First Christmas in My World

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: CAUTION! This story contains no-holes-barred, extreme Male Dominant / female submissive sex. Read the story codes! The Master enjoys his first Christmas in his hidden planet, his customized Personal Paradise. The Master controls everything. No harm can come from even the dirtiest, most extreme sex. The Master uses several sex slaves on this Christmas holiday, including one large-breasted redhead and two platinum blonde teenagers. They are programmed to love and serve him without limits.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .

CAUTION! This story contains no-holes-barred, extreme Male Dominant female submissive sex. The story codes should have given you sufficient warning for what lies ahead. Do not proceed unless you want to see one man exploit and enjoy women and girls in the most degrading ways for his own pleasure.


This story takes place inside the MASTER’S WORLD Universe during the first year. (There are many stories set in this universe. To learn more, the best place to begin is with the serial/book “Welcome to My World.”) Here is a brief description of the whole context: The Master possesses a hidden planet in another dimension that has been customized into his Personal Paradise He is Master of everything and everyone there. He is super-sexed. His erections can last for over an hour. The Master is capable of ejaculating dozens of times per day. The Master populates his World with two types of female sex slaves. The first type is ordinary women from earth. The second type is genetically engineered women he creates himself. From earth, the Master kidnaps and enslaves large numbers of beautiful women and teenaged girls. He brainwashes and reprograms them into ideal sex slaves who perfectly match his personal desires. He makes them want what he wants them to want. The women he synthesizes himself using genetic engineering and biotechnology are pre-programmed from the start to the Master’s exacting specifications. The Master controls all biological functions in his Personal Paradise No one gets sick or endures physical damage no matter how he treats them. There is no bleeding, no sickness, and no septic diseases, even when urine and feces are consumed.

I had an almost unlimited range of choices for how I would spend my first Christmas in my private pleasure planet with my small but ever-growing harem of beautiful female sex slaves. Should I have an orgy? During this first year I had already had more orgies with more women and girls involved than I could count. In fact, I stopped counting when I began to have more than one orgy per week. For this first Christmas, I decided to do something smaller and more intimate. I would take a few slaves and temporarily suppress their memories of where they were living and what their situation was. I also partially obscured some of my own memories, so I could be surprised in some ways and enjoy my female property afresh. I wanted to have a small family Christmas ... with some gigantic tits and some little girl incest thrown in, of course.

I first saw her when I was out for a walk on the day before Christmas. I was strolling through the forest glade near the lake when I spotted her. She was a buxom redhead wearing a powder blue warm-up suit and walking briskly. She was clearly the sort of bitch who could become fat if she was not careful about diet and exercise. Her chest bulged under her clothing.

She was under a temporary memory block. She did not recall that we had ever met before. She did not remember that she already belonged to me as a piece of human property, a slave. I wanted to re-live the joy of taking a new, free-range female and turning her into a willing slave. It was all a game, a bit of theater. But isn’t much of ordinary life like that?

I gave her a smile. “Hi, bitch” I said.

She smiled back and said “Hello, Sir. How are you today? Oh, and Merry Christmas!”

I smiled again. “Merry Christmas to you, bitch.”

She looked down shyly, then raised her head and met my eyes. “I hope you get everything you want for Christmas, Sir.”

I reached out and grabbed her chest. “How big are these, bitch?”

“50-inch G-cup, Sir” she said.

“Well” I said “I think I’d like these for Christmas.”

She stammered. “Oh, dear. Oh, yes. Yes! Yes, of course, Sir. I would be honored to give you my tits for Christmas!”

“Well then, let me see what I’m getting, whore” I replied as I partially unzipped the top of her warm-up suit.

I stared in disbelief. Her knockers were huge, with good coloring and excellent floppiness ... She had the udders of a true tit cow.

Wanting to prolong the moment, I did not immediately fish her udders out of their protective covering. Instead, I said “Model your tits for me, bitch. Let me get out my camera and take some pictures.”

She beamed with pride. “Of course, Sir. Whatever you want, Sir. Your slightest wish is my command. I only live to please you, Sir.”

“Good bitch” I said. “Let’s uncover these knockers a little bit at a time for the camera. You’re a hot piece of meat, you big-titted whore.”

She smiled again. “Thank you for calling me a big-titted whore, Sir. It’s such an honor coming from you. Please call me any names you’d like. But I hope they’re dirty names. I’d love to be degraded by you.”

“Good bitch” I said. Then I pointed and directed her in how to turn. “I want to get some side shots of your knockerage. You’ve got some mighty fine acres of knockers, bitch.”

“Thank you, Sir” she said with genuine pride and gratitude. “That means everything to me, coming from you, Sir!”

“Lean over, whore” I said. “I want to see how they hang inside your clothing.”

“Very nice, bitch” I said, nodding with approval.

“Now stand up straight and unzip completely. Let your udders hang out.”

She did as she was told.

I was in awe. Her tit flesh was pale white. Her pink areolae were 4 inches in diameter, with prominent pink nipples.

For a moment, I was speechless. Her udders were magnificent. They were among the best I’d ever seen. I had no idea that they would be so beautiful, even after having seen them partially before.

I moved in closer with my camera...

“Magnificent!” I whispered.

She blushed. “Thank you, Sir. I’m so glad you like them.”

“Turn to the side, bitch” I said. “I want to see these knockers in profile.”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “Your slightest wish is my command.”

“Now turn the other way, bitch” I said. “I want to see the other knocker in profile.”

“Yes, Sir” she said while turning. “I’ll do anything you tell me to, Sir. I am completely at your disposal.”

“Good” I said. “I have some plans for you.”

She blushed again. “I hope so, Sir. I await your orders. I can never say no to anything you command of me. I live to serve you, Sir.”

I smiled. “Turn front full-on, bitch.”

“Very good udders, bitch” I said. “You are quite the tit cow.”

“Thank you, Sir” she said. “My udders and I live to serve you.”

“Serve me you will, bitch” I responded.

“What are you doing for Christmas, bitch?” I asked.

“Uhh, well Sir, I did have some plans. But I’ll chuck them for you, if you want me.”

“Oh, I want you, bitch” I said, nodding my head. “Call whoever you have your plans with and tell them you’re spending Christmas with me. Come back to my place now. We’ll begin celebrating our Christmas Eve together.”

She beamed with joy. “Oh, yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir! This is the greatest moment of my life! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Shut up and make that call, you mangy whore” I said.

She smiled. “Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir.”

“By the way, bitch, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Sapphire” she said. “But you can call me anything you like.”

“Good bitch” I said. “I like a mangy whore who knows her place.”

“May I ask your name, Sir? You don’t have to tell me, of course. I can simply call you Sir. Or by any name you choose.”

“Well, whore, for now the name you shall know me by is Steven. But I don’t want you to use that name unless I tell you to do so. Keep on calling me Sir. That will do for now” I said.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir” Sapphire replied.

We walked back to my house arm in arm.

I was staying in a small house where I could work undisturbed. I had been doing a lot of planning and design for the expansion and build out of the two separate regions of My World: Harem World and Womb World. Altogether these comprise my Personal Paradise. The current version of the space that I’m living in is a pre-production workspace of my Personal Paradise. I already had a small contingent of slaves, numbering only a few dozen. When My World is fully populated with sex slaves, I will have many hundreds. Perhaps thousands. I was still working out the logistics of that.

When we got back to the house, I took her into my studio and turned on the photography lights and the automated camera equipment. Continuous video recording and spot photography will be performed by my automated expert systems. And, of course, I also have my handheld equipment.

“Let’s have a good look at those tits in good lighting” I said. “I want more pictures for my scrapbook.”

“Of course, Sir” she said. “Your slightest wish is my command.” She uncovered her breasts and stood while I photographed her massive knockers.

“Good tit meat, whore” I said. “I’ll be sucking and biting these soon. And then doing more.”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “Thank you, Sir. Please do anything you want with my tits. They are at your disposal.”

“Nice knockers, bitch” I said.

“Thank you, Sir” she replied. “They are for you and only for you.”

“Good tit meat” I said.

“Thank you, Sir” she said. “Every ounce of my tit meat exists only for your use and pleasure.”

“Nice nipples, whore” I said admiringly.

“Thank you, Sir” she replied. “My nipples exist solely to be used and abused by you for your pleasure.”

She was giving all the right responses to my remarks. I could tell already that we would be having a very merry Christmas! I said “Knit your fingers together and put your arms under your tits and lift them up. I want to see the heft of those knockers.”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “Your slightest wish is my command.”

“Now reach your hands between your tits, turn your palms facing toward each tit, then lift and separate your udders” I commanded.

She followed my instructions to the letter.

“Magnificent motherfucking knockers, whore” I said.

“Thank you, Sir” she replied. “They are yours to do with whatever you please. My knockers and I live only to serve you, Sir.”

“Now grab those udders by the nipples and lift them up so I can see the undersides. I want to inspect my property” I said.

“Yes, Sir” she replied. “They are available for your complete inspection. My body is yours to do with as you please.”

“Good” I said. “Now hold out one tit as if you were offering it.” Sapphire smiled as she did as I had commanded.

“Nice tit meat, bitch” I said. “A very pleasant offering.”

“Thank you, Sir” she responded. “My tits are yours to do with as you please. My entire body and soul are yours. Your slightest wish is my command. My only wish is that you use and abuse my tits and me for your pleasure and only for your pleasure. I don’t mind how much pain you might inflict on me, and how much damage you may do to my tits and body, how much degradation and humiliation you may inflict on my soul. My tits and body and soul exist solely for your pleasure, Sir.”

“Good rack, bitch” I said. “Show me your rack from the side.”

“Yes Sir” she said.

“OK bitch” I said. “Now step over here. I want to weigh your knockers and see how much mass you are carrying on your chest.”

“Yes Sir. Of course, Sir” she said. “It’s only right that you measure the tits that exist for you and only for you.”

“Wow!” I said. “Eight fucking pounds for a single knocker. Let me measure the other one” I said while shifting the two bags of tit meat.

“And the other is almost exactly the same weight. Which is what I would have guessed, seeing as how your knockers are so perfectly symmetrical. Among the hundreds and hundreds of big-titted bitches whose tits I am going to own and measure, I’ll bet that rarely will any pair of udders be so perfectly matched as yours. Very good, you motherfucking piece of shit!”

She blushed slightly. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you for calling me a motherfucking piece of shit. It’s such an honor to be degraded with such a disgusting name by you, Sir. I am so happy that my tits please you. They exist only for you, Sir. Please use them and abuse them at will. You can do anything you want with them. Or command me to do it and I will, without hesitation or questioning of your orders. And thank you again so much for calling me a motherfucking piece of shit! It’s such an honor to be called dirty names by you, Sir. Please treat me like the lowest whore on earth, Sir.”

“Ok whore” I said. “Lay on your back and let me further inspect these motherfucking knockers.”

“Yes Sir” she said.

I fondled her floppy tit, squeezing and kneading it like dough. I pinched the nipple. Then I sucked the nipple. And bit the nipple. I took a larger amount of the tit into my mouth and sucked very hard on it. Then I bit down until I felt her wince in pain and grunt softly. And then I bit harder.

“Ahh” she said. “Thank you for biting my tit so hard that it hurts. I am honored to suffer pain for your pleasure, Sir.”

“Good bitch” I said. Then I bit harder. When I let the tit drop out of my mouth, I leaned back and looked at the udder. It had black and blue marks where I had bitten it. I smiled with pride at my work.

After thoroughly using and abusing the first tit, I went around to the other tit and gave it the same treatment. I was having fun. So was she. My fun came from using and abusing her tits. Her fun came from allowing me to use and abuse her tits, and then thanking me for doing so.

“OK bitch” I said. “Now it’s time to measure the size of these motherfucking milk bags. You said you had a 50-inch bustline. Let’s see if you were lying.”

“Oh, Sir, I would never lie to you” she said earnestly.

I got out a tape measure and handed it to her. “Measure your bustline while I take pictures, bitch.”

“Yes Sir” she said.

“Damned if you’re not telling the truth, bitch” I said. “Those motherfucking tits do comprise a 50-inch bustline. Very good, whore. Your udders just get better and better.”

“Thank you, Sir” she said. “My udders exist for you and only for you. They are here for the same reason I am here, to give you pleasure and serve you obediently. Please use my tits and me for your pleasure, Sir. That’s all my tits want and all I want.”

“Very good speech, bitch” I said. “You and your tits are both good motherfucking pieces of shit.”

“Yes Sir” she said. “My tits and I are grateful to be called motherfucking pieces of shit by you.”

“OK bitch” I said. “Let’s go in the other room and drink some wine and smoke a joint.”

“Yes, Sir” she said with a charming smile.

“Here, whore” I said, throwing her a blouse. “Put this on but leave your tits exposed.”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “I will dress any way you want me to. Or undress. I will wear clothes or be naked. However you want me, Sir.”

I smiled. “Good whore.” This room, like every room, was wired with multiple video cameras and microphones. Everything that happened was recorded from many angles. Even when I was not holding a camera, all the action was being recorded in highest-definition with crystal clear sound. In addition, there were multiple mirrors scattered around the room. Between the mirrors and the video monitors, I could see all the action from many angles simultaneously.

I opened a bottle of good red wine and poured two glasses. Then I retrieved a pre-rolled sinsemilla joint.

We drank the wine and smoked the joint. I asked her about her background. She told me that she had grown up on a marijuana farm. Her momma ran it along with the help of a couple of other cunts and a shitload of robots. They had a few milk cows. Her momma had told her growing up that with a rack of knockers like hers, she was bound to become a tit cow herself someday.

“I’d like to do that for you, Sir” she said meekly. “Be a tit cow, I mean. I’d love to produce tit milk for you.”

“Hmmm” I said. “I think that can be arranged. First” I said “lay back. I want to see how your tits pancake.”

“Yes, Sir” she said.

I watched as one of her tits pancaked on her chest and the other flopped to the side.

“Very good pancake action, bitch” I said. “I like the way that one knocker pancakes into a fat pile of tit flesh. That’s the sign of a really good udder. And I’m confident that the other tit is just as good.”

“Now turn on your side and bite the nipple on the tit that just pancaked” I commanded.

“Yes, Sir” she said. She rolled on her side, grabbed a tit, and put it in her mouth.

“Magnificent” I said. “You’re a great motherfucking tit whore.”

“Now stand up and bury my face in your tits, you mangy whore” I said.

“Yes, Sir” she said with an eager smile.

I pushed my face towards her chest while she pushed her breasts towards my head from either side. I was swiftly buried in her soft, slightly sweaty tit flesh.

The bitch’s udders were warm and pillow-like. I realized in that moment that I could actually use her tits as pillows in bed, as well as fun bags to suck and bite and do other things to.

I turned my head first to the left, then to the right, opening my mouth and kissing, then biting her knockers.

Then I pulled my head back so I could access her nipples. I took one tit in my hand and went for the nipple, alternately sucking and biting.

When I bit her nipple or her tit, I could feel her body shudder with wincing pain. I enjoyed that. It made me want to bite even harder. Which I did. She never cried out in pain or asked me to stop. So I sucked and bit her tits with wild, passionate abandon.

“Before we go any further, bitch, I need to inspect your anus. Because I want you to know right now, up front, that I am going to buttfuck you. Are you ready for that?” I asked.

“Sir, yes, Sir” she said. “Please use me any way you please. I will do anything you want. I will say anything you want. I only exist to please you.”

“Good bitch” I said. “Did you clean your ass thoroughly this morning in a bathtub?”

“Yes, Sir” she said.

“Good” I said. “Bend at a right angle so your tits hang down while I smell and lick your anus.”

She spread her pure white butt cheeks to reveal her pretty pink anus. After I sniffed and licked her anus with the automatic camera running, then I took my handheld camera to get some more direct shots of her buttocks and anus.

“Good ass, bitch” I said. “Now let me instruct you about your cunt. I don’t want you to ever shave your cunt hair. Let your pubic hair grow in naturally, just as it is now. I want a nice, hairy cunt on you, bitch. Only shave your legs and armpits, nothing else.

“Yes, Sir” she said. “I will never, ever shave my pubic hair, Sir. I will let it grow naturally, as you ordered me, Sir.”

Her ass was ample. Her anus was pink and pretty and clean.

Her asshole smelled and tasted good. “OK bitch” I said. “Before I let you suck my dick, I am going to buttfuck you. This way, the first time you have my dick in your mouth, it will be fresh from your asshole. I’m going to buttfuck you, using my dick to mine some shit from your rectum and colon, and then make you give me as an ass-to-mouth blowjob during which you will eat your own shit off my dick. What do you think of that, you mangy whore?”

“Sir, I think it would be a great honor to be used and abused and degraded and humiliated like that by you and only by you. Please treat me like trash. Please treat me like the lowest whore on earth. Please use and abuse me. Please force me to do dirty and disgusting things. I will cooperate obediently and comply, but I want you to feel the pleasure of forcing me, raping me, abusing me. I want to be degraded and humiliated and raped to please you.”

“Good bitch” I said. Then I sodomized her. I pushed the head of my dick against her anus, forcing it in. She winced and moaned. Her body shuddered. Doing this without lubrication made it even more painful for her and more enjoyable for me. Since I controlled all biological functions of the women in my world, I knew that she would not suffer any bleeding or damage—only some delightful discomfort and pain.

I did not go slowly. Although I did thrust in and out, back and forth, a little bit, mostly I set my dick on a relentless march down her rectum and into her colon. The colon is a wider space. So when my dick finally emerged into the cavern of her colon, I knew I had hit pay dirt. If there was any shit waiting inside this bitch, preparing to come out, it would be here. Now I began to thoroughly buttfuck her. I sodomized her anus, rectum and colon in a great mining operation, to extract the maximum pleasure for myself, to cause her the most discomfort, and to attach as much of her shit to my dick as I could, so that when I finally pulled my dick out of the bitch’s ass, there would be plenty of shit for her to eat when I forced her to give me a thorough, deepthroated and passionately licking blowjob.

As I sodomized her, I occasionally bent forward to grab one of her enormous tits. I squeezed and twisted it. I pinched the nipple. And I whispered in her ear “You are a good, fat-titted slut. You are a good butthole bitch. Soon you are going to be eating your own shit off my dick.”

“Thank you, Sir” she grunted as I sodomized her. “I only exist to please you.”

I reamed her good. I pummeled her ass, filling her rectum, invading her colon, and leaving her anus sore and gaping. She was clearly in pain during most of this. I could see tears running from the corners of her eyes.

“Good bitch” I said. “It’s OK to cry. I want to hurt you. I want you to feel the pain of being buttfucked.”

“Thank you, Sir” she said. “I’m glad my pain makes you happy. I only exist to serve you. Your pleasure and happiness are the only things I care about. Please hurt and degrade me for your pleasure.”

“Good bitch” I said as I reached forward, grabbed her other breast, and brutally yanked and twisted the udder. She gasped and involuntarily cried out in pain.

“Owww” she moaned. “Thank you for the pain, Sir. I hope it makes you happy. Please abuse me to your heart’s content.”

I laughed, grabbed her other tit, and yanked and twisted it even harder than the other one. She moaned in pain.

“Thank you, Sir. I am so happy that my pain gives you pleasure” she said.

“OK bitch” I said as I dropped my grip on her tits and pulled my dick out of her rectum. “Turn around and suck me clean. Eat every speck of shit off my dick and swallow your own shit. I’m not cumming in your mouth until you have eaten every speck of shit off my dick and you have been thoroughly degraded.”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “Immediately, Sir. I will suck you clean and eat my own shit off your heavenly dick. My unworthy mouth serves your heavenly dick, Sir.”

With that, the bitch began sucking my dick, and I began thrusting my dick down her throat. With every thrust and every suck, she ate more and more of her stinky shit off my cock.

The whore sucked every speck of her shit off my dick and swallowed the stinky load.

I had made this big-titted bitch eat her own shit from my dick after I had sodomized her. She truly had talent!

“Get on your back, whore, with your head hanging off the bed. I want to shove my dick down your throat while I play with your massive knockers.”

She obeyed instantly. In a matter of moments, I was forcing her to deepthroat me while I squeezed, kneaded, yanked, pinched and twisted her nipples and knockers.

“OK, bitch” I commanded. “Roll over and suck me, you mangy whore. I want that tongue action where you lick the underside of my dick.”

She complied immediately and without hesitation. She sucked like a pro, a real whore or nympho. She knew not to use her hands. She knew how to deepthroat. She knew how to lick the underside of my penis near the head, the glans area, to give me maximum satisfaction.

I thrust faster and faster. Her licking and self-gag-fucking and deep throating kept pace with my thrusts. Finally, I grabbed her head and viciously shoved my dick as far as it would go down her throat while yelling “I’m cumming in your mouth, you motherfucking bitch! I’m shooting my sperm down your mangy whore throat. Eat my cum, you piece of shit!” While I was doing this, shooting spurt after spurt of cum, with each thrust the head of my penis was moving from her throat into her mouth, where her tongue worked double-time to please me.

I had done it. I had sodomized her, made the bitch suck my dick clean and eat her own shit, then violently used her mouth and throat while she cooperated in her own oral rape to please me. I had cum in the bitch’s mouth and she had swallowed every single sperm I gave her.

Keeping my dick on her mouth, with my hand on her head so she could not pull back, I said “Well, bitch, what do you have to say for yourself now that you have been thoroughly used, buttfucked, mouth-raped, degraded and abused?”

With my dick still in her mouth, her speech was garbled but still perfectly understandable and perfectly sincere.

“Thank you, Sir! I cannot thank you enough. It was the greatest possible honor and pleasure to be used and abused by you. To be sodomized, ass-to-mouth. Orally raped. Called so many wonderful dirty names. To have my tits squeezed and abused at the same time. But most of all to have you shoot your heavenly cum into my unworthy mouth! I am the happies bitch in the universe! How can I ever repay you for giving me the greatest gift any girl can get, your cum in my mouth? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am eternally grateful! I only want to serve you, forever and ever. How can I ever repay you? What can I do for you, Sir? Please, tell me!”

“OK, bitch” I said. “Keep my dick in your mouth and move with me, slowly. Don’t you dare let my dick slip out of your mouth. I’m going to sit on the edge of the bed and you’re going to kneel next to it.” I moved into a sitting position on the edge of the bed and she assumed a kneeling position next to the bed. I reached out and pulled a small golden basin off a nearby shelf. I held it under her chin. “Take this and hold it there, bitch. I am going to urinate in your mouth and you are going to drink every drop of my piss. Whatever you cannot gulp down immediately will dribble into this golden bowl. After I am done pissing in your mouth, you will drink whatever dropped into the bowl. Understand me bitch?”

She looked up at my with her beautiful blue eyes wide in wonder and alarm. “Yes, Sir” she garble talked. “I will drink every drop of your heavenly urine.”

Then I let loose in her mouth with a stream of hot piss that no woman could swallow all in one gulp. Although she tried! Gulp after gulp, she drank my piss. But in between gulps, a lot of urine dribbled into the bowl.

“Ahh!” I said as I relieved myself in her mouth. “It feels good to urinate. It feels even better to urinate in a woman’s mouth. It feels best of all to feel and hear the woman gulping down my urine.”

When I was done pissing, I held her head tight. “Sir” she garble-talked “do you want me to drink the rest of your urine now?”

“Not yet, bitch” I said. “It’s Christmas Eve. Since you’re staying with me all through Christmas, let’s set some ground rules. First, every time I need to piss, I will piss in your mouth and you will drink every drop of my piss. Sometimes I might just want to piss on your enormous tits or on your face. But that’s totally my choice. You have no say in the matter. Got it, bitch?”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “It’s an honor to drink your piss. I loved the feeling of your heavenly piss shooting into my unworthy mouth. I love the taste of your hot, salty, stinky urine. I want to be your toilet bowl forever and ever.”

“Ahh, yes, my toilet bowl. Toilet bowls get more than piss, bitch. They get shit, too. So here’s rule number two: every time I need to take a shit, I will shit in you or on you. I might want to take on dump on your enormous tits. But a lot of the time I will just take a shit in your mouth and make you eat it. Got it, bitch?”

“Yes, Sir” she said, with that look of alarm again in her eyes. “It would be an honor to eat your shit. I want to be your toilet bowl forever and ever.”

I knew that her alarm at the prospect of eating my shit would dissipate when she actually did it, just like her alarm at drinking my piss. In my world, where all biology is under my control, shit still stinks and so does piss, but consuming shit and piss is completely harmless. No sickness will ever occur.

I took my dick out of her mouth and pointed across the room. “Lay down on that rubber mat, bitch, and open your mouth. I am going to squat over you and take a shit in your mouth.”

“Y-yes, Sir” she said hesitantly. “Your slightest wish is my command.”

After she had gotten into place I squatted over her. “Lick my anus, bitch.”

“Yes, Sir” she said before complying.

“Listen, bitch, just like with my urine, whatever falls out of your mouth you will eat later. I know you can’t eat all my turds as quickly as I can dump them in your mouth. Some will fall onto your face, and some onto the mat. Don’t squish them or rub them onto your pretty face. Keep them in your mouth or leave them intact on the floor. After I’m done shitting, you will eat all my turds. Got it, bitch?”

“Y-yes, Sir” she said. “I will eat all of your heavenly turds in my unworthy mouth.”

“Good bitch” I said. Then I opened my anus and began shitting into her mouth. “Eat my shit, you mangy whore. Eat my shit, you big-titted bitch. You wanted to be my toilet bowl, right? Well, now you are. Eat my stinky turds, you motherfucking piece of shit. You are shit eating shit. Eat away, big-titted whore!”

And she did. My cameras caught her munching my turds that dropped into her mouth. She ate them all. And when she was done, she rolled over and began eating my turds off the mat. After she had finished consuming my turds, I applauded her. “Excellent performance, bitch! Now wash it down by drinking the rest of my urine from the bowl.”

She did as I commanded. When she was done, her lips still smearing with bits of shit, I said “What do you think now about being my toilet? Do you really want to eat my shit and drink my piss for Christmas?”

“Oh, yes Sir!” she said. “It was such an honor and a degrading pleasure to be used as your toilet bowl. I would be happy to be further degraded and humiliated like this for Christmas and beyond. For the whole year. Forever, Sir! I would consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world if the only thing I ever did for the rest of my life was to eat your shit and drink your piss.”

I smiled. “Very good, bitch. That is exactly the right thing to say. It’s the right thing to think, to feel, and to want. Now let’s clean up in the shower. After that, we’ll soak in the tub to get thoroughly clean. Then we’ll have a light supper. If you have any room left in your belly, that is. You are quite the shit-eating whore! I loved shitting in your mouth. But that was nothing in comparison to pissing down your throat. You gave me a nice dick-licking, whore-tongue blowjob while I was pissing. You get extra points for that, whore!”

She smiled. “Thank you, Sir! I loved blowing you while you degraded me and pissed in my mouth. It was sheer heaven to drink your piss and give you a blowjob at the same time. Thank you so much for that honor and pleasure of being degraded and used like that. How can I ever repay you for such a wonderful honor and pleasure?”

I laughed. “We’ll try to think of something, whore. Now wash your mouth and brush your teeth before we step into the shower. There is a package of brand new toothbrushes on the counter. And there is special toothpaste and mouthwash that will make your mouth smell clean and fresh.” She cleaned her mouth as I had commanded. While she brushed and rinsed her mouth I played with her tits.

We walked across the bathroom and got into the glass-walled shower stall, which had multiple shower heads. She took soap and a wash cloth. She washed my body, even without my asking or commanding her to. I prefer to wash my own face, so when it came time for that I ordered her to kneel and blow me while I washed. Then it was her turn to wash. I did not wash her, but let her wash herself. However, while she was doing so, I continually grabbed and bounced her tits, flopping them up and down. Or I sucked her tits. Or shoved a finger up her ass. Or even into her cunt, which I had not bothered with until now.

After the shower, we stepped into the hot tub. I used the home service automation to order supper and have it delivered by robot. As we soaked in the tub, we kissed and I fondled her breasts. I rarely let her breasts go unmolested, even for a moment. Those knockers were great treasures. And they were mine to use. I was not about to stop using and abusing them. I always had at least one of her breasts in hand. Or mouth.

The robot arrived with a tray of food, a bottle of wine, and some pre-rolled sinsemilla joints. We ate and drank. After eating, we smoked as we soaked. Then I sent the robot to retrieve a bra catalogue. I showed the book to Sapphire. “Ok whore” I said “we’re going to order you some new bras. I own the company. We make the finest tit-wear in the universe. Each bra will be custom-made and fitted for your particular knockers. But tonight we are going to choose the styles. Or I should say, I am going to choose the styles. You will wear whatever I tell you to wear. Right, bitch?”

She smiled. “Oh, Sir, yes Sir! I will wear whatever you tell me to wear. Or I will wear nothing at all!”

I laughed. “That’s right, bitch. You are going to spend a lot of time stark naked.” Then I kissed her deeply while squeezing her tits. I yanked her tits upward out of the water while telling her “Sit on the ledge so I can suck these.”

“Yes, Sir, of course Sir” she said while complying.

I sucked and bit her tits hard. “We are going to cosset these fine knockers in the best white, lacy bras” I said between sucks and bites. “Some bras will have full knocker coverage. Most will leave some cleavage exposed. Some will be half-cups that show maximum cleavage. And some will even leave your nipples exposed. A few will be what my company calls shelf racks: they have open tops and open front, and they support only the part of the tit closest to the chest. A lot of the tit flops over the edge and dangles. It’s very sexy.”

“Wow, Sir. I would be honored to have my tits exposed like that for you. It would make it so much easier for you to use and abuse them when I am otherwise dressed.”

“That’s right, mangy whore” I said with a smile. “Now get back in the water. Let’s cuddle up while we review the catalogue. You look at the bra photos and tell me which bras you like. Then I’ll tell you which ones you should like.”

“Yes, Sir” she said. “I will like whatever you tell me to like. My preferences mean nothing. Only what you want matters. I want whatever you want me to want. Your slightest wish is my only command.”

“Sometimes when I piss in your mouth I’ll want you to wear one of these white bras. Instead of using the bowl to catch the overflow piss, it will dribble down onto your tits and bra. Then you’ll wear the bra until the urine dries, staining the bra. I want you to have a whole collection of urine-stained bras. I’ll make you wear them sometimes when we go out to parties or orgies with my other bitches.”

“Yes, Sir” she said brightly. “That sounds wonderful! I would be so proud to wear a bra stained with your urine. I hope it smells, too! I want every woman and girl to know that you pissed in my mouth and I drank all I could, with the excess raining down and staining my bra. That is such an honor!”

“If you want a bra that smells, I can shit in your cleavage, too, bitch” I said while squeezing both of her tits very hard, to indicate that I was being very hard in what I was suggesting.

She winced with pain and drew a deep breath. “Oh, Sir, I would be so honored to carry a load of your turds in my cleavage. It would be a badge of honor to wear a lacy white bra that was stained brown with your shit.”

“Good bitch” I said. “You’re a motherfucking whore. I like that.”

She smiled. “Thank you, Sir. I live to serve and be degraded by you. Only you.”

We looked through the catalogue and I chose two dozen new bras for her. I said “Two women from my company will come over on the day after Christmas to take measurements. The bras will be ready the day after that.”

After soaking a while longer and smoking one more joint, we got out of the tub and stepped into the shower again for a final rinse. I stood under the shower heads to rinse off. Sapphire knelt at my feet and gave me a blowjob. Then we stepped out, and as I toweled off, she gave me another blowjob.

Then we went to bed. My bed is very special. It consists of several segments that could move independently of one another. Each is flexible. And each one can be bent by machinery beneath the title. A segment can be flat. Or it can be bent upward like a gentle hill, or like a pointed volcanic peak. Each segment can also be bent into a U-shaped valley or a V-shaped valley. Or it can bent at right angles or gentler concave shapes. It would look like the letter C but without the top arc, and could face either left or right. This allows adjacent tiles to work together and create larger valleys or peaks, as needed. These capabilities were especially useful during orgies when I had many women and girls in bed with me at the same time. For tonight, they would go mostly unused.

Before falling asleep, I sucked and bit Sapphire’s knockers for a few minutes. Then I ordered her to blow me and keep my dick in her mouth until I fell asleep. I fell asleep with my dick in her mouth.

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