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Fiction Sex Story: Authoritarian interaction between a black male over a married white male until wife becomes involved.

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Levi Lassiter and his wife Sonia are graduates of the University of Wyoming with PhDs in anthropology and sociology, respectfully. Levi is six months younger than Sonia, but that doesn’t bother either one of them. Each was driven to get their PhDs, but neither of them is willing to move to another state to take any of the tenured teaching positions that were offered to them. They remain in a small town near Rock Springs, Wyoming and Sonia works as a clerk in an insurance office making a measly $18,500.00 a year. Levi tries to work, but always finds himself at odds with the owner, manager or his immediate supervisor. This always ends with Levi quitting or getting fired. As a result, Levi has not held a job for longer than sixty days

Three months of unemployment spurred Levi to seek some form of employment that would allow him to be his own boss. He also hoped to find a position that would allow him to work enough hours to complete his assigned task while leaving him enough free time to spend working on the things he loved.

He searched the local newspapers and on the Internet for jobs or vocational / technical education opportunities that would give him the freedom he so desired. Buried in the sports section of his local paper was an advertisement for an over-the-road trucking school. ‘Learn to drive a semi and make $50,000.00 to $75,000.00 a year’ touted the advertisement. To Levi, this was exactly what he was looking for until he called them to get more information. The types of driving jobs that made the money he was seeking would have him away from home at a minimum three weeks a month with four weeks the norm. If he was lucky, he possibly could find a position where he would be home every weekend, but those were few and far between. Levi queried about the cost and figured he was so deep in debt to get his PhD adding another $10000.00 to his school debt obligation would be nothing more than a drop in the bucket.

Levi Lassiter enrolled in the local school to learn how to drive a semi. It was a twelve week school that would give him his CDL and hopefully an entry into a trucking company. Sitting behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler came very easily to him. The only problem he had was learning to back up and he asked for and received additional time to practice. He passed his written and driving tests on the first try. The school helped him get interviews with several local and long distance trucking companies. The only downside was his lack of experience. The only company that called him back for a second interview was Able-Bodied Trucking. ABT, as they were known, had local daily runs, weekly, over-the-road, and tandem driver over-the-road runs.

Sonia was astounded when Levi came home all excited about his second interview. Here was a man with a PhD in anthropology getting all worked up about taking a job driving an eighteen wheeler. She was lucky she could drive their ancient Volkswagen minibus. He was kvelling about being asked to drive a big rig and this she couldn’t understand.

“Levi, I don’t understand. Why would you accept a job that makes you travel from here to anywhere and that includes Alaska, Canada, and Mexico?” she asked.

Levi eyes twinkled as he answered her, “Because all I have to do is drive. I don’t have to worry about publishing, students, professors, tenure, owners, or managers. All I have to do is make sure I know how to get from point A to point B in X amount of time, sweetie. And what is even better, I don’t have to do it alone!!!”

“What are you talking about?” she wondered, considering she knew nothing about over-the-road driving.

“The company I’m going to work for uses tandem drivers. One guy drives while the other guy sleeps or waits for his turn behind the wheel. With two guys driving, the trucking company can cover more territory in a shorter period of time. The federal government’s rules and regulations for over-the-road truckers allow one man to drive for twelve hours instead of nine or ten.”

As intelligent as his wife is, Sonia sat looking at her husband with a befuddled look completely not understanding how sitting in one of those big rigs, driving for twelve hours at a time would provide any form of satisfaction to a man with Levi’s intelligence. “So, when do you find out where you are going and with whom?” she asked.

“Tomorrow morning I report to the depot to meet my driving mentor. The company doesn’t allow two novice drivers to travel together because their statistical data on accidents says two novice drivers are forty-five percent more prone to have an accident within their first two days of driving. I’ll meet this guy, we’ll get our itinerary, and when I come home I’ll be able to tell you when, where, and what time I’ll be leaving.”

“Levi, I’m not sure about this ... I mean you’ll be leaving me here all alone. Aren’t you worried that something could or would happen to me?”

Levi looked at Sonia knowing that she wasn’t the most self-sufficient person when it came to the day-to-day activities of taking care of oneself. In her chosen field she was the proverbial Master at all aspects of sociology. He could see she was resigned to accepting her husband’s desire to become an over-the-road trucker. “Just think about what you’ll be able to accomplish while I’m gone and my love, I’m only gone for two weeks. And, that is over only one weekend. I may not be doing Anthropological work, but, I will be in my own way, my own boss and I will be bringing in enough money to help us out of our debit and our present living predicament.”

“Ok, ok, Levi. Let’s just put this to bed and get dinner ready. I’m starving.”

The next morning Levi was up and out of their one bedroom, if you could call it that, house trailer by 8:00AM. He was scheduled to be at Able Bodied Trucking at 9:00AM to meet his mentor and get his first over-the-road assignment. When he arrived the place was abuzz with activity. The central warehouse was a cross dock type of facility. Trucks delivering goods were routed to the rear of the building while the Able Bodied trucks were staged in the front of the building where they waited to be loaded. The night shift pulled any freight that was stored in the warehouse and staged it by the door of the assigned truck. The chaos that appeared to the untrained eye was really a study in precise movements like a dance coordinated by a director to take goods from the warehouse, goods that arrived and needed to be stored or staged for immediate delivery, and the semi-trailers loaded so the freight could be delivered with a minimum of effort. Levi just stood and watched amazed at how beautiful the effort looked and at how successfully it was performed.

After his stop to watch the men working in the warehouse, he went into the office to get his assignment. He walked up to door of the Director Driver Assignments and knocked against the door jamb. The portly man behind the desk looked up, recognized the new employee, and simply waved him in and pointed at the chair in front of his desk. Levi entered, sat down, and with a politeness beyond the typical trucking company driver said, “Good morning Mr. Smith. I’m Dr. Levi Lassiter. I’m here to get my first over-the-road assignment.”

The DDA looked up from the paperwork he was working on astounded that he heard ‘doctor’ before his name when the guy sitting in the chair introduced himself. He stared at the lanky, scraggly bearded young man that sat across from him. “Did I hear your correct, Lassiter? Doctor? You sure as fuck don’t look like no medical doctor to me.”

Levi still on a high about getting this job chuckled and replied, “Not a medical doctor, but a Doctor of Anthropology. I have a PhD from the University of Wyoming. I don’t teach or do any research. It really isn’t important anyway.”

Archibald Smith just shook his head and decided that it would be better to get this guy out of his office so he could finish his schedule for the next few weeks. He retrieved a folder from behind his desk, opened it, rifled though some pages, and pulled out the one he was seeking. He eyed it for a moment as if he was reading it before he looked up, whistled, and spoke to Levi, “Well, Dr. Lassiter, you going to be joining one of our best mentors on your first few over-the-road trips. Calvin Alvin Washington is one of, if not the best, of Able Bodied Trucking mentors and drivers. He’s been driving tandem for twelve years now. Started at the age of eighteen and at thirty is still going strong.”

Smith leaned forward and handed the assignment sheet to Levi who immediately scanned the one page to see where he and his mentor were headed. Levi looked up and asked, “Where do I meet him and when are we scheduled to leave?”

“He’ll be here shortly. He’ll probably go directly to the driver’s lounge to get a cup of joe. You can meet him there and introduce yourself. You’ll be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00AM. Good luck,” said Smith offering nothing more to the newbie seated in front of his desk.

Levi couldn’t wait to meet his mentor. He stood up, stepped to the desk, and offered his hand to the director to take in a man-to-man handshake. Smith took his hand rather than being an asshole and rejecting the new driver’s attempt to ingratiate himself to the man that would be scheduling the time and places he would be travelling to while he was employed at Able Bodied Trucking. “Thanks, Mr. Smith,” was all he said as he departed for the driver’s lounge. Smith watched Levi leave and when he knew he was out of hearing range had a good laugh. Levi Lassiter was headed into an abyss he may never be able to extricate himself from.

The driver’s lounge wasn’t anything special. A room with a bunch of old beat up leather couches and chairs. A small kitchen area where coffee was always made, a refrigerator, sink, microwave, and a small stove provided the necessary implements to cook or nuke some food. Most of the men sitting in the lounge were waiting for the word that their trailers were full so they could get on the road to deliver the freight. Levi scanned the room and found an unoccupied leather chair and promptly sat down in it primarily because it gave him a good view of the door so he could signal his mentor when he arrived. He decided to forego any coffee as he was too excited and didn’t need the caffeine running through his system. He reviewed the itinerary over and over again just to keep himself busy as he waited for Calvin Washington to arrive.

At precisely 9.45AM. Calvin Washington entered the driver’s lounge. As he passed through the door, the men sitting shifted in their seats as a wave of palpable fear spread throughout the room. Levi sensed something but put it off to the interruption of the quiet chatter that was taking place between the drivers whether they were tandem teams or singles. Calvin scanned the room, found Levi, made eye contact with him, and strode over to where the novice driver sat. Levi looked up at the giant of a man standing before him. Calvin Alvin Washington, age thirty, six foot nine inch, two hundred seventy-five pound, shaved head, dark skinned, muscular, but not muscle bound made his presence known. He didn’t offer to shake Levi’s hand, but spoke with arrogance and braggadocio, “So Lassiter, you’re my new trainee. I have two simple rules.”

Levi could see that the man was definitely in control of their situation and would not cede anything to anyone. He replied, “And they are?”

“First, I’m always right. If you have doubts or want to question my judgment, the second rule is read the first rule. Since you’re a highly educated individual I don’t think I need to explain the meaning of each or both rules.”

‘Um, I guess so. Anything else I need to know before we leave tomorrow?” asked Levi.

“Not what you need to know, but what you need to do.” Calvin reached into the left back pocket of his five pocket denim jeans and retrieved a folded piece of notebook paper. He didn’t unfold it when he handed it to Levi. “Here is a list of items I want you to purchase and have them with you when we pack out the truck for our trip tomorrow.”

Levi scanned the block printed list realizing that his mentor did not have much more than an elementary school education. The list consisted of certain non-perishable canned goods, microwavable meals both frozen and unfrozen, candy, toiletries, and some sports magazines. Levi looked up at the man towering over him and said, “Are you expecting me to purchase everything on this list? I mean, I don’t have a lot of money right now. That is why I took this job. Could you at least help with some of the expenses until I get on my feet?”

Calvin pondered the young man’s predicament, but with the aplomb of a Nigger on Death Row replied, “I don’t give a fuck about your monetary problems. You are the novice driver and all novice drivers are responsible for the list. It is part of the training.” He didn’t wait for Levi to respond. Calvin Washington turned and departed the driver’s lounge and the building. Levi was to put it mildly dumbfounded, but the one thing he did notice was the sound in the room returned to normal when Calvin departed. An interesting phenomenon had just occurred among the other drivers and he wondered if he had gotten himself into something uncontrollable or did he figuratively get into bed with the devil or someone he shouldn’t have.

Levi scanned the room to see if he could catch someone’s eye so he could approach them and hopefully start a conversation to gain some insight to his mentor. Luckily for Levi, one of three drivers sitting around a small table drinking coffee acknowledged his questioning glace. One of the drivers nonchalantly lifted his right hand and waved him over. Levi didn’t need a second invitation, but before he sat down he went to the coffee pot and retrieved a twenty-four ounce cup. When he sat down the three other drivers introduced them self to him.

Mallon McKnight, Jerome Fieldstone, and Fred Hill were waiting to take their short haul runs within the local region. Mallon McKnight, 60, had been driving long haul trucks for forty years. Jerome Fieldstone, 47, had been driving for twelve years. Fred Hill, 31, was the shortest with only six years behind the wheel. All of them knew about Calvin Washington and were the only three drivers who would take the time to help the novice understand a bit about his mentor. Luckily for them they did not have to train with Calvin and if they were assigned a tandem run with him, they were far enough up the driver’s ladder that Calvin had no leverage over them.

Levi Lassiter may be somewhat of a goof-ball, but he knew how to read people when he had to and what he saw in Calvin Washington sent a shiver of fear throughout his body. He eyed the men around the table and said, “Nice to meet you guys.” Then in a more conspiratorial whisper he said, “So, did I just get myself into a heap of shit?”

To a man, Mallon, Jerome, and Fred smiled, shook their head in the positive, and rolled their eyes. Fred Hill was the physically largest of the three men and spoke first. “Calvin Washington is going to change your life. He is an obnoxious son-of-a-bitch that gets what he wants when he wants it, especially from novice tandem drivers. Oh, he tried to fuck with me one time and that was his last. But, then again, I’m a sick bastard and when they finally got us apart he respected my spunk. He never messed with Mallon or Jerome. Some sort of respect for the older crowd.”

Both men chuckled and slapped high fives with Fred. Levi could see they had a camaraderie founded on their mutual dislike for Calvin Washington. Fred continued, “My first suggestion to you is to keep your mouth shut and do as he says. Spending four weeks on the road with him with one week end home in between will be a taxing situation. Only one out of three drivers survives the first run with him. Those who have survived and are continually assigned to tandem with him usually quit within six months and move on to other trucking companies.”

Mallon, the oldest of the group chimed in, “By the way Levi, are you married? Any kids at home?”

Levi was glad to have someone bring up something other than what he was facing driving with Calvin. “I’m married now for several years, but we do not have any children.” He saw the three men nod and he continued, “I met my wife at school while we were both studying and doing research on our PhD’s. She isn’t teaching or doing research now. She’s working a menial clerical job in town at an insurance office. I’m what you would call an obnoxious asshole when it comes to listening to management if I think they’re wrong or off the mark. I haven’t been able to keep a job flippin’ burgers at a fast food burger joint for more than sixty days. I figured driving the highways and byways of America would allow me to be my own boss and make a decent living.”

He saw the men’s faces frozen in shock. It took a pregnant minute for them to realize that Levi was done speaking. Mallon said, “All three of us will counsel you thusly. Be careful and at the first signs of behavior you don’t like, leave. Go to the nearest phone, call here, quit, and take a bus home. You’ll get what is coming to you salary wise. You won’t be the first and if we know Able Bodied Trucking, you won’t be the last.” The three men witnessed the shiver run up and down Levi’s body. He didn’t respond to them. He forgot his coffee when he stood up and retreated out of the driver’s lounge to go about getting ready for his first tandem run with Calvin Washington. As Mallon, Jerome, and Fred watched him leave they whispered together, “Good luck, cocksucker...”

Levi spent the late morning and early afternoon purchasing the items on Calvin’s mandatory list of things he required of a novice driver. Luckily for Levi everything was obtainable at the local Wal-Mart Superstore and at a price he could afford. When he returned to the small trailer park where Sonia and he lived, she wasn’t at home which gave him time to begin packing a small bag of clothing and toiletries for his first over-the-road trip. Based upon information provided by Able Trucking, he knew he didn’t have a lot of room to store stuff in the sleeper portion of the tractor and tried to pack accordingly. He finished giving himself about an hour to sit and unwind before Sonia came home from the insurance office when they would happily toil together to make something to eat for dinner. Maybe if he was lucky, he’d get some nooky before he departed on his first over-the-road trip.

At ten minutes after five, the door that passed for the main entrance to their trailer opened and Sonia walked in tossing her shoulder bag on the small shelf she used as her personal space. She could see the medium sized rip-stop fabric gym bag laying in the area they so lovingly called the living room and some plastic bags from Wal-Mart. Levi was prone on the couch, not asleep, but just staring at the ceiling off somewhere in his own space. Sonia walked over to him, playfully slapped him on the top of his head, and said, “Where are you? Nirvana?” She then leaned over, placed her lips on his, and slipped her hand between his legs grabbing hold of his flaccid penis.

Levi didn’t need a second invitation. He reached up and placed his arms around her shoulders and pulled the love of his life down next to him on the narrow piece of built in furniture they called their couch. Sonia continued to stroke the outside of her husband’s jeans and as he sought the same place between her legs. When he cupped his hand between the center of her legs he could feel her heat passing through the thin cotton fabric of the pants she was wearing. He broke the kiss as he began to harden due to his wife’s ministrations.

“So, Sonia, what has to you so randy? See something that got your juices flowing?”

Sonia didn’t react in the negative, but knew Levi was just being his asshole self. “Not in your dreams, big boy. You’re all I want in a man. I know you’re leaving in the morning so I want you to take something with you from me.”

“You’re always with me, Sonia. You are my one and only,” he replied.

Sonia, as always, blushed but responded by finding the belt, button, and zipper to his jeans. She didn’t give him a chance to protest as she opened and lowered his pants and briefs. His cock sprung free standing straight up from his crotch waiting for whatever she had planned for it. She cooed, “It isn’t the biggest or the thickest, but Levi, it is yours and I love you to death.” Levi watched as she slid to her knees next to the couch and took his hard cock into her mouth. Sonia began the act of fellatio on her husband. He reacted to the wet warmth of her mouth by lifting his hips ever so slightly off the cushions in response to her sucking. She knew what her husband liked. Sonia took her right hand and alternately squeezed and released the base of his cock. Her left hand found his testicles and began to roll them gently in her palm. Occasionally she would take the middle finger of her left hand and gently rub it across ridges of his anus.

Levi quietly moaned and responded to his wife’s sucking. He took her head in his hands but did not take control. When they were dating the first time he did that to her she damn near bit his cock off. She told him she’d do anything for him. Intercourse, anal, and oral, but she told him to never take her by the head to try and control her while was sucking his cock. That she wouldn’t tolerate, so Levi knew he could gently rest his hands on her head as she sucked the juices from his balls into her mouth. “Jesus, Sonia!!! I don’t think I’m going to last long. God, baby ... Shit, here it comes!!!”

And cum he did. Sonia could feel the muscles in his body respond and his cock begin to spew his baby making seed into her mouth. Neither of them were virgins when they met. Sonia liked the fact that his cock was comfortable in her mouth and although she missed having copious amounts of cum ejaculated into or onto her body, she always was happy to have his sperm resting on her tongue in preparation to slide down her throat when she swallowed. She waited for Levi to calm down a bit before she moved herself up to his head and placed an after blow job kiss on his lips. Levi responded by opening his mouth to accept her post blow job tongue into his mouth. The sharing of their sexual fluids had never been a problem for either of them. It was when they broke the kiss they got the surprise of their lives.

They heard him before they saw him. “Nice blow job. Not a lot to suck there Mrs. Lassiter, but still...”

Standing just inside the door to their small trailer home was Calvin Washington. Sonia jumped up still fully clothed, but Levi had to pull up his underwear and jeans before he could respond to the man who was his driving mentor. Calvin stood watching Levi fumble with his clothing smiling at his present predicament.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Calvin? How did you get in?” asked Levi.

“Well, son, leave your front door unlocked and anyone can gain entrance. I just know how to do it very quietly.”

Levi now standing next to his wife asked. “How did you find out where we live and what may I do for you?”

Calvin shook his head in wonderment. “Levi, why don’t you introduce me to that nice young lady who is standing next to you? Don’t you think that would be proper etiquette? She is one very beautiful white lady. And, all I had to do was talk to Smith to find out where you lived.”

Sonia and Levi looked at one another amazed that this huge man just entered their home and stood watching as she sucked his cock to completion. She decided to take the lead, stepped forward, and offered her hand as she introduced herself, “Calvin, I believe is how Levi addressed you. My name is Sonia Lassiter and I am Levi’s wife. Nice to make your acquaintance.”

The giant of a man took her proffered right hand into his and gave it a quick up and down shake. While he was doing this Sonia scanned the man from head-to-toe. She was impressed with his physical stature, but his handshake was enough for her to sense his obnoxious, overbearing personality. She also sensed his lack of a formal public or private education. She thought he might be very intelligent if only he was given the direction that every child needs when attending school. Deciding not to open-a-can-of-worms, Sonia asked Calvin, “Since you’re here and we haven’t made dinner yet, would you like to join us?”

Calvin thought for a moment. The indecision showed on his face like he was in a spotlight on a Broadway stage. He eyed the woman knowing that he didn’t come here under the pretense of checking to make sure Levi had purchased what he had demanded, but to check out the woman to whom Levi was married. Calvin just wanted to punch Levi’s lights out and take Sonia right there on the living room floor, but control was the important thing for him now. He knew better than to put himself into a position where he’d have to spend time in prison. He’d just bide his time and work his magic. Calvin Washington was going to make sure Sonia Lassiter was his for the taking based on his making her to want him. He could see her superior air, but what she didn’t hide too well was her surreptitious glances at his crotch where his tingling black package was trying to overpower his need to be good.

He responded to Sonia, “Ah, no thanks. I just stopped by to see if Levi purchased what I asked him to from the list I gave him.” He looked at Levi and waited.

Levi still a bit flustered but did everything to cover his stress and fear, replied, “Yes, in those bags and in the refrigerator. Every last thing on the list.”

“Good, man!!!” he replied. “One last request???” asked Calvin in a voice that was so sweet and smooth no one could possibly refuse his request.

Taken by his smoothness, Levi replied, “Ok, what?”

“I want you to shave that scraggly assed beard. You have the ugliest mother-fucking beard I’ve ever seen and if I’m spending two weeks in a tractor with you at least I don’t have to look at that mess.”

Levi frowned and was ready to go off just like he would have at other jobs when they asked him to shave. Sonia saw his anger beginning to boil over and came to his rescue, “Not a problem Calvin. I’ll make sure he shaves and has his shaving kit packed with him.”

As was Calvin’s wont, he turned and without saying good-bye let himself out of the close quartered house trailer. Levi and Sonia just stood there totally astounded and happy that it wasn’t some murderer who was leaving after killing them. Levi plopped down onto the couch now visibly shaken when he said, “Let’s make dinner.”

Sonia replied, “Relax, my night to make you happy. First the blow job. Next dinner, and then later tonight your tongue on my clit for a couple of hours. Who could ask for anything more.”

Four thirty came quicker than either of them wished for or expected. Sonia kept Levi between her thin supple legs sucking her engorged clit for a good fifty minutes. Levi’s nice sized mouth, more than adequate lengthy tongue, and his desire to keep Sonia sexually satisfied beyond fucking her with his average sized penis kept him licking and sucking her through three huge orgasms. Her juices flooding his mouth was reward enough and he did love eating her so much his cock was constantly dribbling pre-cum which kept him in a state of euphoria. It seemed that he had just licked her to her third orgasm when the alarm broke the silence in their trailer.

Sonia was in no mood to do anything as she did have to be up by 7:30AM to get ready to go to the insurance office. The alarm was on her side of the bed and with a practiced slap she turned the first of the two alarms off knowing the radio would turn on to wake her at 7:30AM. Levi crawled out of bed and didn’t attempt to fondle, hug, or kiss her because he could see she had placed her pillow over her head to keep the light out and from being bothered. Levi took care getting his clothing out of the room so he could shower and dress without bothering Sonia. He completed getting ready in just under twenty minutes. Looking in the mirror and seeing his cleanly shaven face was going to take some getting used to. Levi Lassiter packed his car, kissed his sleeping wife good-bye, and was on the road to Able Bodied Trucking by ten minutes past five. He would arrive at the trucking company with enough time to spare.

Loading their personal belongings into the tractor was left to Levi as Calvin just stood and chatted with the warehouse men. When Levi was finished he joined Calvin on the dock as the last of the freight was loaded into the fifty-two foot trailer. He nodded to the warehouse men and saw looks of pathetic derision on their faces pointed at him. Another shiver of fear shot up and down his spine. Rather than stand and be abused, Levi walked to the steps that led from the loading dock to the ground, descended, and waited by the passenger side of the Kenworth tractor that would be his home for the next two weeks. He waited fifteen minutes before Calvin came to his side of the tractor, pointed, and said, “You drive and before we leave we have an itinerary change.”

Levi looked askance at Calvin wondering what kind of itinerary change was made by the company. “You want me to drive first?”

“That’s how you learn, isn’t it?” replied Calvin. “Now, around to the driver’s side so I can tell you where we’re headed.”

Levi nodded his head in agreement, strode to the driver’s side, and entered the tractor. Calvin waited as Levi set up the seat, mirrors, and checked to see if he had his log book. Sitting comfortably, Levi said, “Ready. So what are the itinerary or route changes?”

Calvin retrieved the company clip board that hung at the interior entrance to the sleeper section which proved to Levi that he had all ready been inside the tractor that day. He placed the steel box on his lap, opened it, and began reading aloud from it, “Ok, we leave Rock Springs for St. Louis, then south to Dallas-Fort Worth, east to New Orleans, Mobile, Tampa-St. Petersburg, up to Atlanta, Washington, DC, and then a straight run back to Rock Springs. But anytime during the four week odyssey, we could be rerouted once our load is picked up and delivered.”

Levi heard what he said, but the four weeks was the point he heard clearest. “Four weeks, Calvin? Four weeks!!! I told Sonia I’d be gone for only two weeks at a time. What the fuck? This isn’t what I signed on for when I took this job to drive over-the-road with another man as a team. Who made the changes and why didn’t you at least ask me if I wanted to continue driving?”

Calvin’s hard cold glare cut through Levi like a hot knife through frozen butter. “You signed on and you will complete this trip. Sometime today you’ll call you wife and explain that you work at the behest of the company and they made some route changes. Now, make sure you’re comfortable, start the rig, and take her out to Route 80 east. We’re headed for St. Louis and we have to make time.” Calvin waited thirty seconds and shouted, “FUCKIN’ IDIOT!!! START THE DIESEL AND GET US ON THE FUCKIN’ ROAD!!! NOW!!!”

Calvin watched as Levi’s shaking hand reached for the ignition key satisfied that his trainee would not give him any further trouble. Levi sensing his fall further into the abyss of Calvin’s control turned the ignition key and the big diesel engine whined to life. He depressed the clutch, pushed the shift lever into first, slowly eased the Kenworth T2000 forward, and out of Able Bodied Trucking’s plant. He was now committed to four weeks of driving with Calvin having totally forgotten what was told to him by Mallon McKnight, Jerome Fieldstone, and Fred Hill.

Calvin had Levi drive for a good three hours before he asked him if he wanted to make a stop at the next available place to have some breakfast. Levi audibly sighed and shook his head yes. He could feel his stomach rumbling from not having had anything to eat prior to leaving. Calvin made no real attempt to engage Levi in conversation. He just sat in his seat watching the landscape go by and making no effort to hide his self-absorbed scratching of his crotch.

Levi decided it was time to say something, “Calvin, do you have to sit there scratching your fuckin’ crotch all the time?”

Calvin laughed and replied, “Well, I know of a way your sweet little wife could relieve my itch, but since she isn’t here I’d accept whatever you have to offer.”

Levi took his eyes of the road momentarily and replied, “Don’t even go down that road Calvin. Ain’t nothing going to happen between you and my wife. And you’re nuts if you thing anything is going to happen between you and me. I am not now nor will I ever be a cocksucker.”

Calvin smiled knowingly as he replied, “Sure, Levi. And I promise I won’t cum in your mouth. I guarantee you that before you go to sleep tonight your belly will be full with at least three loads of cum. I promise you that.”

“Sure Calvin,” was all Levi could say. Inside Levi’s stomach churned because he knew he had no chance in hell to protect himself if Calvin decided to get physical.

Their first stop was at a small eatery that could only be described as a family restaurant. Upon entering the establishment, the middle aged woman behind the counter brightened upon seeing Calvin, smiled, waved, and said, “Hi Calvin!!! I see you have a new friend.”

“Hi, Mary,” he replied. “Meet Levi. He’s on his first run with me. Four weeks headin’ south, east, and then back west to home base. He’ll learn the ropes as we move along.”

Mary cracked up when she heard what Calvin said. She was well aware of Calvin’s sexual domination of his co-drivers. She also knew firsthand how his cock felt sliding in and out of any of her three orifices. She’s had the pleasure of his manhood and made no bones about how much she loved fuckin’ him. Her inhibitions would not preclude her from letting him fuck her on the counter top she stood behind. She was a widow who never remarried, so she had no guilt when it came to letting him use her like some twenty dollar whore. She felt herself get wet thinking about his prestigious black cock and saddened that there were other customers in the restaurant. If the place was empty, except for the short-order cook in the kitchen, she’d be signaling Calvin she was available to him. She thought how nice it would be to pull up her uniform, bend over behind or in front of the counter legs akimbo, and offer him her mature white pussy.

“So big guy, should I rustle up a Calvin breakfast?”

“Sounds great to me Mary.”

Turning to Levi she asked, “And what would you like or are you expecting something else to feed you...” Mary cracked up thinking that the scrawny guy in front of the counter was no match for Calvin.

Levi gave her a hard look but it didn’t help or make a dent in Mary’s attitude. He asked for four eggs, home fries, toast, and coffee. Then he looked for a place to sit not even considering sitting at the same table with Calvin. His decision did not keep Calvin from sitting at the table he chose. His head told him that it was going to be difficult to get any privacy working with Calvin.

Calvin sat and very pleasantly said to Levi, “Mary is one of my regular ladies. She’s widowed and when I have the opportunity I give her the fucking her husband never could. I’ve even fucked her here on the floor when the place has been empty. I can tell just by her attitude that if these other customers weren’t here, my cock would be sliding in and out of her mature white pussy as she screamed and moaned about what a great fuck I am. Guess I’ll be missing out on her pussy now, but maybe on the return I’ll have the opportunity. When you’ve been on the road as long as I’ve been, you’ll build yourself a stable of women. Nothing better than available pussy in each place you stop.”

Levi screwed up his face in disgust at what Calvin just imparted to him. He replied, “I don’t think I’m going to be looking for any pussy as I drive around the country. I love my wife and I’m not going to cheat while I’m on the road.”

Calvin eyed Levi, “I’ve heard that song and dance before. Like I told you earlier sometime tonight my cock is going to be sliding in and out of your newly christened fag mouth. By the time we stop here on the way home, you’ll have accepted being my bitch and Mary will laugh her ass off because she knows that I always get my way.”

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