A Gigantomastic Girl Named Blowjob

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: By age 20, sex slave Amber-Blowjob's tits had grown gigantic. Her expanding bust line burst through every barrier: 70 inches, 80 inches, and now 90 inches. And yet her gigantic udders showed no signs of stopping. Would they even stop at 100 inches? Her Master fully exploits his slave's gigantomastic udders. He "marries" Amber-Blowjob when she turns 24 and makes her adopt a beautiful 14-year-old girl, making the girl his daughter-slave. They all enjoy a pseudo-incestuous relationship.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Lactation   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .


The Master possesses a hidden trans-dimensional planet customized into his personal paradise. He is the Owner of everything. The Master possesses a huge harem with many hundreds of gorgeous female sex slaves. The Master exerts control through a combination of futuristic, hyper-tech powers, and the many robots and other automated systems he uses to do all the work. All of the Master’s slaves live only to serve him, in his every desire and whim. Every slave only wants what her Master wants her to want. So the desires of his slaves and their Owner dovetail perfectly.

There is no ill health or sickness of any kind in the Master’s world. There is no danger of tearing tender flesh due to extreme anal sex without lubrication, or to prolonged, forced deep-throating. There is no danger of infection or other illness from the ingestion of bodily waste products. It is perfectly safe to drink piss and eat shit.

For more about the Master’s domain, see my serial “Welcome to My World” and the many short stories set in the MASTER’S WORLD Universe.

This story follows several earlier ones about Amber-Blowjob:
1) “A Girl Named Blowjob”
2) “A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Blowjob”
3) “A Girl Named Blowjob Meets Her Adoptive Mommy”

She had known for a long time that this day was coming. Virtually from the start, on the day that she became Master’s sex slave on her 14th birthday and he had named her Blowjob, Amber-Blowjob had been told by her Owner that when she got older she would have stupendously large, gigantomastic breasts. Amber-Blowjob was 20 now, and her breasts had been growing relentlessly for more years than for most bitches. They had begun lactating, too.

At first, it had been easy to deal with her big breasts, until her bust measured 40 inches. Then she began to feel their weight imbalancing her. When they reached 50 inches, her backaches became more frequent. By the time they had reached 60 inches, she felt like a beast of burden, pack animal, carrying huge weights on her chest. But when her breasts kept growing beyond 70 inches, she knew that she was headed for an even more difficult situation. Her Owner had always told her that she would have enormous breasts one day. When she was 14, she couldn’t wait for that to happen. Now that it was happening in spades, she was worried.

Amber-Blowjob’s expanding bust line burst through the 70 inch barrier, then the 80 inch barrier, and now the 90 inch barrier. And yet the two gigantic udders on her chest showed no signs of letting up in their relentless growth. They were expanding toward the 100 inch barrier. Would they even stop there?

Amber-Blowjob’s tits hung down past her cunt. She had trouble keeping her balance when she walked. Soon she would need a walking stick or four-footed cane like many of the other gigantomastics.

The day of needing a cane came sooner than she thought it might. Amber-Blowjob’s tits had reached the 100 inch barrier and burst right through it. And then through the 110 inch barrier. The largest gigantomastic in the Master’s harem was Aurora with 140 inch tits. Would Amber-Blowjob equal her?

She did. In fact, Amber-Blowjob’s tits only stopped growing when they reached 146 inches. To celebrate this, the Master brought Amber-Blowjob and Aurora together and spent a day and a night in bed with them plus a host of other whores. He forced Amber-Blowjob and Aurora to eat one another’s cunts and lick clean one another’s assholes after he had sodomized them. On the bright side, Amber-Blowjob always enjoyed being sodomized by her Owner. And he also gag-fucked her and Aurora repeatedly and alternately, while sucking on the tits of the one he was not gag-fucking. Amber-Blowjob loved being gag-fucked by her Owner. He came in each woman’s mouth repeatedly. Other than that, Master used their mouths exclusively to dispose of his urine and dump his shit straight from his ass. Amber-Blowjob loved being used as her Master’s toilet bowl.

Even better, he did not let any other bitches suck him off and swallow his cum during this celebration, reserving every drop of his cum for the mouths of Amber-Blowjob and Aurora.

After the day and night of sex, the threesome woke in the morning. Amber-Blowjob had Master’s dick in her mouth while he used one of Aurora’s gigantic tits as his pillow and sucked the other one. “Mmm” the Master said as he sucked hard on one of Aurora’s enormous tits. Then he reached down and grabbed Amber-Blowjob by the hair with one hand and shoved his dick deeper into her mouth. She cooperated by deepthroating him. “Mmm” he said again.

Aurora moaned “Oh Master, you are so good to us! Thank you for using Amber-Blowjob and me. Please exploit us. Please use us for your pleasure. Treat us like the lowest whores on earth. Please be brutal!”

Master stopped sucking Aurora’s tit. “I will bitch! Now feed me from both your tits while I grab Amber-Blowjob’s head with both hands. I am going to gag-fuck this bitch while I suck you dry!”

Both women cooperated with their Owner, serving him with the utmost skill and dedication. Amber-Blowjob deepthroated him while Aurora bent both her tits together so her Master could suck and bite both of her nipples at once. All three of them moved in a symphony of pleasure. After several minutes, the Master cried out “I’m cumming in your mouth, bitch! I’m cumming in your motherfucking mouth, you big-titted piece of shit!” And he did! Amber-Blowjob was ecstatic. His ejaculatory orgasm flooded her with a massive wave of orgasms. Aurora too writhed as she experienced waves of orgasms from having her tits sucked and bitten. The Master had induced orgasms in both women.

After all three had settled down in blissful comfort, the Master began urinating in Amber-Blowjob’s mouth without even warning her first. If she were still 14 years old, she would have panicked, not wanting to spill a drop of her Owner’s precious waste water. But after years of practice, Amber-Blowjob was an old hand at this. She immediately opened her throat so the Master could piss straight down her esophagus and into her belly. She would have preferred to taste his urine on the way down by taking it into her mouth first. But clearly her Master was only interested in relieving himself at the moment, not in making her taste the salty, putrid flavor of his urine.

While the Master was pissing down her throat, he said “Listen, bitches. I am going to tell you about the rest of your lives. You are the two biggest titted bitches I own. I am going to keep you in my bevy of traveling big titted bitches. You’ll never be more than 5 minutes away from me for the rest of your lives. I own the tits on your chests and I am never going to let them, or you, get too far from me. I need to have these tits in my hands, or in my mouth, or to use as pillows, or playthings, for the rest of your lives. Get it, bitches?”

Aurora said “Oh, yes, Master! Thank you, Master! This is the best news I could ever hear, Master. Please us me and abuse me and my tits—your property on my chest—for as long as I live. Thank you, Master!”

Amber-Blowjob tried to garble talk the same thing, but the Master grabbed her head and shoved his dick back down her throat. “I know what you are thinking and trying to say, Amber-Blowjob. Same as Aurora. Just be a good toilet mouth and deepthroat me for a while. That’s a good girl. That’s a good whore.”

Then Master said “Aurora, I need to take a shit. Go down on my ass and eat my turds as they come out.”

“Yes, Master” Aurora said. Then she dragged her enormous breasts down with her as she positioned her mouth between the Master’s butt cheeks. Amber-Blowjob heard the Master fart. Then he said “Ahh, here it comes, bitch. Eat my shit, you big-titted piece of shit!” Amber-Blowjob smelled the shit and heard the sounds of Aurora chewing and swallowing his turds. How Amber-Blowjob wished it was her doing that dirty deed!

The Master assigned one teenaged girl and her adoptive mother to care for each of Amber-Blowjob’s gigantic breasts. He did the same for Aurora. These tit care bitches had permission to touch another woman’s breasts with their hands, a right the Master usually reserved for himself alone. However, he wanted the back-breakingly heavy udders that Amber-Blowjob and Aurora carried on their chests to get the utmost care.

The Master always had at least one 14-year-old girl with him at all times. He trained these new bitches using his own “hands on” techniques, and by letting them see what he did with other bitches. These young ones changed daily or even more frequently. When a 14-year-old was with the Master, he endeavored to treat her just like any other whore, but sometimes with additional brutality so she could enjoy the experience of being thoroughly exploited.

Amber-Blowjob’s tit care mother and teen daughter duo consisted of adoptive mother Brenda (one of the Master’s adoptive slave-daughters whom he had taken at age 14) and her adoptive daughter Barbara (whose origin story was like her mother’s). Brenda was 26 and Barbara 16. They were both ice-blondes and had fairly big tits, but they were not gigantomastic. Brenda’s bust line measured 52 inches and Barbara’s a mere 48 inches. Brenda’s tits had stopped growing when she was 19. The Master said that Barbara’s bust line would increase for another 12 inches or so, giving her a 60 inch bust line over against her adoptive mother’s mere 52. The Master made sure that both mother and daughter were lactating. He made them pump their breast milk (unless he was sucking it himself) so he could add their output to the milk her extracted from his other lactating women. Unlike many other women, who held down regular jobs or were housewives raising his adoptive daughters, the Tit Care Duos had to travel with the Master’s bevy of gigantomastics and the rest of the mother-daughter tit care entourage. So they could not always go home to their own breast pumps, or even go to the public Creameries and Milking Parlors like the other lactating bitches. They used portable equipment that was part of the entourage.

Aurora’s Tit Care Duo consisted of mother Candy and daughter Sugar. Candy’s bustline was 54 and Sugar’s an astounding 60 at age 16. She was only her way beyond macromastia into full gigantomastia. These bitches were ice-blondes, just as Aurora and Amber-Blowjob and her Tit Care Duo were.

The Master had many reasons to keep his gigantomastic bitches near him at all times. One reason was to use their tits as pillows and mattresses and seat cushions.

The Master was a busy man, traveling around his Harem World, using and abusing women and girls, sitting here, sleeping there, and issuing edicts from his thrones scattered around the many buildings of his domain.

Wherever he was, whether in an office, a restaurant, a shop, or a private home, special furniture was always set aside for his exclusive use. What would serve as a simple chair for any of his bitches was insufficient for his needs.

Chairs made for the Master’s use were intricate arrangements of multiple platforms, supports and recesses. The most elaborate of these were his tit thrones. Large-breasted women—especially gigantomastics—would sit in parts of the chair support structure that would allow them to place their breasts just right to serve as cushions for the Master. He would sit on their tits. He would lean back against their tits. He would use their tits as cushions on his armrests and footrests. And he would suck their tits as they dangled close to his mouth. He would also receive blowjobs from bitches who knelt before him on special platforms.

A fully-womaned (that is, staffed) tit throne required 9 bitches. Two each for footrests, armrests, and seat cushions. One for a back cushion (usually just for his head). And two more in tit-suck positions. The kneeling blow-jobber would be a guest bitch, perhaps a girl he picked up on the street, or a waitress, or his date for the evening.

Every bed in Harem World could be converted in a few seconds into a special mattress for the Master. The flat plane of the bed would open up into various recesses and raised sections to accommodate 6 bitches and the man who owned them. The bitches are arranged in two lines of three bitches in each. The first line is for the Master’s head, and the second for his crotch.

The head line centers on the bitch who serves as the Master’s pillow. The pillow might consist of her tits, or her ass. In the tits position, a gigantomastic will sit in a special slot so that her tits are pooled into an area where the Master will rest his head. This bitch will be strapped into place. She cannot move unless the Master tells her it is ok to move. She can release the straps herself, but would never dare to do so without permission. Before she can exit, another gigantomastic must be right next to her, ready to sit in her place.

In the ass position, a big-butted bitch is practically kneeling with her torso supported by a comfortable mini-mattress while her legs extend into a recess under the bed. If she is a gigantomastic (as many are in this service) her breasts fit into holders that cup them and spread them to either side. This way, if the Master decides to sodomize his butt pillow bitch, he can also grab and squeeze her tits at the same time. If her tits are large enough to be thrown over her shoulders, the cup spreaders can be rotated into that position. Then her Master can suck and bite her tits while he sodomizes her.

To the left and right of their Master’s head, big-titted bitches lie with their tits in ready position for their Owner to suck and bite them. These bitches may be lying adjacent to the Master in either of two positions. In First Position, these tit bitches have their tits close to the Master’s face with their heads further up the bed from his head. In Second Position, the bitches rotate 180 degrees so that their heads are closer to the Master’s chest while their own chests continue to offer the Master easy access to his tits on those chests.

Beneath the Master’s hips, there is a recess in the bed known as the Slut Slot. A bitch in that slot will present to the Master only her head and her tits. Her head is for blowjobs. Her tits are confined by an open-nippled, push-up bra. If she is a gigantomastic, this bra will push up her tits so that they rest on either side of her head. This gives their Owner easy access to them if he wants to squeeze, pinch, or otherwise use and abuse her tits while she blows him. This bitch also serves as a ready urinal any time the Master needs to take a piss.

To the left and right of the Master’s hips are other bitches, one on each side. They lay on their sides, resting in slightly recessed areas that place their mouths in perfect blowjob position. If the Master lays on his left side or his right side, a bitch is ready, waiting and eager to blow him.

Whenever the Master lays on his back, the bitch in the Slut Slot is in position to lick his anus. Just so, the blowjob bitches to his left and right are also ready to give him ass-licking service at any moment. Furthermore, any of these three bitches can drink his urine and eat his shit. There are each full-service oral sluts.

Sometimes the Master needs a throw pillow. A throw pillow is a big-titted bitch who places her massive melons anywhere the Master needs them for his head, his ass, his feet or anything. For example, the Master may be out a date with some bitch. While he and his new conquest (already a slave but playing a role) are kissing or she is blowing him in some public park or anyplace, the Master may need a soft place to rest his head. A throw pillow bitch will be at the ready to place her tits to cradle the Master’s head. Or perhaps the Master is a dinner guest at some suburban home, where he has been invited to meet the adoptive mother of the 14-year-old girl he has been sodomizing (more role-playing by both the mother and daughter slaves). A big-titted bitch will be under the table with her tits on the floor, providing a soft place for the Master to rest his feet.

Beginning age 20 when Amber-Blowjob’s breasts reached their peak and her bust size measured 146 inches, she began traveling everywhere with Master for the next four years. He used her massive tits in every way he pleased. He sucked milk from them. He bit and squeezed and yanked and twisted them just for fun. He used them as pillows and mattresses and seat cushions. Now that Amber-Blowjob had reached the ripe old age of 24, it was time for her to become an adoptive mommy to one of Master’s 14-year-old slaves. When Amber-Blowjob was 14, the Master had her adopted by Amanda, who continued the young girl’s training in the ways of sexual slavery. Now it was Amber-Blowjob’s turn to take on that responsibility with a little girl of her own.

Master had informed Amber-Blowjob that she was about to become an adoptive mother. He ordered her to prepare a dinner for him and Jenna, little cunt she would soon be adopting. He would bring the little girl over. The Master would perform the official adoption ritual, and then they would feast. And of course, have plenty of sex.

Amber-Blowjob did as she was told. She programmed the automated kitchen to cook on of Master’ favorite meals. The meal would be ready at the appointed time the Master had specified. Now all she had to do was to sit and wait.

Then the doorbell rang. Amber-Blowjob hurried to answer it, her gigantic tits flopping up and down inside her skimpy dress as she ran. At the front door, the Master stood with his arm around a little platinum blonde girl who wore a teen girl’s red party dress. This had to be Jenna, thought Amber-Blowjob. She looked rather young for her age. Oh, well, she had probably looked just as young when she was 14.

“Welcome, Master” said Amber-Blowjob as she placed her hands under her massive breasts within their confine of her black dress. She tried to lift them up as was customary and bounce them slightly in the gesture of offering the Master his tit property. However, her breasts were so huge that they drooped down over her hands and hung down like the gigantic sacks of breast flesh they truly were

Amber-Blowjob turned to Jenna and said “I presume you are my new cunt daughter, Jenna.”

Jenna smiled. “Yes, ma’am. Daddy-Master told me you are going to raise me to be a good cunt, just like he says you are.” The little girl stared at Amber-Blowjob’s gigantic 146-inch bust. “I don’t know if my tits will ever be that big.”

Then the girl turned to her Owner. “How big will my tits be, Master?”

Her Owner laughed. “I’ll tell you when you’re older, little whore. But there’s a reason why I want you to be raised by my lovely gigantomastic whore Amber-Blowjob.”

Jenna and Amber-Blowjob both beamed with pride when they heard that. Their Owner said to the little girl “Tell your new mommy what I told you.”

The little 14-year-old platinum blonde beauty said “Daddy-Master told me to lick your cunt or your asshole any time you want. I always do whatever my Owner tells me. Daddy is my Master and my Owner. He owns me body and soul” she said in a sweet, young girl voice.

“Well Jenna” said Amber-Blowjob with a welcoming smile “mommy will lick your cunt and asshole too. And we can kiss and put our tongues in one another’s mouths. But remember, Daddy owns all tits. You must never touch mommy’s tits with your hands or mouth. You may only rub your young little tits against mommy’s big ones. Or wipe your nipples against mommy’s cunt or asshole. And mommy will do the same to you. Always remember that we live only to serve Master. We exist so he may use and abuse us. We must always beg him to treat us like the lowest whores on earth.”

The Master smiled and turned to Jenna. “You see, little bitch? I’ve got your mother well-trained. She will train you in the ways of submission and self-abasement.”

Jenna smiled. “I hope so, Daddy-Master! I only live to serve you and only you. Please use me and abuse me. Treat me like the lowest whore on earth.”

The Master laughed, then he said “You two whores make a good pair of cunts!” He grabbed a handful of Amber-Blowjob’s soft tit flesh and squeezed it. The Master leaned his face close to Amber-Blowjob’s and they kissed passionately. “It’s going to be a blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob evening for both you cunts” he said.

Amber-Blowjob replied breathlessly. “I can’t wait, Master!”

“Strip, bitches” the Master commanded. Amber-Blowjob and Jenna did as their Owner commanded. After removing her dress, bra and underwear, Jenna stood naked and smiled at her Daddy, her Master, her Owner. As soon as Amber-Blowjob had discarded her own dress, bra, and panties onto the floor, she fell to her knees. Her gigantic breasts hung down almost to the floor. She opened her mouth. “Master, I am ready to drink your urine, or give you a blowjob, or serve you in any way you command.”

Seeing what the woman did, Jenna also dropped to her knees. “I am too, Daddy. Please use me and abuse me.”

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