My Christmas Gifts Had Breasts as White as Snow

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: A UFO lands in front of a young bachelor on Christmas Eve. An old man and two beautiful young platinum blonde women emerge from it. The old man tells the young one that he has been chosen for a Great Work in the cosmic future. As a token of earnest for his participation, the two women - a large-breasted 22-year-old and a shapely 14-year-old - are offered as his Christmas Gifts. He is to be their Lord and they his fully trained, dedicated sex partners and lovers. Will he accept these Gifts?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   First   Lactation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .

There was a light snow falling on Christmas Eve when I began to walk around my neighborhood looking at the holiday lights and other decorations. I always enjoyed this little annual ritual. The Christmas displays and bracing cold air gave me a feeling of lightness and joy. The light snow became heavier as the hour grew later. Checking my watch, I saw that it was almost midnight. The air was so thick with snow that it muffled distant sounds into silence. The crunching sound of my footfalls was the loudest sound I could hear. As I turned a corner, I could barely see the open field on the other side of the road. Suddenly, a bright white light appeared in the sky above the field. The light descended slowly until it was lost behind some trees.

My pulse raced. Could it be a UFO? I had long been fascinated with the subject. But I had never seen anything in the sky I had been unable to identify. I started walking into the field. It didn’t take long to find the source of the light. A craft! I reacted by jumping up and down like a little kid. There before me in a ravine was a conical silvery UFO. It stood about 15 feet high and 25 feet wide at the base. The object was still shining, but not quite as brightly as before.

The air was freezing but I was sweating. Should I go any closer? I had read enough reports of the bad effects of getting close to such craft. I hesitated for a moment. Then, as if this whole episode was not already weird enough, I heard a voice in my mind.

< Come closer, Steven. We will not hurt you. >


< We come in peace and friendship. We bring you tidings of great joy. And a priceless Gift. >

This was totally crazy! Not only could I hear a man’s voice in my head, somehow I even heard the capital G in Gift.

Well, what the hell, I thought. If this is a trick I may regret falling for it. But if it’s not, I’d never forgive myself if I ran away now. Better to take the risk.

I skittered down the side of the ravine, almost falling on the slippery snow. When I was about a car-length away from the craft, a door opened and ramp extended. Three humanoid figures dressed in red emerged from the craft: a man of medium height with gray hair and a friendly-looking face, and two blonde females, an adult and a young teen. The man wore a red robe that reached down to his black boots. The two women, who were both absolutely gorgeous, wore form-fitting, red, one-piece outfits with white, fluffy collars and white boots. The man’s red robe also had a white collar, except that his looked more like animal fur.

Both women had long, platinum blonde hair and very fair skin. The adult woman was extremely buxom with a very large bustline and curvy hips. The teen was more slender with a budding bust that promised more when she grew older. The women stopped at the base of the ramp while the man continued walking toward me. He held out his right hand. I grasped it and we shook hands. His hand was peculiarly warm. Something like a mild electric charge ran up my arm to my head. A feeling of mild bliss and general relaxation spread throughout my body.

“Who are you?” I asked. “Where did you come from? What do you want with earth?”

“Call me Agemo” he said. “We come from a place very far from here. We want to help the people of earth to have the best future possible.”

Agemo appeared to be in his mid-fifties. I had the nagging sense that I had seen him somewhere before. The females I presumed were his family. The beautiful woman was probably his daughter and the teenager his granddaughter. I kept sneaking glances at them over his shoulder. Their great beauty was extremely distracting.

So many questions spun through my mind. I couldn’t decide which to ask first. So I went with one based on the last thing he said. “What is earth’s future?” I asked.

Agemo smiled. “That is up to you, Steven. You and a lot of other people. Let me worry about the other people. Right now, it’s all about you.”

I’m sure that my eyes were as wide as saucers as I felt my jaw go slack. “What about me? What do you want with me?”

“Don’t worry, Steven. I know all about the UFO abduction stories you’ve heard. We are not here to perform some weird medical procedure on you, or anything like that” Agemo said. He gazed at me steadily. “Do I look familiar to you?”

“Yes, you do” I said. “But I can’t place you. Have we met?”

Agemo grinned. “You could say that. I’ll tell you more about that another time, Steven.” Agemo paused. He took a deep breath while gazing upward. A wistful smile crossed his face. Then, looking me in the eye, he said “You asked about earth’s future. Earth has a very long future. The future of humanity is even longer than the future of the planet earth itself. People of earth will not be confined to this planet forever, Steven. You will go to the stars someday. Humankind will spread across the galaxies. Age after age you will grow higher and higher on the scale of evolutionary potential while the universe grows older and older. The human race will ultimately exist in a highly advanced form. Then the expansion of the universe will fizzle out. It will begin to collapse on itself. Future humanity will use science and technology that would seem like magic to you to deal with that. They will reach back through time and space to perform a Great Work. They will engineer a specific configuration of matter and energy that must be balanced just so. This will cause the collapse of the universe to happen in a very special way. That special collapse will create something you can think of as an eternal bubble of time. Inside that time bubble, time will go on and on without end. And not just time. Inside the bubble, there will be a new universe of expanding possibilities, resources, light, and life, all of which will be designed and managed for the sake of human happiness. Your future humanity will live inside that bubble. They will enjoy perfect health in an ideal environment. They will have an ever-increasing abundance of wealth, with more and more opportunities for pleasure. And they’ll even have new friends and lovers whenever they choose. Future humanity will dwell inside this paradise of their own making. You will be among them, Steven. Eternal peace, pleasure, love, sex, and unfathomable joy will be your lot.”

I didn’t know what to think. This all sounded like science fiction to me. “What do I personally have to do with the building this future paradise for humanity?” I asked.

Agemo said “Quite a lot, actually. When that future humanity reaches back through time and space, they will select a few individuals to do certain kinds of highly specialized work, for which they will be rewarded. Rewarded now, in the present universe, during their present lifetime. Abundantly rewarded.”

Here it comes, I thought. This is where he drags me into some scheme that bites me in the ass. Oh, well. I might as well play along for now and hear him out until I can find a way to escape. “What kinds of work?” I asked.

“Various kinds. In your case, it will involve being in a certain place at a certain time when a certain starship arrives” said Agemo.

Now I was REALLY suspicious. This was beginning to sound like an invasion of earth. “What place? When? What starship?”

Agemo smiled. “The place is in a region of the megaverse—the universe of universes. You might think of it as a parallel universe just next door. The time is, oh, about 6 million years ago, based on the time series of your present universe. The starship is the one my landing craft just came from.”

Now my head was really spinning. Agemo put a friendly hand on my shoulder. Suddenly I felt that familiar electric current of bliss and well-being course through my body again.

“I know everything about you, Steven. I can tell you things that only you would know” Agemo said with a wink.

“Like what?” I asked, while being afraid of what I might hear.

Agemo leaned close to me. Cupping his hand around my ear, he whispered something quite intimate. I blushed.

“OK, I believe you” I said. “For now. I can’t understand how you could know so much about me. I’ve got to say that I’m still suspicious.”

“Of course you are” said Agemo “But believe me, this is neither a hoax nor a trap. Only good will come of this. For humanity. And for you. That’s why I said I have a Gift for you.” He turned and gestured for the two blonde women to approach us.

“Steven, this is Annukka” Agemo said as he smiled at the platinum blonde woman “and this is Astrid” he said, gesturing toward the blonde teenager. “They are for you. They will serve you in any and every way. They were born and bred to be your personal dedicated sex partners and lovers.”

My knees went weak. I almost fell down. Agemo grabbed my arm and steadied me.

“I know exactly what you’ve always wanted, Steven. What you’ve dreamed of having in a woman. What you always wished for, but thought you’d never get. Because it seemed totally impossible” said Agemo. “Or morally wrong” he added. “But it is not impossible. And it is not morally wrong. You shall have your heart’s desires fulfilled, Steven. You will get exactly what you wished for. These girls are dedicated to you and you alone. They were created through advanced genetic technology and neuro-programming to look and feel and act and speak according to your deepest desires of women. They are your sexual and romantic ideal.”

My mouth was open and my lips were moving, but no words were coming out.

“Steven, it’s Christmas Eve” Agemo said with a smile. “Why don’t you take your Christmas gifts, Annukka and Astrid, back to your apartment? Let them show you how happy and grateful they are to serve you. Let them demonstrate what it means for them to be your dedicated sex partners and lovers. Let them thank you in the ways that only they can.”

Smiling, Annukka and Astrid fixed their beautiful blue eyes upon me as they stepped over. Their long platinum blonde hair gleamed with reflected light from the craft behind them. Tall, buxom Annukka walked over to stand on my left. Astrid, the shorter, teen sweetie stood to my right. The pair of sexy platinum blondes then leaned towards me from either side and kissed me on both cheeks.

Annukka spoke for the first time. Her voice was soothing yet sexy. “We were made for you, Lord. We were born to serve you. Our bodies were designed according to your preferences. Our training was customized and personalized for you. We belong to you and only you.”

Astrid spoke with the voice of a young teenager. “We have been programmed according to your desires, Lord. You don’t have to explain anything to us. We already know what you like. Your slightest wish is our command.”

Annukka and Astrid rubbed their hands across my chest and back. I looked Annukka in the eye. Her pure white skin, bright blue eyes, and beautiful face were mesmerizing. I leaned in and our lips met. We kissed. Our tongues swirled inside her mouth. She tasted as sweet as she looked. After a few seconds, I broke off the kiss and turned to teen Astrid. She looked like a younger version of Annukka—slimmer and with younger breasts that had not yet fully blossomed, but with a face that was every bit as beautiful. We kissed, tongues tangling in her young mouth. Astrid’s mouth was smaller but tasted even sweeter than Annukka’s.

“Uh-hum” said Agemo. “I don’t mean to interrupt. But wouldn’t you rather take your new gifts home with you, Steven?”

I beamed a smile. “Yes! Yes, I would.” I hugged the two beauties close and they kissed my cheeks again. I was deliriously happy!

“Before you leave” said Agemo “the girls should take their things.” He stepped back into the conical silver craft and emerged with a pair of red winter coats and small, black overnight bags with straps.

“I’ll visit you tomorrow” Agemo said after handing over the items. “Then we can share a little Christmas cheer.”

I laughed. “I’m not sharing Annukka and Astrid!”

Agemo laughed with me. “You don’t have to! They are yours. As I said, they were made for you. No one, man or woman, could ever tempt them away. Annukka and Astrid were born to love you. They will be your dedicated lovers forever. The only thing they want in life is to serve you, to make you happy.” Agemo’s breath came out in frosty clouds in the cold night air. He rubbed his hands together “Right then. Tomorrow I will give you another part of your Gift.”

“There’s more?” I asked, incredulous.

Agemo nodded. “Oh, yes. Much more. But we’ll talk about that tomorrow. You should enjoy your Astrid and Annukka tonight, Steven.”

“I will!” said I with an eager smile. “I will!”

Annukka and Astrid put on their winter coats and slung the straps of their overnight bags over their shoulders. The two blonde beauties stood waiting on either side of me. I took each by the hand. The girls gazed at me with such sweetness and love that I found it hard to move. Almost hard to breathe.

“Shall we go now, Lord?” asked Annukka.

“Yes, Annukka, let’s go” I replied. The three of us walked to the base of the ravine slope. I helped the girls climb up the slippery slope covered with snow. Just as we reached level ground at the top, a shaft of light illuminated us from above. Agemo’s craft was right above us. I heard his voice in my mind.

> Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! <

We smiled and waved. Then Agemo’s craft accelerated away with blinding speed. It disappeared in less than a second without a sound.

We continued walking back to my apartment. I was feeling somewhat awkward, while also being intensely curious about Annukka and Astrid, my new servant lovers. I tried to strike up a conversation that balanced my curiosity against my unease.

“Where are you girls from, exactly?” I asked.

Annukka glanced at me sidewise with a look that showed reluctance. “Lord, I would like to answer your question, but I cannot. Agemo has forbidden us to reveal certain facts at this time. He wants to tell you those himself.”

Astrid squeezed my hand. “Lord, we are here to please you tonight. Let’s have fun and talk more tomorrow!”

I smiled at Astrid. Pulling on her hand, I drew her close to me and gave the teenager a kiss.

“OK, girls. I won’t ask you to reveal any secrets. Not now, anyway. What can you talk about?” I said.

Annukka and Astrid both smiled at that question. Annukka spoke first. “Remember that Agemo knows exactly what you like. He made us for you. We are virgins, but we have both been thoroughly trained in the kinds of sex you like. We are adept at oral, anal, and vaginal sex.”

Astrid piped up. “I’m only 14-years-old. Agemo said that you like sweet, innocent young girls who can act like complete whores whenever you wish.”

Annukka added. “I am 22-years-old. My measurements are 44 G-cup, 26-38. Agemo designed my breasts and body to be just how you like them. Oh, and I am lactating.”

This was too good to be true! I felt as if my head were spinning around like a top! These young women were absolutely perfect!

We reached the front entrance to my apartment building, entered, and then went upstairs to my second floor apartment. I unlocked the front door. My one-bedroom apartment was really only big enough for a bachelor. It had a couch, two easy chairs, a desk with rolling chair, a small dining table set, some bookcases, and a bedroom with bureau and one king-sized bed. For the holidays, I had a small Christmas tree on a table in the living room beside the main window. I had framed the window with some colored lights.

“Take off your coats and boots, ladies” I said. “I need a drink.” I went to a cabinet and pulled down a bottle of single-malt scotch. “Would you like to join me, Annukka?” I asked.

“No thank you, Lord” said the curvy, buxom, platinum blonde beauty.

“Astrid, you’re too young for alcohol. How about a soft drink? You, too, Annukka” I said.

Both girls accepted my offer. I told them what I had available. They both chose ginger ale.

Drinks in hand, the three of us settled down together on the couch facing the main window. Annukka sat to my left and Astrid to my right. We looked out through the window framed by colored Christmas lights, and watched the snowflakes drifting down outside. I had never before in my life sat so close to two such beautiful young women. Not just any beautiful women, either. These two females professed to be my servants, my dedicated sex partners and lovers. They awaited my orders. I felt like they could give me pleasures that would have delighted any sultan or emperor of ages past. Frankly, I was nervous. I knocked back my scotch in a few gulps.

Annukka gently placed a hand on my leg. I could feel her warmth. She spoke softly. “Lord, would you like to inspect your servants?”

I swallowed hard. I wanted to say something, but I seemed to have no voice. I simply nodded my head in the affirmative.

Annukka smiled. She sat up straight and reached behind her back. With a glance to Astrid, the teenager came over to aid Annukka. Astrid pulled down a zipper along the back of Annukka’s form-fitting, red, one-piece outfit and helped the woman to wriggle out of it. Annukka stood before me wearing only a white lacey bra and matching panties. Her 44-26-38 figure was absolutely spectacular!

I gazed up at her from my position on the couch. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” I said in a voice full of awe and lust.

Annukka smiled. Silently, she leaned towards me, her full, snow white breasts straining against her bra. Annukka’s cleavage held my attention like a magnet. While she was bent over at the waist, Annukka reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. The garment moved down a little, causing her breasts to wiggle. Then it fell to the floor. Her big breasts swung free. I was enthralled by the pure white skin of her breasts with their ample, pale pink areolae and nipples. These twin treasures dangled mere inches from my face. I reached out and took a breast in each hand. Her flesh was soft and warm in my hands. I pulled Annukka’s breasts toward my face. She stepped closer to me. I kissed her left breast, and then the right. Annukka’s skin was delightfully fragrant and warm. I gripped her left breast and squeezed it, enjoying its soft pliability. A tiny drop of milk emerged from the nipple. I bent the nipple towards my face and opened my mouth. Annukka grasped her milky breast and helped guide it into my mouth. I sucked and sucked hard on her pale pink nipple. I felt her warm milk flow into my mouth. It had a unique flavor, quite different from cow’s milk. The flavor was reminiscent of vanilla and melon. I grasped Annukka’s lactating breast with both hands. Placing one hand on either side, I held the breast and then pressed my hands together, pumping more of Annukka’s delicious milk into my hungrily sucking mouth.

I continued nursing at the magnificent, snow white breast of the platinum-haired beauty. Annukka moaned with pleasure. “Oh, Lord” she said “thank you for milking me. It feels so good when you do that!” I glanced at her other breast to see drops of milk leaking from its nipple, too. I reached over and pinched the leaking nipple. Then I gripped that breast solidly behind the nipple and squeezed. Milk squirted from her pink nipple in multiple streams.

I opened my mouth to let the breast I had been sucking fall away. Then I pulled her other breast roughly towards my mouth. Using both hands, I forced as much of the lactating breast into my mouth as I possibly could. Then I bit down.

“Oww!” Annukka said. Then she moaned with pleasure. “Thank you for biting my breast, Lord. It is the joy of your servant to be used by you. Do with my breasts whatever you wish.”

I went back and forth between Annukka’s magnificent milky 44 G-cup udders. I sucked each one, and then bit and sucked it some more. As I sucked one breast I squeezed the other. I was like a kid in a candy store, except the candy was Annukka’s enormous white breasts. I was living in a breast fetishist paradise! I took one breast in each hand and pressed them together so her nipples touched. Annukka’s pink nipples dribbled milk side by side. I took both nipples in my mouth at once and sucked as hard as I could. Annukka sighed and moaned. “Oh, Lord” she said. “You are so good to your humble servant!”

I knew I had to stop soon. If I didn’t, I’d end up with cum in my pants.

Releasing her breasts, I said to Annukka. “Excellent tits! I’m glad to possess you and them.”

The platinum blonde beauty sat down on the couch next to me. Her face was flushed. She pressed her face against mine and we kissed with fierce passion. “I love you, my Lord” she said.

“I love you too, Annukka” I replied with equal passion. “Now get those panties off.”

Annukka smiled as she began pulling down her panties to reveal her beautiful platinum blonde pubic bush. At the same time, Astrid spoke up. “My Lord, would you like me to do anything?”

I turned to the gorgeous teen. “Yes” I said. “You get undressed too.”

Astrid smiled. “Yes, my Lord! With pleasure my Lord” she replied as she sprang to her feet and began removing her form-fitting red outfit with its white fluffy collar. At the same time, Annukka posed for me, smiling, with a hand on one hip and one leg bent. This pose accentuated her figure. My gaze darted between the big-breasted beautiful woman and the gorgeous teen who was rapidly peeling away her clothing. Once she was naked, I could see that Astrid really was like a younger version of Annukka. The teen’s pure white breasts had not grown to their full extent. And her platinum blonde pubic bush was still filling in. Nevertheless, her youthful beauty was fetching.

During my teenaged years in high school, I had been a virgin. I didn’t lose my virginity until college. The youngest girl I had ever been with was 18. Astrid’s 14-year-old flesh was a forbidden pleasure. And I was about to partake in it. Indeed, as I had been told by Agemo, I was now the Lord in possession of the teenager and the young woman both. What a Christmas gift!

“Girls” I said as I leaned back on the couch. “Remove my clothes. When your Lord is naked, he will take full pleasure from your naked flesh.”

Annukka and Astrid clapped their hands with joy and gave a little cheer. Then the naked blondes began undressing me. As our three bodies moved through that procedure, my hands wandered casually over the bare skin of the two beauties who were at my service. Once I was naked, I stood up, embraced Astrid and Annukka around their waists, and said “Now to my bedroom.”

As I guided the two naked females to my bedroom, I asked “So you are both virgins and yet totally trained in the art of sex. Isn’t that that what you said?”

Annukka replied “Yes, my Lord. You may deflower us at your discretion. We are also fully trained in how to take your penis into our mouths, our vaginas, and our anal passages. We are fully qualified three-hole servants.”

I grinned. “That’s a set of qualifications I’m eager to test!”

I went to the bed and pulled back the covers, gesturing for Astrid and Annukka to lie down. The pale skinned beauties complied, arranging themselves enticingly. Annukka lay on her side, one leg bent to accentuate her ass, and her large, pink-nippled breasts extended before her on the bed. Astrid lay on her back with her young legs spread to display her virginal vagina. Then the 14-year-old bent her legs, gripped her thighs just above and behind her knees, and pulled back. This raised her bottom so that her lovely young vagina, her soft shapely pure white ass, and her pale pink anus were in full view. Astrid and Annukka both gazed at me with sultry smiles and come hither stares. I licked my lips.

Annukka said in a sultry voice “Command us, my Lord. We only live to serve you.”

Astrid said in her little girl voice “Please take my virginity, my Lord. I am yours!”

I dove for the teenager’s platinum blonde and tender pink pussy, planting my face into her aromatic snatch. Annukka moved down toward my crotch without my even telling her to. I felt her kiss my penis. “May I suck you, my Lord?”

I laughed. “Suck away, gorgeous!” I replied.

I watched as Annukka took my cock into her mouth. Her bright blue eyes gazed up at me worshipfully. My dick went deeper and deeper into her mouth. Soon it passed the bend at the back of her throat. Then she took my dick deeper down her throat. At that point I lost the view of Annukka’s blue eyes as her beautiful face was buried in my pubic hair.

My breath became rapid and deep for a few moments as Annukka demonstrated the depth of her oral skills. I had had some good blowjobs before in my life, but never anything like this! The platinum blonde beauty was giving me a world-class suck-job!

I turned back to the teenager’s virgin pussy. I began licking Astrid’s vagina and clitoris. She ran her fingers through my hair and purred like a kitten. The more I licked her, the wetter she became. At the same time, Annukka eased up on the blowjob. She must have known that she could have easily made me cum in her mouth. She was saving my juice for the little girl’s virgin pussy.

When I felt Astrid was ready, I pulled my dick from Annukka’s mouth and mounted the 14-year-old. I tried to be gentle at first, since she was a virgin. My initial thrusts were tentative. Then Astrid whispered “Fuck me, my Lord! Fuck me hard! It’s ok. I know you want to. Fuck me as hard as you like. I won’t break.”

And that’s what I did. I began driving faster and deeper into the young girl’s sweet cunt. Soon enough I felt the skin of her hymen. With another couple of hard thrusts, I tore through it. I felt new moisture as her virginal blood lubricated my pounding cock.

Astrid moaned and cried out and thrust her hips against mine. I kissed her face and she kissed me back. Noticing movement to my left, I saw Annukka had moved into place by my side with her breasts level with my face. She held them in her hands, presenting her nipples for my delectation while I fucked Astrid. Annukka pressed her breasts to express her milk. Drops of milk began leaking from the platinum blonde’s beautiful pink nipples. I began sucking her pure white tits avidly. This added excitement caused my passionate thrusting into Astrid’s teenaged cunt to grow even more intense.

I felt my balls begin their internal roiling that indicated cum was on its way. I stopped sucking Annukka’s big milky breasts. “I’m cumming, Astrid!” I cried out as Annukka’s milk dripped from the corners of my mouth. “I’m cumming in your 14-year-old cunt!”

I shot load after load of hot semen into Astrid’s formerly virgin cunt. I grunted and moaned with the intensity of it. Astrid cried out incoherently as her body reverberated with repeated waves of orgasms. This went on for several timeless moments as the teenager and I rode our combined orgasms together.

When our orgasmic passion had finally subsided, I turned my head. I looked up at Annukka’s face. She smiled lovingly as she continued to keep her pure white breasts level with my face. Annukka smiled dreamily as if she, too, had just had an orgasm. I put my mouth on her tits again and began nursing her sweet milk. Annukka held her breasts for me so I did not have to stretch at all to reach her perfect pink nipples.

In the afterglow of sex, we three laughed and talked amiably. I told Annukka that I would fuck her next, but it would take me some time to recharge. Annukka replied that she was ready for me whenever I wanted her. A couple of hours later, I was. Good as Astrid was, Annukka was even better. She was juicier and more skillful in her movements. She was also more passionately responsive. While I fucked Annukka, young Astrid presented her small tits to my mouth. Astrid wasn’t lactating. But her firm, young, pure white breasts with their ample-sized pale pink nipples were still a thrill to suck and squeeze.

And so it went, on and on. For the remainder of the night, we dozed and fucked; fucked and dozed. I withheld ejaculating many times when I was getting close, so I would have the energy to continue fucking both women over and over in every hole. Little Astrid showed me her cocksucking skills. Annukka demonstrated her anal talents. Later, so did the 14-year-old. By morning, I had fucked both women orally, vaginally, and anally multiple times. I had never had so much sex at one time before in my life!

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