave her a little tug. She got the hint and leaped into his strong arms, wrapping her legs around his waist as the dress rode up her thighs. He pressed her back against the wall beside the door and their lips reconnected, a moan escaping her lips as she felt his pulsing erection pressing against her burning center.

The young couple rocked against each other for a few moments, tongues dancing together before Ashley got down on her feet and grinned at her boyfriend as her hands reached for the straps of her dress and teasingly lowered it down her shoulders, slowly exposing her medium-sized breasts to his appreciative gaze.

“So, I take this is what you had in mind,” Ash said, her grin widening as her boyfriend’s eyes feasted on her chest.

Brandon teasingly faked a bored expression, surprised and a bit turned on by her lack of a bra, guessing that she had taken it off on her last trip to the bathroom a few minutes earlier. “Not really, but if you want it, I guess I can go along for the ride.”

She gaped her mouth and playfully hit him on his right shoulder. “You jerk!”

He laughed. “Just kidding, you know me so well, babe,” the football player replied as he leaned down and began kissing his girlfriend’s tits, all around the pinkish nub at the center before taking the left one into his mouth and gently sucking on it.

“God, I missed this,” the young blonde mewled, her hands wrapping around Brandon’s head of their own volition to press him against her chest.

“More than I did?” Brandon’s muffled voice inquired as he switched to her other nipple and lavished the same attention on it.

Ashley only moaned in response. “Just keep doing what you’re ... oohhh ... doing,” she tightened her hold on his head, causing his lips to twist into a smile around her breast, amused at how worked up his girlfriend could get when it came to their sex activities.

Brandon wasn’t too different himself, his cock throbbing underneath his shorts, begging for attention more than ever after the unfinished blowjob from earlier. He hastily pulled his t-shirt over his head and then kneeled down before Ashley, grinning wolfishly at her as his hands slipped underneath her dress and found the waistband of her panties. Her breath became uneven as he dragged the lacy white garment down her smooth legs, removing her sandals on the way as well.

“I think I’ll start this time, if you don’t mind.”

A sound that could only be described as half-moan, half-groan escaped Ashley’s lips. “We’ve got time for that later! I really need to have you inside me, Bran, please!” she moaned again. “I’m about to explode here!”

Brandon’s eyes glazed over. Ash was right, it had been too long for them and he couldn’t wait to take his girlfriend and have her screaming on his dick once again. “Your wish is my command, babe,” he said, standing up and lowering his shorts and boxers at the same time, freeing his steel-hard cock to the air as Ashley quickly divested herself of the dress. The young couple’s eyes roamed over each other’s naked bodies before he wrapped an arm around her waist.

She smirked up at him. “Now take me to bed, Mr. Cole.”

As you wish, future Mrs. Cole, is what Brandon wanted to say, and almost did on an impulse, but he stopped himself a moment before the words left his mouth. As much as he loved Ashley, he wasn’t sure about making that much of an assumption. “As you wish, Ms. Woodsen.”

That said, he backed her up until the back of her knees hit the edge of the bed and they fell on it. Giggling, Ashley disentangled herself from him and scooted up to the headboard. She stared at him and crooked her left index finger. “Come get me, Big Bad Wolf,” she said in a sexy voice that sent all kinds of shivers through Brandon’s spine.

He almost leaped at her, devouring her lips in a fierce kiss, their tongues immediately tangling together as her hands ran across his back. A minute later, the dark-haired young man broke off the lip-lock and began making his way south, peppering her fair skin with little kisses until he reached her breasts. “Mmm, my Little Red Riding Hood is gonna get it,” he said, his voice coming out a bit muffled. “She has been really naughty today.”

Ashley giggled as his mouth found her hard nipple one more time. Her fingers tangled in his hair, the sensation causing her to let out a whimper. “Yeah? Why don’t you punish her, then?” she inquired, getting into his little game. “C’mon, take her, baby, she’s being dying to feel that big fat cock of yours inside her again, c’mon, please!”

Brandon could swear his cock got a little bit harder at his girlfriend’s wanton request, if that was possible. He grinned, and after kissing her once more, the big guy reached down to position his cock at the entrance of his lovely girlfriend’s pussy. “Shit, I was really eager for this myself,” he rubbed the tip along her slit. “You can’t imagine how many times I’ve jerked off thinking about you.”

The blonde cheerleader mewled, both at the sensation and the naughtiness of what her boyfriend was telling her. “No more than I’ve fingered myself to this, I bet.”

The football player chuckled. “Oh, babe, I wouldn’t take that bet,” he replied before slowly easing his dick into her soaked pussy. “Geez, you’re so freaking wet, Ash.”

Ashley let out a long moan. “Geez, I wonder why ... ooohhh... , “ the witty comeback was interrupted by her whimpers of pleasure as her boyfriend’s sizable manhood filled her pussy inch by inch. “Oh, yeah, that’s it... , “

Brandon groaned as his shaft inched its way inside her wet cunt. He marveled at how tight she felt and slid himself the rest of the way into her. Breathing heavily, the two lovers grinned at each other. “Damn, each time feels better than the last one,” he whispered, breathing heavily.

Ashley nodded frantically. “Yes!” she agreed. “It’s been too long, Bran,” she told him, bucking against him as her hand cupped his cheek. “Now please, take me!”

Her pleading request made Brandon’s cock throb within her slick walls. He moaned and pulled back before briskly thrusting into her once, drawing a brief, loud squeal from his blonde girlfriend. “You mean like this?” he asked with a grin, just before thrusting again.

“Oh, yes!” Ashley moaned at the amazing feeling of being penetrated by her man. “Exactly like that, Bran, keep going, please!”

Smirking, Brandon fully leaned over her body and began thrusting, her legs on either side of his body and their eyes inches apart. It was a special moment for both of them; they were finally together again. They smiled at one another as he thrust into her, his cock sawing in and out of her welcoming pussy. Ashley was feeling nothing but pleasure by now, so it was awesome for her when the man she loved impaled her with his big dick over and over again. She mewled, staring up at him with her face scrunched up in pleasure. Her breasts flattened against his chest when he leaned down and kissed her fiercely. The kiss deepened almost immediately, their tongues clashing together in a slow, sensual dance. Brandon’s heart thundered in his chest as his hips bucked against hers, thrusting himself into her.

“Damn, my Little Red Riding Hood is so fucking hot,” he whispered, staring down into her blue eyes as he fucked her.

Ash smiled in response. “That’s because my Big Bad Wolf is so fucking good at plowing me,” she replied, squeezing his shaft with her walls.

“God, woman, see how revved up you make me?” he picked up his pace, completely taken with her as she began to let out a series of moans.

Brandon grunted, swallowing Ashley’s moan in a kiss as the duo felt their climaxes approaching at almost the same time. He began thrusting harder into her, causing the blue-eyed blonde to break off the kiss and moan loudly. “Yes, Bran!” she screamed. “I’m gonna cum really soon!”

Hypnotized with the thought of bringing the woman he loved to an orgasm, Brandon redoubled his efforts, the sound of his skin slapping against hers echoing loudly in the bedroom. Ashley screamed in pleasure, the added stimulation bringing her even closer to the edge. She wrapped her fit legs around his waist. “Oh, my God, yes! Keep fucking me, Brandon!” she yelled, the new position causing him to go just a little bit deeper into her, triggering her climax. “Oh, my God!”

While the waves of her orgasm hit her body, her walls suddenly squeezed Brandon’s dick with incredible force. His eyes widened as he grunted. “Shit, I’m cumming too!”

Surfing the waves of her own climax, Ashley felt his semen spurting into her as he grunted. She lightly contracted around his cock once again as she screamed her own release. A few moments later, he sagged against her body and they remained motionless for several seconds, breathing hard in the afterglow of their respective orgasms. Feeling completely drained and spent, both physically and emotionally, Brandon rolled to the side and collapsed beside his cheerleader girlfriend. Ashley used her last ounce of strength to cuddle beside him and lay her head on the crook of his neck. The two lovers turned towards each other and exchanged a lazy grin, too tired to make themselves a bit more presentable. It had been a fast fuck, no doubt about it, but it was inevitable judging by how pent up the two of them were. Brandon hoped their next time could be slower, so that they would have the chance to properly enjoy each other.

“I hope we didn’t scare them,” a grinning Ashley said, referring to Heather and Zack. Brandon only laughed in amusement.

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