Wendy Rides With Me

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: A teenaged girl develops an oral obsession about the adult man who kidnapped, raped, and enslaved her a year earlier. Her favorite form of sex is to suck him off and swallow his cum. He is happy to go along with her desires. One day he decides to take her on a road trip in his compact RV. Even on the road, she can't resist her urges. Neither can he.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   MaleDom   White Male   White Female   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Small Breasts   .

One year after I had kidnapped, raped, enslaved, and brainwashed / re-programmed beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed Wendy, we took a long drive together. The little bitch worships and obeys me as her Lord and Master, her Owner and new Daddy. She calls me Daddy-Master.

One morning, I decided that I would take Wendy for a long drive in my RV. I usually kept her isolated in my remote rural homestead, from which there was no escape. Not that she wanted to escape anymore. Now that the young teen was totally brainwashed and enslaved, she had no desire to get away. Still, I thought it would do the little cunt good to go on a little vacation with me.

When I told Wendy about my plan while we were still in my bedroom one morning, she was thrilled. She had just returned from using the bathroom. Wendy gave me a sly smile. The naked, 15-year-old platinum blonde beauty climbed onto the bed. She fixed her blue eyes on mine as she crawled on hands and knees towards me. Her long, platinum blonde hair hung straight down. So did her tits. Her breasts had grown quite a bit during the past year. They were still on the small side, but definitely had grown larger. The teen’s smallish tits looked even larger from this position. Her luscious pink nipples dangled provocatively as my teen slave crawled over to me. Wendy brought her gorgeous face nose to nose with mine.

“Thank you taking me on a trip, Master” Wendy said with great passion and sincerity. “I’ve learned so much about humility ever since I became your slave. I’m always honored to serve you in any way that pleases you.”

I grasped the platinum blonde teen’s lovely face between my hands. Her pure white skin and deep blue eyes were mesmerizing. I pulled her gorgeous face close to mine and kissed the little bitch. She responded passionately, kissing me back with great fervor.

When our passionate kiss was over, I asked Wendy what she would like to do next. She gave me a coquettish smile. “You know me, Master” my lovely little slave said. “I live to suck your dick.”

I smiled back at her. Over the past year young Wendy has developed an incredible oral fixation. Fellatio on me as her father has become an obsession with her. “Then have at it, little whore” I said. “Suck your Master’s dick.”

“Thank you, Master!” said Wendy as she moved down to her customary position at my hip and took my dick back into her mouth. The little girl began sucking her Owner with skill and love, just as she always did. I lay back and relaxed while my little slave did what she was best at. The little cocksucking girl used all the skill she had developed over the past year under by strict training regimen. Soon enough she had me moaning and breathing hard. I grasped her platinum blonde hair and pulled her head even closer to my crotch. With a yell and a string of my favorite dirty words as our soundtrack, I ejaculated into the teenager’s pretty mouth. She swallowed every drop of her Owner’s cum. Then we relaxed for a while, her head at my hips, as my wilting erection ejected the few last straggler sperm into my little slave’s mouth. She swallowed every single one.

Some little while later, we got up, put on our bathrobes, and went to the kitchen. Wendy prepared breakfast while I read the morning papers online. After breakfast we showered and dressed. Then we hit the road for out mini-vacation.

The early spring day we set out was sunny and clear, but cool. My compact RV was about the size of a small truck. As we rode along, Wendy enjoyed watching the scenery. But after two hours she began to get a little antsy. In the whole of the past year, she had never spent more than a single waking hour without having me feel her up or use her sexually.

“Master” she said “may I ask a favor?”

“Wendy, remember, we’re not at home. You’ve got to practice calling me Daddy” I said.

My little platinum blonde slave smiled her sunniest grin. “Sorry, Daddy. I do like to call you Daddy-Master. I think it’s so hot that a Daddy fucks his little girl in every hole.” She licked her lips. “Daddy, there’s not too much traffic. People can’t see in here anyways. Can I blow you, Daddy? Please let me blow you. Or if you won’t let me do that, could you finger me? My cunt or my asshole? You could finger one and I’ll finger the other.”

I looked at my teenaged slut and laughed. “You ARE a whore! And I love you for it, you little cunt. You make me so happy. I’m glad I own you, you little fucking bitch.”

Wendy sighed and reached a hand out to me. She stroked my face. “Thank you for owning me, Daddy-Master. I love being your little whore.”

“And what a good whore you are. OK. Pull up your dress and pull down your panties. I’ll finger your asshole while you finger your cunt.”

“Thank you, Daddy” said Wendy sweetly. She hiked up her white and yellow sundress and pulled down her lacey white panties. Once her panties were down around her ankles, she took them off, and her pink sneakers too. Putting her bare right leg on the dashboard, she laid her lovely left leg on my right thigh, spreading herself wide open. The gorgeous teen exposed the pale white skin of her legs like a white flower in bloom. This also put on display her platinum blonde pubic hair and lovely cunt lips and inner pink vaginal folds. This was all for my eyes alone. Then Wendy scooted her hips forward and tilted her pelvis, exposing the delicate beauty of her pale pink anus.

I put one of my fingers into her mouth. Wendy sucked and licked it to give me some lubrication. Then I pulled my finger out of her mouth and moved it downward to her crotch. Wendy’s blue eyes followed the progress of my finger as it went lightly grazing through the delicate garden of her pretty pubic hair, and then went circling around her clitoris, before shimmying down to her cunt slit. My finger happily lingered between the lips of her moist and fragrant cunt, entering that sweet hole briefly. Departing from that juicy hole, my finger proceeded down the short runway of her perineum, which led my digit directly to her precious pink anus. The tip of my finger circled around Wendy’s anus, lightly bumping along the folds of skin there, until it finally rested against her closed rear entryway.

Then I addressed my slave. “Beg for it, bitch. Beg your Daddy to shove his finger up your ass.”

Wendy smiled and bit her lip. She loved this part. “Please, Daddy! Please finger your daughter’s little butthole! Please shove your finger up my ass! I’ll do anything for you Daddy, ANYTHING, if you’ll just finger-rape my poor little asshole.”

I smiled and said “Good bitch” as I inserted my finger into the asshole of my slave ‘step-daughter’.

Wendy squealed with pleasure as her Owner’s finger invaded her asshole. “Oooo! Thank you, Daddy. I feel so much better now with your finger in my ass.” She closed her eyes and sighed. She rubbed two fingers around her cunt and clit as I moved my finger very gently inside her asshole. We continued this way for a couple of minutes. Wendy lolled her head back, then tilted her face in my direction. She half-opened her beautiful blue eyes and licked her lips. I gazed in awe at the sheer gorgeousness of my young slave. I am still as amazed by her youthful beauty now as I was the day I first raped her. Wendy gave me a lazy half-smile. “I love you M ... Daddy. I miss you when you don’t touch me for over an hour. Even though you’re sitting right next to me. It’s silly, I know. I love feeling you inside me. I just wish I could have your dick in my mouth. Sucking your heavenly dick is my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. You know that. I wish I could suck you all day and all night. When you cum in my mouth, you make me the happiest girl in the whole world. I live to suck you off and swallow your cum.”

I smiled back at her. I grin whenever Wendy tells me that. And she tells me every single day. I trained her to. Wendy’s a very good, loving, submissive, slave cunt-mouth slut. I felt like the luckiest man in the whole world.

“Oh, Master, I love you so much! Thank you for owning me! Thank you for fucking my face first thing every morning. I don’t think I could live if you didn’t cum in my mouth every morning. My day couldn’t begin. I love everything your dick gives me!”

I took a deep breath. Wendy knew exactly what I wanted to hear. And she delivered it in spades. I had spent months training her. She learned her lessons very, very well. Now she owns my heart as much as I own her body. The little cunt is pure sex magic for me!

I decided to change the subject. “I’m getting hungry. How about you, sweet ass?”

Wendy smiled. “I’m hungry too. For your dick!”

I laughed. “How about if we just stop at a diner and grab some road food?”

“OK Daddy-Master” my pretty little slave said.

We checked the GPS for nearby food options and settled on a diner in the nearest town. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw that we had picked a good time. It was too early for the lunch rush. The diner looked like it had been run by the same family for generations. Folks were probably friendly in this little town.

We used the restrooms first to wash-up, then sat in a booth. Our waitress was a pretty golden blonde who looked all of 19, which I later found out she was. She had a very nice face, a good rack of tits, and a modest sized ass. She was a bit thick in the middle. But she didn’t know how to make the most of her bodily assets. We ordered a late breakfast. I had coffee. Wendy drank milk.

After the waitress had taken our order, Wendy asked “What do you think of her, Daddy? Would you fuck her?”

Wendy was always interested in my frank assessment of other women and girls. “Well” I said, rubbing my chin “her face is pleasant enough to mouth-rape. I would definitely want to suck and bite those tits. Her ass is a bit smaller than I like.”

“Would you buttfuck her anyway?” my teenaged slave asked.

“Only if she promised to suck me clean afterwards” I replied honestly.

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